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High-quality Acrylic Marquee Letter, Sturdy and Durable

LITASIGN’s acrylic marquee letter is manufactured from a stiff yet flexible material, allowing it to withstand the elements and be noticeable from a distance. Each letter is constructed to withstand the elements and be apparent from a distance. It has holes for easy mounting or installation on any structure.

Decorate hotels and parties and music festivals, nuptials, and other social gatherings with it. Adding these letters to a wall, floor, desk, or window can instantly infuse any space with life and personality.

LITASIGN: The Most Trusted Partner for Acrylic Marquee Letters

LITASIGN is a professional manufacturer of acrylic marquee letters, providing product design and installation services. Since our establishment, we have carried out various projects and have won favorable comments from the market. With the development of our company, we have established a modernized production base. It is 6,000 square meters with advanced design production equipment and qualified personnel.

We can design products according to customer needs, produce them in large quantities at a low price and meet customer requirements.


Lovely and High Quality Acrylic Marquee Letters

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for unique and high-quality marquee letters. We make all our marquees from scratch using premium quality acrylic material. We take pride in achieving perfection in each of our creative designs and use the most professional quality materials available on the market.

Acrylic Wedding Marquee Letters

These Acrylic Wedding Marquee Letters are a perfect addition to any particular day. Whether it be a wedding or an engagement party, or just a big announcement, these letters provide an easy way to create custom signage at a low cost! With these beautiful letters, you can spell out whatever you like.

Acrylic Business Marquee Letters

These beautiful acrylic marquee letters will make any business run like a well-oiled machine. Marquee letters attract attention and serve as a focal point for your storefront, windows, or door fronts.

Personalized Acrylic Marquee Letters

Add a unique flair to your home or business with a Personalized Acrylic Marquee Letter. Each letter is durable acrylic and hand-painted with professional quality, resulting in long-lasting beauty. Our state-of-the-art system allows for customization by you!

Acrylic Marquee Letter Table

Our Marquee Letter Table is a perfect fit in any professional environment. The modern design features an acrylic surface, perfect for displaying signage and marketing materials while also showing off your company logo or décor theme.

Acrylic Prom Marquee Letter

The Acrylic Prom Marquee Letter is a great way to add excitement to your Prom or Homecoming event. We offer unique lettering styles to match your event theme. They can be used indoors or outdoors, are water-resistant, and easy to assemble.

Acrylic Cursive Marquee Letters

These Acrylic Cursive Marquee Letters make a statement in any room with an eye-catching design and vibrant colors. Customize your words to announce the birth of a new baby, the arrival of a vacation guest, or that it’s time for dinner with family.

Acrylic Marquee Letters Ornaments

Acrylic Marquee Letters Ornaments are perfect for any special occasion or gift for your friends, family, and coworkers. Whether you're looking to decorate a nursery, office space, or party venue, our acrylic letters will add a fun and personal touch to any event.

Xmas Acrylic Marquee Letters

Holiday cheer is in full swing with the Xmas Acrylic Marquee Letters. These letters are made from clear acrylic and can be used to announce your winter holiday party, decorate your home for Christmas and New Year's Eve, or even serve as the nameplate for your business.

Bar Acrylic Marquee Letters

Choose your favorite word or phrase that you want to display as a marquee letter in your bar, restaurant, or business. These letters are made of durable acrylic that will last a lifetime. The lights behind the letters make them visible from far distances and create a dramatic effect at night.

Providing the Most Suitable Solution to Meet Your Acrylic Marquee Letter Needs

LITASIGN is a leading manufacturer of acrylic marquee signs with over 6 years of expertise, specializing in acrylic marquee letters and offering a vast selection of materials. Before shipment, we handle all of your custom letter needs, including research and development, tooling, production, and quality control.

Our team of knowledgeable sales specialists can assist you in customizing your acrylic marquee letter sign. We will listen to your particular needs, design a solution that precisely meets them, and then manufacture and deliver the final product on time. Our transparent ordering procedure provides you with complete control over each phase of the project and guarantees remarkable results.

You dream it, we make it

How an Acrylic Marquee Letters are Made:


Cutting & Forming of Acrylic Letters

Cutting and forming acrylic letters can make acrylic letters from these materials in the following sizes: – 1″ to 6″10″ and up. Acrylic letters are precision cut and formed to create a perfect shape every time. These high-quality, built-to-last letters provide a robust and smooth surface for applying paint or vinyl.


Painting the Acrylic Letters

We spray paint the letters with a non-toxic, acrylic paint. We put three coats on each letter to make sure it is bright and vibrant.


Installation of Bulbs & Wiring

Installation of any lighting and associated wiring into the appropriate holes on an outdoor sign, if applicable. Then, to protect the sign’s components from moisture, we apply a waterproof coating.


Acrylic Marquee Letter Packaging

To ensure the safe arrival of your marquee signs, we take additional steps. As a result, pressing and wrapping your personalized marquee sign in the newspaper before shipping will keep it safe from damage caused by unsecured packaging material.

Satisfaction Guaranteed with Acrylic Marquee Letters

When it comes to a product, the buyer should feel confident that their satisfaction is assured. For advertising businesses and events, marquee letters are an industry standard. Display your business with pride using letters made from acrylic that express durability and prestige. The following explains why LITASIGN's acrylic marquee signs come with a satisfaction guarantee.

Cost Efficient

Acrylic marquee letters can be anywhere from 50 to 75 % less expensive than their metal equivalents. This price difference can be significant.


Acrylic marquee letters are durable, do not rust, and endure forever! Due to its plastic construction, painting and chipping are unneeded considerations. The lettering on marquees can withstand temperatures as low as -40 °.

Low Maintenance

Simple to clean and guaranteed not to rust or corrode! so that you can make the most beautiful sign possible and receive an outstanding result without any effort whatsoever.

Easy Installation

They're easy to put up and don't require any specialized tools. The letters have molded hooks that can either rest on the ground or be screwed into the wall to provide stability.


Because these letters are made of acrylic, repositioning them is considerably easier and won't damage the building's structure..


You may find them in a range of colors and sizes to meet your requirements. Change the message displayed on your home or business with acrylic marquee letters. They are ideal for temporary displays because to their portability.

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Indoor Marquee Signs allow you to bring a professional appearance to your storefront, business, and events. Each Indoor Marquee sign is created using the finest materials, contemporary lighting, and durable steel frames. To give you that impressive look that sets you apart from everyone else.


Price from $250.00

Outdoor Marquee Signs

Enhance your shop or business with this Marquee Sign! Made of lightweight stainless steel construction, the sign comes pre-drilled for easy mounting to any wall. The large outdoor marquee can promote specials, sales, and events.


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Holiday Marquee Letters

Create the perfect party or event with Holiday Marquee Letters! Give your guests a little extra holiday flair with these letters made to fit over a standard doorway. These marquee letters come in various festive designs and colors, including red and green Santas, snowmen, elves, and more.


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Event Light-Up Letters

Our Event Light-Up Letters add the finishing touches to your event. These novelty letters come in various colors and designs and include adhesive backing for easy installation. Perfect for signs and decorations, these letters will be a hit at birthdays or other social gatherings.


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Custom Indoor Neon Signs have promoted restaurants, bars, and casinos. These signs are ideal for venues that want a long-lasting movement that will attract attention with its vibrant colors.


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Custom Outdoor Neon Signs

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Happy Holidays Neon Signs

Bring some festive cheer to your home with our Happy Holidays Neon Signs. Each sign has a red-orange glow and measures 15 inches high by 9 inches wide. They're great for decorating windows or walls and are lightweight.


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Event Neon Signs

If you want to make a long-term impression, event neon signs are a great way to get your message across. Event neon signs are perfect for companies that need to draw attention to particular events where people will be interested in what is happening.


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Why is LITASIGN the Leading Acrylic Marquee Letter Manufacturer and Supplier in China?

We’re LITASIGN – the leader in acrylic marquee letter manufacturing and supplier in China. Our purpose is to “create and deliver a better future through innovative products and services.” As one of the top Marquee Letter manufacturers, we provide the best acrylic marquee letters. Here are some reasons why LITASIGN is the leading acrylic marquee letter & sign company in China.

1. Capabilities

LITASIGN’s six years of production experience allow them to provide acrylic marquee letters in various forms and sizes. Our state-of-the-art building, cutting-edge equipment, and professional personnel inspire us to strive harder.

Our high-quality products and helpful technical support have satisfied the vast majority of our clients. In addition, we can always meet delivery schedules since we always have the necessary raw materials in stock.

2. Efficacious Technical Support

LITASIGN contains extensive documentation and instructional videos. As a result, putting the marquee letter ornaments should be simple. If you encounter any problems, our helpful technical support staff is always available to assist you.

3. Achievements

We have successfully executed around 1,500 projects per year. The Taipei Arena Sky Screen, Harmony Times Square, the Taipei Arena, and the Mexico City Arena, to name a few, are among our most significant undertakings.

LITASIGN is certified by various organizations, including CE/EMC, CE/LVD, ROHS, ETL, FCC, CB, IECEE, KC, and PSE.

The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Acrylic Marquee Letters


The demand for acrylic marquee letters is increasing day by day, and it’s no surprise why. Marquee letters create a striking impact on any business, especially when illuminated. Their functionality makes them an affordable choice too.

There are so many different choices that it can be confusing to pick one. This guide showcases our most extensive FAQs about acrylic marquee letters. You can get the correct acrylic marquee letters for your requirement.

1. What is an Acrylic Marquee Letters?

An acrylic marquee letter, also known as acrylic letters, is a combination of letters that form a word. They are typically made of acrylic plastic with a mirrored finish. Marquee letters are one of the most effective signage elements because they’re visual and catchy. Used in stores, homes, and events, marquee letters help grab the passerby’s attention while they are going to another destination.

Figure 1 - Acrylic Marquee Letters

2. What Sizes Can I Get for the Acrylic Marquee Letters?

Various acrylic marquee letter-size combinations are available as standard options. However, LITASIGN offers all shapes and sizes, so let us know if you don’t see the size you need, and we’ll give you a custom quote.

3. What Are the Different Faces of an Acrylic Marquee Letters?

The most common and cost-effective acrylic marquee letters face type is FLAT FACE PANELS. A flat-face panel is a completely flat insert that gives your sign a sleek appearance.

The raised ‘pillow’ effect is achieved by molding PANNED FACE PANELS. The raised portion of the acrylic marquee letters’ face adds visual interest to your graphics while increasing the panel’s strength and rigidity, improving wind resistance.

4. Can You Add a Logo or Graphics to the Acrylic Marquee Letters?

LITASIGN can digitally print graphics or logos on your acrylic marquee letters for a professionally customized look. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a custom quote.

5. Can You Help Design a Graphic or Logo for the Acrylic Marquee Letters?

We can help you design custom acrylic marquee letters using your ideas, images, or sketches.

6. How Accurate Are the Colors of the Acrylic Marquee Letters?

Due to variations in computer monitors, actual colors may vary from those shown. We recommend ordering a sample of the color(s) you’re interested in.

7. How Many Outlets are Needed to Power the Acrylic Marquee Letters?

The set of acrylic marquee letters requires one outlet to work. Each letter is plugged into the next, with the final light then plugged into an outlet.

8. Do the Acrylic Marquee Letters' Light Bulbs Get Hot After Long Use?

Light bulbs do not get hot, but they can become warm to the touch like all light bulbs.

9 Can You Produce Acrylic Marquee Letters in Custom Shapes, Designs, and Colors?

LITASIGN can make any shape, design, logo, or color you desire.

10. How Can I Get an Acrylic Marquee Letters Quote?

Please send the details of your design to our email or contact our online trade manager. All prices are calculated by square meter; if the length and width exceed 1m, they will be calculated by square meter.

11. Could You Assist Me with My Limited Budget?

LITASIGN offers marquee lettering to suit all budgets and requirements. We will strive to locate the most suitable signage solution for you, regardless of your budget. We provide high-quality signage to all our current and potential business partners.

12. Are the Acrylic Marquee Letters PAT Tested?

Yes. A PAT test is a routine evaluation of electrical items to determine whether or not they are safe to use. It also serves to prevent unexpected electrical accidents at the event site. All marquee wall letters have been tested and deemed safe for use.

13. Where Is Acrylic Marquee Letters Used?

The following places use acrylic marquee letters:

13. What Types of Bulbs Are Included in an Acrylic Marque Letters?

The types of bulbs included in Acrylic Marquee Letters include:

  • For 12 inch and 18-inch Acrylic Marquee Letters: C7 intermediate base incandescent bulbs are included.
  • For 24 inch and above-Acrylic Marquee Letters: C9 intermediate base incandescent bulb is included.

The standard bulbs which are offered by manufacturers tend to last for about 4,000 hours.

Some of the LED bulb upgrade options which you can explore include:

  • C7/C9 bulbs: these tend to last for about 50,000 hours.
  • G40/G50 round bulbs: they last between 4,000 to 50,000 hours.
  • Colored bulbs: in most cases, you should contact your manufacturer and request a specific color bulb that you need.

14. Can I Collect Multiple Acrylic Marquee Letter Lights Together?

You can connect multiple acrylic marquee letter lights, though the number of bulbs will determine this. You can only connect 90 bulbs per outlet with standard bulbs, but you can connect up to 900 bulbs with LED bulbs.

Manufacturers also sell chain links, connecting acrylic marquee letter lights and then to a wall power outlet via an extension cord.

15. Are Acrylic Marquee Letters Approved for Outdoor Use?

Yes, acrylic marquee letters are typically made with materials suitable for indoor and outdoor use. These materials can withstand harsh weather conditions like UV rays, rain, and humidity.

Figure 2 - Acrylic Marquee Letters Outdoor

17. Do Acrylic Marquee Letters Require Power?

Yes, acrylic marquee letters are wired and require a power source. Extension cords are used to connect them as needed to limit use on a standard 120V power outlet.

18. Can I Get Colored LED Bulbs in My Acrylic Marquee Letters?

Yes, acrylic marquee letters in rainbow colors are available. These include red, pink, purple, blue, green, orange, and yellow. The manufacturer can also produce your letter with an ombre effect.

19. What Should You Consider When Choosing Acrylic Marquee Letters?

  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Viewing distance
  • Placement type you prefer
  • Usage of life
  • Weather-resistant or not
  • It’s a warranty/guarantee
  • Customizing options

20. Are Acrylic Marquee Letter Energy-Efficient?

Yes, acrylic marquee letters are incredibly energy-efficient. They are built to last for years without requiring individual light sources or control electronics to be replaced. Respective light sources and control electronics do not need to be returned for many years. To maximize efficiency, you should use acrylic marquee letters whenever possible.

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