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LITASIGN is a direct specialist manufacturer of cooper marquee letters. Our marquee sign systems are perfect for shop front display and signage, shop windows, doors, walls, and ceilings to grab attention or create impact. We offer many sizes and styles of lettering, including wall-mounted or freestanding frames.

We have many professional designers to meet customers’ needs in high quality, reasonable price, and on-time delivery.

LITASIGN - Professional and Top Supplier of Cooper Marquee Letters

We are LITASIGN, a large-scale lighting factory that integrates independent research and development, production and manufacturing, and sales service. We combine the constant innovation of digital technology and production technology to investigate updated materials that satisfy the visual requirements of our consumers.

We have a 6,000-square-meter plant and 120 qualified employees. UL, CE, and RoHS certifications guarantee our inventive activity, quick turnaround time, and tight quality management. These characteristics enable us to become one of China’s top suppliers.


Copper Marquee Letters Showcases

Copper marquee letters are crafted from copper-colored metal with LED lights to create a glowing effect. They come in different fonts and sizes, allowing for versatile decoration options, from home interior to event signage. Their warm hue and intricate design makes them an eye-catching addition to any space.


Things You Need to Know About Copper Marquee Letters


Quality Products, Competitive Price and Exceptional Customer Service

LITASIGN’s well-structured marquee signs are the perfect solution. Our unique design is built to endure harsh weather conditions, ensuring that your message will be put out there despite the weather conditions. Moreover, we offer a large selection of designs that allows you to personalize your sign with ease.

Our cooper marquee signs are straightforward to install without the assistance of an expert. The material is lightweight and can be picked up by one person easily. The flexible steel frame makes it possible for you to quickly erect your sign without asking for help or spending hours looking for tools.

Process of Producing Stylish and Durable Cooper Marquee Signs


Metal Punching

Using punching equipment, a beautiful hole is created in the metal plate. The type of LED bulb put into stainless steel determines the size and position of a hole punched into the material.


Soldering the Solid Edge

Soldering the solid edges together will create a stronger joint than soldering the hole alone. You will have hardware that is considerably more robust, will not bend or break, and will last much longer.

polishing process

Polishing Edges and Corners

Polish the edges and corners of the letters to remove any burrs that may have developed during the printing process. In addition to improving the appearance of the marquee, removing sharp burrs makes the marquee simpler to handle.


Painting the Surface of the Plate

Painting a plate’s surface enables the creation of a marquee sign that is both durable and aesthetically beautiful.


Installation of LED Bulbs

LED bulbs must be placed in the correct orientation into their sockets. If they are to be used outside, a waterproof sealer must be applied. Use only LEDs with an IP67 rating, which indicates they can withstand severe weather.


Marquee Sign Packaging

As an exporter of marquee signage, LITASIGN guarantees that the metal marquee letters are wrapped adequately to prevent damage during transit by focusing on the packaging phase of the exporting procedure.

Best Features of Cooper Marquee Letters

The Cooper Marquee letters are great for displaying content and advertising uniquely and fun. These letters are great if you're looking to attract the attention of passersby. The vibrant colors and sleek design will likely get their attention. It can be an excellent tool for any business owner to help them market their products for less money. Let's see what makes these marquee lights so popular.


The best feature of copper marquee letters is that they can be purchased once and reused several times rather than being replaced. Additionally, they are easy to replace at no additional cost, saving you substantial money.

Low Maintenance

In most circumstances, LITASIGN cooper marquee letters do not require routine maintenance because they are constructed to last for many years. Therefore, a simple LED bulb replacement will suffice most of the time.


A LITASIGN cooper marquee letter will assist in attracting visitors to your event or party because to its eye-catching design and vibrant colors and designs.


Cooper marquee letters from LITASIGN permit the presentation of any message at any moment. The copper marquee letters can be adjusted and modified to match your needs.

Energy Consumption

Cooper marquee letters from LITASIGN are illuminated by LED bulbs, which require relatively little electricity and are excellent for outdoor use; hence, installing cooper marquee letters is unlikely to result in long-term electricity savings.


LITASIGN's copper marquee letters are very durable, lightweight, and of superior quality due to the materials and processes utilized to manufacture them. Therefore, they are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use and are resistant to the elements.

Create an Instant Statement with Cooper Marquee Letters

Cooper Marquee Letters lends a hand in creating instant statements that will get noticed. They provide a new way of advertising and signage to help you make the statement you want. Over the years, marquees have come in many different styles and materials, but the core purpose has remained the same.

Cooper Bar Marquee Letters

The Cooper Bar Marquee Letters are a fantastic way to liven up any party or event. These letters are easily assembled, so your guests will be able to read your message up close and personal, even if they're standing on the other side of the room!

Custom Cooper Marquee Letters

Custom Cooper Marquee Letters make a statement in any setting! Cooper Marquee Letters are crafted from the highest quality materials and made to last. Go ahead and make that statement with these letters!

Cooper Love Marquee Letters

Our Cooper Love Marquee Letters will surely help accentuate your space with a touch of romance and flair. These letters can be used to create names and phrases, making them perfect for wedding parties, party favors, and more.

Cooper Wedding Marquee Letters

The Cooper Marquee Letters will bring the WOW factor to a wedding day. Your guests will be left speechless as they read the stunning black and white Cooper Marquee letters, making them the perfect addition to your special day!

Cooper Open Marquee Letters

These Cooper Open Marquee Letters are an excellent addition to any business. With the durability of heavy-gauge steel combined with the beauty of an open marquee font, you can be sure that your message will get noticed.

Cooper Beer Marquee Letters

When installing Cooper Beer Marquee Letters, guests will be drawn to your outdoor gathering. Made from durable, weather-resistant materials, these marquee letters are functional and stylish.

Outdoor Cooper Marquee Letters

Brighten up your front or back yard with our Outdoor Cooper Marquee Letters. These letters shine brightly in the night to create a chosen message. They are easy to read, durable, and weather-resistant.

Cursive Cooper Marquee Letters

Cursive Cooper Marquee Letters are fun and elegant. They can be displayed in your home, hotel, or office room. Home is where the heart is, so display these letters on your mantle and show off your style!

Cooper Coffee Marquee Letters

These Coffee Cooper Marquee Letters make it easy to create a personal touch for your coffee shop. Our marquee letters are hand-painted from quality materials to ensure extended-lasting use.

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Wholesale Marquee Letters

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Marquee Letters

Marquee Letters are an easy way to create a professional and modern impact with your signage. Our marquee letters will ensure your message is seen from afar. The letters and numbers can be cut in various colors and sizes and come complete with everything you'll need for installation.


Price from $200.00

Consider the Following Considerations When Selecting a Supplier of Cooper Marquee Letters:

Selecting an effective and reputable source of copper marquee letters requires considerable effort. Choose a supplier after carefully evaluating several aspects to find one who is effective at their job.

1. Expertise Within The Lighting Business

It would help to verify that the vendor you’ve picked has experience in the lighting industry. Likewise, the quality of the party marquee signs will depend on the producer’s skill.

2. High-Quality Primitive Materials

The supplier will be successful because durable party marquee signs are made from high-quality materials. Remember that raw materials such as LED bulbs and stainless steel are essential to the manufacturing process and must be used in sufficient quantities.

3. After-Sale Service

Determine whether the vendors give after-sale support for your copper marquee letters. Occasionally, you may face obstacles that necessitate the supplier’s assistance. Thus they should be available around the clock.

4. Guarantee

Determine the warranty length your supplier of copper marquee letters will provide because a more extended warranty duration is typically advantageous to a project. Choose a provider who can provide at least a 12-month free replacement guarantee and 24 months of free maintenance on spare components for your copper marquee letters.

5. Price

Cooper marquee letter prices are essential to consider when selecting a vendor. However, the overall quality of the marquee signs should also be taken into account, not only the price.

To decide the pricing and quality of the cooper marquee letters, the lighting effect and the housing quality of stainless steel should be evaluated.

The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Copper Marquee Letters


Copper marquee letters have become more common in recent years. They are often used to add instant appeal to your business’s signage. With the rise of small, independent companies, the demand for these signs has grown. Creating a niche market that is relatively new compared to some of the other lettering styles you will find on the market.

When it comes to Copper Marquee Letters, there’s no doubt that many questions come to mind. We have compiled this comprehensive FAQ guide for our customers who have decided to purchase copper marquee letters.

Table of Contents

1. What is a Copper Marquee Letter?

A marquee letter is a raised, embossed letter made in copper or steel and used for signage on buildings or for highlighting the name of your business on windows. Copper marquee letters are made to order, therefore can be designed with the dictionary of your choice. They are easy to maintain, weather-resistant, and blend with any home or commercial setting.

Figure 1 - Copper Marquee Letters

2. What Are the Applications of Copper Marquee Letters?

  • Branding

Copper marquees are excellent for creating brand awareness and establishing a venue’s identity. Long-lasting and highly customizable, our custom marquee letters add a unique element to any space.

The Copper Marquee Letter Sign is perfect for bars, restaurants, and any business that has a roof. It provides an attractive yet functional way to advertise what you have to offer your customers. This illuminated sign can be installed anywhere on your top, even with a steep pitch. Metal letters are engineered to hold up against high winds without flapping or falling off their mounts.

  • Decorative Purposes

Copper Marquee Letter is a decorative object that can be applied to the exterior of a building or other structure. It’s made of copper, exceptionally durable, and easy to clean. Ideal for large-scale projects, its application has no scope limitations when applied to the exterior walls of buildings such as large-scale shopping centers and hotels.

  • Wedding Ceremonies

For wedding ceremonies, the addition of a Copper Marquee Letter provides a distinctive touch that will impress your guests. Similar to other signs used for weddings or special events, marquee letters can be added for extra flair and intrigue.

  • Photoshoots Props

The copper marquee letters can be used as a backdrop in photography shoots. The letters are made of copper and can be used indoors or outdoors. These pictures are taken with our set of marquee letters with different poses and styles that we use for photoshoots props.

  • Party & Events

The Copper Marquee Letter is a functional decoration for any party or event, great for weddings, birthdays, and other social gatherings. The piece comes with a sturdy base and grid system for stability. It is made from copper material, so it’s very durable, even if it’s not exposed to direct sunlight.

3. When Choosing Copper Marquee Letters, What Are the Factors to Consider?

When selecting copper marquee letters with lights, you should consider several characteristics. Importantly, make sure that the model type you choose appeals to your target audience and can be seen from a certain distance within your budget.

  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Viewing distance
  • Placement type you prefer
  • Usage of life
  • Weather-resistant or not
  • It’s a warranty/guarantee
  • Customizing options

4. What Sizes Are Available in Copper Marquee Letters?

  • 5ft copper marquee letters
  • 4ft copper marquee letters
  • 3ft copper marquee letters
  • 24 inch copper marquee letters
  • 12 inch copper marquee letters

5. Do You Use LED Bulbs for the Copper Marquee Letters?

Yes, we have chosen to utilize 3W LED lights. These bulbs are more efficient than incandescent bulbs, safer than other types of lighting, and more attractive.

Copper Marquee Letters - 3w-LED-Bulb
Figure 2 - Copper Marquee Letters 3W LED Bulb

6. Can I Get Colored Bulbs In My Copper Marquee Letters?

Yes, we carry LEDs in different colors, including red, pink, purple, blue, green, orange, and yellow. Our LED bulbs may add a splash of color to your cooper marquee lettering. Even an ombre effect is possible!

7. Are the Copper Marquee Letter Weatherproof?

Our copper marquee sign can endure mild rain, drizzle, and other conditions. However, we do not recommend using the product outside in extreme weather conditions such as high winds, heavy rain or hail, or snow or sleet.

8. Are Copper Marquee Letters Stable When Installed?

Yes, we take the safety of our customers very seriously. We design our copper marquee letters to be straight and sturdy, providing peace of mind for security.

9. What Are the Plug Option for the Copper Marquee Letters?

Copper Marquee Letter PLUG-OPTIONS
Figure 3 - Copper Marquee Letters Plug Option

10. What Are the Customization Options Available for Copper Marquee Letter?

  • Design in every language 
  • Quantity of letters per line
  • Alignment of letters
  • Design and dimension of fonts 
  • Font, backing, and background colors 
  • Preferred power plug style 
  • Cable type 
  • The color and size of the cable 

11. Are Copper Marquee Letters Approved for Outdoor Use?

Yes. Manufacturers typically manufacture marquee letters with materials suitable for indoor and outdoor use. These materials are UV-resistant, weather-resistant, and humidity-resistant.

12. Are the Copper Marquee Letters PAT Tested?

Yes. A PAT test is a regular inspection of electrical appliances to check whether they are safe to use or not. All copper marquee letters have been PAT tested and are safer to use.

13. How Much Does a Copper Marquee Letters Cost?

The cost of copper marquee letters is determined by the number of characters and layout you select and the type of light bulbs used.
Copper marquee letters typically cost between $375 and $535.

14. How Much Space Do Copper Marquee Signs Need?

The copper marquee letters come in various sizes, with an average width of 3 feet. It’s essential to consider overall length when planning and place the letters to avoid running out of space on your marquee.

15. How Do Copper Marquee Letter Works?

The copper marquee letter has a 220/230v plug (power in) and one socket. All the light letters can be readily connected, and if you use an extension cord and one outlet, you can connect the first plug of a series.

16. Does Size Affect The Price Of The Copper Marquee Letters?

Yes, larger sizes will cost more than smaller sizes. Larger marquees will require more expensive materials, which means that labor and other expenses will be higher.

17. Is the Bulb of the Copper Marquee Letters Replaceable if it Breaks or Burns Out?

LED lights illuminate cooper marquee letters, and these lights do not get hot. However, they can get warm and burn out occasionally. As a result, most manufacturers of marquee letters offer replacement LED bulbs.

18. Can I Collect Multiple Copper Marquee Letter Lights Together?

Yes, you can connect multiple copper marquee letter lights to create a longer string of lights, but only if you use standard-sized bulbs. You can connect up to 90 bulbs per outlet with standard bulbs, but you can connect up to 900 bulbs with LED bulbs.

19. How Can I Get a Copper Marquee Letters Quote?

Please submit your design to our email or contact our online trade manager. All prices are calculated by the square meter; if the length and width exceed 1m, they will be calculated.

20. What Payment Type Do You Accept?

  • Letter of Credit ( L/C)
  • Telegraphic Transfer ( T/T)
  • Alipay
  • Paypal
  • Apple Pay

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