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LITASIGN creates beautiful cloud neon lights, perfect for a home, event, or business. Choose from a wide range of colors and styles to fit your unique home or business design. You can design and create your sign fully customizable with our easy-to-use designer tool or choose from hundreds of our pre-designed templates.

White Cloud Neon Sign

The White Cloud Neon Sign is a great gift for anyone fond of neon signs. This informative sign will look great in the game room, cave, den or garage. The White Cloud Neon Sign comprises flexible neon elements that are bright and easy to read from afar.

Blue Cloud Neon Sign

The Blue Cloud Neon Sign prominently displays a bright blue cloud for your enjoyment. It makes the perfect addition to any bar, game room, dorm, or den.

Rain Cloud Neon Sign

The Rain Cloud Neon Sign is a must-have for any room in your house. It's fun, colourful, and will show off one's talent to be creative and imaginative.

Rainbow Cloud Neon Sign

The Rainbow Cloud Neon Sign will light up any decor and make a perfect addition to your home or business. The Rainbow Cloud Neon Sign will last for years, made from durable materials. A wonderful gift for any occasion.

Pink Cloud Neon Sign

This Pink Cloud neon sign is an excellent and unique addition to any home. It's ideal for the game room, garage, office, or even the bedroom. The vibrant colours and unique lettering will add a nice artistic touch to any wall space.

Cloud and Moon Neon Light
Cloud and Moon Neon Sign

This Moon & Cloud neon sign makes a bright decoration or night light for nurseries, kids' playrooms, or adults' dens. The vintage-style Moon & Cloud sign is made of sturdy plastic with neon tubing and is great for any room needing a splash of colour.

Cloud and Lightning Bolt Neon Sign

Thunder Cloud Neon Sign is a perfect addition to your home or office. It features a dynamic neon effect. This modern neon sign will become the centre of attention for its eye-catching design and beautiful colours. When lit, it creates an explosion of colour and will bring art and theatre into any room.

Atsuke Cloud Neon Sign

The Atsuke Cloud Neon Sign uses high-powered neon to produce an incredibly bright light. This sign is perfect for your home, bar, or business. The Atsuke Cloud Neon Sign comes pre-assembled and ready to hang.

Purple Cloud Neon Sign

Our purple, cloud-shaped neon sign makes a great gift for any clouds fan. Made from a durable silicone tube, the neon sign is illuminated by an energy-efficient LED light that never needs replacing and will last for years. Not only is it perfect for home use, but it also makes a stunning addition to your office or business.

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Exclusive Design, Original Production, and Outstanding Craftsmanship

LITASIGN guarantees that all designs are original and created by professional designers in-house. We also constantly update our product knowledge to reflect the latest trends in the marketplace to incorporate the newest design and application techniques. In addition, we provide you with full support on designs, color matching, and production. 

LITASIGN is the leading neon sign manufacturer and supplier in China. We’ve got a professional factory at your service to provide you with affordable and high-quality products.

Designs and Manufacture a Wide Range of Cloud Neon Signs

LITASIGN’s highly skilled neon sign designers constantly create new designs to offer fun, fresh, and original cloud neon lights. Our custom-made services allow our clients to precisely point out their requirements for their neon signs, and LITASIGN will meet these requirements with advanced technologies and quality raw materials.

LITASIGN specializes in designing and manufacturing neon signs using the most state-of-the-art technology and equipment.


Your Reliable Neon Sign Supplier

LITASIGN offers a variety of artistic cloud neon signs, rich colors, and different styles of neon signs. Professional artists create our exclusive designs. Our products have been widely used in hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, and other commercial places, consisting of top-grade detailed work, bright colors, and unique style.

A quality assurance staff with many years of experience ensures that the neon sign has outstanding quality. With first-class neon light design skills and knowledge of more than 6 years in the field, LITASIGN is the most professional manufacturer in China.

Variety of Features a Cloud Neon Sign from LITASIGN Can Offer

At LITASIGN, our approach is to offer our customers a variety of design choices and let them work with our team to determine which design is best for their needs. From the moment we receive your initial inquiry to the design process itself, you will receive personal attention from expert professionals through the production of your custom neon sign and delivery.

Virgin Silicone Material

Compared to PVC and other inferior silicone jackets, virgin silicone jackets have high elasticity and long life duration. It is not only long-lasting and anti-yellowing, but it is also non-toxic and odourless. It is fireproof and can be used even in a fire.

More Attractive Lighting

For many years, LITASIGN has been working in the neon sign industry, and we've learned a lot about how to enhance LED neon sign technology. With high light-transmittance silicone jackets and high brightness and low light-decay LED chips, all neon signs have a high light-transmittance. As a result, neon signage is more appealing.

Enhanced LED Neon flex

For protection, LITASIGN produced a patented PET film combined with the LED Neon Flex. It allows you to change the look of your LED neon signs without impacting their performance.

Integrated LED Neon Flex

If you use integrated LED neon flex, you won't have difficulties with overheating, jacket falling, and acrylic deformation associated with embedded LED neon signs. It indicates that the neon signs are long-lasting and energy-efficient. As a result, neon signage is more visible.

Branded Acrylic Backboard

A joint-stock company in Taiwan creates our acrylic board. The scratch-resistant and long-lasting properties of the acrylic board distinguish it from other types of boards.

High Quality Power Supply

The most excellent raw materials are combined with the latest technology to create LITASIGNS neon signs. It uses a power supply approved in several countries and is CE/ROHS/FCC/UL/CUL/C-tick/PSE/KC certified. With energy efficiency and environmental protection in mind, the various shapes can be tailored to your specifications.

High Quality Accessories

Stainless steel advertising screws and hanging ropes are used by LITASIGN, which are more durable than plastic or iron and do not corrode. It can last an extended period. With an IP65 waterproof rating, it can be used in any structure, both indoors and outdoors.

Double Protection Technology

Having a personalized neon sign is something that LITASIGN understands. We use a double-protection system to ensure that all of our goods are safe to use. The entire neon sign can still function normally in the event of a failure in the middle due to a broken PCB.

Well Fitted Packaging

LITASIGN came up with a solution to drastically cut shipping costs while preserving the integrity of the handmade neon signs' packaging. For each neon sign, we created custom-shaped boxes. When compared to handmade packages, it is neater and cleaner.

A Multi – Step Process in Creating A High-Quality Cloud Neon Sign

cloud neon light production process

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Drunk In Love Neon Sign

This drunk in love neon sign makes your message sparkle. You can use it to decorate your home bar or add excitement to your favourite party room.


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Trans - Am Neon Sign

Trans - Am Neon Sign is a sign for a car enthusiast. The neon sign is illuminated by an energy-efficient neon flex that draws very little power and is easily replaced.


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Red Neon Open Sign

This Red Neon Open Sign is an excellent decoration for your garage, retail store or business.This eye-catching sign will let customers know the importance of your free available time that they can use any time.


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Angel & Devil Neon Sign

Let your home's decor reflect your inner thoughts with this Angel & Devil Neon Sign. It's sure to spark up some conversation among friends, family and guests.


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Heartbeat Neon Sign

This beautiful and unmistakable Heartbeat Neon Sign is an excellent gift for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or as a treat for yourself.


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Why Entrust LITASIGN with Your Cloud Neon Sign Requirements?

LITASIGN provides high-quality neon signs with great art, excellent design, and affordable prices. Our company is a trustworthy manufacturer focused on creating products that customers and the environment can enjoy. Do not worry about our items in terms of quality and durability. They are made out of solid materials with excellent artistry. These factors combine to help you get a product that lasts for as long as you desire.

1. Reasonable Price

Because LITASIGN has the ability to complete all the manufacturing processes in its factory, we can better control costs and have more advantageous and cost-effective prices. LITASIGN can able to give its customers better prices because of large quantities of shipments, which dilute the company’s operating costs.

2. Advanced Manufacturing Processes

LITASIGN’s neon signs are made from advanced manufacturing processes, the efficiency is higher and the total time of production is lower. So you can get your neon signs for your projects in 11-13 days after paying a deposit.

3. Proficiency in the Neon Sign Industry

Experts in any work gain high-level expertise by practicing again and again. Like a person, the lighting industry can also gain high-level expertise by doing the same thing repeatedly. So, you should check the expertise of sign manufacturers. Choose a suitable neon sign manufacturer that has proven its expertise in the neon sign industry. LITASIGN was founded in 2016 and has been manufacturing neon lights for more than 6 years.

4. Specialization in Lighting Industry

If the company isn’t specialized in manufacturing neon signs, it will fail to meet standards. Suitable manufacturers of neon signs have an R & D department to produce high-quality. At LITASIGN we have a strong product development team that can assist you in developing any sign-related products or special requirements.

5. 24/7 Customer Service

Neon signs manufacturers need to provide 24/7 customer service because buyers could run into unexpected problems at any time. LITASIGN has an excellent and professional customer service team, a perfect after-sales service process, and an after-sales service system that operates in strict accordance with the management procedures.

6. Express Shipping Service

LITASIGN has the capacity to ship 500 neon signs every day. With a sales team that is very experienced in exporting, they are in charge of following up on the status of express transportation, contacting the freight forwarder as soon as there are any anomalies, and providing timely feedback to customers to assure the speed of transportation. Freight forwarders who transport worldwide benefit from substantial discounts. UPS offers a 2.2 percent discount on packages under 21 kg, and DHL offers a 1.6 percent discount on packages exceeding 21 kg.

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