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Backlit channel letters from LITASIGN are high-quality materials illuminated internally with energy-efficient LEDs. This is advantageous since they are more durable, endure longer, are easier to fix, and are environmentally friendly. 

In addition, backlit channel letters provide high-impact advertising for your business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and are apparent. Making it more straightforward for potential customers to notice — especially at night — sending the message that you’re here to stay.

LITASIGN - Your Vision. Our Craftsmanship.

LITASIGN’s staff of highly qualified and licensed specialists can assist you in designing and manufacturing the ideal backlit channel letters for your business. Whether you order unique backlit channel letters or customized signs, we will ensure that your items meet your demands and exceed your expectations. When it comes to backlit channel letters, we provide the best value for money.

We will collaborate with you to design, manufacture, and install backlit channel letters that suit your requirements. We provide personalized signs and branding materials at reasonable pricing.


LITASIGN, Your Expert for Durable and Economic Backlit Channel Letters

LITASIGN specializes in professional signs and has 6 years of experience in the advertising industry. We are equipped with advanced production equipment and apply more reliable, efficient, and sustainable products and services to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. With our reasonable pricing structure and comprehensive configuration assistance system. Luxury hotels, international-class enterprises, and villas worldwide use our backlit channel letters.

LITASIGN offers great services from design planning to product delivery and delivers unique ideas for contemporary projects. We have over 120 staff who have been providing superior backlit channel letters to our customers worldwide for more than 8 years.

You dream it, we make it

The Fabrication Process of Backlit Channel Letter


Creating Design & Production File

Preparing the design before beginning production, the design with dimensions, processes, and specific requirements will be confirmed by the customer before production commences. Then, create a machine-identifiable file, divide the result, and send it to each department for production.


Laser Cutting & CNC Engraving

Cuts and engrave acrylic, stainless steel, and other materials. According to the production file.



Fold the side portion that has the slot, and then bend the side part that has the curvedness, as specified in the production file.



Welding the surfaces of the channel letters, precisely weld the side/return to the face.



The weld joint that connects the return and the face should be polished until it is completely smooth and there are no gaps.



Painting the channel letter thoroughly and evenly using the painting reference that the customer has confirmed.



Once the letters have been painted, they should be placed in the drying room so the paint can harden.


LED Module Assembly

Install the LED module by design, select the appropriate LEDs, and distribute them equitably; ensure that the wiring between letters is even brighter.

Light Up-Testing2

Light Up Testing

After wiring the letters, we test them for quality. Before leaving the factory, we stamp approval on every sign. The channel letters are ready to ship after passing quality control.


Overall Quality Checking

Craftsmanship, quantity, and quality are all controlled based on the stage of the process. Place the letters, including screws, transformers, and other details, on the 1:1 scale template for final inspection, and take photos for the archive.



LITASIGN packs well; it’s 3ply hardwood. Polystyrene doesn’t shift shipping; Bubble wrap prevents scratches. Delicate items may need extra layers. LITASIGN gives inner layers. Wrap fragile goods with paper or plastic. Safe and light Your item will be bar-coded and packed for safe transport.

Business Advantages of Using Backlit Channel Letter

Businesses nowadays are maximizing everything they can, from using technology to creating memorable but not over-the-top slogans and signs. But, of course, signage has always been essential to any business owner. First impressions are made based on what a business chooses to put on its sign. But let us ask this - have you all thought about the advantages of putting backlit channel letters as part of your signage?

Outstanding Visibility

Because of this, illuminated channel letter signs are so prevalent. However, backlit channel letter signs provide excellent visibility, whether illuminated or not, allowing everyone to locate your business regardless of whether it has been visited. LITASIGN can construct a backlit channel letter large enough for your prospective customers to see and read from a distance.


The energy efficiency of backlit channel letter signs is one of its most significant advantages. For example, suppose you opt for led backlit channel letters. Each character is illuminated with LEDs, ensuring that the sign is visible from a distance regardless of the time of day.


Backlit channel letters are ideally lightweight but durable. It looks to be highly resistant to the elements of nature, including heat, snow, rain, fire, ice, and severe winds. In addition, it is very inexpensive and requires little maintenance.

Easy Customizability

The manufacturing process for backlit channel letters is highly adaptable. So the signs business you select should be able to design virtually any size, shape, color, or style you desire. Most sign-making materials must be rust-resistant, collapsible, and amenable to customization based on the customer's specifications and budget.

Brand Recognition

The backlit channel letter to communicate the brand name and logo is quite effective. The typeface and logo combinations, which are viewed by thousands of passers-by every day, are customizable in various ways. Ultimately, the quality of your branding materials, such as your signs, website, and brochures, will increase brand recognition and credibility. While making you appear more professional and polished.

Eco- Friendly

Channel letters with backlighting are for you if you're attempting to go green or stick to eco-standards. The expense of maintaining one-time channel letter signs is minimal. These long-lasting signs may require occasional inspection for weathering, but they are ultimately built to last.

Attractive Backlit Channel Letters to Boost Your Business

Attractive backlit channel letters are the perfect way to reach out to the people who pass by your business every day. They help you deliver a professional image. Backlit channel letters stand out and draw attention. These types of signages also serve another purpose by enabling you to display various messages about your business, such as promoting new products or services, announcing promotions, hosting contests, and more.

Stainless Steel Backlit Channel Letters

This Stainless Steel Backlit Channel letter is made using high-quality stainless steel, making it durable and long-lasting. The channel letters are one of the most popular signs used to display corporate logos and advertising.

LED Acrylic Backlit Channel Letters

Get the right look for your display at night with LED Acrylic Backlit Channel Letters. These channel letters customize your business look, and they're made from solid acrylic that's impact-resistant and shatterproof. They're ideal for various indoor or outdoor applications, adding color and style to your space while also making it easy to read at night.

Brass Backlit Channel Letters

Brass backlit channel letters offer a traditional look and feel that is also functional, durable, and versatile. Because brass is a metal, your letters will not fade or flake like other materials. Brass has a soft luster that can catch the light beautifully or even be completed blackened to match specific interiors.

Colorful Backlit Channel Letters

Colored backlit channel letters are a great way to draw attention to your storefront and help customers find their way around. Add color to any business with these channel letters, which can be used in almost any setting and change color based on the type of light that illuminates them. In addition, these channel letters are weatherproof and easy to install in red, blue, or green.

Outdoor Backlit Channel Letters

Outdoor Backlit Channel Letters are perfect for any business or office. The backlight is energy efficient, making it a cost-effective means to light up your message. Outdoor Backlit Channel Letters is ideal for any business indoor or outdoor use, including Restaurants and Bars, Hotels, Gas Stations and Car Dealerships, Auto Dealerships, and more!

Metal Backlit Channel Letters

The Metal Backlit Channel Letters offer an eye-catching, sleek modern style with a slim and elegant profile. The backlit letters are powered by LEDs and come with an LED driver (included). It allows the letters to be incredibly energy-efficient yet still produce very bright light while saving you money.

Plastic Backlit Channel Letters

Our plastic backlit channel letters are an affordable alternative to traditional neon, making them perfect for lower-budget professional environments. These flexible, highly-customizable signs feature durable plastic letters with an LED backlight that can be changed by simply pushing a button. Our plastic backlit channel letters are the perfect solution for real estate agents, retail businesses, and more!

Aluminum Backlit Channel Letters

Aluminum Backlit Channel Letters are a durable and economical way to add curb appeal and personal identity to your business. Ideal for an outdoor application, awnings, signs, and displays. Lightweight, affordable, and easy to install, these backlit channel letters will create an eye-catching statement that you can't miss!

Indoor Backlit Channel Letters

Get your message across with indoor channel letter signs. These letters, which are self-illuminating, come in a variety of different styles and offer more visibility than traditional channel letter signs. They can be used for business storefronts, building names, universities and schools, parks, high school athletic fields, and more

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Tips for Choosing the Ultimate Backlit Channel Letter Signs for Your Business

When it comes to marketing a business, choosing the best signage options is one of the essential aspects. Backlit channel letter signs are one of the most versatile and versatile sign alternatives. This type of sign can be placed on the side of a building to draw attention and provide important information to passing motorists.

What you need to know about backlit channel letter signs and some advice to help you pick the right one for your business are laid out in this guide.

1. Check with your lease and the local zoning agency to ensure that you understand the local rules.

2. Invest in the most excellent backlit channel letters within your budget and anticipate the highest long-term return. Unlike print marketing and direct mail, signage must leave a lasting impression on your customers and business partners.

3. Do not take shortcuts. If you choose low-quality LEDs, your backlit channel letters will not be as brilliant, and if it is currently dark, their quality will only worsen over time. And inferior ornamental coverings are prone to crack and deteriorate, diminishing the visual appeal of your backlit channel letters.

4. Utilize a superior acrylic resin to obtain a colorfast finish. This assists in safeguarding the blue, red, yellow, green, purple, or orange finish of your backlit channel letters.

Details are key. It is less expensive to pay attention to variables that improve the quality of your backlit channel letters than to purchase a better one afterward. Consider the thickness of the surface acrylic and the return of the metal when comparing the pricing of different types of signs. Ensure you understand the power supply’s warranty and the typical lifespan of the LEDs you select.

LITASIGN is an experienced maker of backlit channel letters to create a memorable brand image and direct clients clearly inside and outside of your business. Discuss your signage requirements with a professional today.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Backlit Channel Letters


Channel letter signs also called “backlit channel letters,” are a flexible form of advertising used in locations where conventional signs are not permitted. Airports and major thoroughfares are two examples where fixed signs are not allowed. They can, however, also be used to draw customers to your establishment while they are on the move.

Here, we’ll give you some frequently asked questions and responses about channel letter lighting. You will gain knowledge of how channel letter lighting functions and what goes into selecting, installing, and maintaining the lighting on your building from this.

Table of Contents

1. What is Backlit Channel Letter?

Backlit channel letters are among the most famous sign types. They’re created from a series of metal channels, which are then filled in with acrylic or plastic material. The backlit channels are designed to be lit with an LED or neon fixture, which illuminates them from behind.

The resulting word or message is obvious, even in direct sunlight and long distances. Backlit channel letters are often used for advertising businesses, restaurants, and other commercial ventures.

2. How Do Backlit Channel Letters Work?

Backlit channel letters use an external power source to light up the lettering. The lights are typically arranged in a grid pattern behind the panels that form the letters. They usually run on AC or DC, depending on their required power. 

3. How Long Does the Backlit Channel Letter Last?

The lifespan of a backlit channel letter depends on many factors. Including how frequently it’s used and what environment it’s in. but most warranties cover them for at least five years after the installation date (though some offer coverage for up to 10 years).

4. How Much Does the Backlit Channel Letter Cost?

Prices vary depending on the size, material, style, and quantity of letters required. The average price per letter is between $50 and $150. However, some companies charge more than others, so ensure you get several quotes before making your decision!

5. Why Should I Choose Backlit Channel Letters?

Backlit channel letters are ideal for businesses with minimal building space, such as restaurants and retail stores. This signage allows you to maximize your real estate while still attracting customers.

6. How Long Does it Takes to Install Backlit Channel Letters?

The installation process takes around one day and involves drilling holes into brick or concrete walls where each letter will be installed. Then fasten them into place with screws or bolts before connecting them with wiring or piping so that electricity can flow through each letter and light up when turned on by flipping a switch inside an electrical box.

7. How Long Does it Take for the Backlit Channel Letters to Arrive?

We usually make our signs within 7-10 business days after we receive your order and payment.

8. What are the Benefits of Using Backlit Channel Letters?

Distinctive – Backlit channel letters are not your standard type letters. They are also known as reverse-lit, and the faces of the letters are not lit up at night. Instead, the lighting is directed behind the letters and is reflected. This creates a striking visual effect that separates you from many other businesses using standard signs.

3D Effects – 3D signs are often the most effective way of attracting attention. The halo effect created by backlit channel letters is an ideal way of creating a three-dimensional appearance, making the letters stand out from the background. These signs are available in various styles and can be designed to complement your business and its image.

Long Distance Viewing – At night, a business must be visible and identifiable from a distance. Backlit channel letters are evident against the nighttime skyline, ensuring that your storefront will not be overlooked.

Versatility – You have many options to consider when choosing backlit channel letters for sign illumination. For instance, you could select neon or LED lighting. Or you could combine more than one effect for your sign to create a unique and attractive appearance.

9. What is the Difference Between LED and Neon Lighting for Backlit Channel Letters?

Neon lights are traditionally used in channel letters but have a few drawbacks. First, they use a high-voltage transformer and require an electrician to install it. Another disadvantage is that they’re not very bright, so you’ll need to change them more often than LED lights. Finally, neon lights are fragile and can break easily if you don’t handle them carefully.

LEDs are more durable than neon lights and can be installed by the average homeowner. You can also install them yourself without any particular skills or experience required. They last longer than neon lights, too!

10. Do I Need to Worry About Electricity Consumption When Installing Backlit Channel Letters?

No. Backlit channel letters are designed to use less power than standard LED lights, meaning that they won’t drain your bank account as fast as other types of lighting. This means that you don’t have to worry about how many hours of use they’ll get every day or week—just install them in your store and let them work their magic!

11. What is the Difference Between Front-lit and Back-lit Channel Letters?

Front-lit channel letters have their own illumination source, while back-lit channel letters are only visible when they reflect light from an internal or external source.

Figure 1 - Difference Between Backlit and Front Lit Channel Letters

12. Can I Install the Backlit Channel Letters on My Own?

While it may be possible to install your backlit channel letters if you have some experience with construction projects. It’s typically easier (and safer) to hire a professional installer with experience installing these signs.

13. Are Backlit Channel Letters Always Lit?

No, not all backlit channel letters are on at all times. You will need to decide if you want them to be permanently lit or if they should only light up when needed. Many businesses choose to have their signage turned on at night so customers can also see it during the day.

14. What Materials are Used in the Construction of Backlit Channel Letters?

Backlit channel letters can be made from metal, plastic, or other materials, depending on your needs and preferences. The most common materials used to make backlit channel letters include aluminum and acrylic.

15. Are Backlit Channel Letters Customizable?

Yes! Backlit channel letters come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, so you can choose one that matches your brand identity and perfectly fits your space. They can also be customized with logos and other graphics if desired.

Figure 2 - Custom Backlit Channel Letters

16. Can I Use Backlit Channel Letters Outdoors?

Yes! In fact, many people place them inside their storefront windows so they can be seen at night by passing cars or pedestrians.

Figure 3 - Outdoor Backlit Channel Letters

17. What Colors Are Offered for Backlit Channel Letters?

Figure 4 - Backlit Channel Letters Color Choices

18. What Are the Various Backlit Channel Letter Mounting Options?

Raceway Mount is the most common and affordable way to mount channel letters. This mounting option uses a raceway system, a metal box that attaches to the channel letter with screws and then runs along a channel in the wall or ceiling. The raceway mount uses the raceway to safely hold all the parts of the channel letter while allowing it to be easily installed and removed.

Figure 5 - Backlit Channel Letters - Raceway Mount

Direct Mount – is a mounting that involves hanging a backlit channel letter on the front of the building. The letters must be made out of a material that can support the weight and must be secured to the wall with strong adhesive. Direct mounting is best for businesses that want their sign to appear as if it were part of their building or for businesses that want their sign to blend in with their surroundings.

Figure 6 - Backlit Channel Letters - Direct Mount

A backer mount is a type of channel letter mounting that uses a backer board to secure the sign to the wall. This type of sign is typically used for more significant signs that cannot be anchored to the wall with other mounting methods. It is also used for signs subjected to water or moisture, such as outdoor signs.

Figure 7 - Backlit Channel Letters - Backer Mount

19. What Components Make Up a Backlit Channel Letter?

Figure 8 - Backlit Channel Letters - Components

20. What Materials Are Available for Backlit Channel Letters?

The type of material you choose for your backlit channel letters will be a significant factor in determining the overall appearance of your sign. The materials available for backlit channel letters include:

  • Aluminum – This relatively affordable material provides a sturdy platform for most signs. However, it doesn’t offer much in terms of flexibility or style.
  • Acrylic – Acrylic is an excellent choice if you’re looking to create a more colorful or translucent sign. It’s also fairly durable but does tend to scratch easily when bumped.
  • Polycarbonate – Polycarbonate is another good option if you want something that won’t scratch easily. However, it does tend to yellow over time.
  • Polyethylene – This very flexible material can be molded into any shape desired by the installer. However, it’s not as durable as other options and tends to warp after installation in some climates.

21. Do You Manufacture the Backlit Channel Letters In House?

Yes, we do. We have a full manufacturing facility on site. We can make your backlit channel letters in any size and color.

22. What are the Payment Terms for the Backlit Channel Letter Order?

T/T or Credit Card or PayPal or Western Union.

50% deposit before production, balance before shipment.

23. Where are Backlit Channel Letters Commonly Used?

Backlit channel letters are commonly used in many different places, including



Bars and Pubs


Retail Stores


24. How Long is the Backlit Channel Letters' Warranty Period?

The 12-month warranty covers any defects in the materials and workmanship from the date of purchase.

25. Is it Possible for Two Sets of Backlit Channel Letters to Exist in the Same Building?

Yes, but you should use caution when choosing the lighting system for your business. The first point to consider is how much space you have for signage, and the second is what kind of message you want your sign to convey. If you have multiple signs installed, it’s best to choose one type of lighting and stick with it throughout all your signs. Otherwise, they may look disorganized and confusing instead of eye-catching and professional-looking.

26. Can I Use Backlit Channel Letters Indoors?

You can use backlit channel letters indoors if they are correctly installed and maintained. However, there may be limitations on how many letters can be displayed indoors. This depends on the overall size of the lettering system used and its location within the building/business (i.e., if it’s near windows or doors). You should ask your local electrician about these limitations before installing any lighting setup for indoor use.

Figure 9 - Backlit Channel Letters - Indoor

27. What is the Best Way to Clean the Backlit Channel Letters?

Use a soft cloth with warm water and mild dish soap to clean your backlit channel letters. Never use abrasives or harsh chemicals on the sign.

28. Are Backlit Channel Letters a Good Fit for A Business?

A company’s name, logo, or message will be more visible if you use backlit channel letters. They’re an excellent method to make your storefront stand out from the competition and attract customers.

29. How Do I Choose the Backlit Channel Letter's Height?

Please refer to the chart below:

Letter Height 

Distance For Best Impact 

Max Readable Distance

















































30. What Should I Look For When Buying Backlit Channel Letters?

There are a few things to consider if you’re looking for backlit channel letters.

  • First, you want to ensure that your lettering has a high-quality light source. The more lumens per square foot, the better—you want as much light as possible with little energy consumption.
  • You also want to look at how much light the letter blocks. This will help keep your sign visible even when it’s dark outside and also help save on energy costs.
  • Another critical factor is how easy it is to install and maintain these letters. If they require much maintenance, they may not be worthwhile in the long run.

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