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LITASIGN - Your Most Reliable Supplier of Advertising Signs

LITASIGN is one of China’s largest sign producers. It was founded in 2015 in Shenzhen, China. Our 6000-square-meter manufacturing facility features the most comprehensive production equipment for advertising signs. Neon, digital, and marquee signs are some of our essential items. 

We are committed to tight quality control and exemplary client service; All products are CE, RoHS, SGS, and UL certified, with 6 years of lighting experience. LITASIGN has executed projects for retail malls, subways, airports, and other customers worldwide. We are dedicated to serving excellent brands globally.

Excellence in Manufacturing Cursive Marquee Sign

LITASIGN employs a carefully selected group of expert artisans to provide the highest quality cursive marquee sign. They have extensive experience manufacturing this kind of product. Because we believe that morality and talent are necessary for success, all of our employees are well-behaved and talented. 

Additionally, LITASIGN has built a quality control system to ensure consistent quality from beginning to end. You will have no concerns about the quality of our materials in the production process.

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Best Cursive Marquee Signs for You!

LITASIGN features a vast assortment of cursive marquee lights. Forms and sizes include squares, rectangles, ovals, circles, and custom shapes.

LITASIGN designers take great pride in making high-quality cursive marquee signs. You can always contact our customer care staff for design changes.

Contact us right away for the best cursive marquee sign! LITASIGN will always answer your queries before production begins.

You dream it, we make it

Cursive Marquee Sign's State-of-the-art Manufacturing Process

Stainless Steel Punching

To make a sound hole in the stainless steel plate, the entire sheet is punched using machine tools, and the size of the aperture is dictated by the size of the LEDs that are fitted in it.


Soldering the Solid Edge

In order to make a strong link after punching a hole in the plate, solder the solid edges together.

polishing process

Polishing Edges and Corners

Polish the edges and corners of the letters to remove any burrs that may have formed during the printing process.


Painting the Surface of the Plate

By painting the surface of the plate, you can make a marquee sign that is both durable and visually beautiful.


Installation of LED Bulbs

Install LED bulbs by inserting the completed LED bulb into the correct hole; if used outside, it is required to perform the waterproof treatment and use a waterproof LED bulb.


Marquee Sign Packaging

Packaging is frequently a vital component of the export process. LITASIGN, a marquee sign exporter, focuses on this phase to prevent damage throughout the exporting process.

Advantages of Cursive Marquee Sign to a Business or Event:

Cursive marquee signs can make a statement and advertise a business, event or product. These lighted signs are mostly known as illuminated sandwich boards, however many people are unaware of just how effective they can be at marketing a business.

Retro Look

Vintage light-up marquee offers retro charm to any decor. The streamlined design of marquee lettering give a piece a contemporary edge, while the classic styling evokes a taste of old Hollywood. Perfect used as home decor (especially in your living room or entryway) as well as used in an office, restaurant, bar or store.

Energy-efficient Lighting

LITASIGN's cursive marquee signs are illuminated by LED lamps that utilize extremely little power. As a result, it is improbable that bespoke marquee signs will substantially impact your electricity account, hence lowering your electricity expenditures.

Made of Durable Materials

LITASIGN's cursive marquee signs are composed of extremely durable materials that will not rust or chip and will not respond to significant weather changes. At no point will a letter or detail be omitted from your content.

Visible Day and Night

The Cursive Marquee Sign is packed with innovative capabilities that make it ideal for use in various sign applications. This Cursive Marquee Sign will attract attention with cutting-edge LED technology and an exterior design that enables day or night use.

Fully Customizable

Customize this cursive marquee sign with the color and font of your choice. This fun and exciting advertising way will surely make your guests remember your event! Our cursive marquee signs are the perfect addition to any occasion, from parties to business events.


Cursive marquee letters from LITASIGN employ large, strong lettering to advertise your business to everybody who walks by. It enables the message to reach a big audience while allowing easy control over what is displayed.

An Extensive Range of Cursive Marquee Letters Product Line

The cursive Marquee Sign is an attention-grabbing addition to any business environment. The durable, long-lasting, non-glare material will add professionalism and class to any business or home environment. The construction is lightweight and allows easy setup and quick takedown; Features include high-quality construction. Durable and Lightweight, high-impact material: industry-standard sizes available, Easy setup and takedown in minutes.

Cursive Bar Marquee Letters

These Cursive Bar Marquee Letters are an excellent match for any vintage-inspired decor. Their distressed finish enhances the beautifully weathered look of the exterior. At the same time, their interior illumination adds a soft glow to your space.

Cursive Coffee Marquee Light

This sign is great for any restaurant, bar, or coffee shop where a warm welcome is always on the menu—adding a personalized touch to any design scheme. It's a fun addition to your kitchen or coffee shop!

Cursive Cheers Marquee Sign

Capture the moment with this Cheers marquee sign, which features a printed message surrounded by a scrolling border with the show logo. The stainless steel construction makes it perfect for indoor use in an office, living room, or other room.

Cursive Love Marquee Sign

This Cursive Love Marquee Sign is the perfect accent for any room in your home. It gives a welcoming touch to entryways, stairway landings, and more.

Cursive Name Marquee Letters

Celebrate your name in a truly unique way with this set of Cursive Name Marquee Letters. Featuring the alphabet and numerals. These customized letters are perfect for decorating a bedroom door, kitchen cabinets, bathroom mirror, or else you want to show off your little one's name!

Cursive Wedding Marquee Letters

These Cursive Letter Wedding Marquee Signs are perfect for your wedding. It will add the perfect touch to your special day. Each letter is made of Premium materials and can be used repeatedly if taken care of correctly.

Cursive Hello Marquee Sign

Our Cursive Hello Marquee Sign is a fun addition to any child's bedroom or playroom. Available in bright colors, this piece is made of a sturdy canvas material that will withstand hours of imaginative play.

Cursive God Marquee Sign

This Cursive God Marquee Sign is a must-have addition to any worship area or music room. The marquee style of this sign draws attention from a distance and allows your motto, verse, scripture, or saying to be easily seen from afar.

Cursive Open Marquee Sign

The Cursive Open Marquee Sign is a great way to keep your message up and visible in any store, office, or home. This sign can be hung on a wall or set on a table, with bright colors and large text making it easy to read.

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Indoor Marquee Signs

Indoor marquee signs are used to grab customers' attention from a distance indoors. These stylish signs are available in several sizes and many colors, giving you options for making your indoor space uniquely yours.


Price from $85.00

Outdoor Marquee Signs

Experience a truly innovative light source with the ambient glow of our Outdoor Marquee Signs. You won't believe how soft and uniform the light appears in your space. Each sign is made from high-performance, UV-protected material that makes it a reliable choice for exterior applications, designed for use in all weather conditions.


Price from $95.00

Grape Neon Sign

This vibrant neon sign features stylish cursive lettering and is a unique decoration for your home, closet, shop, or business. The sign can function as an accent piece showing off the vibrant colors of the grape pattern.


Price from $60.00

Infinity Mirror

The Infinity Mirror is a dynamic piece of art that captures the attention of party-goers and passersby alike. Made from custom stainless steel sheets, polished to perfection, this interactive light installation stands out with its distinctive design, futuristic accents, and its simple yet magnetic attraction.


Price from $67.00

Pink Neon Welcome

Pink Neon Welcome is a simple, straightforward neighborhood sign that makes your home look inviting and fits well in almost any neighborhood.


Price from $58.00

Welcome To Miller Time Neon Sign

Finally, you can have your own Miller Time sign! It is the classic Miller Beer sign with a modern twist. The neon light is energy efficient, taking very little power to operate.


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Bang Bang Bar Sign

Our Bang Bang Bar Sign is a great addition to your home or office. This funny sign will charm any avid gun enthusiast, featuring a charming tin finish.


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Peach Neon Sign

Bring a little art into your home or workspace with the Peach Neon Sign. This vibrant neon sign is excellent for adding a retro look to your cafe, bar, or lounge and makes a great gift option for friends, family, and coworkers.


Price from $69.00

How Do You Choose an Effective Cursive Marquee Light Up Letters Supplier for Your Project?

It takes some effort to choose an effective and dependable source of cursive marquee signs. You will be expected to conduct an audit of the supplier’s various components to guarantee they are efficient.

When choosing a supplier for your cursive marquee light-up lettering, the following capabilities must be considered.

Lighting Industry Knowledge and Experience

You should check to see if the provider you’ve chosen has any experience working in the lighting business. This is due to the fact that the cursive marquee light-up letters that will be manufactured will exclusively be determined by the supplier’s previous experience.

Raw Materials of Superior Quality

If the supplier uses high-quality materials, he or she will be able to produce a long-lasting cursive marquee. It is crucial to note that raw materials play an extremely important role in the manufacturing procedure.

After-Sale Assistance

Check with the providers to see whether they provide any after-sales services for your cursive marquee letters. In order to avoid having to contact the supplier every time you have an issue, they should be available to assist you at all hours of the day, seven days a week.


Determine the length of time that your marquee light-up letters supplier will provide a guarantee on their products. This is because a longer warranty period is usually beneficial to your project.


Determine whether or not the supplier will be able to customize your cursive marquee light-up letters for you.


Considering the cost of cursive marquee light-up letters while choosing a supplier is an extremely significant consideration. You should not only make your decision on the pricing of the cursive marquee sign, but also on the overall quality of the sign.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Cursive Marquee Letters


Cursive marquee letters are a less expensive alternative to cursive typography. Cursive marquee lettering is a relic of the past; It is a long-forgotten art form that should be rediscovered and perfected. The best cursive marquee designs are appreciated, revered, and collectable, commanding attention from across the room.

If you’re considering purchasing Cursive Marquee Letters, you should first keep a few things in mind. Do not be concerned. The following section contains a quick guide on purchasing such letters and answers to the most frequently asked questions about them.

Table of Contents

1. Are Your Cursive Marquee Letters Battery Operated?

No. In order to power the cursive marquees, it requires access to an electrical outlet.

2. What Type of Power do the Cursive Marquee Letters Need?

It is sufficient to use a regular power outlet. However, to adequately power the system, we will require two (or more) power outlets on separate circuits, depending on the size of the marquees.

3. What Type Bulbs are Used in Cursive Marquee Letters?

A wide variety of LED globe bulbs are available for all LED marquee signs, ranging from warm white to pure white in color. Because they’re constructed of acrylic resin rather than glass, they’re virtually indestructible and never get hot to the touch.

This not only enhances their aesthetic appeal, but also ensures their safety for you, your guests, or your customers, depending on where you intend to place them.

LED marquee signs use a variety of bulbs, including the following:

  • C7 intermediate base incandescent bulbs are provided with LED marquee signs of 12 inches and 18 inches in height, respectively.
  • The C9 intermediate base incandescent bulb is provided with LED marquee signs that are 24 inches or more in diameter.
  • Manufacturer-supplied standard bulbs typically have a 4,000-hour life expectancy.
  • The following are some of the LED bulb upgrading choices that you can consider:
  • C7/C9 bulbs have an average life expectancy of 50,000 hours.
  • Between 4,000 and 50,000 hours, G40/G50 round bulbs can be expected to survive.
  • Be sure to ask your manufacturer about color-coded light bulbs if you’re in doubt.

4. Are Your Cursive Marquee Letters Weatherproof?

Our cursive marquee letters are resistant to mild rain/drizzle and other conditions found outside. Therefore, we do not advocate outdoor use during severe weather conditions such as high winds, torrential rain/hail, or snow/sleet.

5. Can the Cursive Marquee Letters Be Stacked On Top of Each Other?

YES! Our Cursive Marquee Letters can be stacked on top of one another for a two-level display. Racks are required to stack the cursive marquee letters and can be ordered in conjunction with your cursive marquee sign.

6. How Much Space Do You Need for Cursive Marquee Letters?

The usual width of the cursive marquee letters is 3 feet wide. However, this can vary widely. It will guarantee the duration of your contract so that you may prepare and set up your business appropriately. For confined locations, it is preferable to stack.

7. Can I Customize the Cursive Marquee Letters?

Yes. You can choose from a broad variety of font styles, colors, materials, sizes, and other aspects when ordering your cursive marquee letters.

8. Do Cursive Marquee Letters Stand on Their Own?

As a result, larger cursive marquee letters have a higher center of gravity than those that are smaller. Therefore, if you choose light-up letters with a smaller flat bottom, they stand alone without further support.

However, it is critical to keep in mind that the longevity of cursive marquee lettering cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, contacting manufacturers is the most successful method of obtaining a customer base quote.

Figure 1 - Freestanding Cursive Marquee Letter

9. How Much Do Cursive Marquee Letters Weigh?

Some of the weight measures of cursive marquee letters signs include:

  • 12-inch cursive marquee letters weigh 5lbs
  • 18-inch cursive marquee letters weigh 7lbs
  • 24-inch cursive marquee letters weigh 10lbs
  • 36-inch cursive marquee letters weigh 15lbs

10. Do Cursive Marquee Letter Require Power?

Yes, cursive marquee letters are wired and require a connection to a power source to function correctly. Extension cables connect them as needed using simply a regular 120V power outlet.

11. Can I Get Colored LED Bulbs for the Cursive Marquee Letter?

Yes. If you’d want to add some color to your cursive marquee letters. In that case, LITASIGN does offer cursive marquee lettering in a variety of hues. Colors such as red, pink, purple, blue, green, orange, and yellow are just a few available samples.

We can even create an ombre effect for your cursive marquee lettering if you choose!

Figure 2 - Cursive Marquee Letter with Colorful LED Bulb

12. What Are the Factors to Consider When Selecting a Cursive Marquee Letters?

When purchasing cursive marquee letters, it is critical to consider their features. Importantly, you should ensure that the design you select is appealing to your target audience and visible from a viewing distance within your budget.

Several considerations to consider while selecting cursive marquee lettering include the following:

  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Viewing distance
  • Preferred Placement Type
  • Life’s application
  • Weather Resistant?
  • It is a guarantee/warranty.
  • Options for customization

13. What Are the Benefits of Cursive Marquee Letters?

  • Awareness and Advertising
  • Less Power Consumption
  • Easy Recognition 
  • Less Maintenance

14. Do The Cursive Marquee Letters Available in Any Language?

Yes, you may create cursive marquee letters in any language you like.

15. What Personalized Options Are Available in Cursive Marquee Letters?

LITASIGN offers comprehensive customization options for the cursive marquee letters to meet each customer’s unique requirements.

Additional customization choices are available to personalize your cursive marquee letters further.

This custom-made option is the best feature of the cursive marquee letters since it allows you to customize and choose the most appropriate light for you.

The following is a list:

  • Language
  • Letters per line
  • Letter alignment
  • Font design and dimension
  • Power plug 
  • Type of cable
  • The cable’s color and diameter

16. How Long Does a Cursive Marquee Letter Last?

Cursive marquee lettering that is of high quality will last longer. The LEDs and the construction style determine the lifespan of cursive marquee lettering.

Their average lifespan is 45,000 hours. If you purchase inexpensive cursive marquee letters, they will require repair and maintenance after a few years.

Additionally, low-cost cursive marquee letters consume a significant amount of fuel, raising your overall power costs.

17. Do Cursive Marquee Letters Have the Risk of Getting Burn Out?

They are not at risk of becoming burned out. It consumes less energy, does not overheat, and emits less heat.

The superior-grade cursive marquee letters emit very little heat. Additionally, they have been PAT tested. Thus, cursive marquee letters are more secure to employ than regular ones.

18. Do You Need To Pay a Higher Electrical Bill With Cursive Marquee Letters?

No. You won’t have to worry about a high electric cost when using cursive marquee letters.

Low-wattage, vibrant, and energy-efficient LEDs are used with the cursive marquee letters. As a result, the personalized cursive marquee letters are economical to operate.

19. Are Cursive Marquee Letters Durable?

Yes, cursive marquee letters are incredibly durable due to their high-quality materials and professional craftsmanship. In addition, the majority of letters with lights are stainless steel, which is quite robust.

Additionally, the cursive marquee letters come with an industry-leading multi-year warranty covering LEDs and any power supply failures to assure durability.

20. What Are The Key Features Of The Cursive Marquee Letters?

  • Freestanding
  • 5 to 6ft tall
  • Lightweight design
  • Easy to handle
  • LED bulbs
  • Includes own power lead and plug
  • Stunning wedding backdrop
  • Perfect for home decor, lobby areas, or wedding backdrop

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