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Since its inception in 2015, LITASIGN has gained expertise in the art of neon technology and other light and illumination systems. The neon signs are engineered for commercial performance and made with high-quality materials.

LITASIGN can manufacture neon signs that are tailored to your needs. After being made with accuracy and care, neon signs are checked 100% and certified for quality. On all of our neon signs, we offer low prices and bulk discounts for businesses that require larger quantities.

Wide Range of Neon Signs and Quality Service

LITASIGN is a professional neon signs manufacturer with 6 years of accumulated experience in Shenzhen, China. LITASIGN has experienced designers and workers, complete equipment, and rich knowledge in advertisement sign making. Since established, we have provided customers with complete advertising signs, including design and making quality neon signs.

LITASIGN’s comprehensive offering of neon signs can be used for outdoor and indoor applications. Neon signs advertise a brand, are easy to read at night, and make an impactful statement. Our team will work with you to be happy with the result of your neon sign purchase.


For Quality and Durability of Your Chrysler Neon Sign, Choose LITASIGN

No matter what industry you’re in, custom neon signs are an excellent method to promote your company. Make an excellent first impression with a vibrant neon sign. There is a range of designs, sizes, and materials to select from, whether you want a Chrysler neon sign or something more colorful and artistic.

 LITASIGN is proud of its expertise in designing unique neon signs using only the best and brightest materials. We also have project designers who can assist you in creating the design your customer wants and getting it made swiftly.

You dream it, we make it

Quality In-House Production at Quick Timely Turnaround

pcb design

PCB Design

Electronic engineers design the LED neon flex circuit diagrams to meet your neon sign requirements. They optimize all neon sign components and guarantee a clean appearance. The LED neon flex circuit diagram creates a unique, eye-catching look that makes the whole sign stand out.

pcb testing

PCB Testing

LITASIGN test each incoming LED neon light PCB board to ensure quality, and the SMT production department patches only qualified boards. The unqualified PCBs are rejected to avoid low-quality products.

smt processing

SMT Processing

LITASIGN offers a line of fully automatic SMT equipment for the assembly of neon signs. The SMT assembly technique used on our fully automatic equipment decreases production costs and material loss while increasing yield rates and product reliability.

Silicone Extrusion Process

LED Neon Flex Extrusion

Silicone extruders are essential components in the production of neon lights. LITASIGN has a line of extruders that help to maintain consistency and quality control during production.

Design and Confirmation

Design and Confirmation

LITASIGN will assess your needs and design a neon sign to suit your requirements. We’ll confirm our design with you, and you can be assured that the final product will match your needs.

Backplate Engraving

Employees use engraving machines to form grooves on neon signs and backboards, which are used to shorten assembly time. It is accomplished by attaching adhesives or special glue to the acrylics, allowing quick assembly.

Neon sign making

Neon Sign Making

The length of a neon flex strip is customized to fit the backplate; skillful employees measure the length and then cut the neon flex strip to size. They then assemble the pieces with care, using their skilled hands.

Finished Sign Aging

Finished Sign Aging

Once the assembly is complete, lighting and aging tests are performed to ensure the quality of the product. LITASIGN conducts a burn-in period of 24 hours to ensure that LED neon signs can operate stably over a long time.

Neon Sign Packaging

Neon Sign Packaging

LITASIGN use thick carton packaging for small neon signs and wooden boxes for large ones. Our team hand-checks and carefully packages all neon signs before sending them out to our customers.

Specializes in Chrysler Neon Signs Customization

Finding the right neon sign for your business, storefront, home or family can be difficult. We at LITASIGN understand this and can help by offering you the best-LED neon signs designed to meet your individual needs for neon signs. In addition, neon signs come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, so they are sure to fit any application need you may have.


Neon flex signs can be ordered in various sizes, including 8 x 16mm, 5 x 12mm, and 12x19mm (the height of the neon sign is proportional to the font size). Neon flex signs are individually designed.

Text and Font

Using our online tool, you can create a custom neon sign. Select the text or upload an image and then add your text. We can also produce longer signs or signs with multiple lines of text. Don't hesitate to contact us for more design options and a quote.


We offer a wide selection of neon colors for our custom signs, including warm white, white, lemon yellow, golden yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, ice blue, and green. Additional custom options are available upon request.

Dimmer & Controller

High-power, low-power, and colorful controllers are all types of remote control fading. IR controllers range six meters or about 20 feet; RF wireless controllers can function for much longer distances. Frontier Phase-Cut dimming, thyristor dimming, and FPC dimming are the most common dimming modes.

Outdoor and Indoor Usage

This neon sign is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It has a waterproof rating of IP65, which makes it ideal for outdoor applications.

UV Printing

UV printing produces vibrant colors and patterns on acrylic boards. When paired with neon lights, the resulting sign looks impressive both during the day and night.

Power Plug

Our LED neon sign comes with 3.5 meters of chord with an adapter that fits into a European (Licensed) adapter, compatible with the United Kingdom and Australian plugs. If you need an adapter for another country, please specify this in your order.

Easy Installation

LITASIGN's neon signs are pre-drilled on the back and include hanging wires. Screw kits are available for wall installations, and LED signs are ideal for retail storefronts or any other location where they can be suspended from the ceiling.

Installation Method

LITASIGN offers four installation methods for neon signs: suspension, surface mounting, grid fixing, and floor-fixed upright installation.

Chrysler Neon Signs - Shop at LITASIGN for the Best Selection

No matter how big or small your sign needs are, LITASIGN has a vast assortment of neon signs for automotive enthusiasts. LITASIGN has an event neon sign for automotive-related events, pubs, and restaurants. Our selection includes bar neon signs, ornamental neon signs, and more. Choose from several different Chrysler Neon Sign designs below.

Dodge Neon Signs

Dodge Neon signs are a great way to showcase your business on an everyday object that everyone sees every day. Custom signs for Neon are a perfect attraction to help boost your business. Typically Neon Signs come in letters and symbols that stand out and make a bold statement simultaneously.

Neon Jeep Sign

If you love your Jeep as we do, this sign will make it feel at home in any house room. Show your pride for the classic 4x4's with this Jeep Neon Sign. This sign is durable materials and lets everyone know what your ride is all about

Mopar Neon Sign

Enhance your vehicle with the light and youthful look of a neon sign. This traditional Mopar logo classic neon sign will fill your garage night or day, custom-made for your Mopar. The perfect gift for anyone who loves their Mopar.

Dodge Plymouth Neon Sign

With a Dodge Plymouth Neon Sign, you'll be the envy of every gear head in your town. This neon sign is hand-made with a slightly retro color scheme and will fit in perfectly with any man cave decor.

Hellcat Neon Sign

A sleek and stylish addition to any home, this hellcat neon sign is sure to draw attention and admiration. With its all-weather design, this sign is perfect for your rec area, man cave, or garage.

Dodge Viper Neon Sign

Feel the power of the Dodge Viper in your own home with this attractive Neon Sign. A favorite among car buffs, and a perfect gift for anyone who appreciates muscle cars, the Viper is an actual American sports car.

Super Bee Neon Sign

This super bee neon sign is vibrant and the perfect accent for any man cave, garage, workshop, or game room. The design of this sign echoes a vintage look that is bound to draw attention and intrigue while brightening up the room.

Dodge Scat Pack Neon Sign

Iconic. Fast. The Dodge Scat Pack neon sign will look great in your garage or den or as an exciting gift for a friend or loved one. Show off your love of the Dodge Scat Pack with this retro neon sign.

Only In A Jeep Neon Sign

If you love the Jeep logo, show everyone else that if it weren't for Jeeps, we wouldn't be able to rough it on jeep trails. You are presenting Jeep Neon Sign for your home and office. This vibrant neon sign will surely grab people's attention and make them take a second glance. It is a perfect addition to game rooms, bars, lounges, and collectors, both young and old.

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Advantages of Choosing LITASIGN as Your Chrysler Neon Signs Supplier in China

LITASIGN’s corporate philosophy is to provide you with the highest quality neon signs, superior design, and exceptional service. LITASIGN, a professional manufacturer of neon signs since 2015, has extensive experience in this business. Our rigid quality control system ensures that the neon signs supplied to you are first-class items.

1. Accuracy

LITASIGN focus on making only the highest-quality, longest-lasting neon signs. They use bright, eye-catching colors and attention to detail to enhance their products’ aesthetic appeal. With LITASIGN, you’ll enjoy an attractive sign that effectively meets your needs.

2. Safety

LED neon signs require less energy than incandescent or fluorescent lights. The low-voltage technology allows for brighter colors without heat. LED products are safe for homes, restaurants, and shops.

3. Eco-friendly

LITASIGN’s neon signs are made from non-toxic material, which means they are environmentally friendly and won’t pollute the environment. This commitment to the future of our planet has helped us win your business.

4. Durability

LITASIGN’s neon signs are constructed of high-quality materials and are designed to be long-lasting. LITASIGN products are built with a minimum 50,000-hour life span in mind and can be used indoors and out, ensuring that businesses will get the most use from their advertising investment.

5. High Visibility

LITASIGN specializes in neon signs that can be installed virtually anywhere and illuminated 360 degrees: the brightness and size of the neon signs make them easily visible from a distance.

6. More Design Freedom

LITASIGN can give our clients the freedom to create any design they wish. We will work with you to ensure that your signs are unique and reflect your brand. The variety of options available with neon signs allows you to create whatever you unveil in your mind’s eye.

7. Longer Warranty

LED neon signs offer more excellent durability and a more extended warranty, ensuring that your neon brand will never go out of style. In addition to a one-year warranty for outdoor signs, we also offer two-year-long warranties for indoor signs; if there is a problem, we’ll replace the neon sign with a new one as soon as possible.

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