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LITASIGN is a reputable manufacturer of LED signage, providing clients from all over the world with the most recent innovations in the field. Airports, subway stations, office buildings, colleges, shopping malls, hospitals, and commercial centers all use our products. We offer a wide variety of indoor and outdoor signage that is frequently used in these settings.

We supply a variety of products, including 3D acrylic letters, illuminated and non-illuminated channel letters, acrylic letters, light boxes, marquee letters, neon signs, and more. Based on your unique requirements, we can also make led signage to your own custom design. All of our products will be reasonably priced, produced quickly, and come with excellent after-sales service. Our signs are currently being exported to various nations, and we would like to work with more clients for mutual benefits.

3D LED Acrylic Letters Are Stylish & Practical

Customized Acrylic 3D Letters are offered for a wide range of applications. They are incredibly stylish and one of the best ways to present brand names in a way that can help to improve the appearance. Direct mounting of these letters is possible on walls or other sturdy backing surfaces. High-quality cast acrylic 3D letters raised to a depth of 1-2 inches.

For any application, we provide fully customized 3D signs and dimensional letters. Colorized three-dimensional signs are also produced. Letters with dimensions are a fantastic way to showcase your business and brands.
If you want to make your business stand out and get more attention, then these 3D letters are perfect for you. They can be installed anywhere around your business premises.


3D LED Acrylic Letters Application Showcases

This stunning letters combine innovative design with vibrant LED lighting to create eye-catching signage that commands attention. Customizable with style & flair, perfect for storefronts, exhibitions, or interior spaces.


Lighting Design that Works with Your Vision

At LITASIGN, we’re passionate about how light interacts with decorative design and architecture. We think lighting solutions are limitless, so when you come up with spatial designs, we come up with options that work with your building’s capabilities. We will describe specifications to understand how lighting impacts the productivity or use of space when thinking about bold forms and joyful details.

We see our role as a partnership with you to explore technology and craftsmanship in lighting from every angle. So, with a tailored lighting service and a range of options, we’ll help you realize your particular vision. These options range from large-scale installations or distinctive lighting fixtures to lovely custom creations.

Modern Production Process of 3D LED Acrylic Letters

laser engraving

The Acrylic Panel

For letters narrower than 60 centimeters, or font strokes are thin, generally, with a full 2.5mm acrylic plate, the width of the letter is 60-100 centimeters. A full 3mm acrylic plate can also be used for wider letters.

laser engraving

The Support Block

Prepare a support block (5mm transparent acrylic plate) approximately 5mm wide and 10mm long, generally cut with a laser cutter. You can also use a mechanical engraving machine to open up a 5mm wide strip that can be broken off with pliers.

laser engraving

The Side Strip

 The preparation of 3D acrylic letter side strips involves carving software. To calculate the length of the side strip, or approximately calculated according to an empirical algorithm (1 to 6). For letters below 80cm, generally choose a 2mm thick acrylic board for the side of the letter body. More than 80cm of the word, optional 2.5-3mm thickness to meet requirements.


Acrylic Bending

Place the acrylic edging on the top and use an arc bender or a corner bender to bend the acrylic. Once you have bent it to the desired curve, apply 502 glue where needed to secure it. Then use a hook knife or scissors to cut off excess using a hook knife or scissors depending on the curvature of your edge.


Apply Structural Glue to the Joint

Apply a transparent adhesive to the corners of side strips and panels before mounting the LED light-emitting module circuit board. Apply the glue evenly and thinly so as not to reduce bonding strength or obscure light.


Glue the Support Block

 Installing the base plate on the letter body should be done with care and attention to detail. The 6mm PVC base plate thickness plus 2mm must be lower than the edge of a strip inside the letter body. This can be accomplished by installing support blocks between the plate and the outer edge of the letter body dipped in 502 glue.


Base Plate Cutting

To create an LED letter buckle, install the acrylic plate in the letters and cut out 2-3mm of indentation to match the outline of the side strips. Next, place an LED light-emitting module on the buckle and fix it with 502 glue. Then, use a wallpaper knife to cut along the letter’s outer edge to match its center gap. You can create a strong bond between your acrylic plate and the base plate.


Install LED Module

LED light-emitting modules should be connected to a power supply with positive and negative wires. The modules should not exceed 40 in each string (more than 40 will cause circuit board overload or LED decay). Each string of modules is connected by 502 glue and fixed at the bottom of the base plate with waterproof sealant.


Quality Check

A strict, step-by-step procedure governs every part of our production process. Letters are carefully assembled and separated into their components. The finished letters are photographed to capture every detail of their construction. All parts are then arranged on the 1:1 scale template for the last check before they are shipped to you.



3D LED Acrylic Letters are carefully packaged to ensure they arrive in perfect condition. The letters are wrapped individually with bubble wrap, placed in a box, and double-walled with foam. The boxes are then packed into a larger box with more padding and bubble wrap before being shipped to you.

Why Choose LITASIGN for Your 3D LED Acrylic Letters Requirements?

LITASIGN is your premier 3D LED Acrylic Letters manufacturer, delivering high-quality and cost-effective products. Manufacturing more than 8 years in the LED Signs business, we are dedicated to providing LED solutions to many types of companies worldwide. Our wide range of LED Signs and displays, including illuminated signs, custom acrylic letters, and logo signs, are an excellent addition to any location! We can also design and create various custom solutions with your company's message that could be used as part of a promotional event or marketing campaign.

Competitive Price

Lower costs and higher quality materials mean that your product will be more competitive in the market, even with the added logistics costs. It can give you more than 35% of your budget back.

Product Certification

LITASIGN is a leading LED display product manufacturer that has earned CE/ROSH/UL certification, allowing it to serve the world market.

Effective Manufacturer

Over 8 years of experience in 3D acrylic letters manufacturing, over 6,000 square meters factory. We offer quality assurance and fast delivery.

Teamwork Experience

We have more than 120 employees, including designers, production technicians, and international trade team members. Our design team has more than 8 years of experience.

Rapid Production

A stable supply of materials and a well-managed staff allow inventory levels to be controlled and production to occur according to strict schedules.

Excellent Design Capabilities

Our professional craftsmanship and installation services are matched only by our excellent design.

Elegant and Durable 3D LED Acrylic Letters

Elegant, long-lasting, and striking 3D LED Acrylic Letters are a great way to make impressive displays, honor accomplishments, highlight new products, and boost sales.

LITASIGN’s Stylish and Long-Lasting 3D LED Acrylic Letters are ideal for advertising your name or company. When you order these elegant signs from us, we take care of the difficult work by creating them from scratch. A very robust material will be used to create the letter, ensuring its strength in any weather.

3D Decorative Lights Acrylic Letter

This is a 3D decorative light that can be used to decorate your home, office, or restaurant. This acrylic letter is made of high-quality acrylic material, and the print is fade-proof.

Frontlit and Backlit LED 3D-Acrylic Letters

The Frontlit and Backlit LED 3D-Acrylic Letters are an excellent choice for your business. They can be used for many purposes, including signage, advertising, and lighting. The letters are available in various colors and sizes to fit your needs.

Custom 3D LED Acrylic Letters

Our custom 3D LED acrylic letters are available in various sizes and colors. They can be used indoors or outdoors, making them perfect for any venue such as retail stores, restaurants, hotels, etc. These letters will help your brand stand out from the rest and make a lasting impression on your customers.

3D LED Front lit Signs With Painted Acrylic Letter

Our 3D LED Front-Lit Signs with Painted Acrylic Letters are the perfect way to advertise your business, event, or message! The 3D effect of these signs is created using a combination of acrylic and LED lighting, making it possible to create almost any shape. The result is a sign that stands out from the crowd and makes your text look like it's actually popping off the sign.

Full Lit 3D Acrylic Letter

Full Lit 3D Acrylic Letters are a great way to enhance your company’s image. They look great outside your building and will be noticed by everyone who drives by. Our Full Lit 3D Acrylic Letters are available in many sizes and shapes, so you can choose exactly what you want. We also offer custom letters from your logo or artwork, so you can create a unique sign that will stand out at night.

Edge Lit 3D Acrylic Letter

Acrylic Edge Lit Letters offer bright, consistent illumination on the front face or edge side. The LEDs are encased in clear acrylic, protecting them from the elements when used outdoors or indoors.

Front Lit 3D Acrylic Letter

Front-lit acrylic letters are the perfect way to display your business and add a bit of flair to any event. These letters are printed on a clear and bright white acrylic sheet which is then cut with precision in our laser cutting machines.

RGB 3D Acrylic Letters

Exquisite 3D Acrylic letters are a perfect way to accentuate your living space. They can serve as decorative signs in your restaurant or office, just like neon signs. The acrylic letters look sharp and colorful and have unlimited options and different shapes, sizes, and fonts.

Day Night 3D Acrylic Letters

Acrylic Letters, also known as Acrylic Signs, are laser-cut with exacting precision and sharp polished edges. The Acrylic Letters are available in various fonts and can be easily installed with mounting studs and an installation pattern. They come in face-lit, back-lit, or full-lit for illumination; you can also choose from various finishes, materials, and styles.

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Wholesale Channel Letters

We make a custom open face or reverse channel letters for businesses. You provide us with your logo or pattern, and we'll cut it out of the plastic channel and insert the neon tube. We guarantee our work for life.


Price from $250.00

Indoor Channel Letters

Indoor channel letters are a great way to make your business stand out. Suppose you want to increase brand recognition, grab the attention of potential customers and even inspire them with your message. In that case, indoor channel letters are a perfect solution for you.


Price from $220.00

Building Channel Letters

Building Channel Letters are large letters placed on a building to advertise a business or product. These letters can be made of metal, acrylic plastic, or glass and must be installed by professionals. They usually come in different colors and sizes, varying from one company to another.


Price from $256.00

Metal Channel Letters

Metal Channel Letters are a great way to advertise your business. They can be used to spell out words and phrases, or they can be used as a simple logo. Metal Channel Letters have some advantages over other types of signage. They are durable, come in many different styles and colors, and you can use them indoors or out.


Price from $259.00

Brass Channel Letters

Our brass channel letters are available in various styles, including custom options and LED lighting. Our lettering experts can help you choose your needs and budget best.


Price from $245.00

Day Night Channel Letters

Day Night Channel Letters are an excellent way to grab the attention of your target audience. With these channel letters, you can keep your business in front of customers every time they drive by. Day Night Channel Letters are built with LED lights easily visible day and night.


Price from $250.00

Reverse Channel Letters

Reverse channel letters are an ideal type of illuminated signage designed to elevate your company’s visibility and create a memorable presence. Their ability to be seen from long distances, their low-maintenance design and the ability to be 3D or backlit to stand out from the crowd make Reverse Channel Letters one of our most popular products.


Price from $256.00

Neon Channel Letters

Neon channel letters are the most popular choice for building your business brand. Neon channel letters instantly grab attention when you want to stand out in a crowd or bring life to your establishment.


Price from $270.00

3D Acrylic Letters : Basics and Benefits

For businesses, signage is a crucial marketing tool. Many still consider using signage options only available to large, expensive companies. Yes, billboards and large posters are effective, but you can still be just as successful with less effort and expense. Without the hassle or cost of hiring a pricey design team or paying for something custom, 3D acrylic lettering is an inexpensive option that says a lot about your business. See why we believe 3D Acrylic letters are the best for you for these reasons!

1. Design Flexibility

3d led acrylic letters offer an opportunity to create any sign, from lettering to graphics. Our raised letters provide a more upscale appearance and symbolize your company’s success. We can create custom 3d led acrylic letters in any size, font style, color, or material to suit your specifications.

2. Profitability

Business owners looking for an advertising option that offers excellent value for money should consider 3D-led acrylic letters. The illuminated letters constantly grab attention, resulting in additional revenue for the company daily. The letters provide an excellent return on investment because of their durability and minimal maintenance expenses compared to other company advertising forms.

3. A Sign of Success

3D LED acrylic letters are a great way to bring your brand to life. Acrylic is durable, scratch resistant, and easy to clean, making it an excellent choice for your business. With 3D LED acrylic letters, you can create something eye-catching and memorable, which will help promote your brand and improve your business’ image.

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