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Imagine neon signs in the shape of a beer glass or open and close signs with unique designs brought to life by neon signs. Custom bar neon signs make a big statement with many features and customization. LITASIGN can provide a personalized solution to make all of your ideas a reality, whether you’re looking for signage for your projects or exquisite neon art pieces for your business.

Jazz Club Neon Sign

In the Saxophone with jazz club Neon Sign, the pleasant sound of jazz is transformed into a stylish piece of decor. The sculpture is a one-of-a-kind artwork for music aficionados! The lights form the shape of a jazz sax with the words "jazz club," making this a perfect decorative piece for a bar, club, or music venue.

Sports Bar Neon Sign

You can create an atmosphere of sportsmanship and friendliness with these sports bar neon signage. You may show your support for your favorite team while drinking your favorite beer with complementary neon sports signage in your living room, bar, or restaurant. 

Red Bar Neon Sign

The brilliant multi-color neon lights that make up the Bar with Martini Neon Sign are formed into the word 'Bar' with a martini cocktail off to the side. It's simple to use and may be hung on the wall or propped up on a table, shelf, or bar.

Lets Party Neon Sign

The "Let's Party" neon sign will get the party started. This multi-purpose neon light sign can be used for a variety of occasions, in a pub, a dance club or a bar. Presented on a high-quality, custom-cut clear acrylic backboard.

Chill Neon Sign

This bad boy is capable of going almost anyplace! Display it behind the bar, on the wall of your pub, or in your man cave!

The Bar Is Open Neon Sign

What good is a bar if it doesn't have a cool neon sign? This  the  bar is open unique piece would be a great addition to every bar, tavern, or nightclub. To let everyone know that you are open for business.

Night Club Neon Sign

This basic but powerful Night Club neon sign is designed to draw attention from onlookers. The Night Club neon sign is eye-catching and would look great in your bar or at a themed event because it is housed in a translucent acrylic container.

Personalized Bar 's Name Neon Sign

This personalized neon sign with your bar's name will draw attention to your establishment. The sign may be customized with your name and colorful lights and comes in a range of colors.

Naked Lady Neon Sign

This lovely 'Naked Lady' Custom Neon Signs will brighten up any room. This sign would look great in a window or on a wall. To give any area a breathtaking radiant shine, choose from a choice of striking colors.

Beer Neon Sign Inspirations

mock up bar neon sign real bar neon sign

Design Your Custom Bar Neon Sign As You Like

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Customize Bar Neon Sign with LITASIGN


LITASIGN: The Best LED Neon Sign Manufacturer in China

LITASIGN is a leading manufacturer of LED neon signs in China. With 7 production lines and 7 aging lines, that can annually provide over 20,000 signs to clients all over the world. LITASIGN completes the full production process from raw materials to completed products in-house, from the SMT equipment for LED chips through the integrated silicone extrusion machine to the acrylic cutting machine. Our LED neon signs’ production efficiency and quality are considerably improved as a result of this.

For growing business, LITASIGN can assist you in overcoming supply-side capacity constraints and ensuring on-time delivery.

LITASIGN: Committed to Delivering High-Quality Neon Sign

LITASIGN is known for manufacturing and exporting high-quality neon signs. They’ve been in the neon sign business for more than 6 years and have developed a reputation for delivering quality work.

LITASIGN neon sign has been manufactured to the highest quality standards. This is evident from the fact that it is certified to meet international standards. Although the sign was designed with a long lifespan, this does not mean that it will be losing its brightness soon. This is because we use luminous efficacy grade 2835SMD and 5050SMD led chips.


Good Neon Sign: Good Business

Well-crafted custom neon signs are the way of the future for marketplaces. At LITASIGN, we have excellent customer service and quality assurance practices to ensure your neon sign is of the best quality.

LITASIGN has been a leading provider of custom neon bar signs for over 6 years. With a team of designers with highly skilled and experienced. All designers are professional engineers and are available 24/7 to ensure that all your inquiries and concerns are answered. LITASIGN’s skilled workers undergo regular product training regularly to ensure that we provide the best service to you.

The Quality of LITASIGN Neon Signs is Everything. Here is Why.

pcb design

PCB Design

Professional PCB design can help reduce virtual soldering and off soldering problems effectively. The light part will be durable enough after bending and shaping during the LED neon signs manufacturing process.

pcb testing

PCB Testing

Following the completion of PCB board testing, it will be 100% tested, and LITASIGN will create a sample with LED chips. Then, to the next step after the test has been passed. For efficient production of LED neon signs, quality testing of raw materials is required. It also ensures that the ultimate product will be of the expected quality.

smt processing

SMT Processing

LITASIGN has its own SMT machines with which it manufactures the light source for LED strip light, LED neon flex, and LED neon signs. Currently, it can make 2,000 meters a day. SMT processing can solve the virtual soldering or off-soldering of LED chips that may happen in LED neon signs.

Silicone Extrusion Process

LED Neon Flex Extrusion

LITASIGN silicone extrusion machines can make an integrated virgin silicone LED neon flex. In comparison to manual approaches, the extrusion process can manufacture a very high quality waterproof and weather-resistant LED Neon strip in large quantities.

Design and Confirmation

Design and Confirmation

LITASIGN places a greater emphasis on the LED sign’s design. The design of the sample is identical to the final product. All details, including light color, jacket color, design, LED adaptor power, plug type, and dimmer version, will be carefully checked throughout the whole production process. Mass production will not pursue  until you give us your final approval. 

Backplate Engraving

LITASIGN can engrave 200 to 300 LED neon signs per day in high precision, smoke, and odor-free manner. Different configurations of engraving machines cut different backing materials without mixing in an effective precise manner.

Neon sign making

Neon Sign Making

Neon signs are handcrafted to the original design in accordance with export regulations. The quality of the workmanship determines how well they integrate into the design and how attractive they are. This is especially true for your clientele who value great workmanship when it comes to signs.

Finished Sign Aging

Finished Sign Aging

LED strip lights go through an aging process to test their efficiency, brightness, current, and other factors. LED lights are turned on for 12 hours straight in this process to see if they are working properly. If a problem arises, troubleshooting is carried out to resolve the issue before LEDs are mass-produced.

Neon Sign Packaging

Neon Sign Packaging

LITASIGN is equipped with packaging cutting and forming machines. Each finished sign is labeled with the appearance style of the product when it is packed, making it easier for customers to find the corresponding product when they receive it. The packaging also does a drop test to reduce the probability of damage to the outer packaging in transit.

Best Features of Custom Bar Neon Sign from LITASIGN

As a project manager, you must prioritize both cost and quality. The idea that "the higher the price, the better" is incorrect; the lighting business offers competitive prices due to economies of scale. LITASIGN has a large manufacturing space and efficient people resources, allowing them to demonstrate both quality and price competitiveness.

Integrated LED Neon Flex

Flexible and long-lasting, integrated LED neon flex is perfect for big development projects and retail signs. There will be no problems with jacket dropping or acrylic deformation, which may occur on the incorporated LED neon sign, thanks to improved heat dissipation.

Virgin Silicone Jackets

Its unique structure is good for light speed, more importantly, it helps to minimize stress on the LED stips inside when bending. The great softness and the LED's positive structure allow bending the neon flex randomly, which is a greater advantage over pvc or fake silicon. It is also anti-yellow, anti-aging, has no smell, and is fire-proof. It is safe for use.

Double Protection Tecnology

To ensure that if there is a failure in the middle part due to a broken circuit, the whole sign will still work normally. And can make you feel more at ease because you save maintenance costs for and increase the service life of signs.

Branding Acrylic Backboard

LITASIGN uses acrylic backboard from Taiwan joint-stock, which is excellent for both indoor and outdoor use. In comparison to PS or PVC board, it is more translucent and tougher. It has good formability and is weather, scratch, and yellowing resistant.

Patented PET Film Inclusion on LED Neon Flex

The inclusion of PET film inside the silicon jacket to strengthen the tensile strength of the PCB and LED chips protects the PCB from breaking and makes desoldering difficult. As a result, there's no need to be concerned about the sign being damaged by the weather or if it collides with a wall or corner.

High-Quality Power Supply

The power supply used by LITASIGN signages is CE/ROHS/FCC/UL/CUL/C-tick/PSE/KC certified. It has a high transition efficiency, so it meets your country's import standards while also saving energy.

More Attracted Lighting

All our signs are made of high brightness, and low light-decay LED chips with long life, limited energy costs, great durability, and increased safety. And a high light-transmittance silicone jacket, which makes it more attractive in your place.

Perfectly Fitted Packaging

Customized packaging based on different sizes of the signs, it will allow you to save on the cost of shipping—everything will be neater and cleaner.

High-Quality Accessories

LITASIGN's neon sign comes with stainless steel advertising screws and hanging ropes to hang your new LED sign. They are anti-rusting and durable makes hanging the sign quick and easy keeps your installation safe all the time. Even if the sign has been used for a long time, it will still look new.

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Vans Off the Wall Neon Sign

Vans is one of the most prominent skating shoe brands in the world, and this "Off the Wall" Vans Logo Neon Sign honors them. You get the long-lasting power of LED bulbs paired with the detailed style of the world's most iconic emblem with a tri-color glow.


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Chevrolet Neon Sign

This Chevrolet Neon Sign is great for garages, stores, man caves, pool rooms, bars, and game rooms, as well as homes and businesses!


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Ok Used Car neon Sign

Your favorite automobile brand neon sign can be used to decorate your home, workplace, basement, garage, shop, or "mancave."


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AK47 Neon Sign

This AK47 GUN NEON SIGN neon sign is a cool neon effect sign for your office, party, bedroom, home bar, pub, man cave, or garage. A stylish neon sign can be used as a photo backdrop for a party or event.


Price from $154.00

Eye Neon Sign

In the light of this lovely LED neon piece, you'll wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. It's a sunbeam-smiling white eye with lashes. It's impossible to have a terrible day with this motivating neon artwork above your bed.


Price from $155.00

Game Controller Neon Sign

 If you love gaming! This is This white color game controller neon sign and mounted in a clear acrylic backing is best display on your game room, room or man cave.


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Lips Neon Sign

Lips neon sign is used to create this witty ornamental sign. The acrylic is precisely cut to fit the lips. It's lightweight, easy to mount on the wall, and looks beautiful in any environment.


Price from $150.00

Importance Of Choosing LITASIGN Custom Bar Neon Signs

Working with an expert neon sign maker will ensure that your custom bar neon signs project will stand out in the crowd. It can grab the right attention for every business. The custom bar neon signs produced by LITASIGN are made of high-quality materials, feature bright colors and high contrast to attract the attention of even the most selective customers.

Some of the reasons why you should consider LITASIGN custom bar neon signs for your business and projects.

  • Complete Light Control

LITASIGN Custom Bar Neon Signs are specially designed for hospitality, bar, and restaurants. The lights inside the signage can be customized, with different colors to match the establishment’s themes or the environment because the light colors inside the sign are controllable. Changing colors at any time with no need for switching off thus offering different levels of light.

  • Appeal

Incorporate a custom bar neon sign from LITASIGN into your business or project. Made of durable high quality materials, these signs will bring a lasting impression on anyone who sees it. Features such as the easy installation and the ability to choose from a variety of finishes ensure that this is a sign that will fit your needs.

  • Superior Lighting Quality

LITASIGN can customize a custom bar neon sign to suit your requirements as we have a wider range of colors and other features you can choose from. This makes it possible to match the signs with any signage that needs to achieve great quality. Neon signs that are designed with a long lifespan with prolonged brightness because of luminous efficacy grade 2835SMD and 5050SMD led chips used.

  • Visibility

LITASIGN’s custom bar neon signs will ensure a clear presentation of the information you want to convey. This is due to the bright and appealing colors, as well as the large fonts, that we employ in production to ensure that they are visible from various viewing angles.

  • Low Maintenance Requirement

When you buy a bar neon sign from LITASIGN, you will receive a sign that is built for durability. Our signs are made of the best materials with LED lights inside to power the neon signs. This prevents any blackouts or flickering lights. You will not worry about the frequent need for maintenance.

  • Affordability

The return on investment for custom bar neon signs from LITASIGN will always exceed the initial investment as we sell them at very affordable prices. We use high quality materials, and we don’t outsource the manufacturing process. LITASIGN offers affordable and high-quality items and offer excellent customer service.

The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Custom Bar Neon Signs


Custom bar neon signs are a terrific complement to any venue. Gives the overall visual appeal an authentic sense. Finally, these lit signs are a great approach to reach a large number of potential customers. Furthermore, unusual neon signs attract clients globally at night, increasing traffic.

There are numerous neon sign options available. Because there are so many places to get them, each bar and restaurant wants something unique.

Buying a bespoke neon sign for your business might be confusing. We’ve created a detailed guide for users unfamiliar with the world of bespoke neon signs.

Table of Contents

1. How To Set Custom Bar Neon Signs?

A few simple steps are required to install a custom neon sign in a bar. It’s essential, however, to take caution while putting neon signs for pubs. Some bespoke neon signs have holes drilled into them as a mounting point.

If you can’t discover a hole in the back of your neon sign, you’ll have to carefully screw it into your wall using screws that are driven through the back of the sign. To install your personalized neon bar sign, follow the steps outlined in this article.

Determine the location of the neon signs on the wall first.

Make a pencil mark on the wall through the holes in the neon bar signs.

Use a drill machine to drill out all holes and insert raw plugs.

Remove the top section by unscrewing it and then threading it on with the fasteners provided.

Screw in the tiny screw firmly now with any screwdriver.

To secure a sign, tie the two parts together and then sandwich it.

Once you’ve tightened them all up, your neon bar signs will be free from wall attachment.

2. What Are the Benefits of Custom Bar Neon Signs?

Have you ever considered how to decorate a bar uniquely without relying on bland, standard design options? It has become more straightforward to incorporate brightness into everyday design choices.

Each neon sign is created specifically for you based on your specifications and preferences. It’s an opportunity to purchase a neon sign that has been personalized for a bar’s interior décor.

The following are the primary advantages of adding neon lights in a bar:

Optional Bold Lighting

Neon lights are eye-catching lighting alternatives that enhance the charm of any property. They can dramatically modify any ambiance due to their bright hues. Others use neon lights to draw attention to specific areas of their kitchens or even living rooms.

Neon lighting is a simple method to incorporate color into your bar décor while also providing a creative lighting choice. Spring and summer are excellent for incorporating neon lights into your yard, camper, or wherever else!

Forms and Designs

Due to their versatility, neon signs are ideal for house design. Neon lighting is available in many colors, allowing you to choose one that complements your style. Additionally, bar neon signs can be shaped in many ways. Because neon lights can be utilized to create messages, logos, and even images, they are popular with retailers and company owners. Individuals can customize a neon sign by adding their name, a favorite quote, or anything else they like.


Custom neon signs for bars last five times as long as glass signs, which typically last 10,000 hours. This amounts to an approximate life expectancy of 50,000 hours for LED lights.

As a result, these LED neon lights for the bar outlive standard glass neon lights by more than 40,000 hours.

Environmentally Friendly

Glass neon signs are more polluting to the environment than LED neon signs. Mercury contamination may occur as a result of these glass bulbs. Mercury is ingested when hot mercury-impregnated glass is swallowed, resulting in metal poisoning among neon glass workers. Thus, LED neon signs for bars exceed classic glass neon lights regarding environmental stewardship and user safety.

Can Alter the Mood & Style

Neon signs for houses are a low-cost option to enhance the appearance and personality of living areas. A neon sign in a room establishes the mood, so choose colors corresponding to a character to alter the perspective. For instance, blue and white light can increase a bar’s efficiency. Red lights, on the other hand, are beneficial to the internal clock and mental wellness. Red lights stimulate the production of melatonin, a hormone that aids sleep.

Neon signs can alter an individual’s mindset by changing the color of the neon lights.

Featured Items

Adorning a property with a neon sign is a simple way to call attention to specific spots or products. Numerous people use rope or neon strip lights to frame artwork on their walls. Others may employ neon lighting to enhance the style and prominence of furniture such as cabinets or mattresses.

By highlighting distinct space areas with neon lights, they take on a unique appearance.

3. Which Customization Services Are Available In Custom Bar Neon Signs?

Consumers appreciate having their name or a personal message displayed on the neon sign of their favorite pub. As a result, several neon sign manufacturers, such as LITASIGN, provide numerous customization choices for their neon signs. Prior to placing an order for custom neon-lit signs for bars, you can select from the following features.

  • The font’s color
  • Font size Font style Background designs
  • Size
  • Backboard dimensions
  • The length of the cable
  • The color of the cable

4. How To Find the Best Manufacturers of Custom Bar Decor Neon Signs in China?

China is the most enticing source of consumer goods on the planet. China possesses cutting-edge technologies and highly efficient people resources, which enables it to produce high-quality goods at competitive prices. Thus, neon sign wholesalers and retailers import customized neon signs from China. Finding a reliable manufacturer, on the other hand, can be challenging but not impossible.

Consider the following factors when looking for an appropriate factory.

Extensive Lighting Industry Knowledge
When selecting an LED neon sign manufacturer, one should prioritize experience. Only sign makers with a proven track record will produce high-quality signage. Consider the manufacturer’s starting date and critical products since these can provide insight into the manufacturer’s quality pattern.

LITASIGN began operations in 2015. And they are illuminated mainly by unique neon signage. LITASIGN provides intelligent lighting solutions to meet your lighting requirements. They can provide you with practically any sort of neon sign.

Sourcing of Raw Materials
When purchasing a neon sign, the quality of the raw materials may be critical. Inquiries about silicone and LED chips may assist you in fine-tuning your investment in a long-lasting neon sign.

Due to its long life, durability, potency, and tiny size LED chips are frequently utilized in neon signs and displays. Surface-mounted diode (SMD) chips are commonly used in this application due to their compact size, low energy consumption, and rapid response time. SMD-LEDs have a life expectancy of 50,000 hours and can produce up to 16 million distinct colors.

Silicone, another essential raw material for fabricating bespoke bar neon signs, is available from various reputable suppliers. When purchasing high-quality silicone, the following characteristics should be considered:

  • Silicone of superior quality will release no odor.
  • Superior-quality silicone is more translucent than PVC.
  • They have RoHS-certified environmental reports.
  • They are easily bendable and will not cause the light to break or dent.
  • They will be long-lasting.

Commitment to Excellence
Each neon sign manufacturer makes a pledge to their customers about product quality. Quality may be ensured by the research and development department and skilled engineers. LITASIGN has an outstanding research and development department, which is staffed by numerous engineers. They created advanced LED chips just for their LED lights. Their Quality Control department ensures that each finished product meets the highest industry standards.

Provided Customization Services
Custom neon bar signs necessitate a range of customization services. At times, distributors and retailers are unable to sell their products due to a lack of customization. Customers seek personalized neon bar signs that fit the color and tone of their bars. A reputable manufacturer can provide the following customization services:

  • The language of neon signs
  • Neon sign typefaces/fonts
  • Size of the Font
  • Lights Dimensions
  • Graphic/Image
  • The form of the backboard.
  • The color of the backboard.
  • The length of the cable.
  • Cutting sizes
  • The color of the cable

Customer Support System
At any stage during the purchasing process, you may seek assistance. After-sales service is a significant factor in determining the reliability of a manufacturer. Numerous complications may arise while ordering, installing, and maintaining unique bar neon signage. As a result, confirm the availability of the manufacturer’s customer care system.

Community Reactions
You can identify a credible maker of custom bar neon signs by reading community evaluations. You can check the Google My Business pages of your manufacturers; consumer feedback is also available on social media and local business directory pages.

5. What Factors Should You Consider Before Choosing Custom Bar Neon Signs?

Customizable neon signage for bars is distinctive. Most wholesalers and merchants of bar neon signs prioritize price over quality. Whether you are an end-user or a reseller, there are several considerations when choosing this type of signage.


No compromises will be made on a personalized neon sign for a residential building. Without market and product research, it’s tough to identify high-quality products. Never make critical decisions based on the opinions of industry influencers. When selecting the most excellent custom bar neon sign, consider the raw materials and manufacturing technique.


A handmade neon bar sign of superior quality is highly brilliant. Bar designs, both indoor and outdoor, benefit from ample natural light. Due to the unique light decay qualities of LED chips, neon signs remain bright. Due to their constant brightness, SMD chips are the most difficult.


Without electricity, the ornamental elements of the majority of bespoke neon signs for bars will remain dark. Your bar neon signs can be illuminated 24 hours a day using a battery system.

Additionally, a hole in the custom neon signs should be considered. If so, they can be mounted virtually anywhere.


Additionally, consider the longevity of bespoke neon bar signs. The long-lasting bar neon signs eliminate the trouble of bar neon sign replacement. Utilizing a durable custom bar neon sign might help you save money on operational expenditures.

Typically, custom neon bar signage lasts between 40,000 and 50,000 hours. We create unique LED bar neon signs using cutting-edge LED technology and superior silicone. They have a life expectancy of over 12 years when run continuously for 12 hours.

6. What is the Expected Lifespan of Custom Bar Neon Signs?

The durability of custom-made bar neon signs is dependent on the LED chip quality and manufacturing method. LED lights are extremely durable and impact-resistant, lasting more than 50,000 hours.

7. Will You Get Mounting Hardware With Custom Bar Neon Signs?

With the accompanying mounting hardware, installing the bespoke neon signs in your bar will be a breeze. However, not all manufacturers include mounting gear with their neon signs for bars. Following that, you’ll need to purchase mounting hardware. Due to the lack of a standard size of mounting hardware, locating sufficient hardware might be tricky.

To save money, some manufacturers omit mounting hardware from custom neon signs for bars. To ensure the signs’ safety and longevity, experts recommend that business owners purchase personalized neon signs in conjunction with mounting hardware.

8. Can You Move These Neon Signs in Different Parts of the Bar?

Manufacturers of custom bar signs produce a wide array of items. Certain neon signs for bars can be suspended, while others must be permanently attached to the wall. If the hanging options for your custom bar neon sign are included, you can swiftly relocate it.

We enjoy adorning our pub with neon signs in strategic areas. With hanging options, you can quickly and easily relocate bespoke neon wall signs to decorate birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, and other events.

9. Can You Run Custom Bar Neon Signs With Batteries?

Most custom neon bar signs for houses are powered by direct electric plug-in technology. Numerous high-end bespoke neon sign manufacturers integrate battery and electrical systems into their neon signs. LITASIGN develops battery-operated neon signage for companies. As a result, you can continue to brighten your décor even if the power is cut off.

10. Do Custom Custom Bar Neon Signs Have the Risk of Getting Hot?

Custom neon bar signs outperform standard neon wall signage. LED-neon signs are extremely energy efficient and generate very little heat. Surface-mounted device (SMD) chips of superior quality generate very little heat. You will not, however, feel the heat generated by the light, as custom bar neon signs are made of high-quality silicone.

11. Do Custom Bar Neon Signs Require Any Maintenance?

In comparison to other types of lighting, neon bar signs require less maintenance. They need cleaning only occasionally, and they do not require frequent replacement parts. However, the lifespan of a personalized bar neon sign is entirely dependent on your maintenance.

12. Are Custom Bar Neon Signs Handmade?

Yes. It is handmade from start to end.  A neon sign is entirely handmade, which means that everything you see on it is unique. The truth is that getting the silicone to bend in the desired spot requires a great degree of precision, experience, and eye-hand synchronization.

While neon signs come in various shapes and patterns, their created technique has primarily stayed the same since their origin.

13. Are Custom Bar Neon Signs Safe to Use?

Yes, it is entirely safe. It contributes to the prevention of overheating and ensures that all things are designed to be energy efficient and ecologically friendly. LITASIGN’s bar neon signs are wholly constructed of LED flex; no glass is utilized in their manufacture. Simultaneously, they are more compact, lighter, durable, and easier to move. Additionally, we ensure the safety of all of our products by having them UL-listed.

14. What Type of Power Outlet Do I Need for the Custom Bar Neon Signs?

LITASIGN’s unique bar neon signs are powered by 12 volts. As a result, the power supply provided can easily be plugged into a standard wall socket. No hardwiring is required.

15. Can I get a dimmer for my Custom Bar Neon Signs?

Yes, for an additional $3, you may add a dimmer or remote control to your bar neon sign. Our dimmer and remote control settings enable you to turn on and off lights, modify their brightness, or make them flash pulse, or flicker.

16. Do you Offer a Warranty for the Custom Bar Neon Signs?

A one-year warranty covers outdoor bar neon signs; a two-year contract covers indoor bar neon signs. During the warranty term, we will repair or replace free of charge any neon sign manufactured by us that does not satisfy our stringent quality standards.

17. Are your Custom Bar Neon signs UL certified?

Yes. All of our neon signs for bars and other applications are UL certified.

18. How Does Custom Bar Neon Signs Maintenance Work?

Like any other sort of lighting, custom bar neon signs require ongoing upkeep to function correctly. Never clean a neon light while it is connected. After that, wipe down your neon signs with a dry cloth or dust cleaner to eliminate any remaining dirt. Your neon sign should never be cleaned with water. This will cause damage to your neon sign, but it may also result in an accident that is beyond your control.

19. Do you have Custom Home Neon Signs Design Fees?

No. There is no payment for design; we create complimentary neon signage for bars. Simply tell us what you want, and we’ll take care of the rest.

20. How Far Away Will the Letters on my Custom Bar Neon signs be readable?

In general, for every inch of letter height used, your letters will be legible from up to 38 feet away. As a result, 6-inch lettering would be visible up to 200 feet away. Because red neon letters are the most readable, they are frequently used in open sign applications. Purples and yellows are the least readable hues, commonly used for borders. Apart from boosting your sign’s visibility, black backings enhance its attractiveness.

Letter Height

Max. Readable Distance


152 ft


190 ft


228 ft


304 ft


380 ft


456 ft

21. Can you use Custom Bar Neon Signs during the day?

Despite popular belief, neon signs are not restricted to use at night. During the day, neon signs’ illumination might still be quite noticeable. While the brightness may be less intense than at night, the neon pattern will still be visible when outdoors.

22. Are Custom Bar Neon Signs Expensive to Use?

While custom neon bar signs for houses are pretty bright, this does not imply they will consume all your electricity. Neon signs are an incredibly cost-effective form of advertising. Neon signs emit light with a relatively small wavelength. This type of neon sign is less expensive than a standard light bulb.

23. How Long will My Custom Bar Neon Sign Order Take to Ship?

5-7 days is a typical timeframe for total manufacture. We can accommodate rush orders on a case-by-case basis, depending on our workload. From start to finish, international priority express shipping normally takes between 4-6 days. As a result, you should expect your item to arrive between 11 and 13 days after placing your order.

24. What Type of Power Outlet do I Need for the Custom Bar Neon Signs?

LITASIGN’s unique bar neon signs are powered by 12 volts. As a result, the power supply provided can easily be plugged into a standard wall socket. No hardwiring is required.

25. Do the Bar Neon Signs Buzz or Hum?

No, bar neon signs are incredibly quiet, making them excellent for a place with a low tolerance for noise.

27. Can I Place My Bar Neon Signs Outdoors?


Manufacturers frequently include neon signage on both the interior and exterior of their buildings. Indoor neon signs are not appropriate for outdoor use.

LITASIGN creates neon signs that are weatherproof and specifically built for outdoor use.

  1. A waterproof silicone coating is applied to the Neon flex PCB to prevent the LEDs from shorting out and producing deadlights.
  2. The wire connections are waterproofed to prevent water from entering and triggering a short circuit.
  3. Each pair of male and female connectors features an IP67 waterproof connector.
  4. To prevent rainwater from collecting at the low end, pre-drilled water leakage holes are placed at the lowest point of contact between the acrylic backboard and the neon flex.

28. Do My Bar Neon Signs Include Hardware to Hang It?

Yes, we provide our customers with stainless steel advertising screws and hanging ropes.

29. What Fonts Should I Get on my Custom Neon Signs for Bar?

Our vast collection of fonts makes it simple for our customers to locate exactly what they need. Each typeface is created with readability, personality, and style in mind—and is always evolving to stay current with developing trends.

Additional information about the font option is available in the section below.

Figure 1 -Custom Bar Neon Sign Font Option

30. Should I leave My Bar Decor Neon Signs on 24/7?

We strongly recommend customers to turn off the switch when not in use, since leaving it on 24 hours a day would significantly reduce the neon sign’s lifespan. Any product has a life expectancy; LEDs have a life expectancy of 50,000 hours.

31. Which Colors Are Available for Custom Bar Neon Sign?

There are a total of 22 distinct sign colors available.

You may create your neon signs in a variety of colors. Red, yellow, gold, yellow, blue, ice blue, aqua pink, water pink, orange, purple, green, and warm white are among these colors.

custom bar neon sign color-board2 (1)
Figure -Custom Bar Neon Sign Color Board

32. Are Neon Bar Signs Capable of Performing Multiple Lighting Functions?

Yes, when linked with power, neon bar signs may perform a variety of illumination functions using the many LED lights inside. Additionally, you may combine these LED lights inside to create a variety of colors.

Several alternative methods for generating various lighting effects in neon bar signs include the following:

Coating the plates with phosphor or fluorescent powder will cause the pub light signs to glow a specific hue when activated.
Utilizing fluorescent lights that are colored within the acrylic plate of the bar’s illuminated sign.
Utilizing a tinted acrylic plate.

33. How Makes Custom Bar Neon Signs Change Colors?

These are some of the ways they can change color:

LEDs with a variety of colors

Changing a neon light bar’s color using RGB (red, green, and blue) LED chips is the most frequent method. Inside, there are three tiny diodes, each emitting a different hue.


If you use an RGB controller, you can get a broader range of colors. To acquire different shades of red, green, and blue, adjust the intensity of the LEDs.

Digital LED

The diodes of an LED chip are red, green, and blue. Because each LED has its driver chip on it, you may control each one individually.

The controllers for bar lights and signs will be highly modern to make them seem attractive. As a result, the patterns on the lamps will be highly complex.

The brightness of battery-powered neon bar signs can be reduced.

It is feasible to dim battery-powered bar signs using a rotary or digital low-voltage dimmer for a dimmer-capable power supply. Both options are acceptable (PSU).

It can be used to dim battery-powered neon bar signs. When the rotary’s low voltage side is connected to the low voltage side of the bar signs, it’s ready to operate at total capacity. To make it easier for them to turn off the neon lights in the bar, this will allow them to disconnect the power supply unit (PSU).

To lower the voltage in the PSU, it is connected to a rotary or a leading-edge dimmer. In a dimmable power supply unit, this is accomplished (PSU). Battery-powered bar signs will be less light as a result of this.

This is an attractive option if you wish to run custom neon bar signage through the bar’s lighting equipment. There are many dimmable power supply units available, so you can pick and choose what you want. The same goes for everyone.

Battery-powered bar signs can be dimmed to 0% in two methods. In addition, they stabilize the light and prevent it from flickering.

34. What makes Custom Bar Neon Sign Personalized so Vibrant?

Neon flex and various coatings in the signs radiate the customized colors of the colorful neon bar sign. Only one-third of the colors, such as orange, red, and vivid tones of pink, are produced using the term “neon,” which is used to designate neon bar lights.

35. What is the Difference Between Custom Bar Neon Sign and Traditional Glass Neon?

Traditional glass neon and neon light bar signs have several key characteristics.


Neon light bar signs are more cost-effective than glass tubes and easy to install. However, buying and maintaining traditional glass neon is more expensive.


Inflexible materials are used to make personalized light-up bar signs composed of high-quality and flame-resistant fabrics. Breakable and delicate glass is used to construct traditional glass neon signs.


Because of their lower voltage, pub light signs are safe to touch, and there is no risk of glass breaking. In contrast, traditional glass neon signs entail a risk of shattering.


Unless they are huge or require unique installation, pub neon lights do not necessitate the services of an expert team for installation. Traditional glass neon is extremely difficult to install because of its weight, fragility, and power requirements.

Portable and light in weight

As compared to classic glass neon, bar lights and signs are lighter in weight, making them easier to use in any fashion that you wish.


Because they are so silent, bars with neon lights make no sound. The buzzing sound of traditional glass neon, on the other hand, is well-known and causes a lot of disturbance.


Compared to classic glass neon, light-up pub signs are brighter, allowing them to provide a warmer light.

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