Weathering the Storm: How Outdoor LED Neon Signs Stand Up to the Elements?

Weathering the Storm: How Outdoor LED Neon Signs Stand Up to the Elements?


As a business owner, you should make sure that your signage is appealing to potential clients at all times and regardless of the weather. How can you, however, be sure that your outdoor signage will withstand the weather and keep its colorful appearance? This article will discuss the toughness and resiliency of outdoor LED neon signs and how they can withstand any weather.

The Elements

Water-related Weather Conditions:

 These include rain, snow, sleet, and ice. These elements can pose a risk because they can cause the sign to malfunction or be damaged by water leaks into the circuitry.

Windy Conditions:

Winds can cause outdoor LED neon signs to sway back and forth, which increases the risk of them being damaged by hitting something else such as a building or another sign.

Heat Conditions:

Heat can also pose a risk because it can cause certain components within the sign to overheat, which could lead to fire damage or even explosion if left unchecked long enough.

The Construction of Outdoor LED Neon Signs

LITASIGN use materials that will last a long time to create our outdoor neon signs. We utilize a tough, water-resistant acrylic material that won’t fade or split in the rain. Also, this substance is resistant to dirt and other elements that could eventually harm your sign. You may be confident that even in adverse weather, your sign will last for years!

Outdoor LED neon signs are constructed from waterproof materials, and are rated IP67. This means that the signs are completely resistant to water damage from rain, sleet, or snow, as well as from direct sprinkler overspray.

The materials used to construct outdoor LED neon signs include silicone tubing that is protects the LED lights, and acrylic backing. These materials have been specially treated with a special coating to make them resistant to weather damage.

Advantages of Outdoor LED Neon Signs

Outdoor LED neon signs are a fantastic method to promote your company and draw in new clients. Compared to other forms of signage, they have a number of benefits, such as:

Cost-effective: Outdoor LED neon signs can be very cost effective because they require minimal maintenance, so you won’t have to worry about fixing them or replacing parts for a long time.

Long lifespan: Due to their lengthy lifespan, outdoor LED neon signs are an investment that will pay off over time. Depending on the quality of the materials and how well you take care of them, they may endure up to 10 years or longer.

Versatility: Outdoor LED neon signs work well in any environment, whether it’s inside or outside. They’re also bright enough to be seen from far away, so they’ll attract attention in any setting.

The Impact of Outdoor LED Neon Signs in a Business's Visibility

Restaurants and bars are the most popular commercial sectors for outdoor LED neon signage. They frequently make use of them to promote their entertainment, offers, and meals. Outdoor LED neon signs can also be used to draw consumers to a particular establishment, such as a brand-new restaurant or bar in a location without any other establishments like it. They work amazingly well in generating a more festive environment.


Other businesses that use outdoor LED neon signs include retail stores and car dealerships. Retail stores can use them to advertise sales or specials; car dealerships can use them to advertise cars for sale or upcoming events such as open houses or model years changes; and both types of businesses can use them as directional signage so customers know where they need to go once they get there (retail stores especially.


Best Practices for Outdoor LED Neon Sign Maintenance

  1. Maintaining the visibility of your outdoor LED neon sign can be easy if you clean it regularly. Cleaning it regularly will help prevent the build-up of dirt, grime and other pollutants which can damage it over time.
  2. If you see any signs of deterioration, repair them right away to prevent further damage.
  3. Check the wiring and electrical connections: Make sure that the wiring and electrical connections are in good condition. 
  4. Test the sign: Regularly test the sign to ensure that it is working properly. Check the brightness, color, and any animation to ensure that it is working as expected.
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