5 Types of Logo Lightboxes for Different Business Needs

5 Types of Logo Lightboxes for Different Business Needs


Your logo can be made to stand out in a variety of ways, such as by wearing it or displaying it online or in print media. Utilizing lightboxes is a useful strategy. A lightbox is an illuminated display that presents the logo of your company in a fashionable and eye-catching way. This blog post will discuss five distinct lightbox kinds that companies may utilize to increase brand recognition and attract their target market. There is a lightbox option that can match your specific demands, whether you’re a small company or a big corporation.

1. Acrylic Logo Lightboxes

Acrylic Logo Lightboxes are a great way to display your logo on both sides of the box. They are made from acrylic and are light-weight so you can move them around easily. These boxes come in a variety of sizes and shapes so you can find the perfect fit for your business!

Figure 1 -Acrylic Logo Lightboxes


  • Versatility – Acrylic Logo Lightboxes are a versatile, economical way to display your company’s logo. They can be used as advertising displays or for presentations in meetings and conferences.
  • Customization – Your lightbox’s appearance can be altered in a number of ways, including color, size, and form.
  • Energy-efficient – Acrylic lightboxes are a great option for organizations looking to reduce their environmental impact because they use less energy and are simple to operate.
  • Durability – Acrylic lightboxes are comprised of a robust, rigid material that resists fading and scratching. Your brand will continue to look amazing for years to come because all of our lightboxes are built to last.
  • Eye-catching – Acrylic logo lightboxes are eye-catching. They’re a great way to highlight new products, boost brand awareness, and create excitement around your company.

2. Fabric Logo Lightboxes

Fabric logo lightboxes are a great way to advertise your brand’s colour and can be set up within minutes by you or your team. The lightbox is made from stretch fabric media printed with a logo, which looks great, and features edge-lit LED’s that evenly distribute illumination across its surface.

Figure 2 -Fabric Logo Lightboxes


  • Attention-grabbing – With a vibrant color scheme and eye-catching design, you’ll be sure to grab the eyes of your audience with these fabric logo lightboxes!
  • Brand reinforcement – Brand reinforcement is a huge advantage to using lightboxes. When your customer sees your brand name or logo, they’ll associate it with something good—your product or service. 
  • Customizable – Our lightboxes are customizable. You can choose the fabric, size, and shape of your box. You can also choose the name and logo to be printed on the box’s front.
  • Energy-efficient – The Fabric Logo Lightboxes are economical and energy-efficient. They use LED illumination, which can conserve up to 90% more energy than other lighting kinds.
  • Durable – High-quality textiles are used to make Fabric Logo Lightboxes, which also offer a long-lasting finish. As a result, you won’t have to worry about your lightbox wearing out or malfunctioning for many years to come.

3. Snap Frame Logo Light Box

Your advertising and graphic design endeavors will benefit greatly from using the Snap Frame logo light box. It gives you a straightforward yet effective way to show your company’s logo. The LED light box’s sturdy frame won’t budge or crack, and its bright white interior makes it simpler to see your image.

Figure 3 -Snap Frame Logo Light Box


  • High Visibility – These light boxes are an excellent method to draw attention in busy locations since they employ LED lights to give brilliant, even illumination. They can be utilized by companies and organizations trying to find new ways to make their brands more visible and draw in more clients.
  • Easy to Use – Convenience is a priority in the design of snap frame light boxes. They include a front-loading system that makes installing and changing graphics or posters simple. Simply snap the front frame open, place your graphic inside, and then snap the frame back together.
  • Versatility – These light boxes come in a variety of sizes and can be utilized in a range of locations, including retail establishments, trade exhibitions, and business offices. They are a flexible choice for any marketing campaign because they can be utilized both inside and outside.

4. 3D Logo Lightbox

Materials like metal, acrylic, or wood can be used in a three-dimensional logo lightbox to provide the impression of depth.

Figure 4 -3D Logo Light Box


  • Increased visibility – The logo light box’s utilization of lights and three-dimensional design can make your company stand out from competing establishments in your neighborhood.
  • Brand recognition – A 3D logo light box can help make your brand more memorable and distinctive by enhancing the recognition value of your logo.
  • Customizable design – Customizable 3D logo light boxes can be created to fit your business’s specific needs, including size, shape and lighting options.
  • Cost-effective – 3D logo light boxes are often a cost-effective marketing solution, as they can be made to fit a range of budgets and deliver impressive results.

5. Custom Shape Logo Lightbox

The custom shape logo lightbox is a great way to promote your brand, business or event. With this, you can create a unique and eye-catching logo that will last for years to come. With different sizes and shapes of our lightboxes depending on the design you want to use. We have rectangular boxes with rounded edges and square boxes with straight edges available.

Figure 4 -3D Logo Light Box


  • Unique Branding – For establishing a distinctive branding or advertising piece that stands out from the competition, custom-shaped light boxes are perfect. You may develop a visual identity that is instantly recognized and memorable by utilizing a form that is pertinent to your company or product.
  • Increased Visibility -Custom shape light boxes are more likely to attract customers than standard-sized ones. This increased visibility can help draw more foot traffic to your business or storefront.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics – Custom shaping and fabricating light boxes can be designed to complement the aesthetics of your building or storefront, adding to the overall visual appeal of the space.
  • Longevity –Custom-shaped light boxes are a dependable investment because they are frequently constructed from strong materials and designed to survive adverse weather conditions.
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