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At LITASIGN, we specialize in crafting custom neon signs perfectly suited to meet the unique needs of every business. Our expertise lies in creating vibrant, eye-catching signage that captures brand’s essence and attracts attention. Whether for a corporation or a small local business, our neon signs are tailored to elevate a brand presence and leave a lasting impression.  

LED Open Signs for Business

Open neon signs are commonly used in retail businesses to attract the attention of customers or to advertise new items. Our open neon signs are durable, affordable, and easy to change out, eliminating the need for large advertisements that are expensive and difficult to replace.

Brand Neon Sign

Neon signs are an excellent way to attract attention and differentiate yourself from the competition. Create a custom neon sign featuring brand name in the color, font style, and size of your choice.

Neon Signs for Bars

Neon bar signs allow you to personalize any establishment and make a statement. With custom designs and made to order, you don’t have to settle for one sign – find the perfect combination of bar signs to sell beer and make a statement at the same time!

Neon Signs for Storefront

Our high quality business neon signs are the perfect way to display your brand or product information with fantastic color and lighting. With our large selection of custom neon signs, you're sure to find the perfect sign for your business.

Neon Sign Business Logo

The custom business logo neon sign is more than just a light, it is more of an eyeball magnet. It projects a good image of a business. It projects the image of trust, reliability and more people will buy products because of the eye-catching attraction on the business premises.

Neon Quotes for Restaurants

A statement on the wall of your restaurant, similar to bars, may greatly assist set the ambience. While bar quotations are primarily focused on alcohol, you should focus your quote on food or a specific dish you serve.

Strip Club Neon Sign

This Strip Club LED Neon Light Sign is both stylish and functional. Most people have seen one of these world-famous light shows in a store window, a bar, a man cave, recording studios, and a variety of other locations. The gorgeous neon-colored glow of these popular signage is causing a stir all over the world.

Night Club Neon Sign

This basic Night Club neon sign has been designed to be visually appealing, making it an excellent prop for attracting passers-by. The Night Club neon sign is eye-catching and would look excellent in your bar or at a themed event.

Hair Salon Neon Sign

Today, one of the most popular businesses are hair salons. The majority of people  visit a hair salon at least once a month, or twice. Do these individuals realize you own a hair business and would gladly offer them with your services? A bright hair salon sign can assist!

Business Neon Sign Inspirations

mock up business neon sign real-business-NEON-SIGN

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Customize Business Neon Signs with LITASIGN


LITASIGN's Quality Products with Top Service

LITASIGN’s professional business design team can assist you to create the perfect sign for you business or project. From your initial idea, we can provide a fully-costed and fixed-price proposal. LITASIGN can work fast with high standards for quality and keeping costs down.

LITASIGN has been manufacturing high-quality neon signs for over 6 years. With the help of a team of designers that can help you with all stages including design, production, and installation. From start to finish, the team will keep you informed every step of the way.

LITASIGN's Custom Business Neon Signs, Fast and Professional

LITASIGN has been recognized as the best provider of high-quality signs in the international market. With more than 6 years of experience in the neon sign industry. Continuous process improvements are the key factor used to ensure quality.

LITASIGN can respond to the needs of modern markets with its competitive advantages such as low minimum order required, fast production time, rich and various customization options, etc. We don’t just provide you with custom business neon signs that are perfectly designed and crafted, we will also offer you great pre and after-sales services.


The Perfect Sign for Your Business: LITASIGN Custom Business Neon Sign

LITASIGN is a one-stop-shop for all your business neon signs needs, we produce custom business neon signs with a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors with enhanced equipment. 

LITASIGN also creates neon signs that can attract the attention of the intended viewers and clients easily. Using custom business neon signs from LITASIGN can improve the appearance of any business at a very low cost. Despite their low cost, LITASIGN will ensure that each custom business neon sign is of excellent quality.

LITASIGN Custom Business Neon Sign, The Perfect Sign for your Business

Custom business neon signs are the best option as they come in a broad range of designs, sizes, and colors. They can be used to make any kind of business or project that you have. It offers a great deal of appeal with its brightness and animation that is almost impossible to resist. These are some benefits to help you decide, why the LITASIGN custom business neon sign is the perfect sign for your business.

High Visibility

LITASIGN custom business neon signs are illuminated with colorful LED lights and an eye-catching design. It can help any establishment increase its visibility, and send its intended message and create a lasting impression to its intended market.

Design Freedom

LITASIGN offers a wide range of designs for your customized neon signs. You can choose a neon sign for a particular product or you can create a specific message with our custom sign maker service, this service can give you the option of choosing from many different color combinations and designs that we have available for custom business signs.

Nighttime Functionality

Neon signs are a popular technique to advertise any brand or business. This is especially important for the business that expects the majority of its traffic at night. Customers will be able to recognize but also remember where a business is located. Its because the human eye is naturally drawn to luminous objects when it is dark.

Wide Operating Range

Aside from being extremely durable, neon signs also have a high tolerance for power surges and burnouts. In terms of power supply and voltage, they're flexible. It's because neon signs have electrodes instead of filaments, which do not heat up and can rule out the possibility of the neon signs blowing up due to excessive voltage. After all, they don't heat up.

Long Lifespan

LITASIGN's neon sign can stand the test of time. With no filaments that would keep burning out at regular intervals, it has no features that would require frequent maintenance. Hence its electrodes last anywhere between 10 to 12 years, making this option better than most others in terms of maintenance costs.

Attract More Customers

A custom business neon sign is an incredibly effective way to promote a brand. A sign is a great way to liven up a building and draw attention to a business, and this neon sign is no exception. This beautiful neon sign is expected to be durable and long-lasting. LITASIGN's custom business neon signs are practical and classy ways of drawing the attention of the public and potential clients.

Energy Efficient

LITASIGN's neon signs does not only offers limitless design possibilities, but the signs are also low on consumption, so it won’t cost you a fortune to install and maintain them. In fact, neon signs will use approximately 50% less electricity than modern signs.

Consumer Conditioning

As such, neon signs have a long history of advertising. Consumers have been conditioned to pay attention to neon signs. Customers will look for neon signs to see if the business is open and to see if there are any promotions. This can be beneficial to a business. A neon sign will attract the eye of anyone passing by from the time it is erected in a business.

Easy Set-Up

No technical knowledge needed to set up a custom business neon sign . Custom logo neon lights brighten up dark spaces at night and can help to significantly increase foot traffic during the day.

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Chill Neon Sign

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Lets Party Neon Sign

On the dance floor, this sign is guaranteed to be a success! Purchase today in your preferred color and receive a remote and dimmer to turn your light on in party mode.


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What Set LITASIGN Apart From the Rest?

1. Uncompromised Quality

Don’t risk of cheap neon and get a sign that will stand the test of time. LITASIGN’s 10-step quality control ensures we provide the highest quality signs at the best prices.

2. Best Quality that Doesn’t Break the Bank

LITASIGN manufactures all of our neon signs in-house. We’re able to get you the best value for your money and negotiate both the price and exact details of your business signs with this top-quality company to give you the best neon sign.

3. Long Warranty Period

All of our signs come with a full 12-month outdoor guarantee and a 24-month indoor warranty. If something goes wrong, we’ll fix it or send you a new sign for free.

4. 24/7 Sales Service

As a leading supplier of neon signs, we pride ourselves in providing a quick turnaround and a quotation service that is available to customers before they quote to their customers.

5. Short Production and Shipping Time

We have a quick manufacturing and shipping time to help you reduce capital turnaround time. It takes 5-7 days to produce a product. Two for rush orders. Door-to-door international priority express shipping normally takes 4-6 days. As a result, your order will take 11-13 days to arrive.

The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Custom Business Neon Signs


Are you thinking about purchasing a neon sign for your business? Business neon signs tend to be very effective in marketing your business to potential clients. It is because they are long-term and engaging.

However, the sign designs might not work for your particular business. There are plenty of things to consider before doing so. What’s the cost? How much power will it use? Are our custom signs more expensive? While there are many questions to ask, we’ll do our best to answer them all here in this comprehensive FAQ guide.

Table of Contents

1. What Are Custom Business Neon Signs?

Customized neon signs for businesses are one-of-a-kind works of art that have been created or updated by hand. Neon signs may be strong instruments in any company’s marketing and branding activities, as well as attractive decor in homes.

2. How are Custom Business Neon Signs Made?

The LED neon flex circuit diagrams are created using high-tech computer applications.

The LED PCB custom neon signboards are inspected by the QC department before the procedure is sent.

The most advanced SMT machine can achieve high efficiency, precision and stability.

After that, groove the acrylic board to secure the neon strip in place.

Once the final neon sign is ready to ship, it undergoes an ageing test to ensure that it is of the highest quality.

See how a bespoke neon sign maker makes neon signs in the video below.

3. How are the Custom Business Neon Signs Powered?

To make them work, custom company neon signs must be connected to an electrical outlet.

Powered by 12V DC or 24V DC, neon signs for businesses are custom-made. Using an approved AC adapter, this may be hooked into 120/240V mains electricity and converted into low voltage 12/24V DC.

4. How Long Will the Custom Business Neon Signs Last?

The materials used to build a neon sign impact the sign’s lifespan.

Neons have an average lifespan of 8 to 12 years when used continuously.

LED Neon’s lifespan is approximately 50,000 hours under normal operating circumstances.

5. Does Custom Business Neon Sign Require Any Maintenance?

Low-maintenance custom business neon signs are easier to keep clean. When it comes to the longevity of a bespoke neon sign, it all depends on how well you look after it.

Here are some recommendations for maintaining your bespoke neon signs for your business.


Dust and other debris can build up in a neon sign’s silicone tube if it isn’t maintained clean.

As a result, the sign’s brightness will be reduced.

  • Be sure to unplug your neon signs’ wiring before cleaning it. Even if the LED neon bar signs don’t get hot, you should unplug them to avoid transformer-related dangers.
  • The dust should be vacuumed out with a cleaner. Those hard-to-reach crevices can be dusted out using a paintbrush.
  • Use a nylon brush or a delicate cloth to clean the silicone tubing.
  • Clean grime and grease from commercial neon signs with an ammonia-based cleaner.


Flying insects, little crawling bugs, and medium-sized bugs are all attracted to neon signs.

The light from a neon sign attracts more flying insects when it is placed outside than it does when it is placed inside.

Installing mosquito traps or electric bug zappers on your property is the best method to avoid pest problems.

6. How Safe Are the Custom Business Neon Signs?

LED lights and eco-friendly materials are used to make custom business neon signs that are safe and energy-efficient.

They use only 12V, so you can save money and help the environment at the same time.

You won’t be burned if you touch LED lights because they are significantly cooler than classic neon.

7. Which Colors Are Available for Custom Business Neon Sign?

There are a total of 22 different sign colors to choose from.

You can choose from a wide variety of colors for your own neon signs. These colors include red, yellow, gold yellow, blue, ice blue, aqua pink, water pink, orange, purple, green, and warm white.

custom business neon sign color-board2 (1)
Figure 1 -Custom Business Neon Sign Color Board

8. What Font Can I Choose for the Custom Business Neon Sign?

For your personalized neon sign, we have a variety of typefaces to choose from, including block, cursive, and double-lined. Fonts of all kinds are also supported by us. Our LED neon sign-making company has a wide variety of fonts to choose from. In order to make neon signs, you can provide any typeface and handwritten text or patterns that you want.

Check out the resources listed below for more information about your font selection.

Figure 2 - Custom Business Neon Sign Font Option

9. How Much Does a Custom Business Neon Sign Cost?

Design intricacy, size, and number all have an impact on the custom neon sign price. Although trademarks and unique shapes are more expensive than simple designs, they cost between $50 and $150. All of LITASIGN’s neon signs are made in-house, and the company’s custom commercial neon signs are reasonably priced.

10. How Long Does it Take to Get a Custom Business Neon Sign?

Production takes 5-7 days on average. If you need it sooner, we can do it. International priority express shipping normally takes 4-6 days. As a result, delivery takes 11–13 days.

11. Can I Put a Custom Business Neon Sign Outside?

The answer is YES.  Most factories have neon signs that can be used both inside and outside. Indoor neon signs can’t be used outside.

LITASIGN makes neon signs for outdoor use that are waterproof.

  • A waterproof silicone coating is sprayed on the Neon flex PCB to keep the LEDs from shorting out and making the lights go out.
  • Water can’t get into the wire connections, which could cause a short circuit.
  • All male and female connector pairs are waterproof IP67.
  • When the acrylic backboard and neon flex come into contact, there are holes for water to leak through. This prevents rainwater from building up at the low end.

12. How to Find the Right Size for My Custom Business Neon Sign?

  • You should measure the space where you will put your neon sign.
  • It’s your budget.
  • How it works and how well it looks.

Let the guide below help you decide on the size of your neon sign.

custom business neon sign size-guide-outdoor
Figure 3 - Custom Business Neon Sign Size Guide

13. Does my Custom Business Neon Sign Come with a Warranty?

Yes, the outdoor neon signs come with a one-year warranty and the indoor neon signs come with a two-year warranty.

If there is a problem with your sign within that period, we will fix it or replace it for you.

14. What Are the Custom Business Neon Sign Backplate Options?

There are many options:

  • Fixed by Base
  • Fixed by Rope
  • Fixed by Nail
  • Cut to shape
  • Cut to the board
  • Cut to the letter 

Please see the picture below.

custom business-neon-sign-backboard-options (1) (2)
Figure 4 - Custom Business Neon Sign Backboard Option
Custom business neon sign backplates styles
Figure 4 - Custom Business Neon Sign Backplates Styles

15. What is the Returns Policy for Custom Business Neon Sign?

Production takes 5-7 days on average. If you need it sooner, we can do it. International priority express shipping normally takes 4-6 days. As a result, delivery takes 11–13 days.

16. Do You Offer a Dimmable Option for the Custom Business Neon Signs?

Yes, we can provide remote control, Bluetooth control, or WIFI control device for neon signs that have dimmable brightness and magic color effects.

It is an additional US$3 per unit.

17. What is a Custom Business Neon Sign Made From?

The unique business neon sign is constructed from a tough silicone casing that houses a number of energy-efficient LEDs.

It generates a neon sign that contains all of the major components. Typically, neon signs contain the following seven components.

  • Acrylic board
  • Mounting Holes
  • Virgin Neon Flex
  • 1.5 Transparent Exit
  • Wire
  • 12V DC Output Power
  • Supply
  • Remote
  • LED Dimmer
Custom Business Neon Sign Components
Figure 5 - Custom Business Neon Sign Components

18. How Does a Custom Business Neon Sign Pack for Shipping?

Packaging is adequate in terms of size and neatness. All boxes are constructed from a 10mm thick honeycomb paper board for added strength during transportation. We reinforce the packaging for large shipments by adding corner guards to the outer box.

Figure 6 - Custom Business Neon Sign Packaging

19. What Factors Should You Consider Before Purchasing Custom Business Neon Signs?

For personalized business neon signs, consider the following factors.


Preferably, personalized company neon signs constructed of acceptable materials. If you solely worry about the price, the illumination will be poor. LITASIGN’s custom business neon signs are built of high-quality materials that won’t break.

Warranty Time

When manufacturers are confident in their products, they offer extensive warranties. The longer the warranty, the better. When buying bespoke business neon signs, consider the warranty period.


There is no such thing as no light decay; however, poor-quality LEDs will fast decay.

  • Internal LED industry standards.
  • Internal LED industry standards.
  • 1000 hours light decay equals 0.
  • 3000 hours light decay equals 1%.
  • 10000 hours light decay equals 3%.
  • 50,000 hours light decay equals no more than 30%.

Purpose of Using

  • They can be used to show business processes (Open or Closed). Your company’s name is shown on neon signs.
  • It displays your company’s goods and services.
  • They help you promote new items and services.
  • To alert you of upcoming events.
  • Custom business neon signs are in high demand, so project planners and retailers should order them accordingly.


Also consider size. Using small-sized neon signs is difficult since they cannot be seen from afar.  Purchase personalized business neon signs after measuring the mounting area.

Your budget

Once you’ve decided to go with neon lights, you’ll need to know how much it will cost. Because neon signs come in a variety of shapes, their prices vary. Ascertain that the design you select is affordable.


Designs of neon signs matter. Your idea will influence the design you pick. For example, wedding and bedroom neon signs may be designed differently. Your theme should also match your design.

LITASIGN uses a variety of methods to create exceptional projects. Take your time getting acquainted to each sort of neon sign.

20. Is Tradition Neon Brighter Than LED?

NO. LED signs are visible from afar and over traffic. Unlike neon signs, which are fuzzy and muddy, LED signs’ bespoke neon designs, forms, and colors are crystal clear.

21. Are Custom Business Neon Lights Eco Friendly?

Yes, they are, in fact. Neon LED lights consume up to 90% less electricity and have a lifespan almost two times longer than glass neon. LED neon lights. LED neon lights are also safer to use because they use DC electricity, which has a lower danger of fire or injury.

LITASIGN’s handmade neon sign is comprised of 100% virgin silicone and RoHs-certified materials.

22. How To Install Custom Business Neon Signs?

With the installation guide below, you can quickly and easily put up your Business neon sign.

Step 1: Place your neon sign on the wall or in the space where you want it to be. Lay it flat.

Step 2: With a marker pen, mark where the screws will go on the wall. It will help when it’s time to get out of the drill.

Step 3: Put the sign back in the box or on a safe surface to prevent the acrylic backing from scratching. You are using a drill with a more minor twist drill bit than the diameter of the screws; drill pilot holes in the places you marked on the wall in step 2.

Step 4: When you put the sign on the wall and ensure it’s secure, you need to match the holes you drilled to the holes in the acrylic back. When using your drill, screw the acrylic hole into the pilot hole and then into the screw.

Step 5: Keep repeating step 4 until all the screws are tight.

23. Can You Control Custom Business Neon Sign With A Remote Controller?

The brightness of the custom neon signs can be controlled with a remote. Also, you can change the color and brightness of the custom business neon signs with that remote control.

24. How Do LED in Custom Business Neon Sign Works?

LED neon lights have a collection of LEDs on a strip. The LEDs must be manufactured of different materials and have a clear cover to observe their light. They don’t use much electricity and can be quickly dimmed if they need to be.

This video demonstrates how LED lights function.

25. How to Know The Business Neon Sign is Cut to Shape, Cut to Board, or Cut to Letter?

What are these terms used for?

CUT TO SHAPE – The acrylic backboard is cut to match the shape of each character or pattern. In terms of style, it’s a little more laid-back.

CUT TO BOARD – Known as “cut to a square,” this technique includes slicing the acrylic backboard into a square, subject to the maximum typeface and design size allowed by your printer. Beautiful, generous, and speechless.

CUT TO LETTER – Each letter or pattern’s acrylic backboard is custom-cut to fit its unique shape.Thus, the acrylic backboard is completely invisible.

custom business-neon-sign-backboard-options (1) (2)
Figure 7 - Custom Business Neon Sign Backboard Option

26. How Can I Place Orders? Do I Send an Email with The Photo of The Sign to You?

Kindly provide us an image of the sign along with the total neon sign size (width and height) that you wish to make. It should be sent to info@litasign.com.

Then we will confirm with you the following information:

1. Determine the backboard’s style: base-fixed, rope-fixed, nail-fixed, cut to shape, board-fixed, or letter-fixed.
2. Whether it is watertight or not
3. Is there a point? adjusted brightness or enchanted hues
4. The client’s application will determine any plug cable’s length request.
5. We will use the transparent acrylic board as the default foundation plate in the absence of additional instructions.
6. Suspended or mounted on the wall?
7. What is the plug version of the led driver? Which country do you prefer: the United Kingdom, the European Union, the United States, Japan, or Australia?

27. What Are The Dimensions of The Business Neon Signs?

You may provide us an image of the sign or the text and fonts you like to customize, and LITASIGN will advise you on the minimum dimension required. If the letter is a “single line,” load the image or letters into a program such as CorelDraw and set the smallest letter/height part’s to 6cm. Then, using the same scale enlargement technique as before, alter the size to your needs.

If the letter is made up of “double lines,” load the image or letters into a program such as CorelDraw and set the minor letter/height component to 12cm.Then, using the same scale enlargement technique as before, alter the size to your needs.

Custom Business Neon Sign Dimensions
Figure 8 - Custom Business Neon Sign Dimensions

28. Do Custom Business Neon Signs Get Hot?

No, business neon signs are far cooler than glass neon signs. Whereas a glass neon sign can achieve temperatures of up to 150oF, LED neon’s cool-to-the-touch technology ensures that the temperature never exceeds 87oF during the day.

29. Do Custom Business Neon Signs Need to be Plugged In?

Yes, bespoke business neon signs are powered by an alternating current electrical outlet, which means they must be within reach of a standard wall plug. When a bespoke business neon sign leaves the factory, it is supplied with a plug and may be inserted immediately into the socket. It is simple to use.

30. What if I Received a Broken/Defective Business Neon Sign?

The sign will be replaced and delivered to the customer if it is damaged during shipping.

31. Can You Leave Business Neon Sign Lights on Overnight?

Yes, For long periods of time, LED neon lights are safe to use. When compared to fluorescent light bulbs, LED neon lights don’t produce the same amount of heat and will last far longer. Customers are advised to turn off the switch when not in use, as any device has a life span; LEDs have a 50,000-hour life expectancy, for example.

32. What Are The Benefits of Custom Business Neon Signs?

The following are some of the advantages of having a custom neon sign made for your business, event, or home:

  • High Visibility
  • Highly Customizable
  • Nighttime Functionality
  • Energy Efficient
  • Long Life Spans
  • Consumer Conditioning
  • Versatile
  • Safe to Use
  • Eco Friendly

33. Why Are Business Neon Signs So Popular?

The following are some reasons why neon signs are becoming increasingly popular and accepted.
Typefaces, patterns, colors, and mounting methods can all be changed on neon signs.

  • They may be used for everything from business to event planning to promote your brand. They are also increasingly popular among house decorators and festival organizers.
  • With the rise of neon signage, the cost of customization has decreased significantly, making it more accessible to a broader variety of customers.
  • Everywhere on-premise advertising is crucial – or may use eye-catching advertising or displays – neon has been used as a successful advertising medium.
  • The following are some reasons why neon signs are becoming increasingly popular and accepted.
    Typefaces, patterns, colors, and mounting methods can all be changed on neon signs.
  • They may be used for everything from business to event planning to promote your brand. They are also increasingly popular among house decorators and festival organizers.
  • With the rise of neon signage, the cost of customization has decreased significantly, making it more accessible to a broader variety of customers.
  • Everywhere on-premise advertising is crucial – or may use eye-catching advertising or displays – neon has been used as a successful advertising medium.

34. What Are The Uses / Applications of Bespoke Neon Signs?

  • A custom business neon sign is an attention-grabbing piece.
  • Various business uses for neon signs, including clubs, pubs, and shops.
  • Custom neon signs are also known for their ability to be used as works of art in the house.
  • Color combinations are unlimited, and you may choose your color, wording, and font to make it your own.

35. Are Custom Neon Signs Handmade?

A one-of-a-kind personalized business neon sign. To perfect them, it takes a high level of precision, eye-hand coordination, and expertise. Thus, the craftsmanship of our employees frequently determines whether the product is of high quality or not, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a consistent, well-crafted production crew.

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