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LITASIGN offers a diverse selection of high-quality neon signs from contemporary and traditional designs to display your business name, products, event, or other information. We aim to deliver every product in stock and in full–color using your chosen graphics and text. All neon signs are handmade and come with a quality guarantee.

LITASIGN has established a reputation for excellence in our neon sign work and builds each sign to last and be energy-efficient. Our precision craftsmanship ensures that the neon signs will illuminate for a long time.

Professional LED Alcohol Neon Sign Manufacturer With 6 Years of Experience

LITASIGN is a professional LED neon sign manufacturer, and we focus on creating high-quality LED neon signs for different companies. LITASIGN has rich experience, including a team with many excellent designers and 6 years of experience in the industry.

LITASIGN has unlimited design ability to ensure that we can provide friendly, comfortable, fashionable, and playful neon signs for your business. We can create everything with our pure talent and limitless ideas.


What Makes LITASIGN the Best Supplier of Alcohol Neon Signs?

LITASIGN is your source for all types of custom neon signs. You can use our Online Neon Sign Maker to create neon signs to fit your needs. Choose from an extensive range of fonts and color combinations, or upload your images. We specialize in developing practical and attractive neon signs on various background shapes, such as authentic images, patterns, or custom text.

At LITASIGN, we value the art of neon signs and neon lighting. Our team designs each piece to reflect client expectations with years of expertise in the field.

You dream it, we make it

One-stop Production, Customized According to Your Requirements

pcb design

PCB Design

LED electronic engineers design the neon sign components into a diagram or circuit optimal for your neon sign requirements. They make sure your sign has an elegant look that makes it distinctive.

pcb testing

PCB Testing

Incoming LED, the Quality Control department tests neon light PCB boards before SMT patched. Only qualified panels are patched; this ensures that each patch is of high quality. It ensures that the finished product is of high quality—each board is thoroughly inspected.

smt processing

SMT Processing

LITASIGN provides fully automatic SMT lines that enhance neon sign assembly efficiency and quality. Our systems also reduce process cost, material loss and increase yield rates and product reliability.

Silicone Extrusion Process

LED Neon Flex Extrusion

Silicone extruding machines are an integral part of the manufacturing process for LITASIGN’s neon lights, ensuring a uniform product and optimal quality.

Design and Confirmation

Design and Confirmation

LITASIGN will create a 3-D design of your product and confirm all specifications with you before proceeding with the manufacturing stage. It will ensure that no issues arise in the manufacturing process, saving you time and money in resolving the problem later on.

Backplate Engraving

An engraving machine is used to form a groove in each piece of the backplate, a quantity of acrylic backplate is used to shorten assembly time, and adhesives or electrical glue are used to assemble quickly.

Neon sign making

Neon Sign Making

 A neon flex strip can be custom-cut to the length of a customer’s choice by well-trained workers using a measuring device for backplates. The customized neon flex strips are assembled one at a time. The finished product receives complete care and attention from its creator as it is fitted into the final product.

Finished Sign Aging

Finished Sign Aging

Lighting and aging tests are performed to test the quality of LED neon signs after assembly. We burn eight hours continuously after group and tests have been completed to ensure that the LED neon signs produced meet customers’ requirements.

Neon Sign Packaging

Neon Sign Packaging

As experts in the art of neon, we use the best packaging materials on the market to ensure that your sign arrives safely. We use thick carton packaging for small neon signs and wooden boxes for large ones. All of our neon signs are hand-checked and carefully packaged before shipping.

Best Features of Alcohol Neon sign from LITASIGN

With our one-stop production of custom LED neon signs from raw materials to finished products, we bring a competitive edge to the market. Setting itself from the rest is our quick response time. As soon as an order comes in, a production line for that specific type of sign will be started. Once completed and inspected by our in-house QC, it will be shipped out to the customer. No part of the process is outsourced, which means no unnecessary delays and customer complaints. Our fast response time and high quality have attracted many customers.

Virgin Silicone Material

Virgin silicone jackets are of the highest quality. Unlike PVC or fake silicone, they do not yellow or deteriorate with age, retain no smell, and are completely fireproof.

More Attractive Lighting

This high brightness, low-light-decay light-emitting diode (LED) chips with high light transmittance silicone jackets will add a touch of modernity to areas where they are illuminated.

Enhanced LED Neon Flex

The patented PET film that we added to our LED neon flex and as protection allows us to customize any shape for your clients without affecting the quality of the LED neon sign.

Integrated LED Neon Flex

Integrated LED neon flex has better heat dissipation, resulting in a brighter sign. Heat dissipation is an issue when using embedded neon lights, which can cause the acrylic to warp and drop its jacket.

Branded Acrylic Backboard

We use a Taiwan-made joint-stock brand acrylic backboard—which is made of 100% acrylic and thus more transparent and rigid than the PS or PVC board in the market—to create a more surface scratch-resistant and resistant to yellowing.

High Quality Power Supply

LITASIGN's neon signs are equipped with CE/ROHS/FCC/UL-certified power supplies, meeting the requirements of the import standards in your country. Furthermore, they have high transformation efficiency, thus saving on energy used.

High Quality Accessories

Stainless steel hardware used in billboard installation ensures no rusting and increased durability compared to plastic or iron. The sign will maintain its appearance over time, keeping it safe from vandalism—one of the biggest threats to long-term outdoor advertising.

Double Protection Technology

Double protection technology ensures that even if the middle portion of the sign fails due to a broken circuit board, the neon sign will not be entirely inoperable.

Well-fitted Packaging

Customized packaging based on sign size will help you save a lot of time and money and protect signs from breakage during shipping.

We Customize Alcohol Neon Sign for You

LITASIGN is a reputable manufacturer of unique neon signs. LITA’s products are increasingly being used to bring a special touch to homes, companies, and special occasions such as weddings and parties. Large quantities and wholesale costs benefit small business owners’ purchasing plans. Thanks to the handcrafted crafts, your light fixtures are one-of-a-kind and full of personality.

Liquor Neon Sign

The Liquor sign is the perfect addition to your home! Made from high-quality materials, this sign will be sure to last and stand out in a crowd! Display it proudly anywhere you want and admire its beauty for years to come.

Champagne Neon Sign

Our Champagne Neon Sign is a classic retro sign that would be a great addition to your bar, lounge, or any room in your home. This sign is excellent for restaurants with a wine and drinks menu and bars looking for an eye-catchy way to proclaim their drink specials.

Gin Bar Neon Sign

The Gin Bar sign is an excellent way to decorate your bar, man cave, or other room. With an attractive lighted vintage-style design, this sign would look good on the wall of your home pub, in an office waiting room, or in any room you want to add some personality too.

Lounge Neon Sign

Add a functional design to any space with our Lounge Neon Sign. This sign is ideal for any home or business and can be mounted over a bar area or hung on the wall to create a bold statement.

Vodka Neon Sign

Give your home or office the ultimate gift with this excellent Vodka neon sign. This novelty sign is a great piece to hang in a bar, on a mancave wall, or even in your own house!

Alcohol Infused Pops Neon Sign

The Alcohol Infused Pops Neon Sign is the perfect decor piece for retail and draft bars, restaurants, hotels, and more. Place this neon sign outside your establishment in a prominent spot to catch people's attention.

Alcohol You Later Neon Sign

Celebrate happy hour, or just life in general with our Alcohol You Later! Neon sign. An eye-catching addition to any home bar, this dynamic sign will add a pop of retro-style color to even the bleakest of workspaces.

Budweiser Neon Signs

Budweiser Neon signs give you a fun way to show your support for Budweiser with your home bar! Show off your favorite beer with neon lights that light up in any room with style. These versatile and fun signs are a great gift idea to celebrate friends' birthdays or just as an excellent decoration to spruce up any room.

Beer Neon Signs

From great taste to the bar's atmosphere, our collection of beer neon signs are sure to make you thirsty for a few cold ones. Whether you're looking for an original piece of art or something to decorate your brewery, these beer-related signs are perfect for adding character to any spot.

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  • Ostrich-B

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  • Rumpi

  • Stay Classy

  • Steelfish

  • Street

  • Super Mario

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  • Waterman

  • Warm White

  • White

  • Yellow

  • Golden Yellow

  • Light Orange

  • Orange

  • Light Red

  • Red

  • Water Pink

  • Light Pink

  • Deep Pink

  • Purple

  • Deep Purple

  • Deep Blue

  • Ice Blue

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Customizable Options for Alcohol Neon Signs

LITASIGN provides Alcohol Neon Signs that are fit for all kinds of applications. There is undoubtedly a large selection to choose from so that no matter what you need an LED sign for, you are sure to find the perfect one for your needs and expectations. LITASIGN offers custom neon signs at no additional cost, meaning you can be sure you will be satisfied with your Alcohol Neon Sign.

1. Size

Neon flex is available in several sizes, including 8 x 16mm, 5 x 12mm, and 12x19mm. Your selection of typeface size will determine the height of your sign—the bigger the typeface, the higher up it will go. We’ll create a custom design for your order.

2. Text and Font

We offer an online design tool to create neon signs with full text or a single line. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote if you would like more than one line or something different.

3. Color

We offer neon signs of various colors, including warm white, white, lemon yellow, golden yellow, orange, red, pink, ice blue, purple, and green. We can discuss your options if you require a custom color or a neon sign in any other color not listed here.

4. Dimmer and Controller

Controller types include high-power, low-power, and colorful controllers. The two controller types are IR (infrared) controllers, which can control devices up to 6 meters away, and RF wireless controllers. Different dimming modes include Frontier Phase-Cut, thyristor dimming, and FPC dimming.

5. Outdoor and Indoor Usage

The LED neon sign can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is sealed to have a waterproof rating of IP65, making it suitable for outdoor usage.

6. UV Printing

 UV-printing techniques to produce a neon sign make it more attractive to the viewer.

7. Power Plug

Our LED neon sign is equipped with a 3.5-meter cord that fits into a licensed power outlet adapter, compatible with plugs in European Union, United Kingdom, Australia, and North America. If you would like to receive an adapter for other countries, please indicate this in your order.

8. Easy Installation

The neon signs from LITASIGN include hardware, pre-drilled holes, and hanging wires. For wall installs, screw kits are included. LED signs are great for retail stores, suspended establishments, and other locations.

9. Installation Methods

LITASIGN products include four different installation methods: suspension, surface mounting, grid fixing, and floor-fixed proper installation.

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