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LITASIGN is a Full-Service Manufacturer of Bud Light Neon Signs

LITASIGN’s dedication to creating strong, effective signage has led to the development of a diverse and expansive portfolio of solutions. Whether your project calls for an indoor directory, exterior monument sign, or something more creative, LITASIGN’s team of sign designers is ready to create a solution with you that promotes your brand and caters to varied business objectives.

LITASIGN offers quality neon signs for business and home use that are functional and affordable. We provide unique designs to help you promote your business and create custom neon signs to set you apart from the competition.

LITASIGN - High-Quality, Low-Cost Bud Light Neon Signs

LITASIGN is committed to providing our customers with quality and low-cost neon signs. We carry out continual technical training for our engineers and employees to maintain their competitiveness and update them with the latest technology. We have a well-designed production process based on an integrated management system that helps us make the quality of the neon sign better.

LITASIGN’s goal is to help you find the right sign for your business. We focus on providing you with excellent customer service and neon signs that are reasonably priced. We are dedicated to building each neon sign to your exact specifications.


LITASIGN the Ultimate Source for Bud Light Neon Signs

LITASIGN offers the most variety of one-of-a-kind neon signs in sizes, angles, and colors to fit any application. With our latest equipment and experience in the industry, we guarantee a one-of-a-kind design at an affordable price.

As a globally recognized and leading supplier of decorative neon signs and services, LITASIGN continues to outshine its competitors with its premier products, services, and experience.

You dream it, we make it

One-stop Production Process from Designing to Shipping

pcb design

PCB Design

Designing a PCB will consider the silicone jacket design—virtual and off-board soldering difficulties decrease with professional PCB design software. After bending the LED portion of the sign, it will be sufficiently sturdy.

pcb testing

PCB Testing

When PCB testing is complete, we will test 100% of the LEDs and make a single sample with LED chips for further testing. Once testing is comprehensive, we will move on to the next production phase. Quality testing of raw materials is essential for efficient LED neon sign production. It also guarantees the expected quality of the final product.

smt processing

SMT Processing

LITASIGN owns two Surface-Mount Technology machines to manufacture the light source for LED strip light, LED neon flex, and LED neon signs. Using SMT processing eliminates a problem with soldering or off-soldering LED chips, possibly spawning from LED neon signs.

Silicone Extrusion Process

LED Neon Flex Extrusion

New technology in the latest manufacturing process of LED lighting enables the creation of a durable, waterproof, ultra-long LED Neon flex. The extrusion method is cost-effective, time-saving, and reduces human error.

Design and Confirmation

Design and Confirmation

LITASIGN pays particular attention to the design of the LED sign. Our standard sample design will be identical to the final, original product; during production, every detail will be carefully inspected, including the light color, jacket color, and design, as well as the type of LED adaptor and plug, and dimmer.

Backplate Engraving

With an average of 200 to 300 separate laser-engraved neon signs made per day, LITASIGN keeps its engraving machines in high gear by cutting on different backing materials without mixing. It preserves the engraver’s efficiency and accuracy.

Neon sign making

Neon Sign Making

According to relevant export regulations, all neon signs are made by highly qualified experts with five years of experience. Each neon sign is custom-designed by a skilled designer to complement existing decor and attract new business.

Finished Sign Aging

Finished Sign Aging

All LITASIGN signs are subjected to 24 hours of aging testing. After passing inspection by hand, the signs are aged by an additional hour, allowing for identifying soldering and off-soldering defects. Thus, you can be confident that you’re receiving quality products when choosing LITASIGN.

Neon Sign Packaging

Neon Sign Packaging

All packaging is customized according to your neon sign size. The packaging is compact enough and tidy. All boxes are made of a 10mm honeycomb board to ensure safe shipment for more strength. Corner protectors are also used on the box corners for extra safety.

LITASIGN’s Bud Light Neon Sign Benefits

LITASIGN's Neon Sign has design capabilities as well as state-of-the-art assembly equipment. Over the last 6 years, we've been making neon signs, and our team is always up to date on the latest technologies. This same technology allows us to offer fast turnarounds, reasonable costs, and exceptional quality.

High Visibility

LED neon signs emit bright light and a distinctive design. The brightness and colour can help increase an establishment's visibility, while the message sent can influence potential customers.

Design Freedom

LITASIGN is a manufacturer specializing in the manufacture of custom neon signs. You can choose from a range of products or create a design and message with our design maker service, which offers hundreds of different colours and designs available for your choosing.

Nighttime Functionality

Neon signs are an effective way for businesses to advertise in the dark. Given that the human eye is drawn to luminous objects at night, your business will stand out from the crowd, and people are more likely to remember where it is located.

Wide Operating Range

Neon signs are suitable for indoor and outdoor advertising because they have a high tolerance for power surges and burnouts, allowing them to work with various voltage sources and power.

Long Lifespan

The electrodes that light LITASIGN’s neon signs last for about 10 to 12 years and require little maintenance, making these signs more economical in terms of maintenance expenses.

Attract More Customers

LITASIGN's custom neon signs are practical and classy ways of drawing the public's attention and potential clients. These signs are ideal for building branding and attracting consumers. This particular sign is expected to last longer than other neon signs, made with high-quality materials.

Energy Efficient

The LITASIGN neon signs provide versatile design possibilities and are an economic investment considering electricity consumption. They use 50% less electricity than most modern signs do.

Consumer Conditioning

Neon signs have been used since the early twentieth century as a form of advertising, and their unique characteristics continue to attract attention. Neon signs are instrumental in the retail industry, where they announce store hours, promote sales, and catch the eye of passersby.

Easy Set-Up

LITASIGN's neon signs are easy to set up, require no maintenance—and automatically draw potential customers into your business.

Large Selection of Unique and Decorative Bud Light Neon Signs

LITASIGN carries a large selection of unique, decorative neon signs. Here you can find the Bud Light neon sign with various sizes and options for any budget or application. Whether you need an indoor or outdoor neon sign or need a few signs to help advertise your business.

Bud Light Chiefs Super Bowl Neon Sign

The Bud Light Chiefs Super Bowl Neon Sign is a must-have for any fan. The Bud Light neon sign is perfect for the game room, bar, garage, or man cave. The neon sign will illuminate your space with more than just its colorful Kansas City Chiefs logo; it will also display true team spirit.

Bud Light NFL Neon Sign

Let everyone know whom your team is rooting for with this Bud Light NFL sign. This Bud Light neon sign is a fun way to add some extra football decoration to your bar, game room, garage, or any other area in your home.

Bud Light Raiders Neon Sign

This Bud Light neon sign features the Raiders helmet with a full-color Bud Light logo and is an excellent collectible for any fan. Perfect to accent your game room, garage, or bar.

Bud Light Super Bowl 50 Neon Sign

This Bud Light Super Bowl 50 Neon Sign is a great way to add some light to your game room, garage, or anywhere else you want to show some team spirit. This sign comes ready to plug in and makes an excellent gift for a die-hard sports fan.

Bud Light Open Neon Sign

The Bud Light Neon Signs, an excellent decor for your bar and or man cave. Whether at home or at a bar, this sign will fit nicely. The Bud Light Open Neon Sign would make a great birthday, anniversary, wedding, waitress/waiter gift, retirement gift, or just about any special occasion.

Bud Light Alligator Neon Sign

Turn any space into an entertainment destination with an officially licensed Bud Light Alligator Neon Sign. Show your love for American-made beer with this fantastic wall art. Grab one for yourself and the biggest Bud Light fan, you know!

George Strait Bud Light Sign

George Strait Bud Light Sign! Made from durable materials, this George Strait Bud Light Sign is lighted to add a pop of country music style to your home or office.

Bud Light Shamrock Neon Sign

Bring the neon glow of St. Paddy's Day wherever you go with this classic Bud Light Shamrock Neon Sign! Whether you're celebrating or relaxing, this neon sign is sure to light up your life just as it lights up your favorite den.

Bud Light Bottle Neon Sign

Hang this Bud Light Bottle neon sign in your man cave, sports bar, or wherever you like to get together with your friends and catch the game. It provides a colorful way to display your favorite brand, making a great gift for beer lovers.

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Red and Blue Neon Lights for Hallways

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White Heart Neon Sign

Enjoy a warm glow when you add the White Heart Neon Sign to your decor. This wall sign is crafted from metal for long-lasting durability, making it an excellent addition to any space. For a fun way to create your ambiance, this neon sign features classic black lettering on a white background.


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Customize Option for LITASIGN's Bud Light Neon Sign

LITASIGN is a well-known supplier of Neon Sign. We offer both indoor and outdoor lighting solutions. All of our neon come with options for customization, allowing you total control over the look of your neon sign. They are made from prime materials that are durable and sturdy. They also feature customizable signage, which allows you to market your brand and product in unique ways.

1. Size

There are three sizes of neon flex: 816mm, 512mm, and 1219mm. The letters’ size is precisely proportional to the design’s height. You can pick the typeface and lines you want for your neon sign, and we’ll make it just as you want it.

2. Text and Font

A single line of text or a logo image can be typed into an online neon sign maker provided by LITASIGN. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote if you need more text lines or want to modify your sign.

3. Color

White, warm white, lemon yellow, golden yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, icy blue, green, and deep green are among the 11 colors of neon lights available. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on the RGB neon lights we can provide.

4. Dimmer and Controller

There are three types of remote control fading systems: high-power, low-power, and colorful controllers. Infrared remotes (control distance up to 6 meters) and radio-frequency wireless remotes are the two most prevalent forms of remote control controllers. When setting up a remote control fading system, the most popular options are Frontier Phase-Cut (FPC) dimming mode, thyristor dimming, or FPC dimming.

5. Backboard Option

An acrylic material that may be utilized to construct a range of signs and fittings is sturdy and long-lasting. It comes in three shapes: square, rectangular, and round. Acrylic items are not only functional, but they may also be visually appealing.

6. Power Adapter

A 3.5-meter transparent cord connects the neon sign to a certified adaptor with EU, UK, AU, and US plug options. Please specify when placing your purchase if you require an adapter for a different country.

7. Indoor and Outdoor Usage

LITASIGN’s neon sign may be utilized indoors and outdoors, indoors being its optimal habitat. With an IP65 waterproof rating, it is waterproof enough to be exposed to the weather.

8. Easy Installation

Screw kits, pre-drilled holes, and the ability to be fastened or hung are all included with LITASIGN neon signs. Hanging wires are perfect for shopfronts and ceiling-mounted installations, as well as other types of installations. Please let us know if you need any hanging cables for installation.

9. UV Printing

The UV printing process can increase the realism of a sign by displaying high-definition color and texture on smooth, high-quality materials. This technique will create a more dynamic look for your custom neon sign.

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