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LITASIGN’s range of clothing neon signs is a perfect way to stand out from the crowd, with an outstanding team of in-house designers who can develop a custom design for neon signs that will make your business stand out in the global market. Below are some of our most popular neon sign products:

Alteration Neon Sign

Add a little nostalgia to your space with this neon sign. This small, retro-looking sign will add flair to any room and comes pre-lit with an energy-efficient, long-life LED bulb. It is perfect for adding a funky vintage feel to any decor.

Cleaners Neon Sign

Cleaners neon signs are made to last and look sharp. They adhere easily to almost any surface and are weather-resistant, so you can enjoy your sign for years to come. With real neon behind each letter, it will light up your business for all to see.

Dry Cleaning Neon Sign

Do you need something cleaned? This retro-style neon sign can be used for advertising your dry cleaning service. It will look great both day and night and is a low-cost way to bring customers in with a nostalgic yet modern appeal.

Laundry Neon Sign

The Laundry neon sign pays homage to all of those who do laundry while still capturing the retro neon glow that is so in right now! The vibrant sign is easy to hang and sure to grab attention. Perfectly balanced, this statement piece will be a bright star in any room.

Fashion Neon Sign

This item is a great neon sign for home or business. This sign lights up and makes an elegant statement when you put it in your shop or store.

Vogue Neon Sign

Vogue Neon Sign can add a bright and colourful accent to your home or business. The neon sign is applicable for indoor and outdoor use, so it's perfect for inside or out. This eye-catching neon sign is sure to get noticed!

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Personalize Clothing Neon Sign to Elevate a Style


LITASIGN, A Leader in Clothing Neon Sign Customization

LITASIGN’s has its integrated silicone extrusion production equipment, and we have the best quality control over the entire production process from raw materials, manufacturing process and quality testing. Our manufacturing facility is located in Shenzhen, China,

LITASIGN offers turn-key and custom LED neon sign solutions that combine the brightness of full-colour illumination with the affordability of traditional neon signage—utilizing state-of-the-art technology and a commitment to customer service. covering an area of 6000 square meters.

With a Professional Team Specializing in Custom Clothing Neon Signs

LITASIGN has a professional team, each member of which is familiar with one or more professional disciplines; we can carry out the research and development of products in a coordinated and efficient way. Concerning creating new products based on customer demand, we are more than ready to meet any request as long as it is technically possible.

LITASIGN guarantee the highest quality of our neon signs and services, including neon sign manufacturing, quality control inspection, and testing.

clothing neon sign

Your Perfect Choice for Your Custom Clothing Sign Requirements

LITASIGN knows the value of time well and focuses on prompt delivery without fail. With the perfect production planning, you can rest assured that we will provide high quality and customized clothing neon signs on time.

Our expert design team will create personalized designs based on your needs, while our dedicated craftsmen will create a durable indoor neon sign with exquisite artistry.

Best Features of LITASIGN's Custom Clothing Neon Signs

Get noticed with neon signs and exquisite designs. LITASIGN specializes in producing custom clothing signs – always created just for you! Our professional designers will create a design just for your business. Professionally handcrafted using the highest quality materials available, light, durable, and made to last.

Integrated LED Neon Flex

Clothing LED neon signs are created with integrated LED neon flex to cool them. In contrast to classic neon signs, there are no difficulties with jacket falling or acrylic distortion.

High-Quality Virgin Silicone Jackets

Unlike PVC or synthetic silicone, virgin silicone jackets are of excellent quality. Unlike merchants who use PVC or imitation silicone, which isn't as safe to use, it's excellent quality. This indoor neon light is anti-yellow, anti-aging, has no odour, and is fire-resistant.

Dual Protection Technology

The clothing neon sign is a terrific addition to any home or company. Even if the PCB in the middle of the neon sign is damaged, the rest will work correctly. It is because there is a second layer of protection.

Improved LED Neon Flex

The LED neon flex is protected from desoldering and bad connections due to bending using a patent-pending PET coating. It allows you to make any shape you want for your customers without sacrificing the LED sign's quality.

Branded Acrylic Backboard

Because acrylic boards from Taiwan are more transparent and tougher than PS or PVC boards, LITASIGN uses them. They're also more resistant to yellowing and scratching.

High-Quality Power Supply

CE/ROHS/FCC/UL/CUL/C-tick/PSE/KC have all certified the power supplies used in LITASIGN's neon signs. They have a high rate of transformation. Thus they are also compliant with your country's power supply requirements.

More Attracted Lighting

LED chips with high brightness and minimal light-decay make up our personalized clothing neon sign. Under the light source, the brightness extends throughout the entire region of the letters, revealing the colourful lettering.

High-Quality Accessories

Screws and hanging ropes made of stainless steel are used to create LITASIGN's custom clothing neon signs. Compared to plastic or iron materials, this ensures no rusting and is durable. It will still look new even if the neon sign has been used for a long time. It provides the safety of your installation at all times.

Perfectly Fitted Packaging

Custom clothing neon signs will be packaged according to their sizes in a more structured manner, making them better suitable for long-distance shipment. The most important thing is that the custom neon sign does not get damaged in the delivery process, and you can save money on shipping as well.

LITASIGN's Clothing Neon Sign All-in-One Production Process

clothing neon sign manufacturing process

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Paradise Garage Neon Sign

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Air Jordan Neon Sign

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What Makes a LITASIGN Clothing Neon Sign a Good Investment?

A LITASIGN clothing neon sign is one of the best advertising tools you can use to promote your business. Neon signs make lovely gifts, and they’re also a good choice for those who appreciate high-quality art in their home. We’ll show you why this statement is true.

1. Custom Designs

Do you have an excellent idea for a personalized clothing neon sign? Professional designers and engineers from LITASIGN will create a custom design for you. We can design clothing neon signs in various sizes and neon signs with a variety of features to fulfil all of your signage needs.

2. Energy and Cost-Efficient

LITASIGN’s clothing neon signs are a unique alternative to standard forms of advertising. Furthermore, LITASIGN’s clothing neon signs consume relatively little electricity, lowering the power supply cost. Custom led signs for a home have a longer lifespan of roughly 50,000 hours due to low power consumption, making them a safer and smarter investment.

3. Durable

LITASIGN’s clothing neon signs can be manufactured from a number of materials and procedures. Our custom clothing neon signs are built to last, are light, and easy to move thanks to these materials and procedures. As a result, they are able to survive a variety of environmental conditions while maintaining their appealing appearance.

4. Low Maintenance Cost

Wholesalers use LITASIGN’s bespoke clothing neon signs because they are easy to maintain, in addition to the low cost. Because the materials used are long-lasting, it is less expensive to change them regularly.

5. Unique Display of Contents

LITASIGN customized clothing neon signs are an excellent method to get your message out in the most efficient way possible. You may add any message or information you want to them, and you can make them seem precisely how you want them to.

6. One – Stop Production

For the past six years, LITASIGN has been making high-quality custom clothing neon signs, and we continue to do so. We offer a one-stop shop for everything from raw materials to finished goods, as well as a quick turnaround time to assure customer satisfaction. We always make sure that our consumers are happy with whatever we do, therefore there are no complaints.

7. Warranty

A two-year warranty is provided for indoor LED neon signs, while a one-year warranty is provided for outdoor LED neon signs. We will swiftly replace the neon sign with a new one utilizing our shipping freight and import VAT if damaged.

8. Supply Capacity

With a daily manufacturing capacity of more than 500 pieces, LITASIGN formed 50 talented hand-made sign employees. We can also meet the capacity needs of big volume orders because we have a complete set of silicone extrusion equipment.

9. Affordable Price

Directly from the factory, you can order your personalized apparel neon signs. Direct from the manufacturer, customizable products in bulk at factory costs. Quality neon signs that are tailored to your specific requirements at a reasonable price. Because we ship in large quantities, LITASIGN can provide lower prices to our customers, which lowers the company’s operational costs.

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