How To Hang Your Neon Sign? 10 Tips For Hanging A Neon Sign

How To Hang Your Neon Sign?
10 Tips For Hanging A Neon Sign


If you’ve just ordered a custom-made neon sign, you’re probably eager to get your hands on your new piece of art. Whether you’re hanging a neon sign on the wall of your restauranthotel, or bar or buying it to add a vintage charm to your home, you’re about to discover the beauty of a warm neon glow! Before you pick up the power tools, here are 10 tips for hanging a neon sign.

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1. Learn How to Professionally Hang A Neon Sign.

To hang an LED neon sign on the wall, check whether it has been fitted with an acrylic backing. Many LED neon signs come with professional acrylic backings to give the sign a dramatic effect. If you have such a sign, then there will be a small hole in the back of it through which you can hang it from either a picture wire or screw hooks.

2. Choose the Best Location to Hang the LED Neon Sign

When choosing the best location for your new neon sign, look for a visible space from different angles. The LED neon light should be placed over a bar, lobby of a hotel or above a restaurant entrance. If you hang your sign in your home, consider a room where you want to create a cosy, intimate vibe. Neon lights look fantastic in game rooms and man caves. Ensure the space you choose for your sign is close to a power supply so that you don’t need to use an extension cord or have wires on display.

3. Asses the Height

Make sure to hang your neon hanging lights at least a meter above the floor but no higher than the ceiling. Consider your line of sight and turn it slightly higher for the best spot on the wall. LED neon signs need to be dusted and cleaned regularly, so consider a place where you can reach and clean the light’s surface.

4. Choose Your Color Scheme Wisely

color scheme is one thing you should consider before hanging a neon sign room decor. Neon signs are available in various colors, each with a unique vibe. Some colors are more appropriate for specific environments than others. So choosing your color scheme wisely will help ensure that your sign makes the right statement.

5. Make Sure You Have the Right Tools

When you’re ready to hang a wall mounted neon signs, ensure you have the right tools. An excellent place to start is with a level, which will help ensure that your sign is straight and not crooked. If you don’t have a level, try using two pieces of wood or other consecutive objects on either side of where the sign will go and check that they’re even.

Another essential tool is a pencil or marker to mark where the holes for hanging should be drilled into the wall. If you don’t have one, use a nail instead—make sure it’s long enough for the eyelet screws to go through!

6. Check Your Electrical System

Ensure your electrical system can handle the duty before hanging a neon sign. Some signs only need a small amount of electricity. However, others can demand a lot—or perhaps more than your existing system can supply. If so, your electrical system needs to be upgraded before you put your sign. This can be time- and money-consuming, but achieving the desired aesthetic is worth it.

7. Use Long Screws

You should use long screws, if possible, instead of short ones because they provide better support for your sign and will last longer than standard screws when used for this purpose over time without any problems occurring at all during use!

8. Don't Hang It Too High

When hanging a neon sign wall decor, make sure you hang it at an appropriate height. It should be easy to read and not too high or low. If you’re hanging a neon sign outside on a building or at the entrance of your store, make sure it’s not so close to the ground that people can’t see it.

If you’re hanging a neon sign inside a business, ensure it’s visible from all angles—not just from the front desk or cash register. That way, customers can see which products are on sale or what specials are offered.

9. Use Level Lines

Use level lines to ensure your neon light wall decor is hung straight and level. You can find a line at your local hardware store or make one with a piece of string and a level.

If you’re hanging the sign directly onto your wall, it’s important that you hang it, so the top of the sign is slightly higher than the bottom. This ensures that when the lights are turned off, there will be no glare from the light on surfaces below where the sign hangs.

10. Make Sure There Are No Obstructions

When you hang neon sign on the wall, ensure no obstructions in front of or behind it prevent light from reaching it. You also want to provide enough space between the neon signs to hang on wall for the light to spread out evenly when it comes through the tubing. If you have a small space between the wall and ceiling, consider mounting your sign horizontally instead of vertically so it doesn’t end up blocking light from shining onto other surfaces in your home.


Neon Signs are a great way to liven up a room, especially your bar or restaurant. Neon signs add that extra “pop” you need to attract new customers and make them feel more at home in your establishment. Using the following tips, you’ll be able to pick out the right sign easily, and you’ll be hanging a neon sign up on your wall with no problems.

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