Restaurant Neon Signs: The Ultimate Marketing Tool for Your Restaurant

Restaurant Neon Signs: The Ultimate Marketing Tool for Your Restaurant


The key to operating a successful restaurant is giving your patrons a memorable experience. Every element of your business, from the decor to the food, should be well thought out to give your consumers an unforgettable experience. Signage is a feature of your restaurant that is frequently disregarded yet may significantly affect your branding. 

Essential Elements for Successful Restaurant Neon Signage

1. Considering Your Sign’s Objective
How should your sign be phrased? Does it need to be more traditional or modern? What message are you attempting to deliver?

2. Consider the Colors Used on Your Sign
 Think about what color(s) will best enhance your restaurant’s brand and help draw customers in.

3. Create an Attention-Grabbing Design
Neon signs can be both artistic and fun, but it is most important that they attract attention. You don’t want people driving by your restaurant without noticing that it even exists!

4. Think About the Materials Used on Your Sign
Several materials, such as glass and plastic, are used to make neon signs. It’s crucial to choose the restaurant neon sign that will work best for your establishment because they come in a number of sizes and shapes.

5. Think About Where You Want to Put Your Sign
The effectiveness of your sign will be greatly influenced by its placement. Customers are more likely to see and enter your restaurant if your sign is more noticeable and appealing.

6. Consider the Cost of Your Sign
Neon sign installation typically costs more up front than other forms of signs, but over time, you may save money on electricity and upkeep if you make the commitment.

Types of Neon Signs for Restaurants

Custom Neon Signs

Custom Neon Signs are produced to order and created according to your precise requirements. You can customize them in any color, shape, or size that you like. These signs can also have personalized wording or logos added to them so they coordinate with your restaurant’s branding.


Open/Closed Neon Signs

Open/Closed neon signs are an excellent way to advertise your restaurant’s hours of operation. In addition to their ability to literally change the way people think about your business, they also serve as a visual cue of your establishment’s presence and engagement with the community.


Decorative Neon Sign

They can be utilized to draw attention to important occasions or campaigns, or simply to liven up the area.


Best Practices for Neon Sign Design

Keep it Simple

Keep your design straightforward and basic enough to read from a distance if you want to ensure that your sign is effective.

Use Colors Effectively

Effective color usage is crucial in the realm of neon signs. Be sure to utilize contrasting colors when creating your sign. Choose vivid hues like pink or yellow if you’re striving for a contemporary appearance. Choose red or blue for a classic appearance. Also, you can employ a variety of hues sparingly to produce an arresting result.

Consider the Font

You want your neon sign’s typeface to be clear and simple to read, so keep that in mind while selecting it. Also, you want it to stand out. The ideal fonts for neon signs are those that look bold but are straightforward and simple to read from a distance. Strong color contrast or very straightforward shapes might be used to accomplish this. The typeface should also convey the vibe of your eatery. If you’re going for something more modern or edgy, think about fonts with thin lines and acute angles.

Highlight Your Specialties

Focus on your restaurant’s advantages because guests will be curious about what makes it different from the competitors.

Emphasize the Restaurant’s Identity

Accentuating the individuality of your business is one of the most crucial elements of designing. Make sure your sign can stand out from the competition and captures the essence of what makes your business special.

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