Neon Signs – 10 Tips and Tricks For Choosing The Perfect Sign

Neon Signs – 10 Tips and Tricks For Choosing The Perfect Sign


Given that customers’ initial impressions of your business will be formed by your signage, you should make sure it is attractive. But choosing a sign could be more complicated than just picking one that looks decent. Given the multitude of options for materials, settings, and designs, it could occasionally feel overwhelming. Here are 10 tips and tactics for choosing the ideal business neon signs to help make the selection process simpler.


1. Determine the Purpose

Knowing the sign’s function is essential before choosing it. Is it intended to give instructions, promote a good or service, or deliver a message? This will assist you in picking the appropriate sort of sign.

2. Consider the location

The size and visibility of the sign will depend on where it is placed, which is why it is crucial. The size of the sign must be greater than that of a sign intended for close-up viewing if it is to be read from a distance.

3. Color Scheme

A sign’s effectiveness can be significantly impacted by its color scheme. Avoid using too many colors that conflict or make the sign difficult to read and instead choose colors that are appealing and easy to read.

4. Keep It Simple

It is more difficult for people to understand what your sign is attempting to communicate the more complicated it is. Furthermore, they won’t know why they should visit your store or make a purchase from you if they can’t understand your message.

5. Use High-quality Materials

 A sign that is made from cheap or low-quality materials will not last as long or look as good as one made from high-quality materials. Invest in a sign that will last and look great for years to come.

6. Consider the font

A critical component of making your neon sign is selecting the appropriate font. Your font needs to be readable at night because neon signs used to advertise pubs and restaurants are common. Make that the letters are legible from a distance and stand out against the background. Additionally, you want to select a typeface that goes well with your logo and other components of your branding.

7. Think About Lighting

Consider adding lighting to the sign if it will be seen at night or in low light. This will increase its visibility.

8. Keep the Branding Consistent

It’s essential to maintain brand consistency throughout all of your marketing collateral. Customers should be able to instantly know your brand because of the clear and consistent way you show yourself to the outside world.

9. Get Feedback

When making a decision, it’s important to get input from other people. You want to be certain that you are receiving exactly what you want when choosing your sign.

10. Work With a Professional

Consider working with a professional sign maker who can help you create the perfect sign that meets your needs and budget. They can provide valuable input on design, materials, and installation.

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