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Aerosmith Neon Sign

Product Description:

1. The sign features the band’s name or logo, available in a variety of designs, shapes, sizes, and colors. It is a great way to show your love and support for their music.
2. The sign has become a popular collectible and decorative item, often used as decoration in music rooms, bars, or as a focal point in a collection for die-hard fans.
3. You can make sure the neon sign will last as it is handmade and built to last for a long time.
4. You can use it for long hours as it is safe to use for long hours and does not quickly heat up.
5. You can request to customize the size of your metallica neon sign or aerosmith as the sign size is customizable.

How to Custom Signs from LITASIGN?


Technical Details

BrandLITA SIGNVoltage‎12 Volts
ManufacturerJASIONLIGHTCurrent6 Amp
Place of OriginGuangdong, ChinaPower Supply
220V – 240V or 110V Adaptor, CE, RoHS, UL listed with EU / UK / AU / US Plug
Item Model NumberLita-aerosmith-01Cable2m long Transparent Wire (from the LED Neon sign)
DesignText & Pattern(Customizable)A/C Power Cord1.5m long ( from the adaptor)
Dimensions (W x H)Customized as you requestedType of Bulb‎LED
LED Neon Flex ColorRedBlueGreenYellowOrangeWhite, Warm White, Pink, Lemon, Ice blueDimmable or Not‎Dimmable
LED Neon Flex JacketMilky white jacket or Colored jacketControl MethodRemote Control (WIFI or Bluetooth Optional)
LED Neon Flex SizeMini size (8x16mm) or (6x12mm)Special Features‎USB or Battery Operated
Light ColorMulti-colorPower Source‎Corded-electric / Battery-powered
Neon Sign Material:Acrylic/PVC/SiliconeWorking Temperature:35 ℃
Backboard Material‎Acrylic/Plastic/PVCInstallation methods
Mounting (on the wall ) or Hanging by ropes ( on the ceiling )
Acrylic Board ColorTransparent / black / coloredCustomizationSupport
The thickness of Acrylic Board5mmWorking Lifetime50000 hours
LED Neon Flex Material100% SiliconeWarranty2 Years
Delivery time2-4 working days after paymentCertification‎CE, UL, FCC, RoHS
ApplicationHomeBusinessEvent, Funny, Bar, Shopping Mall, Office, Park, HotelsShopPartyWeddingNameUsageDecoration, Advertising, indoor outdoor

Product Trivia - Aerosmith LED Neon Sign: Lighting Up the Rock 'n' Roll Spirit

Aerosmith, the legendary rock band, has a fan base that spans generations. The emergence of Aerosmith LED neon signs offers fans an innovative way to showcase their devotion. As the expert LED neon sign maker, here we discuss the pros and cons of these signs, how they are created, and their significance in celebrating rock ‘n’ roll culture.


Energy-Efficient: Aerosmith LED neon signs are kind to your wallet and the environment. They consume less electricity compared to traditional neon signs, saving you money while reducing your carbon footprint.

Durability: Using LED as the light source, it can reach a lifespan of more than 100,000 hours. Unlike delicate glass neon signs, these LED versions are resistant to breakage, making shipping and handling a breeze.

Personalization: Express yourself! Customize your Aerosmith LED neon sign with band logos, lyrics, or album art. This flexibility allows fans to connect with the band in a personal way.

Safety First: Traditional neon signs contain hazardous materials like mercury. Aerosmith LED neon signs are safer for both the people who make them and those who hang them up.



Stereo Perception: Although we use a one-piece silicone extrusion process for our LED neon light strips, in terms of the three-dimensional effect of the finished product, it still falls slightly short compared to traditional glass neon.

Waterproof Treatment: Traditional glass neon, due to its longer application history, is more mature, whereas LED light strips, despite using waterproof glue at the joints, have a complex process and lower uniformity, which has become a fatal weakness for outdoor use.

How The Aerosmith LED Neon Signs Are Made?

Design: Begin by designing the sign digitally, selecting colors, fonts, and any Aerosmith-specific elements.

LED Strips: These flexible, colorful strips create the neon-like glow.

Acrylic Backing: Mount the LED strips on an acrylic backing board, providing stability and a surface for the LEDs.

Cut and Bend: Precision is key as LED strips are cut and bent to match the design, forming the Aerosmith logo or chosen elements.

Assembly: Carefully assemble the bent LED strips on the acrylic backing, following the design layout and concealing the wiring.

Quality Check: Rigorous testing ensures all LEDs work correctly, and there are no defects.

Installation: Now, it’s ready to go! Mount your Aerosmith LED neon sign on the wall or display it to rock your space.


Aerosmith LED neon signs offer an energy-efficient, customizable, and durable way for fans to celebrate the band’s enduring music legacy. These signs combine technology and artistry to create vibrant displays that pay homage to rock ‘n’ roll history. They serve as enduring collectibles, bringing the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll into fans’ homes, reminding us all of the timeless power of music.

Your Expert Sign Supplier in China

  1. Lita Sign uses 10mm thick honeycomb board boxes which are customized by the machine.
  2. Lita Sign can provide you with a quotation within 1 hour and the design/mock-up will be provided in 2 hours.
  3. Lita Sign can offer you 2 years warranty for all indoor neon signs and a 1-year warranty for all outdoor neon signs.
  4. Lita Sign sales representative is available for 24 hours and 7 days a week to provide quick customer support.

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