Everything You Need To Know About Shipping Neon Signs

Everything You Need To Know About Shipping Neon Signs


Bright and attention-grabbing neon signs are prevalent. Additionally, they are a very inexpensive method to set up your business or decorate any place. You should use caution when handling them, though, as they are easily shattered or damaged during shipping. This is why we have written this post, in order to help others ship neon signs safely and securely.

1. How to Pack Neon Signs for Shipping?

You can pack neon signs in a box, but wrapping them in bubble wrap and packing them in a crate will increase the chances of their safe arrival. The more you package the sign, the better it will be protected during shipping.

Securely pack the neon sign so that it will not move around during transit. This means that you should use enough padding around the edges and corners of your sign so that it cannot move within the box or crate.

You can also use Styrofoam blocks or foam peanuts inside the box or crate as well. You just want enough padding so that there is no movement inside the container during transport.


2. Choose a Suitable Shipping Service

Neon signs are heavy, so you’ll want to choose a shipping service that has experience handling large items. You can use the U.S. Postal Service’s online rate calculator to find out what your shipping costs will be based on your home address, destination address, and package size and weight. Alternately, if you’re looking for more flexibility in terms of timing or delivery options, you may want to consider using an online shipping company like FedEx or UPS instead of using USPS directly.


3. Label the Package as Fragile and Handle With Care for Extra Safety.

Neon signs should be shipped in boxes that are at least twice as large as the object being shipped. Any holes should then be filled in with packing peanuts or bubble wrap. To prevent it from opening during transit, make sure to tape or otherwise seal your item. Add a “fragile” label to your package to make sure the delivery service takes special care with it.


4. Label Your Package Correctly and Ship It to Its Destination

When you are shipping a neon sign, make sure that you label the package correctly and keep a receipt for it. This will help ensure that it gets to its destination without being lost, stolen or damaged during transit. If the neon sign you purchase is damaged in transit, having proof of purchase will make it easier to file an insurance claim.


5. When Shipping Neon Signs, Consider the Following Factors:

If you’re a business owner and you have neon signs in your store, then you are probably aware of how important it is to get them shipped safely. You want to make sure that the neon signs are going to arrive in one piece without any damages.

But how do you ship these? The following are some tips for safely packing and shipping neon signs:

1. Is the Neon Sign Mounted or Un-mounted: If the sign is un-mounted, then it will be lighter and easier to ship. However, if it is mounted, then it would be heavier and harder for shipping companies to handle properly.

2. The Size of the Neon Sign: The size of the sign has an impact on how much it weighs and its dimensions should also be considered before shipping it out of state or country.

3. Shape and Complexity of Neon Sign Design: Shapes like squares, circles and triangles are easier to pack than more complex shapes like diamonds or stars because they do not require more padding material around them during packing. Also, if there are any sharp edges on the sign, then these must be covered with bubble wrap or foam sheets so that no damage occurs during transit.

4. Weight of the Neon Sign: This factor will determine the type of transport used to ship your sign. There are different types of shipping methods available—ground, air and sea—and each has its own set of rules regarding weight limitations.

5. Value of the Neon Sign: You must take the sign’s overall value into account. This is significant since it will affect the cost of your shipping. You will have to pay more to send a sign the more expensive it is. By dividing your order into many shipments or selecting a less expensive shipping option, you can cut costs.

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