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LITASIGN is a professional manufacturer of business marquee signs, advertising panels, and other related products in China. Our 6000 sqm facilities and modern professional production equipment allow us to provide more reliable, efficient, and sustainable business marquee signs and services.

In addition to business marquee signs, LITASIGN also designs and manufactures signage for civic projects and chain retailers. We will work together to build a fantastic future based on honesty and sincerity.

LITASIGN - Specialists in Creating Business Marquee Signs

LITASIGN can help you find a suitable marquee sign to fit into a business. Our experienced team will help design and manufacture your custom business marquee sign, delivering a quality product while meeting your time constraints. In addition, you can rely on our in-house team of engineers, who specialize in creating custom business marquee signs in bringing your ideas to life.

We specialize in making business marquee signs with more than 6 years of experience. So you can rely on us to bring your idea and deliver your message through our business marquee sign.


Increase Your Business Signage Visibility with LED Business Marquee Signs

Business marquee signs are commonly used in movie theaters, fast food restaurants, and other commercial uses. These business signs are easily recognized based on their interchangeable letters that can be manually adjusted. Today, one of the most common types of business marquee signs is LED business marquee signs.

These business marquee signs are durable, provide high visibility at a wide angle, and can be customized to suit the specific needs of your establishment.

You dream it, we make it

Steps in Crafting Durable and Long-Lasting
Business Marquee Signs

Plate Punching

Machine tools perforate the entire stainless steel plate sheet to create a perfect hole. The aperture size is determined by the LEDs inserted. As a result, a high-quality stainless steel plate body offers exceptional qualities such as compact size, lightweight, and high brightness while maintaining an essential yet elegant appearance.


Soldering the Solid Edge

To create a strong bond, solder the solid edges together. It keeps the plate in place by preventing it from flexing. As a result, the sign is more durable and will last for several moves.

polishing process

Polishing Edges and Corners

The business marquee signs’ edges and corners are kept free of burrs by polishing. Top-of-the-line, durable marquee letters with stylish and refined lettering add a nice finishing touch to your business marquee signs.


Painting the Surface of the Plate

You can make a sturdy and visually appealing business marquee sign by painting the plate’s surface. Furthermore, a long-lasting business marquee sign can be used at events and other locations to make an impression.


Installation of LED Bulbs

Insert the finished LED bulb into the corresponding hole; if used outside, add a waterproof coating to ensure the business marquee sign is weatherproof.


Marquee Sign Packaging

Business marquee signs are carefully packed to withstand any weather. As a result, when you press your marquee sign, it will be safe and free of loose packing material. Wrap the newspaper around the glass, wood, or metal frames of the business marquee sign. Your business marquee sign is packaged in two cartons with newspaper or bubble wrap.

Top Reasons Why LITASIGN's Business Marquee Signs are the Best Choice

There are many business marquee advertising companies, so it can be hard to choose which one you go with. For over 6 years, LITASIGN has been helping businesses attract more customers and grow their businesses. We give them the creative services they need, quality products, competitive prices, and expert after-sales service.

Stylish and Yet Cost Effective

LITASIGN's business marquee signs have a stunning style and look great in front of any business. Thanks to their superior quality materials, they are cost-effective and built to last.


LITASIGN's business marquee signs don't just dominate the boardroom but also can grace the lobby or reception of your office, school, or another establishment. They are great for building awareness, generating excitement, and giving your brand a unique identity in your industry.

Simple to Install

Simplicity is the key to any great product. Our business marquee signs feature a simple, one-piece construction that makes it easy to install right out of the box.

Greater Exposure

Your business needs to be seen. Customers should be able to see your business from as far away as possible. LITASIGN's Business Marquee Signs are made from high-quality materials that make them easy to read from afar.

Lightweight Construction

Lightweight construction offers benefits in transportation and setup because it is relatively easy to transport and use with minimum effort. In addition, you will find setting up for any event convenient since you can quickly move it around or store the lightweight marquee sign when not in use.

Proper Awareness

A business marquee sign serves as a great marketing tool and raises awareness of a business. It can be placed outside a building or used internally to help people recognize the business.

Low Energy Consumption

LITASIGN's business marquee signs provide an energy-efficient signage solution. A new generation of high-efficiency LED bulbs have been designed to meet your and your business's needs while maintaining the highest level of visual impact at the lowest cost.

Low Maintenance Cost

LITASIGN’s Business Marquee Signs are designed to be low maintenance, resulting in a lower overall cost of ownership. It is possible because every LITASIGN product is designed and manufactured to ensure minimal wear and tear.


Our business marquee signs are built to last by utilizing the finest materials and employing expert craftsmanship.

Affordable and Professional Business Marquee Sign

Business marquees are practical as they instantly capture the customers’ attention while driving by. Marquee signs can be used for numerous businesses, including medical practices, auto dealerships, dry cleaners, hair salons, and more. Marquee signs often display the name of a business and instructions on how to contact that business when driving by that location. Most marquee signs are made with aluminum or polycarbonate. However, most importantly, they get the message across to anyone who goes by them.

Coffee Marquee Sign

Show off your business with this trendy coffee marquee sign. Add a little bit of vintage charm to your cafe or coffee shop with this sign that features the classic bold font and a row of coffee beans below it. This marquee is simple and sleek yet elegant and functional.

Bar Marquee Sign

Our Bar Marquee Sign is perfect for highlighting your business while driving traffic into your front door. This indoor or outdoor marquee sign is designed with durable materials to last a long time.

Marquee Arrow Sign

Suppose you are looking for an affordable and functional way to direct traffic at a business event. In that case, our Marquee Arrow Sign is the answer. The sign can be placed on the floor or mounted on walls with mounting screws. In addition, it comes with a variety of arrow styles to convey different directions, making it suitable for any message or business.

Studio Decor Holiday Marquee Letters

Great for holiday parties, this set of 6-foot Studio Decor Holiday Marquee Letters will make your display stand out. Made from plastic and easily assembled, these letters can be configured in any order to spell out the season's wisest words.

Fairground Letter Lights

Fairground Letter Lights are an excellent addition to any business. These lights can be used in various ways with durable yet lightweight construction. These lights can be hung or placed on the ground; they come in many colors and letters, making them perfect for every event!

Open Marquee Sign

Open Marquee Sign for business is a sturdy and long-lasting sign that your customers will see from their car or truck window as they pass by. It is made of heavy-duty aluminum. It won't rust or corrode, so you can be sure it'll last a long time.

Happy Hour Marquee Sign

Happy Hour Marquee Sign is sure to attract attention; it can stand out from the crowd with a bold and bright design. Our innovative marquee sign is perfect for creating a fun and enticing atmosphere for guests. With this signage, even your casual dining experience can be transformed into event-worthy expertise without breaking the bank

Craft Beer Marquee Sign

Craft Beer Marquee Sign - Feature your favorite craft brews with this stylish sign. This metal sign boasts your famous microbreweries in the illuminated script, perfect for displaying in any bar or at home. The signs have a slim silhouette and can be hung vertically or horizontally.

Cafe Marquee Sign

This Cafe Marquee Sign is a perfect addition to your cafe, bar, or restaurant. This sign has the look of old-fashioned street light and would be great for advertising the name of your business or announcing a special event.

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Wholesale Marquee Numbers

Wholesale Marquee Numbers are a great way to make your business stand out. Displayed on a store sign, restaurant window, or marquee, these numbers will get customers' attention and tell them where to go.


Price from $284.00

Alpha-Lit Marquee Letters

Our Alpha-Lit Marquee Letters are a fun way to add a stylish accent to any party or event. Use these letters on the wall or around the room for an eye-catching display. Each letter can stand alone or be grouped to create personal messages, names, or dates.


Price from $267.00

Metal Marquee Letters

Make an instant statement with our Metal Marquee Letters wall decals. Our letters come in various styles, giving you the freedom to express your individuality. From bold to classic and modern, we offer something for everyone.


Price from $275.00

Colored Marquee Letters

Colored marquee letters are a fun and colorful way to decorate any event space or room in your home. Each letter is made with sturdy, durable vinyl that is fully sewn on the reverse side to prevent tearing or fraying.


Price from $260.00

Plastic Marquee Letters

Plastic Marquee Letters are the perfect way to create a customized look for any event. Our letters come in an assortment of colors and sizes, guaranteeing that everyone will find the letter that matches their theme.


Price from $195.00

Acrylic Marquee Letters

With our Acrylic Marquee Letters, you’ll be able to create a head-turning display that will let everyone know exactly what kind of business is inside. In addition, they are available in various sizes and shapes so that you can find one that works for you.


Price from $180.00

Indoor Marquee Sign

Our Indoor Marquee Signs are easy to use, attractive and durable. They can be installed in any indoor setting to display your business name, location, or event details.


Price from $250.00

Outdoor Marquee Signs

Outdoor Marquee Signs are an attractive and elegant way to advertise your business. Perfect for restaurants, bars, hotels, outdoor wedding venues, and more! Our high-quality marquee signs are durable and easy to install.


Price from $270.00

What Are the Advantages of Utilizing a Business Marquee Signs?

When it comes to businesses, especially local ones, the need for attention is excellent. So are the methods available for getting this attention. Business marquee signs are among the most successful ways to get the attention of the local population. People start noticing your business as soon as they see it from down the road or from across town.

1. Simple Way to Raise Awareness

A marquee sign at the entrance to your business is a simple approach to raising brand recognition and attention. A well-designed sign may help you with your advertising by providing a peek at your brand messaging to passers-by.

While many individuals would want to believe that advertising does not influence them, we all know this is not the case. Advertising influences consumer buying, which is why huge firms consistently spend billions on marketing. Custom marquees and other commercial signage are frequently part of these costs.

2. Extremely Versatile

Business marquees are highly versatile. They can be used outdoors during the summer or indoors when the weather is terrible. Their size allows them to be displayed at high-traffic locations, allowing larger sales volumes and profits. With a sturdy stainless steel frame and high-quality paint, their durability ensures maximum use over time.

3. Provides a Competitive Advantage

Business marquee signs are excellent for providing a competitive advantage to your business or event. An elegant, professional sign allows you to stand out from your competitors, even on a busy street. The benefits of utilizing business marquee signs include Improved Brand Recognition, Guaranteed Visibility, and Increased Sales.

4. Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy

Business marquees are cost-effective, especially when having printed signs on vehicles or static sidewalk signs. Business marquees can be customized and adapted to suit your business needs. Your message can be regularly changed to attract new customers and highlight special offers made by the business.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Business Marquee Sign


Business marquee signs are a great way to inform potential customers about your business. If you’ve been thinking about starting to use marquee signs for your company, then you’re in the right place. Business marquee signs draw in customers and give you more credibility as a company.

The ultimate FAQ guide regarding the business marquee sign. From basic questions to more advanced ones, you’ll find all the answers you need.

Table of Contents

1. What is a Business Marquee Sign?

Using business marquee signs can attract more clients. Marquee signs are available in various styles and sizes to fit businesses of all sizes. A commercial marquee sign’s capacity to grab attention in all types of weather is one of its most distinguishing attributes. Choose a manufacturer that offers customization options like font style, size, and color; your business marquee sign will be unique.

2. How Are Business Marquee Signs Made?

  1. Plate Punching
  2. Soldering the Solid Edge
  3. Polishing Edges and Corners
  4. Painting the Surface of the Plate
  5. Installation of LED Bulbs

3. What Are the Business Marquee Sign Made Of?

Figure 1 - Business Marquee Signs Materials

4. What Lighting Colors Are Available on the Business Marquee Signs?

Warm white is the most frequently used color for lighting; You can also choose cold white, yellow, orange, red, pink, blue, or green lamps. In addition, we offer RGB lamps on all of our business marquee signs.

5. Are the Business Marquee Signs PAT Tested?

Yes. A PAT test is a routine evaluation of electrical items to determine whether or not they are safe to use. The test also serves to prevent unexpected electrical accidents at the event site. As part of our routine PAT testing, we have completed a PAT test on all business marquee signs, making them safer to use.

6. Do Business Marquee Signs Require Power?

Yes, business marquee signs must be wired and linked to a power source to function correctly. Extension cables connect them as needed, requiring only a regular 120V power outlet.

7. Do Business Marquee Signs Bulb Have the Risk of Getting Burn Out?

 Business marquee signs use less energy, do not overheat, and produce less heat than traditional lighted wall signs. In addition, these superior quality handmade light-up letters for walls have been PAT tested and met building code requirements.

8. Do the Business Marquee Signs will Make My a Higher Electrical Bill Higher?

Business marquee signs do not affect your electricity expenses. LED lights installed in business marquee signs are low wattage and energy-efficient.

9. What is the Size Available for the Business Marquee Signs?

You may make your business marquee signs any size you like, such as –

  • 5ft business marquee signs
  • 4-foot business marquee signs
  • 3ft business marquee signs
  • 24-inch business marquee signs
  • 12-inch business marquee signs

The letter height determines the viewing distance of business marquee signs. A larger sign may be seen from a long way away.

As a rule of thumb, this letter can be seen from 10 feet per inch. Because of this, a 6-inch letter can be read from 60 feet away.

Other aspects that influence the viewing distance of a business marquee sign include color, contrast, font style, and design. Therefore, keep your message concise for most excellent exposure and use large, bold fonts.

10. What Types of Designs You Can Put in a Business Marquee Sign?

For businesses and venues, business marquee signs can be an excellent solution. Business marquee signs give you much flexibility in personalizing your business marquee sign. Below are some trendy suggestions.

Bar Marquee Signs – For bar, restaurant or pub


Tattoo Marquee Signs – perfect for both professional and amateur tattoo artists who want to create a quality, custom-designed storefront.


Pizza Marquee Sign – Make your customers feel welcomed and right at home with our Pizza Marquee Sign


Outdoor Café Marquee Sign – is perfect for coffee shops, bars, restaurants, and any other place where people gather.


Shop Marquee Sign – are perfect for any small business. Attract potential customers and increase your sales


11. Can You Use the Business Marquee Signs Outside?

Yes, you can use the business marquee sign outside on sunny days. However, we recommend putting them under a tent or overhang to protect them from the rain and wind. Marquees should not be left outside overnight; store your marquee inside when not in use.

12. How to Order a Business Marquee Sign?

1. Call us at (0086) 755-23449356- or email us at

2. Tell us details, specs & design preferences for your business marquee sign.

3. We provide an immediate quote. If the price works, continue with step 4:

4. Send us a high-res file of your logo – we will use that to render a digital concept of your business marquee sign.

5. Once the design is approved, the work begins, and in just a few weeks, you have your business marquee sign!

13. What Are the LED Bulbs Used in the Business Marquee Sign?

LED filament bulb or ball lamp is used. It uses a maximum of 3 watts or ± 30 watts per light letter.

Business Marquee Sign 3w-LED-Bulb (1)
Figure 2 - Business Marquee Signs 3w LED Bulb

14. How Much Space Does a Business Marquee Sign Requires?

The width of the business marquee signage might vary, but the average is 3 feet. It will guarantee the total duration of your contract so that you may plan and position yourself appropriately. For small places, it is preferable to stack.

15. Are the Business Marquee Sign Weatherproof?

Business marquee signs can withstand light rain or drizzle and other outdoor elements. However, it is not recommended to use the signs outdoors during adverse weather, including high winds, thunderstorms, heavy rain or hail, snow, or sleet.

16. What Makes LITASIGN's Business Marquee Sign Better?

At LITASIGN, we are experts at developing high-quality business marquee signs. Our outdoor signage is one of our most popular and versatile marketing tools. We offer new construction signs and pre-fabricated business marquee signs for existing establishments. Unfortunately, most businesses looking for outdoor signage don’t know the difference between a good sign and a bad sign. Suppose you want to stand out from the competition. In that case, you need to hire an experienced team who will design an effective outdoors sign package specifically for your company.

  • Design and fabrication by experienced engineers and artisans, with an account manager to guide you through the process.
  • Invest in high-quality, long-lasting materials, finishes, and components, such as sturdy wiring and LED light bulbs to avoid costly replacements.
  • Brand Consistency: almost infinite sizes, shapes, styles, and colors to ensure your brand is memorable and appropriately portrayed.
  • Unique light bulbs in various color colors and sizes to draw attention to your business and attract customers.

17. How Do the Business Marquee Signs Work?

The business marquee sign includes a 220 / 230v plug (power in) and one socket. All of the light letters can be readily connected. To connect the first plug-in in the series, you only need an extension cord and one socket.

However, never plug anything else into the last string of marquee letters. When used with a dimmer, the marquee lettering and the gadget can be permanently destroyed.

18. What Are the Factors to Consider When Selecting Business Marquee Sign?

The business marquee sign is the perfect choice when you want to attract attention to a special sale, upcoming event or important message sent to customers. These innovative structures are often easily recognizable and will always draw attention. Here’s something that you need to know when selecting a marquee sign for your business

  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Viewing distance
  • Placement type you prefer
  • Usage of life
  • Weather-resistant or not
  • It’s a warranty/guarantee
  • Customizing options

19. How Much Does a Business Marquee Sign Weigh?

  • 12-inch business marquee sign weighs 5lbs
  • 18-inch business marquee sign weighs 7lbs
  • 24-inch business marquee sign weighs 10lbs
  • 36-inch business marquee sign weighs 15lbs

20. Do Business Marquee Sign Stand on Their Own?

The bigger the business marquee sign, the more weight it will have. A smaller sign may be self-standing, but not all business marquee signs are guaranteed to stand independently. You should contact manufacturers for a quote on your customer base.

Figure 3 - Freestanding Business Marquee Signs

21. How Long Does a Business Marquess Sign Last?

They will endure longer if you get high-quality business marquee signage. The LEDs and construction method determine the lifespan of business marquee signs.

They usually have a lifespan of 45,000 hours. However, if you buy low-cost business marquee signs, you must repair and maintain them after a few years.

Furthermore, low-quality business marquee signs consume much electricity, raising your overall electrical expenditures.

22. What is the Average Cost of a Business Marquee Sign?

If you want to buy a bespoke business marquee sign, the size, shape, number, and height of the letters, as well as the intricacy of the design of your business marquee sign, will determine the cost.

Aside from these considerations, the price of a business marquee sign for sale may vary depending on the availability of waterproofing, the backing shade, or the shipping urgency.

You can also go for business marquee sign wholesale if you need a large amount. For example, a business marquee sign typically costs between $170 and $700.

23. What Personalized Options Are Available in Business Marquee Sign?

You can customize a business marquee sign in a variety of ways. Here are a few more common and popular ones we’ve used with our marquee sign templates for clients.

  • Design in every language 
  • Quantity of letters per line
  • Alignment of letters
  • Design and dimension of fonts 
  • Font, backing, and background colors 
  • Preferred power plug style 
  • Cable type 
  • The color and size of the cable 

24. What Are the Maximum Letters For Business Marquee Sign?

The height of the business marquee sign you choose determines the number of letters. Most business marquee sign manufacturers create business marquee signs with up to 20 characters.

25. How Long Does It Take to Make a Business Marquee Sign?

The project usually determines the duration of a business marquee sign. However, in some situations, you can meet with the manufacturer and have your business marquee sign designed, fabricated, and installed within two weeks after receiving your price.

Larger and more intricate business marquee signs take longer to produce than smaller ones. As a result, manufacturers operate swiftly compared to the rest of the industry while maintaining high quality.

Although you must set clear expectations, manufacturers always provide a correct lead time.

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