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LITASIGN is an emerging leader in the market of high-quality LED neon signs. Founded in 2015, we have supported millions of customers with our reliable manufacturing process and production team. Our facilities are state of the art and ensure our products will last.

LITASIGN’s cinema neon signs are the perfect choice for advertisers and businesses. They can add a special effect to your business or provide a pleasant atmosphere. Discover the endless possibilities that our cutting-edge neon signs may bring when it comes to their size, shape, and color

Award-Winning Cinema Neon Signs Made By LITASIGN

LITASIGN’s advanced technologies applied to the durable raw materials will ensure the stability and longevity of each neon sign. We stand behind our products 100%. Our team is always committed to providing you with superior products and responsive service.

Here at LITASIGN, we can assist you in creating a unique ambiance in your establishment. We will strive to exceed your expectations by focusing on customer service and providing you with the highest-quality cinema neon signs at a competitive cost.


LITASIGN Cinema Neon Sign – Customized in Many Ways

LITASIGN’s cinema neon signs have many designs, classic or modern fonts, and different colors. They are great for a business’s various applications. Choose your neon sign design and let us know if you need it customized; it is perfect for multiple applications.

LITASIGN cinema neon signs attract attention and boost brand awareness, making them the most cost-effective type of advertising accessible. We provide a custom neon sign service; don’t hesitate to contact us via email with your design for a quotation.

You dream it, we make it

The Production Process of Cinema Neon Signs and Neon Sign Technology

pcb design

PCB Design

Engineers can now confidently use computer tools to design high-quality PCBs of any size and shape. Our professional engineers may focus on your core business. In contrast, our experienced engineers build a beautiful and practical LED neon sign by constructing the LED circuit diagram and adequately scaling the PCBs.

pcb testing

PCB Testing

Before moving on to the next step, LITASIGN’s quality control team makes every effort to ensure that every LED light bulb board passes the test. Our quality control guarantee, which has been in place for years, will ensure that your neon sign is in good hands.

smt processing

SMT Processing

To ensure that the LED chips patch is of the highest possible quality, LITASIGN uses the most up-to-date SMT technology.

Silicone Extrusion Process

LED Neon Flex Extrusion

For neon signs and displays, extrusion is a crucial production method. To ensure that each sign fulfills our high-quality standards, LITASIGN uses a skilled crew. Extruders are special machines that employ heat, suction, and pressure to mold raw materials into a sign shape.

Design and Confirmation

Design and Confirmation

LITASIGN’s design team visualizes concepts using cutting-edge 3D design techniques. Any inconsistencies will be eliminated to match the clients’ patterns, styles, and colors as closely as possible. Our designers have a wide range of experience in generating high-end design concepts and models.

Backplate Engraving

In an action-packed arena, the groove on the backplate allows the neon flex strip to be precisely positioned and at the best viewing angle. The amount of neon flex strip material that is wasted is reduced.

Neon sign making

Neon Sign Making

A neon word is made comprised of a sign and a backboard. The neon light is exposed to the air through pinholes in the flex strip, resulting in bright hues. Like other forms of outdoor advertising, Neon signs are eye-catching when coupled with other components.

Finished Sign Aging

Finished Sign Aging

The groove on the backplate allows the neon flex strip to be precisely positioned and at the most excellent viewing angle in an action-packed arena. We burn each neon sign for 8 hours before transporting it to see how bright it is and how long it will endure. As a result, the amount of neon flex strip material wasted is minimized. They keep track of several quality standards throughout this process to ensure that production errors are as low as possible.

Neon Sign Packaging

Neon Sign Packaging

Before each neon sign package leaves the factory, LITASIGN undergoes extensive quality inspections to verify that the product is in good working order. We created specific packaging to suit exporting requirements to keep the method’s overall damage rate low.

Why Purchase Cinema Neon Sign from LITASIGN?

The Cinema Neon Signs are skillfully handcrafted by our experienced artists. The quality and gorgeous design of neon signs add to the mood of any theatre, bar, nightclub, or pub. The neon signs can be arranged to form landscape or picture frames for your creativity to illuminate or animate your business.


Including logos, trademarks, and logo placement, you can be confident that LITASIGN will build your Cinema neon signs to your exact specifications. The LITASIGN staff will ensure that your custom Cinema bar signs are effective in their intended role.


Because of its lower voltage, which keeps it cool to the touch and reduces the risk of glass shattering, the LITASIGN Cinema neon sign is safer than other types. On the other hand, traditional glass neon signs are prone to breakage and danger.


LITASIGN Cinema neon signs may conserve up to 80% of their energy compared to other classic neon types. Each year, Cinema neon signs help save the environment by dramatically cutting carbon dioxide emissions.


Because of the materials used in their production, which ensure maximum durability, LITASIGNS Cinema neon signs have a lifespan of over 50,000 hours or roughly six years of operation. They can be used both outside and inside to assist your business. If you invest your money over a lengthy period, you will see a return on your investment.

High Visibility

To enhance the appeal of your Cinema Neon Sign, LITASIGN offers a variety of sizes and styles in various colours. LITASIGN offers it all, from edge to edge, with 360-degree illumination. As a result, your company's logo will be visible from all angles.

More Design Freedom

You may have your Cinema neon signs personalized in any way you want when you order them from LITASIGN. Your Cinema neon signs can be customized to meet your specific needs by LITASIGN.

Wide operating range

The high-quality, long-lasting neon signs from LITASIGN have a wide operating range, are resistant to brownouts and surges, and can be used indoors and outdoors with excellent brightness.


LED neon signs use less electricity to produce a brighter image. Businesses do not have to compromise a bright light to save money due to this. Unlike other sign lights, LEDs emit extremely little heat, allowing them to keep the public's attention without causing a fire in the building where they are installed. According to Energy Saver, LEDs use 75% less energy than incandescents.

Longer Warranty

This is why our neon signs are intended to last. You can use an illuminated sign to advertise daily deals or discounts in your bar or coffee shop to make it more inviting. With a two-year exterior guarantee and a one-year interior guarantee on our neon signs, we have the longest warranty period in the industry.

All Your Cinema Neon Sign Needs Can Be Found at LITASIGN.

LITASIGN not only has an extensive collection of Cinema neon signs to choose from, but we can also design a sign that is unique to your place or occasion. Our Cinema neon signs are of excellent quality.

Cinema Movie Time Neon Sign

Our Cinema Movie Time Neon Sign is officially licensed by Disney and a great way to express your preference for movies and independent films. This handblown neon sign features movie reels and a clapboard on a black background. Perfect for movie buffs!

Movie Neon Signs

Bring the look of a classic movie theater to your own home with this excellent glowing neon sign. It will add an ultra-cool element to your TV room or even your dorm room if you're a fan of the big screen. Hang it on a wall.

Now Showing Neon Sign

The "Now Showing" Neon Sign will illuminate the movie-goer's night. The bright red sign makes a great decoration to any home theater, game room, or kid's room.

Poker And Cinema Neon Sign

It's time to light the lights with this dynamic Poker And Cinema neon sign. This sign is a striking, eye-catching addition to any room; this sign is made handcrafted by our talented artists. The neon will look fabulous when plugged in, and it's sure to get your place noticed!

Showtime Cinema Neon Sign

The classic neon light art has been recreated in this retro-style “Showtime Cinema” sign. This item has a timeless, classic appeal that can be enjoyed by both children and adults

Retro Neon Sign

Brighten up your store, bar, or game room with this sturdy and durable retro neon sign. It's a fun way to add a touch to anywhere with its flickering yellow light and classic red and purple neon waves. Plus, you can use it every day thanks to its higher-grade power adapter and long-lasting Neon Sign lights.

Cinema Reels Neon Sign

Bring the style of the silver screen into your home with this classic Cinema Reels neon sign. Perfect for your living room, basement, or man cave, this neon artwork is guaranteed to take center stage.

Theater Neon Sign

Brighten up any room with this handcrafted Theater Neon Sign. This piece is expertly crafted to create a bold and impressive statement. The vibrant neon is set easy hanging. This sign will look great in your home or office, adding a splash of color to complement your design style.

Cinema Outdoor Neon Sign

You wanted a simple yet impactful neon sign for your office or home - and you found it. With its chic look and shout-out design, this Cinema Outdoor Neon Sign wall decour would be a great accent to your home, dorm room, or workspace to show off what you love.

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What is the Advantage of LITA SIGN Custom LED Neon Sign

A fun and professional method to help a business or event stand out is to use neon signs. Neon signs are a simple method for a company to get seen, whether it’s to promote brand awareness or to attract more customers. From brand positioning to color choices, we provide custom Cinema neon signs that allow you to personalize them to your liking.

1. One-piece Extruded LED Neon Flex

Can make the shape more three-dimensional; the neon flex will not be short-circuited between bending or wiring.

2. Virgin Silicone Jacket 

Better heat dissipation, yellow resistance, sunscreen resistance, aging resistance, not easy to fade after a long time of use, keep bright.

3. High Brightness LED Chips

High-brightness LED chips so that the shape is more dazzling, bright, and eye-catching. 

4. Double-sided Copper PCB Board 

Enhancing the stretching force of the PCB, will not cause the PCB board to break because of the bending process of the modeling, the whole modeling is not bright; and effectively help LED chips heat dissipation, extending the service life.

5. Taiwan HEZI Brand Acrylic Backboard 

Transparency>95%, high toughness, not easy to break (Compared with imitation PS material on the market, fragile, false transparent)

6. 2MM diameter DC Transparent Wire

Able to load more current to maintain the consistency of the brightness of the entire modeling

7. Stable Quality 

Cooperated for 5 years, excellent stability, there will be no operational failure, affecting the use of the entire

8. With the
World’s Certified Power Supply 

Safety performance is guaranteed, and quality is guaranteed, which is the core of the entire sign quality.

9. Production Processes and Production Materials

The shape of the neon flex will never fall off the base plate to ensure long-lasting durability.

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