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LITASIGN is your one-stop shop for all of your advertising signage needs. With over 8 years of experience as a Chinese signage manufacturer, we have the expertise and integrity to satisfy dynamic advertising requirements. We provide valuable services and goods at the most affordable prices, allowing you to strengthen your brand and better serve your clients.

We specialize in developing and manufacturing LED neon signs, marquee letters & numbers, channel letters, LED light boxes, LED light-up signs, and other signages. Our crew is dedicated to satisfying your sign needs through our 24-hour customer support center.

Custom Illuminated Signs for All Applications and Appearances

LITASIGN manufactures a variety of personalized illuminated signs for a variety of applications and appearances. Many of the illuminated signs we make can be made to your exact specifications in size, color, and design. Resulting in signage that is precisely tailored to your needs. We make our illuminated signages with the most excellent materials and cutting-edge gear, finishing them to a very high standard.

Illuminated signs are designed to resist all weather conditions and are equipped with outdoor-rated electrical components. Many of our lighted sign alternatives may be provided in extremely short timescales, and we offer professional design and installation if needed.


The Leading Light-Up Sign Manufacturer

LITASIGN’s team has years of combined experience in the sign industry, enabling us to provide excellent support throughout your experience. Any time you need ideas or advice, our sales team is here to help. Our professionally trained light-up sign designers are happy to provide bespoke designs or adjust your current designs as needed. Our manufacturing team uses state-of-the-art equipment and methodologies to produce superior signage. To assure quality, they then double-check their work before sending it.

You dream it, we make it

How Are Custom Illuminated Signs Made?

A different manufacturing process is used to create custom illuminated signs. Generally speaking, the materials are other, but the machining and assembly requirements are the same. Modern diffusing materials are used to aid in evenly distributing light. Welds, screws, and specialty tapes have all been changed. The materials used to make today’s custom energy-efficient lighting letter signs are also less.

For innovative, energy-efficient illuminated signs, there are also end-of-life plans. They are divided into the parts that make them up. Electronic component manufacturers follow modern standards; Reclaimed metals are available. The acrylics are top-notch and can be used again.

Creating custom lit letters sign signs entails maximizing the potential of the materials used. That is not challenging. Take a methodical approach. Light for the sake of light is ineffective. Every Watt needs to be compensated. We construct illuminated signage in this manner for this reason. And that’s the reason they work so well.

The Benefits of Custom Illuminated Signs

We offer a range of custom illuminated signs that make your business visible day and night. We have seven types of sign to choose from, all of which are suitable for various purposes. Our signs have been manufactured to high standards to cope with the weather and look great for years to come. All our signs are energy efficient and fully compliant with outdoor electrical safety standards.

Energy Efficient

Our custom-built illuminated signs are powered by low voltage, energy-efficient, high-brightness LED modules—a safe and cost-effective solution.

High Visual Impact

Illuminated signs can create a strong visual impact on your business and help you get noticed during the day and at night.

Bespoke Design

All our illuminated signs are custom-made in China to your specifications to ensure that each sign is a one-of-a-kind work of art.

More Noticeable

A sign is more visible at night than it is during the day. This is because such lighting naturally draws our attention when the brightness contrasts with dull surroundings. A lighted sign stands out from its surroundings even in the daylight, effectively catching the attention of anyone nearby.

Night Time Visibility

Illuminated signs help to prevent your sign from disappearing into the nighttime gloom. This is especially important during winter when it gets dark in the late afternoon. Illuminated signs allow you to keep promoting your brand throughout the evening, maximizing reach with the sign.

Improve Brand Perception

An illuminated sign for a business further enhances its image. The sign's design, the text's font choice, and the visibility and general presentation all contribute to this perception. An illuminated sign makes the business thriving, vibrant, inviting, and attractive.

Light Up Your Brand with Our Custom Illuminated Signs

LITASIGN provides a range of personalised illuminated signs to fit your needs. From directional and traffic signs to message boards to corporate signage—we’ve got you covered!

Our illuminated signs are made with high-quality materials and built to last. We’ll work with you to design the perfect custom-illuminated signage that will make an impact on your customers.

Custom Neon Sign

Our Custom Neon Sign is the perfect piece to beautify any room in your home. This unique sign features a classic design that shows off your personality while adding great character to any room. Our neon signs can be customized by adding text, images, or both. Our experienced team will help you obtain the product that is perfectly suited to enhance the look and feel of any space.

Custom Marquee Letters

Custom marquee signs will help you get your message across with the perfect marquee design that matches the style of your business. Add a personal touch to create exciting custom marquee letters for weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. Marquee letters make incredible decorations for advertising events and decorative lighting in any area at home or office.

Custom Channel Letters

Custom Channel Letters are a great way to give your business or organization a professional look. Custom channel letters come in different shapes and sizes, with many other materials. Available in brushed aluminum, brushed stainless steel, LED backlit acrylic, LED backlit plastic, standard dimension acrylic, and glass.

Custom Logo Lighboxes

Create your lightbox for your business. Your logo or design can be printed on these lightboxes in full color or black and white for indoor or outdoor use. Ideal for advertising on sidewalks, parking lots, walkways, and more, you can rely on these durable signs to catch the attention of potential clients.

Custom Neon Box

Our future-forward neon box is the perfect way to make your promotional message stand out in a crowd. Made of high-quality acrylic and illuminated by an LED strip, this custom neon box is sleek, eye-catching, and affordable. Customize in colors that match your brand’s aesthetic or create a unique look with our three different finishes.

Custom Infinity Mirror

Create a unique and stylish accent wall with this customizable mirror. The sleek infinity design is visually stunning, while the innovative freestanding design makes it ideal for any room in your home. The high-quality glass outlasts inferior options, while our many finish options let you create a mirror that complements your style.

Custom Acrylic LED Letters

Custom Acrylic LED Letters are the perfect solution for adding a message to almost any location. These versatile lighted letters can be used indoors or out, allowing you to customize your lights to any surface of your choice. They add a warm glow of color and light up your life. Customize an existing sign, create a new one from scratch, or display our designed templates for interior and exterior use.

Custom Illuminated Metal Letters

These custom metal letters are perfect for decorating anywhere. They're made with LED lights, which means they don't get hot and will last for years. Customize your letters by choosing the color and lettering type, or even upload your image!

Custom Light-Up Numbers

Custom light-up numbers are a fun way to add a festive touch to any space. Use these numbers to decorate weddings and other events, creating a personalized look for your event. The bright glow from the LED lights emits a flickering effect that adds visual interest to your home or office.

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Custom Business Neon Sign

Custom Business Neon Sign is the ideal sign for your business, restaurant, bar, or hotel. The unique design of the Custom Business Neon Sign will make your business stand out from the crowd!


Price from $68.00

Party Marquee Sign

Decorate your party with our Party Marquee Sign. This fun sign will make any party a hit and can be used as a birthday, anniversary gift, or just because! Customizable to any number of occasions, or leave it blank for a fun sign that goes well with any party.


Price from $90.00

Wholesale Channel Letters Manufacturer

We are one of the best wholesale channel letter manufacturers in China. Our product line includes exterior, and interior channel letters, acrylic channel letters, and signs, custom-made promotional channel letters, vinyl lettering, and logos.


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Non-illuminated Exit Signs

Non-illuminated Exit Signs are ideal for use in areas where illumination is not necessary. Non-illuminated exit signs are constructed from anodized aluminum and have a red glass lens. Each sign features clear, black lettering that is easy to read and meets OSHA requirements.


Price from $90.00

Non-illuminated Channel Letters

Our non-illuminated channel letters are constructed using solid stainless steel. They are available in standard colors and any custom color, texture, or pattern. They can be easily installed simply by bolting down to a flat surface, such as the face of a building.


Price from $78.00

Silver Metal Letters

The Silver Metal Letters are perfect for your personal or professional décor. You can give your home a glamorous look with these metal letters, which add an elegant touch to any room in your house—you can even use them as wall art!


Price from $87.00

Wrought Iron Letters

Our Wrought Iron Letters make beautiful, custom products for your home or business. You can use these letters for any house number, name, company, or another word you want. These unique letters will stand out from the rest with their sturdy construction and classic design.


Price from $89.00

Wooden Marquee Letters

Premium quality Marquee Letters! These letters are crafted with a wooden base and the highest quality weather-resistant vinyl. Easy to install, and any color can be customized to match your decor. They are perfect for hanging above your door, as a house number, or display yours for an upcoming event.


Price from $110.00

Why Choose LITASIGN as Your Custom Illuminated Sign Supplier

The illuminated sign industry is competitive, and LITASIGN has held a market-leading position for over 8 years. No matter your choice of illuminated sign products, from simple to complex, we have the rich experience to achieve your desired result on time and within budget. The following is why you should choose LITASIGN for all your illuminated signage needs.

1. Expert Consultants

Our staff has 8 years of experience, and we offer excellent advice on various sign options—from what’s best for your business to managing the entire project from start to finish.

2. Expert Fabrication

Our custom-illuminated signs are skillfully produced to assure the highest possible quality. Our commitment to excellence ensures that we will go above and beyond your expectations to satisfy your needs.

3. Excellent Product Quality

The custom-illuminated signs from LITASIGN are composed of high-quality components and offer a lightweight, durable alternative to traditional signage. They can endure extremely high or low temperatures and are appropriate for indoor or outdoor use.

4. Fast Turnaround

We have a 6000-square-meter factory that enables us to produce large quantities of custom-illuminated signs quickly and efficiently. We use cutting-edge technologies to ensure that each product meets our high-quality standards.

5. Innovative Signage

LITASIGN specializes in producing custom illuminated signs used in retail and industrial signs and other types of commercial signage. We are committed to giving our clients the best products and services available.

6. Reliable Customer Service

Our customer service representatives are available around-the-clock, seven days a week. They can address questions or concerns and help you with any problems you encounter with your orders or products.

7. A One-stop Shop

LITASIGN provides a wide range of signage services, including design, fabrication, and management. The company helps customers focus on achieving growth by providing them with high-quality, comprehensive signage solutions.

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