Installing Neon Signs – What You Need to Know

Installing Neon Signs – What You Need to Know


Neon signs are a classic thing to have installed on your bar, restaurant, coffee shop or hotel. When you’re going for that traditional and classic look some way to show it off and add a little flair is with a neon sign. While these signs come in a huge variety there are some things you should know before you install them including what they are and how to install them.

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What Are the Components of a Neon Sign?

  • Completed neon sign
  • 1.5 Transparent Exit Wire
  • 12V DC Output Power Supply
  • Remote
  • LED Dimmer
  • Standard screw, advertising screw, or lifting rope (provided as per your required mounting method)
  • Easy installation setup instructions.
neon sign components - blog
Figure 1 - Neon Sign Components

Neon Sign Installation Methods:

Neon signs are an interesting type of sign because they rely on a number of different tools and methods to achieve their final look.There are several different ways to install neon signs, a basic knowledge of these methods will help you plan for your own installations, as well as give you a better understanding of how professional neon sign makers work.


Wall mounted signs are attached to a wall or ceiling with the help of screws, clips or brackets. The sign’s electrical components are mounted inside a plastic case that is attached to the back of the sign. The sign’s power source is connected directly to an electrical outlet.

wall-mounted-neon-sign-2 (1)
Figure 2 - Wall Mounted Neon Sign Installation

Things Needed:

  • Stud finder
  • Level
  • Pencil
  • Drill
  • Measuring Tape
  • Screwdriver
  • Screws
  • Drywall Anchors (as needed), 
  • Hanging Hardware (provided by LITASIGN). 
Figure 3 - Installation Tools

Installing Neon Signs on Walls

First, place the sign against the wall. To locate the holes on an acrylic board, use a pencil to mark them.

Next, insert a screw into each hole of the base and drill it through into a wall anchor that’s already been installed in the wall.

Now tighten down each screw nut with a screwdriver or wrench so that your sign is firmly attached to your wall.

Plug in your neon sign and turn it on!


Neon signs can be hung or suspended. The choice of installation type is a matter of personal preference. If you want your sign to be visible from most angles, then hanging is your best option. If you prefer that the neon colors glow on their own without any background lighting, then suspended installation is the way to go.

How Hanging or Suspended Neon Sign is Done?

  • Selecting the right place to hang a suspended neon sign.
  • Get the right tools for hanging a suspended neon sign.
  •  Make a hole in the ceiling.
  •  Fish and run wires from the sign to the power supply.
  • Attach wires to sign.
  • Place your sign on top of each post and secure using the screws provided with your sign.
hanging-or-suspended-neon-sign-installation1 (1)
Figure 4 - Hanging or Suspended Neon Sign Installation

Free standing neon signs are meant to be placed on their own. They’re typically larger than table tops. Free standing signs are ideal for places like restaurants and bars—they need to be visible from a distance.

Table top neon signs are meant to sit on tables or counters inside businesses or other locations. Table top signs are more common than free standing ones because they can be used in multiple locations without taking up too much space.

free-standing-or-table-top-installation-of-neon-sign (1)
Figure 5 - Free Standing or Table Top Neon Sign Installation

The adhesive strips that come with your neon sign can be used to install it on any smooth, clean surface. The best way to install a neon sign is by using an adhesive strip. The adhesive will keep your sign secure and in place.

1. Clean the surface you plan to install your neon sign on before applying an adhesive strip.

2. Utilizing the peel-off backing on one end of the adhesive strip, press the neon sign against the area where you wish to install it.

3. Hold both ends of an adhesive strip for about 10 seconds so that it makes a good seal around your neon sign’s edges and doesn’t move around when you are installing it.

4. Plug the neon sign into a power source, and switch it on.

adhesive installation (1)
Figure 6 - Using Adhesive Strips Neon Sign Installation

3. When Installing a Neon Sign, You Should Consider the Following:

Neon signs come in many shapes and can be located inside or outside any space. When planning an exterior neon sign installation, there are some things you need to consider t. Below is a guide on how to deal with both of these important aspects before installing a neon sign.


On a Final Note

Neon signs can add a cool and distinctive touch to almost any location. It’s simple to choose something that complements your entire interior style and personal taste thanks to the range of looks they come in, which is one of their best features. However, if you stick to these instructions, you’ll be able to install your neon sign correctly and enjoy it for a very long time.


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