20 Surprising Neon Signs for Weddings to Lighten Up The Reception

20 Surprising Neon Signs for Weddings to Lighten Up The Reception


The right neon sign can be the perfect accent to an already beautiful space or bring its unique beauty to the wedding. Plus, neon is one of those things that never go out of style—it’s always going to be cool!

If you’re considering the use of neon signage in a wedding reception, here are 20 cool ones that will have the guests talking.

1. Add a Touch of Glamour to a Photobooth

Add our custom wedding neon sign as a backdrop to a photo booth setup! The sign is made of acrylic, and it’s easy to assemble. It features the words “I Do” or ” Better Together” in stylish neon colors that will set the tone for your day.


2. Customize Your Wordings or Fave Quotes

This unique and personalized wedding sign is a fresh take on the traditional, with the bride and groom’s names or favourite quotes written in an elegant script.


3. Add the Couples Initials or Simply Mr & Mrs

The best method to make your wedding unique and special is to add a neon sign with your initials or just Mr. & Mrs This will let all of your guests know who the bride and groom are while still being creative and enjoyable. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to display the couple’s fashion sense!


4. Say "Cheers!"

Celebrate the happy newly married couple with a glass of Champagne! As you say “I do,” your guests can toast to celebrate your union. Cheers!


5. Display the Stunning View

Why not illuminate the reception area with a neon sign given the  breathtaking outdoor view? The broad outside vistas are highlighted by the neon sign, which also captures the chic elegance of this exclusive wedding location.


6. Use Your Hashtag

The best wedding hashtags are a couple’s unique way of marking their journey and of telling the story of the wedding itself. Using a hashtag you create, you help guests find the photographs they took during your big day—and encourage them to share those images with others.


7. Light Up the Entrance

Consider installing neon signage at any entrances that don’t have lights. You can hang the lights above the door or set them on each side of it. Make sure they aren’t too low if you decide to hang them over the door so that people won’t run into their heads as they enter.


8. Incorporate the Wedding Date

The neon sign containing the couple’s names, wedding date and a heart-shaped symbol is ideal. It is the most trending of all signs, and you can hang it in your room even after the wedding festivities. For example, it can be used on wedding or reception days.


9. A Heart Neon Sign For The Loveliest Couple

The heart shape neon sign is a great way to show off the love while enjoying the light, which will make the reception glow with a warm, romantic ambiance.

heart-neon-sign wedding

10. Love Quotes Neon Lights

 The most popular quotes are “Love Wins”, “Love Is In the Air”, “Happily Ever After”, and “It Was Always You”. As for telling everyone how deeply in love and committed you are to your spouse: there is a popular choice- a ‘Til Death Do Us Part’ neon sign. 


11. Say Thank You with Neon Sign

A neon sign is the ideal method to express your gratitude for all of the love and support your family and friends have shown you. It’s a great concept for a wedding reception. Make sure that the wording shows your individuality and flair by using original phrasing. The more personal the message is, the more meaningful it will be for your guests!


12. Custom Bride To Be Neon Sign

This custom bride to be neon sign will do just that. You can personalized with your choice of colors and text, making it truly unique for your special day.


13. Just Married Neon Sign to Light up the Special Day

They are an easy and cost-effective way to draw attention to your wedding and make it memorable. You can choose colors, shapes, and designs to match your wedding or venue. These signs also tell guests that you have just gotten married!


14. Engaged Neon Sign

Show off your engagement in the best way possible with this fashionable neon sign. Perfect for over the bar at a bachelorette party or just hanging on your wall, this sign will let everyone know that you’re engaged!


15. Couple's Neon Last Name Sign

Add some neon’s to your wedding and make it super fun! Neon Last Name Sign can be personalized with any name you choose. Perfect for adding that extra touch of color to any space, they’re also perfect for photo ops and pretty much anything else you can think of.


16. Create a Candlelit Glow

If you want to create the perfect ambiance for your reception, incorporate candles & neon lights! You can use large, pillar candles or smaller votives. Just make sure you have enough for everyone to see, as well as a safety precaution in place in case of any accidental fires.


17. Illuminate the Floral Arrangement with Neon Sign

Neon sign lighting can be used to highlight the floral arrangement and create a stunning visual effect that will have your guests talking all night long.


18. Dance Floor with Neon Signs

As the dance floor will serve as the focal point of your reception, it seems sense that you would want to ensure that it looks its best. A simple answer? Bright signs!

They’ll give the event a dash of contemporary and incorporate some of the hip aesthetics you’re searching for in your wedding decor. These can even be used as a photo backdrop!


19. Dessert Table with Neon Sign

Turn your dessert table into a neon-lit wonderland with this adorable sign. It’s the perfect addition to a wedding reception, and it will make all your guests feel like they’re in a candy shop.


20. Fairytale Lines Neon Sign

Make the most of your love story by having a neon sign made up of fairy tale lines, such as ‘Once upon a time…’ and ‘Happily ever after.’

always-and-forever-neon-sign wedding
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