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LITASIGN has designed some of the best neon signs for homes, companies, and events. Our neon signs illuminate everything from restaurants to shops, gas stations, and car dealerships. Innovating technology and designs have helped LITASIGN create its distinctive neon signs and LED lights.

Our production process is vital. We are at the forefront of neon sign technology with our in-house research and development team.

Your Complete Source for Custom Neon Signs

LITASIGN delivers affordable, high-quality neon signs. Our skilled designers are up-to-date on the latest design trends and can ensure that your branding or graphic design projects are completed on time and to your complete satisfaction. We will make the best neon sign with your feedback.

Neon signage that meets your needs and budget. Your business, group, or personal interests are important to us. Using cutting-edge software, add an image or message to each sign letter for memorable company identity. We make custom neon signs of all sizes and shapes.


We Provide a Wide Selection of Angel Neon Signs

LITASIGN offers a wide variety of styles and sizes of angel neon signs. You can make your designs from our online creator or choose from many pre-made templates; We provide you with the highest quality neon signs, fast service delivery, and the best customer service available. We offer an affordable neon sign solution to businesses, financial institutions, and individuals alike!

LITASIGN is specialized in manufacturing and supplying custom-made neon signs. We can offer an extensive selection of colors, sizes, shapes, and functions to meet your individual needs. Customized service is our ultimate goal.

You dream it, we make it

The Process in Making State-of-the-Art Angel Neon Signs

pcb design

PCB Design

It includes silicone jacket construction, lighting effects, and heat dissipation. Professional PCB design can help quickly resolve virtual and off-wafer soldering concerns. The spare components will be sturdy after being bent and curved during the LED neon sign production process.

pcb testing

PCB Testing

It includes silicone jacket construction, lighting effects, and heat dissipation. Professional PCB design can help quickly resolve virtual and off-wafer soldering concerns. The spare components will be sturdy after being bent and curved during the LED neon sign production process.

smt processing

SMT Processing

Light sources for LED strip lights, LED neon flex, and neon signs are manufactured on LITASIGN’s two surface mount technology machines. Currently, the company can produce 2000 meters of light strips each day. LITASIGN’s unique SMT equipment can handle two issues in LED manufacturing: virtual soldering and off-soldering of LED chips.

Silicone Extrusion Process

LED Neon Flex Extrusion

LITASIGN uses integrated, high-grade silicone neon flex that is made in-house using extrusion technology. The final output will be different if you use a cold extruded imitation silicone.

Design and Confirmation

Design and Confirmation

LITASIGN creates all of its LED neon signs attentively, ensuring that the final product is 100% identical to the sample design. Throughout production, every aspect is double-checked, including light color, jacket color, design, and plug type.

Backplate Engraving

Our expert engravers cut between 200 and 300 LED neon signs with precision, speed, and efficiency per day. It allows for more precise and efficient work processes.

Neon sign making

Neon Sign Making

Each neon sign is handcrafted by master artisans with an average of five years of experience. How well the neon sign integrates with the original design and is made is highly dependent on the craft quality, even more so for clients that place a premium on good craftsmanship in their neon signs.

Finished Sign Aging

Finished Sign Aging

All neon signs manufactured by LITASIGN are subjected to a 24-hour aging test. They are then aged by one hour after passing the examination by hand. It enables us to spot any problems with the LED chips or PCBs in advance. It is how we ensure the high quality of our products.

Neon Sign Packaging

Neon Sign Packaging

LITASIGN packaging is constructed from a 10mm thick honeycomb paper board for further strength; For added security, paper corner protectors are employed once again. LITASIGN will incorporate your logo and other branding information on the packaging for drop shipment.

What Makes LITASIGN's Angel Neon Signs Perfect for Your Project?

LITASIGN has been manufacturing and invested heavily in building a state-of-the-art production line to manufacture neon products. We specialize in producing custom LED-neon signs from raw materials to finished products, delivering items quickly, and having no customer complaints.

Virgin Silicone Material

The best silicone jackets are created from virgin silicone. They are not constructed of PVC or fake silicone; They do not age or yellow under UV light. They are odorless and fireproof. Because of these features, a virgin silicone jacket is safe.

More Attractive Lighting

LED chips with silicone jackets enhance the light's brightness and reduce light decay. These energy-efficient LEDs include a silicone covering that makes it easier for them to blend in with the rest of your environment.

Enhanced LED Neon Flex

A patent-pending PET film has been added as an added layer of protection for LED neon flex. It allows you to construct bespoke designs of neon lights without compromising the quality of the LEDs.

Integrated LED Neon Flex

The flexible nature of integrated LED neon flex means that it takes less electricity to operate and better dissipates heat. It enhances the sign's longevity and vividness. The jackets will not fall off, or the acrylic will not deform owing to heat buildup.

Brand Acrylic Backboard

Compared to the PS or PVC backboards most factory supply firms use, this acrylic backboard from Taiwan's joint-stock brand is more transparent and durable. Scratches are less likely to occur, and it is more resistant to fading.

High Quality Power Supply

The power supply used by LITASIGN neon signs is CE, ROHS, FCC, UL, CUL, C-Tick, and PSE certified. As a result of this certification, you and your client may rest assured that the power supply fulfills all national and international standards.

High Quality Accessories

Stainless steel advertising screws and hanging ropes are included with neon signs so that they won't corrode or break. The sign's appearance is unaffected by long-term exposure to the elements. It helps to extend the life of installations.

Double Protection Technology

If one of the PCBs (printed circuit boards) in the middle part fails, the sign can still work thanks to double protection technology.

Well Fitted Packaging

Custom-designed compact packaging is available for more prominent signs. In addition to saving you money on shipping, this decreases the amount of clutter in your vehicle and enhances safety by guaranteeing that nothing falls out during shipment.

Different Colors and Designs of Angel Neon Signage

Angel neon signage has been around for decades, and practically everyone knows the angel ornaments that are so popular as neon signs. Angel neon signs can be seen as an instant form of identity. Many people also consider angel signs an excellent way to welcome potential clients, customers, or guests. You can get a variety of colors and designs of angel signs like the white angel sign or the black angel sign.

Angel Wings Neon Sign

Angel Wings Neon Sign will give you a warm and homey feeling every time you see it. Turn any space from plain to fancy by adding this decorative neon sign to light up the picture of the angel's wings with a soft glow; it will look great in any small apartment or room when hanging on a wall but is also perfect for your yard or garden when placed on the floor without any problem!

Red Wings Neon Sign

Kick your decor into gear with this excellent Red Wings Neon Sign. The perfect addition to any Bar, Man Cave, or Sports Fan Cave. It is sure to be a great conversation starter at your next party.

Blue Neon Angel Wings

Our Lighted Neon Angel Wings sign is a great decorative piece for your favorite room or dorm. Made of acrylic, it's easy to store and move around and makes for great symbolic wall decor! Every girl needs this in their room to make it feel more fun.

White Neon Angel Sign

The White Neon Angel Sign is the perfect way to decorate your angel-themed room. This sign will add a charming look and feel to your walls. It features durable and vibrant neon glowing letters made out of acrylic material. The White Neon Angel Sign is an excellent buy for any homeowner looking to decorate with unique neon wall art.

Angel Decoration Neon Sign

Angel Sign is a glowing, back-lit-inspired neon wall decor sign. The angel figurine sits on top of the halo, sending off a bright and cheerful glow that makes your home feel like a heavenly place.

Pink Angel Wings Neon Sign

This Pink Angel Wings Neon Sign glows in funky neon pink. This neon sign will add vintage style and bright fun to your home or office decor. The pink neon shines brightly, creating a lovely ambiance for any room or office without getting hot and being considered a fire hazard. Stunning wall art that would be truly treasured by anyone who loves angels.

Colorful Angel Wings Neon Sign

This colorful neon sign features angel wings of a yellow sunburst, pink and lavender swirls, blue and orange zigzags, lime green and purple diamonds, yellow, red, and blue stars, and green pink swirls. It is a wonderfully vibrant piece that illuminates the night with just enough color to still be visible in the dark. It hangs best in a window or an area you can direct to the wall behind it.

Damn Beautiful Angel Neon Sign

Show your love in pure light. This stunning neon sign is crafted from steel and hand-painted with black glass and neon accent lighting. The "Damn Beautiful" sign comes ready to hang and has been rated for display in commercial spaces.

Table Top Angel LED Neon Sign

This Table Top Angel LED Neon Sign is made of top-quality, durable materials. It is perfect for your house and gives you some great life messages! If you want to buy a special gift for your friends or family, it will be everyone's favorite one.

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Improve Your Company's Profitability with LITASIGN

LITASIGN is dedicated to designing, developing, and manufacturing the best quality LED neon signs that are reliable and cost-effective. We create a world of light. We proudly present ourselves as your one-stop-shop partner in your LED neon sign business, providing a full range of solutions: design, production, installation, and engineering consulting. With the professional team and equipment, we are confident that our working process will be smooth and efficient, and we will take on projects of all sizes for you with no worries.

1. Provides Marketing Materials

If you need images, videos, and descriptions of physical signs for your marketing and presentation, LITASIGN is here to help you out.

2. Longer Warranty Period

LITASIGN provides a two-year warranty; for outdoor LED signs, a one-year warranty. If there are any issues, we will address them as quickly as possible and provide replacements at no additional cost to you to focus on marketing your brand and expanding your market rather than worrying about the quality of your signs.

3. Quick Production and Delivery

By producing neon signs swiftly and efficiently, LITASIGN ensures the customer receives their neon signs as soon as possible and that they don’t sit out in the open for long periods. A typical production time is 5-7 days. International priority express delivery takes 4-6 days. Your order will be delivered in 11-13 days at the most.

4. Fast and Efficient Sales Representatives

For quotes, LITASIGN promises a one-hour turnaround time. We guarantee that the design/mock-up will be ready in two hours or less. As a result, we will be able to react to customer inquiries 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even on weekends and public holidays. Customer service is our priority, and we make every effort to respond quickly.

5. Strong, Tidy, and Compact Packaging

Machines build 10mm thick honeycomb board boxes that may be tailored to match any LED neon sign designed by our experts. You can count on your sign arriving in perfect condition because they are durable enough to safely.

6. Dropshipping Service Available

Dropshipping is a service provided by LITASIGN. A manual and your logo/brand label could be placed in the box to raise awareness of your company.

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