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LITASIGN- Your Best Bedroom LED Signs Manufacturer

Established in 2015, LITASIGN is a leading manufacturer of all types of custom LED signs. With much-qualified staff and advanced technology and equipment, we are committed to all efforts to research, design, manufacture, and control all types of LED signs. We have particular expertise in manufacturing and supplying custom LED signs for hotel chains, resort hotels, bars, clubs, sports bars, and other commercial places.

LITASIGN is dedicated to commercial LED signs, creative and innovative dynamic LED signs, and classic and practical LED signs. 

Reliable Technology Custom LED Signs for Bedroom

In manufacturing and delivering a wide range of LED signs, LITASIGN concentrates on modern technology and high quality. Through years of research, we’ve built a team of experts in the fields of software, technology, and design. LITASIGN uses appropriate materials and the most up-to-date manufacturing techniques to assure product quality, efficiency, and longevity, such as SMT gluing.

LITASIGN has various design options for custom LED signs for bedrooms to meet your different needs. You can choose one that suits you perfectly. And it is made of durable material which is easy to install and has a long life span.


Custom LED Signs for Bedrooms in a Wide Range Of Designs

LITASIGN has an extensive range of custom LED signs for bedrooms that add to the aesthetic quality of your bedrooms and serve as night lights. These custom LED signs for bedrooms can also be placed outside or inside the house or office. A wide range of LED signs is available at LITASIGN in various sizes, designs, fonts, and colors.

LITASIGN can customize the LED signs based on your needs using words, quotes, letters, or numbers. The custom LED signs are easy to install, use, and handle. The LED sign fashion is fashionable and environmentally friendly with lively characters and will attract an eye-catching and impressive.

You dream it, we make it

High Standard Manufacturing Process of Bedroom LED Signs

pcb design

PCB Design

Expert engineers build LED neon flex circuit diagrams using advanced computer technology. They worked out the best PCB size for a particular type of neon sign. The designers take your project from concept to finished product with the highest quality standards. The services of custom PCB design will ensure that you receive a high-quality product as soon as feasible.

pcb testing

PCB Testing

Because LED neon light PCB boards are so crucial for neon signs, the QC department double-checks the quality before moving on to the next stage. LITA offers some testing services to ensure that your LED bedroom neon signs are built of high-quality materials. for your devices, including everything from basic safety checks to quality checks.

smt processing

SMT Processing

Lita Sign makes use of the most up-to-date and accurate SMT equipment available. To ensure that the quality of the LED chips patch is maintained. LITA has two SMT machines that can produce a daily output of 2000 meters. Because of this, the problem of the intermittent power supply may be efficiently addressed, as well as the risk of virtual soldering and off-soldering.

Silicone Extrusion Process

LED Flex Extrusion

The important extrusion technique necessitates skilled workers and a high-quality silicone extruder. Using silicone extruders, Litasign ensures the highest quality neon signs. You may move your company into the future with LITA’s high-quality products created with eco-friendly machines and stunning designs that will help your company develop for many years to come with LITA’s high-quality products made with eco-friendly equipment.

Design and Confirmation

Design and Confirmation

Before fitting on the backboard, our design team uses advanced 3D design tools to envision. As a result, they can accurately match their customers’ patterns, styles, and colors, as well as avoid any omissions. LITA’s primary goal is to provide high-quality products. Thus we give greater attention to the design of each one.

Backplate Engraving

To install the neon flex strips on the backboard, technicians utilize an engraving machine to groove the acrylic backplate. The amount of neon flex strip waste is reduced by grooving the backboard, and reduced waste results in decreased expenses. Only the proper quantity of neon flex strip overlaps on the grided backboard, resulting in clean and uniform lettering with no waste.

Neon sign making

LED Sign Making

All neon signs are created by skilled artisans with roughly 5 years of experience and are made to the relevant export requirements. How well they integrate into the original design and how attractively they are built is directly related to how skillfully they are made. This is especially true for your customers, who are more concerned with the quality of the signage they purchase.

Finished Sign Aging

Finished Sign Aging

For 24 hours, LITA bedroom led signs are put through an aging test. Furthermore, after passing the hand-written test. This time, the sign will be one hour older. This way, problems with LED chips and PCBs’ virtual and off-soldering may be identified far ahead of time, ensuring that all bedroom neon signs are in good working order before being shipped to you.

Neon Sign Packaging

LED Sign Packaging

You’ll never have to worry about shipping prices again because LITA offers the cheapest international delivery among our competitors! The packing is tiny, neat, and long-lasting, guaranteeing that your order arrives safely at your door. LITASIGN may change your logo and label on the box if you need drop-shipping services and increase the effectiveness of your branding.

When It Comes to Bedroom LED Signs, LITASIGN Custom LED Signs Your Best Choice

LITASIGN offers powerful and outstanding custom LED signage for Bedroom with a successful 6 years of experience. To maintain a solid position in the LED manufacturing business, their highly qualified R&D staff works hard on a regular basis.

Best Quality Material

To provide you with top-notch items, we use only the highest-quality, long-lasting, and robust materials. White acrylic, acrylic opal, and aluminum frames are some of the building components we use.


The bedroom bespoke LED signage from LITASIGN are really effective. All of the products have been meticulously constructed to ensure that they are more durable and long-lasting.

Easy to Handle

The design of the bespoke LED signage for bedrooms is relatively light. As a result, you will handle and transport them from one corner to the other.

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is critical in terms of lowering energy costs. LITASIGN offers energy-efficient custom LED signs for the bedroom that are energy-efficient and brighter than typical LED signs.

Risk-free to Use

Overheating is avoided since LITASING custom LED signage are energy-efficient. As a result, they can be used anywhere in the room without fear of injury.

Easy to Install

We provide concise instructions and video tutorials to make the installation procedure more accessible. In any case, all of the bespoke LED signs are relatively simple to set up. As a result, you will never have any problems.

LITASIGN Offers a Bedroom LED Signs from a Factory with High-Technology

To assure the most excellent possible quality, LITASIGN is the first manufacturer of handcrafted bedroom LED signs and the first to use high-grade materials and precision machinery. LITASIGN provides you with high-quality bedroom LED signs with beautiful designs that are easy to use and accurate. LED indications for bedrooms come in a range of colors and fonts, and they can make your room stand out.

Sexy Lady Back LED Sign

The Sexy Lady Back LED Sign illuminates and turns on at a touch. This sign is the most effective attention getter to get people's attention when they are quickly entering and exiting your bedroom.

bedroom-led-sign decor
Bedroom Led Decor

Bedroom Led Decor-this is the perfect product for your bedroom, which combined with fashion design and artificial intelligence, could realize a soft lighting effect in your room and let you change any color you like; the whole room will be filled with warm white light

Name LED Sign

This bedroom sign is in the shape of letters, and it can be plugged into the wall directly. You can change this sign with your name or change it to whatever you want and customize it.

Dont Worry Be Happy LED Sign

This a great bedroom decorating concept. It definitely fills the whole room with the music lyrics which you can choose. With this LED sign, You Can be very happy in your bedroom.

It Was All A Dream LED Sign

This "It Was All A Dream" LED sign is an ideal gift for friends and family ready to take flight. The sign's message, in an eye-catching vintage style, reminds everyone that you're an impossibly cool person who made all of your dreams come true!

Good Vibes Only LED Sign

Ideal for lighting the way to your bedroom or adding interest to a feature wall, this gentle neon light spells out "Good Vibes Only", providing a soft glow to a dark room. It's just one of our many vintage-inspired wall lights that add colour and character to any interior space.

Animal LED Sign

Animal LED signs for bedrooms provide designs of different kinds of animals, and it can be an excellent gift for kids when they are asleep. And it also can be put in the shop, bar, coffee shop or anywhere you want to use it as a decoration.

Pink LED Signs

Pink LED signs for bedroom to notify your husband, girlfriend, kids, family members, etc. Things to be done within the day. Ideas for relationship and romance, thank you, goodnight messages and more.

Like LED Sign

Like LED Sign for bedroom is a portable night light with the look of a vintage neon sign for nice bedroom decoration and a safety companion for children. The size of Like LED is pretty easy to be left on the book shelf in a living room or bedside table.

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Why Should You Choose LITASIGN as a Manufacturer & Supplier of Your Custom LED Signs for Bedrooms?

It’s not simple to find a reputable bespoke LED sign manufacturer, but LITASIGN has been doing this for more than six years and has gained a lot of acclaim throughout China. Not only has LITASIGN gained international acclaim, but it has also gained acclaim in China.


Almost all of our customers have well received our high-end products and helpful technical support. Because we always have the raw ingredients on hand, we can always deliver things on time.

LITASIGN has a staff of highly skilled engineers, proactive workers, quality control systems, sales representatives, and a customer service department that is always on the go. To provide you with the highest level of service, we work hard.

Super-friendly Technical Team

Documentation and instructional videos are available. Our skilled technical team is always available to assist you if you have any troubles.

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