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The Best Black Marquee Letters at the Best Price

LITASIGN is a leading supplier of black marquee letters. We make gorgeous black marquee letters to order for any occasion. Our clientele range from businesses to people searching for a creative, professional, cost-effective approach to market their company or show off something special. We can construct a personalized sign out of wood letters, acrylic letters, metal letters, or plastic letters.

LITASIGN’s staff has over 8 years of experience in the sign and graphic sector; We may build any sign or message you require starting with the design process. We can provide almost any signage, including boxes, magnetic, walls, and more.

Quality, Reliability and Value

LITASIGN’s black marquee letters are custom-made to your specifications. We have over 8 years of expertise designing lettering, graphics, and signage. Because we consistently prioritize our clients’ delight, the complexity level of our designs is always high.

Our black marquee letters come in a variety of sizes, from small to large. We are enthusiastic about every job we take on. Each marquee letter and graphic sign, from simple to sophisticated, is tailored to the client’s exact needs. So, whether it’s for a corporate building or a restaurant, a school or an office building, a party or an event, we have a solution.


Professional Black Marquee Letters for Your Business

Black marquee letters provide many design alternatives for increasing brand identification and exposure. Black marquee letters, whether employed as functional lettering or standalone announcements, create a sturdy backdrop for any event or gathering.

Our production staff can also supply these custom letters in any color imaginable. Black marquee letters give a coherent design for an event that meets your expectations.

Black marquee letters are constructed of long-lasting materials. These letters will not be damaged even in severe weather conditions like rain or snow.

You dream it, we make it

Designing & Manufacturing of Black Marquee Letters


Plate Punching

The size of the illuminated area is determined by the number of LEDs installed; plates are punched using industrial equipment to create holes that measure several inches in diameter.


Soldering the Solid Edge

Soldering is a process that binds and strengthens the solid edge of letters. It is done by melting solder onto the EDGE of a letter, allowing it to solidify.

polishing process

Polishing Edges and Corners

 Polishing the edges and corners of marquee letters is an effective way to remove scratches, burrs, stains, or rust.


Painting the Surface of the Plate

Our painters have years of experience in blending colors on each plate to create a smooth, unified look.


Installation of LED Bulbs

LED bulbs emit a brighter, whiter light than traditional bulbs. They are available in warm white tones and have been designed to enhance the look of marquee letters while reducing energy consumption by as much as 80%.


Marquee Sign Packaging

Our packaging for signs, letters, and other large objects protects them from damage during shipment. We use sturdy double-wall corrugated cardboard and wrap each letter individually to ensure safe delivery.

LITASIGN's Black Marquee Letters Provide Extraordinary Advantages for Your Company and Event

LITASIGN’s Black Marquee Letters are a series of letters with a unique style. They are flexible, and they can be used in different applications. Our marquee letters are made of premium material. It means that the letters provide:

Increased Exposure

The black marquee letters are visible from a distance. Consequently, they will be visible to everyone who reads your message.


LITASIGN's black marquee letters can draw the attention of passersby and vehicles due to their eye-catching appeal.


You can use LITASIGN's black marquee letters whenever you want, whether for a single sign or multiple signs. Further, LITASIGN's black marquee letters can be adjusted to fit your needs.


LITASIGN creates black marquee letters using raw materials and manufacturing techniques that ensure longevity and lightness. As a result, these letters are weatherproof and may be used both inside and outside.


You don't need to replace the marquee letters on your display signs every time you use them. They're also easy to replace, and they will cost you nothing more than the price of replacing a sign.


Black marquee letters are a piece of art. As a result, we will never sacrifice quality for quantity. Black marquee letters by LITASIGN last for years. They are made from high-quality material, durable, waterproof, and easy to clean.

Eye-Catching and Elegant Black Marquee Letters

Marquee letters are a stylish way to catch someone’s eye. They work well in denser spaces, like a nightclub or restaurants, where it’s essential that you have plenty of light reflecting off your signs. Marquee letters can also be used in outdoor settings, such as at an outdoor concert or race event. When choosing black marquee letters for these applications, it’s vital that your lettering stands out against the background and offers maximum contrast.

Black Marquee Letter A
Black Marquee Letter B
Black Marquee Letter C
Black Marquee Letter D
Black Marquee Letter E
Black Marquee Letter F
Black Marquee Letter G
Black Marquee Letter H
Black Marquee Letter I
Black Marquee Letter J
Black Marquee Letter K
Black Marquee Letter L
Black Marquee Letter M
Black Marquee Letter N
Black Marquee Letter O
Black Marquee Letter P
Black Marquee Letter Q
Black Marquee Letter R
Black Marquee Letter S
Black Marquee Letter T
Black Marquee Letter U
Black Marquee Letter V
Black Marquee Letter W
Black Marquee Letter X
Black Marquee Letter Y
Black-Marquee-Letters Z
Black Marquee Letter Z

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These red metal letter signs are great for weddings, parties, and other outdoor events. Each letter sign is customizable with your names and messages. They have included lights that shine down on the lettering when complete.


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Orange Marquee Letters

Orange Marquee letters are popular for decorating tents, stage sets, and event areas. Lightweight and durable, these letters will last hundreds of uses.


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Large White Marquee Letters

Large White Marquee Letters are a striking way to announce a new business, product, or service. Our large format lettering is perfect for an outdoor signage project. It can also be used indoors in any event setting. All letters come with a free ground stake to help you fasten your lettering to the ground.


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Glitter Marquee Letters

Our Glitter Marquee letters are a colorful and fun way to advertise. Whether you’re looking for the perfect sign for a backyard party or want to create epic signage for your business, this dazzling addition will enhance any display.


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Decorative LED Marquee Lights

These decorative lighting options are perfect for many different applications. Decorative LED Marquee Lights offer a high energy-efficient alternative to the traditional incandescent or halogen light source.


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Marquee Letter Ornaments

You can't go wrong with our Marquee Letter Ornaments for a fun, festive look. The wireframe of these ornaments features an attractive gold design that gives your holiday decor a chic twist. Whether in bold neon colors or a simple letter font, these decorations add interest to any mantelpiece.


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Small Marquee Letters

To make a grand entry to your venue or party, use the Small Marquee Letters. These letters, which come in various colors and sizes, are sure to catch people's attention and provide your visitors with a unique experience.


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LITASIGN - China's Finest Customized Black Marquee Letters Manufacturer

LITASIGN is one of the best of China’s custom-made black marquee letters manufacturers and suppliers. With 8 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting custom marquee letters, we have gained a good reputation among our customers. We can provide you with customized solutions according to your requirements!

1. Capabilities

LITASIGN has 8 years of experience producing black marquee letters in various sizes and forms. Our cutting-edge facility, cutting-edge equipment, and expert staff motivate us to work harder than our competitors. Our customers are overwhelmingly satisfied with our products’ quality and helpful technical support. Furthermore, we can meet delivery deadlines because we always have the necessary raw materials in hand.

2. Outstanding Technical Support

LITASIGN provides extensive documentation and training videos for your convenience. It allows for easy installation of our marquee wall lettering. If you have any problems, our courteous technical support staff is always ready to assist you.

3. Achievements

LITASIGN has completed approximately 1,500 projects per year. It is certified by numerous organizations, including CE/EMC, CE/LVD, ROHS, ETL, and FCC/CB.

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