The Dos and Don'ts of Channel Letters Installation


If you’re looking to create a striking and professional impression for your business, channel letters are a great way to go. These custom-made signs are versatile and attention-grabbing, making them a popular choice for storefronts and other commercial properties. However, installing channel letters can be a complex and challenging process, and there are some common mistakes that many people make. In this blog post, we’ll go over the dos and don’ts of channel letters installation, so you can avoid any pitfalls and ensure your sign looks great and performs well for years to come.

I. Dos of Channel Letters Installation

A. Proper Planning and Designing

The installation of channel letters must be carefully planned. It would be challenging for you to achieve the intended results if the installation is not well planned. Hiring a qualified business that can complete the task for you properly is always preferable. A company’s credentials should always be investigated before employing. Additionally, confirm that they have sufficient industry experience and have previously completed work of this nature.


Measuring the Location and Dimensions

This will enable you to assess the number of letters you require and whether they will all fit on your sign. Additionally, you must make sure that there is sufficient space between each letter so that they can be installed in a straight line. You might need to relocate your sign or modify the look of your channel lettering if there isn’t enough area.

You should also measure the height of your sign so that you know how high up off of the ground each letter needs to be installed. You can then use this information along with your measurements from earlier to determine how far apart each letter needs to be installed from one another.

Choosing the Right Material

Before installing a channel letter sign, it is vital to choose the proper material. Metal or acrylic are also acceptable materials for channel letters, but you should make sure they are strong and weatherproof. Consider the cost of these materials as well before selecting them for your channel lettering.

B. Choosing a Qualified Installer

Professional installer can:

  • Consider the location of the channel letters to make sure that they are properly supported by the building.
  • Ensure that the channel letters are installed level, so that there is no uneven light output.
  • Check all connections between letters to ensure no gaps or leaks exist.
  • Ensure that each letter has been primed and painted before installation begins, so there will be no issues with rust or corrosion later on.

C. Follow Local Regulations and Building Codes

Following local regulations and building codes is just as important for the safety of your business as it is for the safety of your customers.

II. Don'ts of Channel Letters Installation

A. Skipping the Planning and Designing Process

It’s essential to conduct the necessary study and planning before beginning to install channel letters. This include figuring out what supplies you’ll need, locating a reliable sign company, and making sure you have enough room for installation. A sign that doesn’t fit where you want it to go or is made of materials that aren’t as sturdy as claimed may result if you neglect this stage.

B. DIY Installation

Channel letters are not simple to install, and they require specific tools. The wrong tools can cause damage to the letter or even your house, which could lead to expensive repairs. If you don’t have the right tools and expertise, you may also end up damaging the letter itself.

In addition, if you’re installing a new sign, you’ll need someone who knows how to properly ground it so that it doesn’t cause electrical problems in your home. If you don’t know what grounding is or how to do it correctly, ask someone who does before attempting DIY installation of any kind!

C. Compromising on Safety Precautions

The most important aspect to take into account when putting channel letters is safety. Make sure your installation staff is equipped with the proper safety gear as the first and most important step. It’s crucial that you install channel letters while taking all necessary safety precautions.


Channel Letters can be the most powerful visual communication tool available. If installed correctly and with proper care, they can last over thirty years and save you thousands in this expensive world of communications. They are a basic part of every memorable sign, so plan well and enjoy your Channel Letters for years to come.

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