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LITASIGN - A Global Professional Channel Letter Manufacturer.

LITASIGN is dedicated to the manufacturing and development of channel letters. Offering customers lit and non-illuminated channel lettering. After 8 years of successful operation, we are well-equipped with creative and adaptable operational concepts, extensive and practical design expertise, a rigid and standardized production process, and comprehensive after-sales support.

LITASIGN maintains every team member while allowing everyone to develop their skills. Customers throughout the world have a favorable opinion of us. Since our foundation in 2015, we have won widespread recognition on the international market by passing UL, RoHS, and CE certificates.

We Bring the Best Quality Channel Letters to Your Business.

We at LITASIGN are proud of our offerings and work hard to exceed your expectations. We can provide you with the most convenient service and shipping thanks to our sales team, the warehouse management system, and the LITASIGN branch in Shenzhen, China.

Since 2015, our business has been operational. We produce channel letters and sell them to retailers and wholesalers worldwide. Our manufacturing approach enables us to make channel letters in more significant quantities faster, fulfilling our customer satisfaction objectives.


Expert Channel Letter Manufacturer

LITASIGN is an expert channel letter manufacturer. Having one’s business name lighted on the building itself is no more a luxury to supplement a street-side sign. Instead, it is almost a need to be spotted in today’s congested cities and towns. Additionally, businesses may easily choose a low-cost alternative to increase their exposure, thanks to the many font types, styles, and illumination options available. Regardless of the design that best suits your needs, our experts will help you satisfy your customers.

Our trained account professionals are always available to help you make decisions about lighting, color, construction, design, and selections that align with your budget. U.L. is our channel letter. They are listed and identified.

You dream it, we make it

Channel Letter Manufacturing Process


Creating Design & Production File

Before beginning production, the customer will validate the design regarding dimensions, methods, and unique requirements. The customer will also produce an easily recognizable file for machines and deliver one copy to each department.


Laser Cutting & CNC Engraving

 Acrylic and stainless steel are engraved and cut based on the production file.



Production file specifications indicate that fold the piece of the side that contains the slot, then bend the portion of that side that includes the curvedness.



Weld the side or return to the face of the channel letters while ensuring that their surfaces are accurately welded.



To effectively ensure a strong weld connection, it is important to polish the face and return until they are completely smooth, with no gaps in the surface.



Painting the channel letter completely and uniformly using the painting reference provided by the customer.



After the letters are painted, they are placed in the drying room and allowed to dry so that their paint will become more durable.


LED Module Assembly

 Install the LED module according to design, then choose a suitable LED module and evenly spread them throughout the letter, making sure that the wiring from one letter to another is even brighter.

Light Up-Testing2

Light Up Testing

Once the wiring is complete, we evaluate the letters’ overall quality. Every sign is given our approval before it is released from the factory. After being assessed by our in-house inspectors and found to be up to standard, channel letters are ready for shipment.


Overall Quality Checking

All stages in the production process—from quality to quantity and craftsmanship—are governed by a strict, step-by-step procedure. Take photos of the completed letters at this point, including all of the screws and transformers, then place them on the 1:1 size template for the final inspection.



Channel letters come in various sizes, giving you options for compact packaging. They help keep your product organized and clean, and they can save you money on shipping costs.

Significant Advantages of Channel Letters

Channels are essentially marketing tools and can be used for promoting a product or organization. They are also known for expedient communication between different parties in an organization. However, channels have significant advantages to the trade, enabling faster business processes, increasing productivity, and reducing costs. Here are the considerable advantages of channel letters.

Flexible Design

Channel letter signs can be made into practically anything you can think of because of their various fabrication options. The size, color, shape, and fashion are up to you. The only restrictions you might experience are those imposed by zoning laws, rules, and codes.

Indoors and Outdoors

You may buy both outdoor and indoor varieties of channel letters for your store because they can be lit or unlit and have varied sizes. Businesses can use channel letters as eye-catching directing signs. This enables the maintenance of a consistent image, which relates to our following argument about brand recognition.

Durability and Longevity

Aluminum and acrylic are strong materials that can withstand all types of weather. For instance, aluminum withstands ice, severe winds, scorching heat, and direct sun exposure. Aluminum and acrylic or polycarbonate are also low-cost materials that need little upkeep. You won't often if ever, need repairs.

High Visibility

For two reasons, companies choose channel letter signage for their retail locations. First, there are instances when a law or other requirement makes signage necessary. Second, channel lettering looks elegant and polished. When potential consumers or clients see your company's name lit up distinctively, they begin to recognize it and finally stop by.


Once installed, channel letter signage requires almost no maintenance. These rigid signs are made to last, though occasionally, you may need to check for weathering. Additionally, LED lamps offer more excellent energy economy. Depending on the grade of the LED lights and how frequently the sign is used, they can survive for five years or longer.


Our channel letters are affordable and versatile, making them ideal for branding anything from office buildings to restaurants and retailers. We also offer highly customizable letter panels that can be easily picked up, shipped, and installed at your facility.

LITASIGN's Durable and High -quality Channel Letters

LITASIGN offers an extensive range of channel letters for residential and commercial applications. The channel letter is a unique way to design your path to attract potential customers. The letters are created from high-quality materials that make them durable, weather-resistant, and impact resistant.

Non Illuminated Channel Letters

As the name suggests, individual letters that lack internal illumination are known as non-illuminated Channel Letters. However, we would advise illuminated signage for any business. Non-illuminated signage is more economical for establishments that operate during regular business hours (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.). Don't necessarily have walk-in traffic or must have non-illuminated signage due to landlord or bylaw requirements.

Illuminated Channel Letters

The term "internally lighted letters" is another name for illuminated channel letters, and it perfectly sums them up! Each letter has an internal light source that shines through the plastic sign face or the back (called a halo-lit or reverse channel letter).

Indoor Channel Letters

The Indoor Channel Letters are a well-liked option for businesses of all sizes and sectors. Ultimately, they make companies or stores stand out from the competition while enticing customers to associate success and professionalism with their feelings. This does not imply that there aren't other signs that can accomplish this.

Outdoor Channel Letters

Demand for outdoor channel letter signs is higher than for any other type. Outdoor channel letters have a unique attraction that isn't present in different sign kinds, thanks to their three-dimensional form. They are made by cutting the metal into letters, pictures, and other designs. Then, these components are affixed directly to a building or securely aligned to a backing structure. The letters are covered with an acrylic top to give them a polished touch and complete personalization.

Building Channel Letters

The most common type of building or business signage is channel letters. LED lighting makes these signs look fantastic both during the day and at night. Select from lighted or non-illuminated channel letters that can have both backlighting and face lighting.

Day Night Channel Letters

Day-Night Channel Letters give a transition between day and night a distinctive appearance. With 3M's Day Night Film, you may achieve two different face colors instead of the traditional channel letters that display the same color day and night. Day-Night Channel Letters provide a visually appealing and functional sign for both day and night. Because the most acceptable color option for the day may not be the best for the night.

Neon Channel Letters

These letters' faces are usually open, but a clear acrylic face is also an option. Neon, as the name implies, is the illumination source for open Face channel Letters, and the neon is exposed (rather than being encased behind colored acrylic). Numerous writing types, fonts, and styles are available for Open Face Channel letters, but only Neon illumination is general.

Foam Channel Letters

You-specific customized foam channel letters. Choose from a range of foam sign letter materials and finishes depending on the strength and endurance required for your unique project. Our most popular foam channel letters are composed of 3-pound polystyrene. Which is dense and has fewer pinholes on the sides than the one or 2-pound foam letters sold on other websites. Foam channel letters for signs have fantastic depth and are built to last.

Metal Channel Letters

Metal Channel Letters are used in various business applications. This metal lettering is perfect for any custom design project that needs a look that's both elegant and full of detail.

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Stainless Steel Channel Letters

For companies to boldly promote their brand, like restaurants and bars, this Stainless Channel Letter is ideal. The channel letter cutout adds a contemporary touch, and the stainless steel construction makes it strong and long-lasting. Because the surfaces are wiped clean and versatile, maintenance and cleaning are simple.


Price from $170.00

Brass Channel Letters

Brass channel letters are large letters commonly used on any surface of architecture and industrial objects. Our channel letters are made from solid brass material and have smooth polished surfaces. We have different kinds of metal channel letters, including stable and electroplate ones.


Price from $165.00

Aluminum Channel Letters

These aluminum channel letters are perfect for making a quick and easy way to add a bold statement to your retail or interior building—or any other indoor or outdoor surface. They're easy to install, they're affordable, and they're available in all kinds of sizes. They're guaranteed not to fade or tarnish.


Price from $150.00

Side Lit Channel Letters

With these Side Lit Channel Letters, you can give any space a modern feel. With plenty of space for the ideal quantity of light to enter the fixture, it has a low-profile lighted design around the edge of the letters. These are fantastic solutions for industrial, commercial, and home uses.


Price from $130.00

Front and Back Lit Channel Letters

This channel letter combines a standard front-lit sign with a halogen halo-lit sign. The sides of the sign are aluminum, the faces are polycarbonate, and the back of the sign is open to reflect the LED or neon illumination off of the wall.


Price from $140.00

Back Lit Channel Letters

Back-lit letters are also called reverse channel-lit letters. They consist of aluminum faces, and returns lifted off the wall or raceway. This allows the neons or LED lights inside them to shine out the sides and cast a glow around each letter, giving each sign its halo effect. Standard channel letters only light their faces; Halo-lit signs often have a unique, classy, or distinguished look.


Price from $155.00

Face Lit Channel Letters

Aluminum letters that are weatherproof and have internal standard LED lighting. The letters' fronts have a Translucent Acrylic Face that lets light shine through them. This communication is frequently referred to as a "Channel Letter."


Price from $165.00

Reverse Channel Letters

Individual letters with illumination behind their shape are referred to as reverse channel letters, also known as halo-lit channel letters. For easier reading, they also shine and illuminate the wall behind them. This creates a lovely atmosphere with a mellow, gentle glow that is never too dominating.


Price from $150.00

Benefits of Channel Letter for Your Business

Channel letters are a great way to introduce your business to potential customers. Whether it be by having them receive one directly in the mail or having them receive one in response to an email. The use of channel letters can be very effective any time a company wants to attract new information on its product or service. While strengthening customer relations and generating traffic back to their site. The following points are some of the essential benefits that you can get from such a letter:

1. Better Readability

Channel letters are various types of lettering that can be applied to signs. Adding dimensional lettering to your sign can increase its visual impact and make it easier to read.

2. Multiple Design Options

Signage is one of the first ways people learn about your organization, so it must be legible and visually appealing. When designing your school or church signage, consider adding channel letters with appropriate sizes, fonts, colors, and more. So that your sign will accurately represent you.

3. A Variety of Lighting Options

Channel letters are available in both LED and incandescent lighting options. This feature makes it easy to see your organization’s sign day or night. The LED lighting options include:

  • Backlit – Our LED lighting option provides dramatic contrast and illumination. The stainless-steel lettering is welded and available in a polished or brushed finish. Lettering is available with backing or without backing and comes in various metallic, electroplated colors. You can also paint your lettering with any Pantone color. The LED modules run throughout the letter, so you get a complete outlining of your letters in the lighting color of your choice.
  • Front-lit – LED channel letters to illuminate your company name with a stainless-steel return and acrylic front. This allows LEDs to illuminate evenly across the letters.
  • Front and backlit – For maximum visual impact—with LED lighting outlining your letters—you can opt to have your lettering both front and backlit. This design combines the stainless-steel frame with an acrylic front and an open back to allow the LED lighting to outline your letters.
  • Black and white faces –This option offers a dramatic change from day to night for your organization. The sign can appear black during the day and white when lit up at night using small perforations in the face of the letter.

4. Ideal for Modernizing Old Signage

Channel letters can be a stylish way to transform old signage or other vertical surfaces that identify your organization. They can be mounted on many types of surfaces.

5. Various Mounting Methods

Channel letters come in flush and raceway mounting options. The flush option places the letters tightly against the sign or underlying surfaces. The raceway mount holds the letters to a rectangular metal structure that may contain wires or other components for the sign. Suppose you’re installing channel letters directly to a building. In that case, a raceway mount allows you to reduce the number of holes you make in the building itself. Your sign consultant can help you find the best mounting option for your situation.

6. Cost-Effective

Our channel letters are energy-efficient, low maintenance, and durable. They utilize LED bulbs to produce a bright and clear display.

7. Excellent for Developing Your Brand

Quality channel letters should be added to your sign or building’s exterior to increase awareness of a brand’s presence. You can improve outreach and visual appeal by casting your brand in a positive light.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Channel Letter Manufacturer


With so many sign manufacturers, figuring out who is right for you can be tricky. Choosing the proper manufacturer can be even more challenging with hundreds of different types of channel letters and formats. You want the best price but don’t want to sacrifice quality or service. You want to ensure you’re getting a fair deal, but who has the best reputation? We constantly hear these questions from our customers.

We decided to create this Ultimate FAQ Guide for Channel Letter Manufacturers.

Table of Contents

1. How Are Channel Letters Fabricated?

Channel letters are composed of four main pieces: the return, the face, the backing, and the lighting element. The return is a piece of sheet metal; aluminum is the most popular material. The look is acrylic or another material if it is halo-lit. The same rules apply to the back of channel letters. LEDs have replaced neon tubing for illumination because LEDs use less energy than neon bulbs.

Some manufacturers use computer numerical control (CNC) manufacturing, while others use hand tools. CNC is often considered higher quality since the chance of error is reduced. Hand tools increase the risk of imperfections and possible moisture intrusion into the channel letter, damaging light bulbs.

Figure 1 - Channel Letter Fabrication

2. What Types of Channel Letter Signs Do You Manufacture?

Front Lit Channel Letters – The most common type in channel letter sign design is called “front-lit.” It is also known as “standard channel letters.” The main advantages of front-lit channel letters are daytime and nighttime visibility, created by placing lights inside the letters and other parts of the sign, such as a logo. This lighting keeps the sign lit throughout the day and night so that message can be visible to drivers during both daylight hours and periods of limited visibility due to fog or rain.

Figure 2 - Front Lit Channel Letters

Halo Lit/Reverse Lit Channel Letters – Halo-lit channel letters are also known as reverse-lit channel letters. This is because of the halo of light that forms around each letter. The back of the sign is made with clear acrylic that stands about 1.5 inches apart from the mounting surface. When the light shines, it comes from the back, illuminates the mounting surface, and then diffuses.

Figure 3 - Halo Lit/Reverse Lit Channel Letters

Open Face Channel Letters – The open-face channel letter design is similar to the halo-lit sign, except that it contains no front panel or a protective covering. This makes the lighting element visible to people passing by, so they can see the light inside each letter.

Figure 4 - Open Faced Channel Letters

Combination Front/Reverse Lit Channel Letters –combine regular and reverse channel letters. These letters are illuminated from the front and give a halo effect on the back. Front/back-lit channel letters can add color by adding translucent vinyl to the face or changing the LED. Front/back-lit channel letters have a clear polycarbonate back to prevent animals from nesting inside the letter.

Figure 5 - Combination Front/Reverse Lit Channel Letter

3. How Long Will Illuminated Channel Letter Signs Last?

Channel letters with high-quality LED light will last 30,000–50,000 hours. Some could even last longer. Take into account the lumen maintenance rating of the LED bulbs to get an idea of how long your LED-lit channel letter sign will endure. The bulbs in your LED-lit channel letter signage should last under 10 years if you run them for 10 to 12 hours daily.

4. How Much is the Cost of a Channel Letters?

The cost of channel letters will vary depending on your needs and the size of your project. The average price for a channel letter installation is about $50-$200 per letter, but this can vary based on layout and materials.

Cost Factors:

*The size of your project

*Number of letters needed

*Material you choose

*Size and shape of each letter

5. What Are the Channel Letter Installation Method?

There are multiple ways to mount channel letter signs. The type of installation can depend on city ordinances or be a free choice for businesses and organizations.

Raceway: A raceway is a metal channel that holds electrical components; it reduces the number of holes in a building’s front. It can be painted to match either the channel letters or the building.

Figure 6 - Raceway Mount

Flush or direct-mount channel letter signs are installed directly onto the storefront. The electric wiring is placed behind the wall, leaving a clean appearance.

Figure 7 - Flush or Direct-mount

Backer Mounting: Channel lettering is often attached to a metal backer. The backer can be shaped like the overall sign and made from the same material as the sign, helping to highlight and complement the brand colors.

Figure 8 - Backer Mount

6. What Are the Channel Letters Available Fonts?

  • Helvetica Medium (Block)
  • Helvetica Bold (Block)
  • Arial Black (Block)
  • Franklin Gothic Demi (Block)
  • Futura Bold (Block)
  • Optima Bold (Block)
  • Impact (Block)
  • Eurostile (Block)
  • Lithograph (Block)
  • Eras Bold (Block)
  • Humanist 777 Bold (Block)
  • Kabel Bold (Block)
  • Exotic350 Bold (Block)
  • Dom Bold (Round)
  • Times Bold (Serif)
  • Bookman Demi (Serif)
  • Clarendon Bold (Serif)
  • Palatino Bold (Serif)
  • Garamond Bold (Serif)
  • Goudy Bold (Serif)
  • Century Schoolbook (Serif)
  • Serifa (Serif)
  • FrizQuadrata (Serif)
  • Copperplate Gothic Bold (Serif)
  • Souvenir Bold (Serif)
  • Cooper Black (Serif/Round)
  • Zapf Chancery (Serif/Italic)
  • Brush Script (Script)
  • Kaufmann Bold (Script)
  • Commercial Script (Script)

7. Are Design Services Available for the Channel Letters?

Yes, we offer design services as part of any proposed development for our customers. Our design professionals are available to assist you at no cost.

8. What Are the Components and Assembly of a Channel Letter?

Each letter in a channel sign comprises three parts: the face returns and trim; The surface of the frame is called the face. The sides of the letters are referred to as returns. Trims are used to bind the returns and face together.

Figure 8 - Components and Assembly of a Channel Letter

9. How is Channel Letters Placement Determined?

Successful signage depends on practical installation and clear visibility. Varied signs will have different effects depending on where they are placed.

1. The sign’s angle significantly affects its effectiveness. Directly in front of pedestrian paths will ensure that people can view your sign’s message.

The visibility of the signage is impacted by every angle, whether right, left, up, or down.

2. The sign needs to be in the direct line of sight. Nothing should obstruct the audience’s view of your signage, whether they are lobby signs or outdoor signs.

10. What are the Basic Channel Letters Tips to Look Out for?

  • Avoid overestimating the trendiness of the sign market. Following trends can raise the bar, but trends may have a short lifespan, whereas your signage should endure the test of time. The market is dynamic, so various lettering styles pop up and go out of vogue frequently. Despite this, there are a few that remain steady in their desirability.
    • LED/neon lighting continues to be the leading choice for signs. As previously stated, there are two types of lettering: illuminated and non-illuminated. The Illuminated options consistently remain more popular than the non-illuminated ones.
    • Metal signs are more popular than acrylic signs, and for a good reason. They offer a more professional appearance and can be produced in various finishes. Metal is also more durable than acrylic, although both types of signs have their pros and cons.
  • High-quality signage is worth the investment, as it will last long. If you invest in a premium product, to begin with, you’ll never have to worry about its longevity or appearance. Even if you purchased this type of signage for a corporate event, stadium sign, or trade show display, it could be used later in your office.

11. What is the Warranty on Your Channel Letters?

LITASIGN’s channel letters come with a 1-year warranty and are designed to last 10 years or more. They are made of aluminum and plastic for durability and resistance to outside elements like rust and rot.

12. How Fast Will I Receive the Channel Letters?

Once you place your order, production begins the following day. Your sign will ship within 7-10 business days.

13. How Much Electricity Will Your Channel Letters Use?

LITASIGN signs use only high-quality, low-voltage LEDs, so they typically consume less energy than one conventional light bulb.

14. Where are Channel Letters Commonly Used?

Channel letters are often found in commercial buildings, strip malls, and office complexes. They can be used to advertise a business or as part of a monument or pylon sign. They are ideal for exterior use and often incorporated into interior applications such as store entrances within a mall or in corporate lobbies and reception areas.

15. How to Get a Fast Channel Letter Quotation?

1. Before submitting your request, ensure you have all the required information.

2. Give the name of your business, a phone number, and an email address.

3. What kind of channel letters do you require?

4. Indicate the number and size of required channel letters (if applicable).

5. Tell us where to send your channel letters in your instructions (if applicable).

16. Can I Get Custom-made Channel Letters?

Yes! Our organization can create channel letters specifically for you. We provide many options from which to pick, such as:

– A range of colors in which to display your text or logos.
– A variety of fonts and writing styles for your lettering.
– A variety of illumination options, such as LED or neon lights.
– The option to affix a distinctive logo or pattern to the lettering.

17. How to Clean the Channel Letters?

Clean channel lettering with a gentle cloth and warm water with a light detergent. Do not use aggressive cleaners or chemicals that could scratch the surface.

18. How To Know the Size of the Channel Letters Should Be?

The size of your sign should be determined by several issues, including where you plan to place it and what message you wish to convey. For guidance, refer to the table and image below.

Figure 9 - Channel Letter Size & Viewing Distance

19. Do You Have Any Certification for Your Channel Letters?

Yes, we have certifications from CE, RoHS and UL.

20. What is the Validity of the Quotation?

Our quotation is usually valid for 15 – 20 days.

21. Are Your Channel Letters Waterproof?

Yes, our channel letters are waterproof. The material we use to make these letters is a high-quality material designed to be used outdoors. This means you’ll never have to worry about your channel letters getting damaged by the elements, and you can keep them looking sharp for years to come!

22. What are the Details of Your Channel Letters?

  • completely waterproof face
  • option with dual or face lighting
  • aluminum returns
  • Small countersunk screws on the side of the letters make the letters functional.
  • Aluminum studs and a template are included for simple installation.
  • LED lights and power supply with casings are among the sign’s UL-listed components.

23. Are Your Channel Letters Durable?

Yes, LITASIGN’s channel letters are built to withstand all weather conditions and last for years without wear or tear. They are durable materials like acrylic, aluminum, steel, and even plastic. They will not rust or fade when exposed to weather conditions like rain or snowfall over long periods.

24. How Do I Choose the Best Channel Letter for My Business?

Channel letters can effectively convey a message to a large audience at once. Some channel letters use words or phrases, while others have symbols or pictures. Depending on how long the message will be displayed, it’s essential to consider how quickly drivers can read your message. The faster drivers can read your message, the more effective it will be at attracting new customers.

25. What Kind of Light Source is Used for the Channel Letters?

LED modules have become the preferred choice for most outdoor signage because of their high efficiency and a longer lifespan than halogen lights. Additionally, they are available in a range of colors, including RGB, that can help you tailor the color of your sign to the aesthetic of your business or brand.

Figure 10 - Channel Letter LED Modules

26. What Are the Available Colors of the Channel Letters?

Figure 10 - Channel Letter LED Modules

27. What are the Different Parts of a Channel Letters?

These four components make up a channel letter:

Numerous standard and custom colors are available for RETURN, the side of the dimensional letter.

FACE is made of translucent exterior-grade acrylic. The front of the letter can be made of translucent vinyl with a custom print, white or colored acrylic, or even both. There are countless possibilities when printing on translucent vinyl!

TRIM CAP, which attaches the letter’s return to its face, is available in many typical hues and can be painted any color.

The most widely used and most energy-efficient are LED lights.

28. What are the Channel Letters Materials Options?

  • Steel (plain, pre-painted, or pre-finished)
  • Galvanized (hot dipped or electro)
  • Stainless Steel (mirror bright, satin-finished, or mill finish)
  • Aluminum (mill finish or pre-finished)
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Copper
  • Zinc

29. Do You Manufacture the Channel Letters In House?

At LITASIGN, we manufacture our channel letters in-house, allowing us to check every step of production and ensure that you get the best quality for the price.

30. Are You Able to Manufacture a Rush Order for a Channel Letters?

We strive to make all our customers happy, and we understand that sometimes you need your order in a hurry. That’s why we offer our 7-10 working day production time: so you can get your work done and back on track quickly!

But don’t worry—we’ll always check our production line availability at the time of your order to ensure that your request can be met.

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