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Since 2015, LITASIGN Has Been a Leading Manufacturer of High-Quality Neon Signs.

For more than six years, LITASIGN has been creating and designing high-quality neon signs for various industries. LITASIGN has integrated silicone extrusion production into its production line as the original manufacturer of custom-designed neon signs to generate its neon flex and pure silicone for LED neon signs.

From design through manufacture and shipment, LITASIGN ensures that all orders are completed with the most excellent level of creativity and artistry available on the market.

LITASIGN Specializes in Creating High-Quality Cartoon Neon Signs

LITASIGN has a competent design team, a production team, and a quality control team that works closely together to guarantee that each step runs smoothly. In order to ensure that every aspect is processed correctly during the production process, all personnel are well-assembled to rigorously follow the criteria of the project operation manual requirements.

From design to manufacturing and logistics, LITASIGN can help you with all you need to get started. Using LITASIGN, you can focus on your core business while we take care of the neon sign project. You’ll quickly realize that our neon signs are perfectly suited to your company’s needs.


Manufacturer & Supplier of Cartoon Neon Signs at One Place

We are a leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of high-quality Cartoon Neon Signs. We provide a wide choice of Neon Signs to choose from. To ensure high-quality standards, all of our neon signs are subjected to several tests. For our signage, we only employ high-quality materials.

Neon signs have become very popular with new and innovative designs. The range of products we offer our clients includes neon Alphabet letters, Numbers, Words, Shapes, etc. Presently, we are known as one of the most successful Manufacturers & Suppliers of Cartoon Neon Signs at One Place. Customized Neon Signs in China.

You dream it, we make it

Making Modern Neon Signs: A Step-by-Step Guide

pcb design

PCB Design

LITASIGN will create PCB schematics to guarantee that the silicone jacket construction, lighting effects, and heat dissipation are all considered. Virtual and off-wafer soldering issues can be rapidly and effectively solved with a competent expert PCB design. The spare parts will be long-lasting after being bent and shaped throughout the manufacturing process of neon signs.

pcb testing

PCB Testing

To make neon signs efficiently, raw materials must be tested for quality. It also ensures that the quality of the final product is up to par. After PCB testing, LITASIGN will test the complete batch of Neon chips to guarantee that they are 100% compatible. A second test will be run on the samples created, and if the final test passes, we will move on to the next step in operation.

smt processing

SMT Processing

The light source for LED strip light, neon flex, and neon signage is manufactured on two SMT machines owned by LITASIGN. The company can produce a day’s worth of light strips at the moment. By using its own SMT equipment, LITASIGN can tackle two challenges while making LEDs: virtual soldering and off-soldering LED chips.

Silicone Extrusion Process

LED Neon Flex Extrusion

LITASIGN uses a high-grade silicone neon flex that is integrated and made utilizing the company’s in-house extrusion machinery, a typical hot extrusion technique. If you use a fake silicone material that is cold extruded, the result will be different.

Design and Confirmation

Design and Confirmation

All of LITASIGN’s neon signs are professionally designed, with the final result being 100% similar to the sample design. During manufacture, all elements, including as the light color, jacket color, design, and plug type, are double-checked.

Backplate Engraving

Our professional engravers cut 200-300 neon signs every day to generate clean and readable signage using precision, fast, and efficient technology. Engraving machines can make precise and efficient cuts without the need for mixing.

Neon sign making

Neon Sign Making

Master artisans handcraft each neon sign with an average of five years of experience. The crafted quality directly impacts how well the neon sign fits into the original design and how well it is manufactured, especially for clients that appreciate excellent craftsmanship in their neon signs.

Finished Sign Aging

Finished Sign Aging

For 24 hours, all of LITASIGN’s neon signs are subjected to an ageing test. They are again aged by one hour after passing the examination by hand. We’ll see problems with the LED chips or PCBs far earlier. This is how we ensure that our products are of the highest quality.

Neon Sign Packaging

Neon Sign Packaging

For further strength, LITASIGN packaging is built of a honeycomb paper board that is 10mm thick. For added security, paper corner protectors are employed once again. LITASIGN will incorporate your logo and other branding information on the package for drop delivery.

The Advantages of a Neon Sign for Your Project

LITASIGN specializes in custom neon signs from raw materials to final goods, delivering everything fast and with no client complaints.

Virgin Silicone Material

The jackets are natural silicone and aren't PVC or synthetic silicone. When exposed to UV light, they do not age or yellow. They are fireproof and have no odour. Because of these features, a new silicone jacket is a safe choice to wear.

More Attractive Lighting

Silicone jackets with high brightness and low light-decay LED chips are used to make this light more appealing. These bright and energy-efficient LEDs blend in more easily with your surroundings, thanks to the silicone coating that surrounds them.

Enhanced LED Neon flex

The use of a patent-pending PET layer to preserve LED neon flex allows you to create bespoke neon light designs without compromising the LEDs' quality.

Integrated LED Neon Flex

Because integrated LED neon flex is so flexible, it uses less energy to operate and distributes heat more efficiently than other types of lighting. As a result, the sign will last longer and be more visible. There will be no problems with the jackets falling off or the acrylic deforming due to the heat build-up.

Brand Acrylic Backboard

This material is more translucent and more complex than the PS or PVC backboard found in most factory supply companies, and it is made in Taiwan by a joint-stock brand. It is less prone to yellowing and is more scratch-resistant.

High Quality Power Supply

The power supply used by LITASIGN neon signs is CE, ROHS, FCC, UL, CUL, C-Tick, and PSE certified. This certification assures that your power supply meets your country's requirements while saving energy for you and your customer.

High Quality Accessories

Stainless steel advertising screws and rust-resistant hanging ropes are included with neon signs. The sign's appearance does not deteriorate over time if exposed to the elements—this aids in the long-term security of installations.

Double Protection Technology

The sign's backup feature, double protection technology, allows it to work even if one of the middle section's PCBs (printed circuit boards) fails.

Well Fitted Packaging

We can provide custom-designed compact packaging for more prominent signs. As a result, you will save money on shipping, your vehicle will be less cluttered, and you will be safer because nothing will fall out during transit.

LITASIGN's Best Collection of Cartoon Neon Sign

Welcome to LITASIGN’s neon cartoon collection, a selection of customizable characters that are built to bring the world inside your modern space. With these bright characters you are able to create multiple designs based on a preselected template.

Crown Neon Sign

Dress up your mancave, entertainment centre or garage with this stunning neon sign. This Crown Neon Sign is shatter-resistant acrylic and contains four super-bright, long-life LEDs. Perfect for any home or office.

Hot Wheels Neon Sign

Add some fun to your room with our Neon Sign, which activates when plugged in. Ideal for the bedroom or game room, this sign works well with most decor. Made of highly durable materials

Barbie Neon Sign

Have you been searching for the perfect gift for any Barbie fan? What about a fun Barbie Neon Sign. The Barbie "Dolls" sign is made of long-lasting; the neon sign is made of good quality that creates a high-quality glow at night.

Hello Kitty Neon Sign

Did someone say "Hello"? Yes, we know you did. Bring some of the most beloved Sanrio characters into your home with this Hello Kitty Neon Sign, featuring a retro design and a fun pop of colour that will add style to any room. Whether as a part of a Sanrio collection or all on its own, this neon sign is too cute to pass up.

My Melody Neon Sign

This My Melody neon sign will be the perfect addition to your home. Featuring My Melody in her signature outfit, this piece is a stylish addition to any room. Neon lighting adds a sleek accent to any room, especially spaces with neutral-coloured themes. Pick up this neon pink sign, and bring home the cuteness that all Sanrio fans love!

Cinnamonroll Neon Sign

The Cinnamonroll Neon Sign illuminates any room and guarantees to add a retro pop of colour. lights up and looks great in all environments, especially at night! This sign has a vintage look and feel. Be sure to check out our other items.

Mickey Mouse Neon Sign

This Mickey Mouse neon sign makes a great gift for any Disney fan. The vibrant red and blue colours of the classic Mickey Mouse neon sign will add light and energy to your favourite room.

Minions Neon Sign

Made with high-quality materials, this Minions Neon Sign is an officially-licensed product so that you can be sure of an unobstructed view of your sign. Adorable detail. It's excellent for endowing a room with some unique style.

Donald Duck Neon Sign

Show off your love for classic Disney right in your own home with this Donald Duck Sign. This sign will look great in the house of any Disney fan and makes a fantastic gift idea.

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Custom Indoor Neon Sign

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LITASIGN Can Help You Grow Your Business

Based on our many years of experience in design, manufacture, sales, and service, LITASIGN is the best choice to help you. We’ve been in the lighting industry since early 2015, and we’ve helped various businesses and individuals with their lighting needs. The benefits of collaborating with LITASIGN in developing your LED neon sign business are listed below.

1.Provides Marketing Materials 

For your advertising and presentation, LITASIGN will supply images, videos, and descriptions of physical signs.

2.Longer Warranty Period 

Indoor LED signs from LITASIGN to come with a two-year warranty, while outdoor LED signs come with a one-year warranty. Any issues will be addressed as quickly as possible. We will send replacements with covered shipping expenses; this will allow you to focus on promoting your brand and expanding your market rather than worrying about the signs’ quality.


LITASIGN produces neon signs in a timely and efficient manner, guaranteeing that the customer receives their neon signs as soon as possible and does not sit out in the open for long periods. International priority express delivery takes 4-6 days, and production takes 5-7 days. It will take between 11 and 13 days for your purchase to arrive.

4.Fast and Efficient Sales Representatives

On quotes, LITASIGN has a one-hour turnaround time. We guarantee that the design/mock-up will be completed in no more than two hours. Because our sales representatives are available at all times, we will be able to answer client enquiries 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including weekends and public holidays. We make every effort to deliver excellent customer service.

5.Strong, Tidy, and Compact Packaging

Machine-built honeycomb board boxes with a thickness of 10mm are designed to accommodate each LED neon sign made by our experts. You can expect a fully intact sign when it arrives at your door because they’re strong enough to provide safe shipping.

6.Dropshipping Service Available

Dropshipping is a service provided by LITASIGN. To improve brand awareness, the package could have your logo/brand label as well as a handbook.

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