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LITASIGN is a professional manufacturer of custom LED neon signs and LED indoor neon signage for more than 6 years. LITASIGN uses its integrated silicone extrusion production equipment to produce its own LED neon flex. This advantage allows LITASIGN to have the best quality control over the entire production process.

LITASIGN will work with you to create LED neon signs that combine ultra-high brightness with budget-friendly pricing.

LITASIGN's Professional Team that Specializes in Custom Indoor Neon Signs

LITASIGN has a professional team that can provide online service 24/7, covering product training, product management, quality control inspection, and testing. Based on the needs of the client, the research and development team can create new models.

LITASIGN can customize and produce indoor and outdoor LED neon signs, which will give you a competitive edge in business. From concept drawing to the final product, LITASIGN will organize the production, so you can spend your time focusing on your market development and brand marketing.


Delivering with Precision, Efficiency and Excellent Customer Solution

LITASIGN knows the value of time and prompt delivery and has developed excellent production planning to assure high quality and on-time delivery. For your requirements, our expert design department and craftsmen create customized and personalized designs. With LITASIGN’s custom indoor neon signage, you can always rest easy knowing you’re earning for yourself.

Considering that neon signs are an excellent sign of quality. LITASIGN ensures that all signs are created with the highest standard of craftsmanship, design, and materials. LITASIGN will work closely with you; listen to your vision and combine it with ours.

LITASIGN is committed to your complete satisfaction, ensuring that any issues or concerns you may have and addressed in a timely and professional manner.

You dream it, we make it

LITASIGN's All-in-One Solution

pcb design

PCB Design

Our indoor custom neon signs are designed by professional PCB designers. Professional PCB design can help reduce virtual soldering and off-soldering problems effectively. The light part will be durable enough after bending and shaping during the LED neon signs manufacturing process.

pcb testing

PCB Testing

After PCB testing is complete, LITASIGN will make one sample with LED chips to perform further testing. If the test is successful, the sample can be moved to the next process. Testing raw materials is essential for the efficient production of indoor neon signs.

smt processing

SMT Processing

LITA owns and operates two SMT machines to manufacture the light source for LED strip lights, LED neon flex, and LED neon signs. Currently, we can manufacture 2000 meters per day. The use of SMT machines allows us to solve virtual soldering and off-soldering of LED chips which will possibly happen on LED neon signs.

Silicone Extrusion Process

LED Neon Flex Extrusion

LITASIGN uses an integrated virgin silicone LED for neon signs. The silicone LED is produced by silicone extrusion, which is similar in principle to hot extrusion in the manufacturing process. Virgin silicone jackets can help LED neon flex with better heat dissipation. It is anti-aging, anti-corrosion, and anti-yellow even after being used for a long time. You can rest assured that LITA will provide you with longer-lasting products.

Design and Confirmation

Design and Confirmation

LITASIGNS pays special attention to the design of its signs. The final version of our sample design will be almost the same as the original. Our designers will double-check all details throughout production, including the light color, jacket color, design, LED adaptor power, plug type, and dimmer version.

Before a custom order of a neon sign can be sent to the production line, you must confirm that everything is exactly as you want it or that you have received a sample of your design for approval.

Backplate Engraving

Each day, 200 to 300 LED signs are engraved in high-precision smoke-free,odor-free, fast, and efficient. Various configurations of engraving machines cut the material without mixing it, which preserves the efficiency and accuracy of the cut.

Neon sign making

Neon Sign Making

All our neon signs are handmade by master craftsmen with around 5 years of experience. This ensures that our signs are particularly well made. They fit perfectly into original designs and are beautifully crafted for your requirements.

Finished Sign Aging

Finished Sign Aging

All LITASIGN neon signs undergo an aging test for 24 hours. And after passing the test by hand, they are again aged by one hour, which allows us to detect soldering and off soldering issues of LED chips and PCB in advance.

Neon Sign Packaging

Neon Sign Packaging

All signs are customized based on the measurements of the sign for safe shipping. To save on shipping space, the packaging is small. For added strength, the boxes are built of a 10mm thick honeycomb paper board. For added protection, we utilized paper corner protectors to repack the box on the outside.

We can customize your logo label on the packaging if you need drop-shipping services. As a result, this will be able to help you improve your branding impact.

Why Choose LITASIGN Custom Indoor Neon Sign?

If you are in the market for indoor neon signs, there are several factors that you need to consider. Finding the best solution might not be easy, especially if you want to find a manufacturer supply high-quality signs with reasonable cost. You can think of several factors which make LITASIGN Custom Indoor Neon Sign the perfect purchase for you. Some of which are highlighted below.

Custom Designs

Have a great custom indoor neon sign concept in mind? LITASIGN professional designers and engineers will craft a design just for you. We can custom create indoor neon signs in various sizes, signs with various features and we will meet the need of all your specific signs requirements.

Energy and Cost-Effecient

Custom indoor neon signs from LITASIGN are an eye-catching alternative to other advertisement media. In addition, indoor neon signs from LITASIGN use very low electricity thus cutting down on the cost of power supply. The low power consumption makes custom led signs for a home to have a longer lifespan of about 50,000 hours making them a safer and smarter investment.


Custom indoor neon signs from LITASIGN can be made from a variety of materials and technological processes. These materials and processes ensure that our custom indoor neon signs are strong, lightweight, and easy to transport. This makes them able to withstand different environmental conditions while retaining their attractive appearance.

Low Maintenance Cost

Besides the affordable price, wholesalers also choose to purchase custom indoor neon signs from LITASIGN because of its easy maintenance. The materials used are very durable, thus reducing the cost of maintenance replacement now and then.

Unique Display of Contents

LITASIGN custom indoor neon signs are an effective way to put information in the best place possible. You can include any message or information you desire, and customize their appearance to match your requirements.

One - Stop Production

LITASIGN has been in the custom neon signs business for 6 years, and we continue to make products with no flaws. We feature a one-stop production process, from raw materials to finished products, and fast delivery to ensure satisfaction. Whatever we make we always ensure we satisfy customers with no complaints.


Indoor LED neon signs come with a two-year warranty, while outdoor LED neon signs come with a one-year warranty. In case of damage item, we will quickly replace the sign with a new one using our shipping freight and import VAT. 

Supply Capacity

LITASIGN formed 50 workers skilled in hand-made signs, with a production capacity of more than 500 pieces per day. Plus, a full set of silicone extrusion equipment, as a result, we can meet the capacity requirements of large volume orders.

Affordable Price

Get your custom indoor neon signs from the factory directly. Factory price direct, customized products at bulk prices. Products customized to your exact needs best quality at the most competitive price. LITASIGN can provide better prices to our customers since we ship in huge numbers, which reduces the company's operating costs.

LITASIGN's Vast Selection of Custom Indoor Neon Signs

LITASIGN is constantly researching the LED industry to produce high-quality custom neon signs in the global market. All neon sign products have won acclaim in the international market. Some of them are highlighted below.

Bedroom Neon Signs

A neon light sign can be a lovely addition to your child's nursery or bedroom. Using warm colors to display your little one's name, nickname or happy thought can make any room feel like their own special place.

Room Neon Signs

Neon signs are exciting, colorful additions to every walls of any room. They can act as an unexpected element of interest, especially when paired with black wall paint.

Wall Neon Signs

With all the past years' trends going away, neon signs have never been more popular. They will fill up your wall and make a statement. You can also put them on a gallery wall to change it a bit.

Cloud Neon Sign

With this playful neon sign, you can keep your head in the clouds all day. Dreamland, creativity, childhood, and nature - clouds have diverse meanings for different people. Choose your favorite color and escape to a happy, fluffy realm. Our neon sign in the shape of a cloud is ideal for a nursery or a child's room.

LA Lakers Neon Sign

Any basketball enthusiast, young or old, will love this LED neon wall sign. Our basketball legend looks great on and off the court in bright colors.

Skating Shoes Neon Sign

Get your skates on! This colorful goodness is rolling out the door. Featuring colorful glow that can make every heads turn.

Cat Neon Sign

Perched on your home's wall, this cat sign will look purrfect. This adorable kitty fur ball is mounted on a high-quality, transparent acrylic backdrop, making installation a breeze.

Dart Neon Sign

This Dart LED Neon Light Sign is both stylish and functional. Most people have seen one of these neon signs at bars, man caves, recording studios, and a variety of other venues.

Lips Neon Sign

With this Lips Neon Sign, you can add a little flirting fun to your room. This stylish LED sign is a fun home accent that instantly adds charm to any space. It's great as a present, wall art, or tabletop decoration because it's simple to put together and safe to use. It's ideal for lighting up dorm rooms, bedrooms, outdoor spaces, as well as festive holiday decor and special events!

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  • Batfide

  • Beliya

  • Franxurter

  • LittleDays

  • Marthane

  • OpenHeart

  • Random

  • Rembank

  • Rochester

  • Rusty

  • Snoorks

  • Parisienne

  • Morena

  • Neoneon

  • Amanda

  • Angelina

  • Arenq

  • Argentina

  • Blackjar

  • Blackout

  • Caviar

  • Cetary

  • Christmas

  • Geosans

  • Handw

  • Ihatcs

  • Maytra

  • Moonstar

  • Nalika

  • NeonSans

  • Ostrich-B

  • Paul

  • Pixies

  • Roustel

  • Rumpi

  • Stay Classy

  • Steelfish

  • Street

  • Super Mario

  • Thats

  • Thesignatures

  • Waterman

  • Warm White

  • White

  • Yellow

  • Golden Yellow

  • Light Orange

  • Orange

  • Light Red

  • Red

  • Water Pink

  • Light Pink

  • Deep Pink

  • Purple

  • Deep Purple

  • Deep Blue

  • Ice Blue

  • Lake Blue

  • Green

  • Deep Green

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Night Club Neon Sign

Because a Night Club neon sign is frequently glamorous, high-impact, and glam, we may go to great lengths to ensure that we design lights for you that will linger in your customers' minds long after the music has faded and the beer taps have dried up for the night.


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Studio 54 Neon Sign

This sign gives a burst of brilliant color and heaps of character wherever it is placed, whether its a  present or a hip room decoration piece! Hang this fantastic LED Sign on your wall to give it a new lease on life. Your guests will be blown away! Don't let this opportunity pass you by!


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Outdoor Neon Sign

Many companies employ neon signs to help passers-by make decisions by combining them with colorful backdrops to create cityscape signage and useful works of art. Stores, bars, and restaurants, for example, frequently utilize neon "open" signs to inform customers that they are open.


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Wedding Neon Sign

LED neon signs are a gorgeous and one-of-a-kind accent to any wedding ceremony. Wedding planning shouldn't be any more stressful than it already is.. That's why we make it simple to build a customized neon sign for your special occasion.


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Custom Name Neon Sign

This neon sign with a personalized name makes a great gift for kids, lovers, and friends. Bedrooms, children's rooms, living rooms, corridors, dining rooms, and other areas require appropriate illumination.


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Best Features of LITASIGN's Custom Indoor Neon Signs

LITASIGN specializes in producing neon signs of the highest quality and durability, working closely with clients to ensure that every detail of each product is perfect. We go to great lengths to ship a top-notch product, from great packaging to a flawless finish. These are the best features of LITASIGN’s Custom Indoor Neon Signs.

1. Integrated LED Neon Flex

Custom indoor LED neon signs are made with integrated LED neon flex which helps keep them cool. There are no issues with jacket dropping or acrylic deformation, which may happen with traditional neon signs.

2. High-Quality Virgin Silicone Jackets

 Virgin silicone jackets are high-quality unlike PVC or fake silicon. It is very high quality, unlike sellers who use PVC or fake silicone which isn’t as safe to use. This neon light is safe for indoor use and is also anti-yellow, anti-aging has no smell, and is fire-proof.

3. Dual Protection Technology

The custom indoor neon sign makes a great decoration for any home or business. The whole sign can work normally even if the PCB in the middle part is broken. This is because of the double protection technology.

4. Improved LED Neon Flex

 Patented PET film was added to prevent the LED neon flex from breaking and protect it from desoldering and poor contact due to bending. Which allows customizing any shape for your clients without affecting the quality of the LED sign.

5. Branded Acrylic Backboard

LITASIGN uses Taiwan-brand acrylic boards because they’re more transparent and harder than PS or PVC boards. They’re also more scratch-resistant and yellow-resistant.

6. High-Quality Power Supply

The power supplies used in LITA signs are certified by CE/ROHS/FCC/UL/CUL/C-tick/PSE/KC. They have high transformation efficiency, thus meeting your country’s power supply standards as well.

7. More Attracted Lighting

Our custom indoor neon sign is made with high-brightness and low-light-decay LED chips. The luminosity spreads over the whole area of the letters, showing the colorful letters under the light source.

8. High-Quality Accessories

Lita Custom indoor neon signs are designed with screws and hanging ropes made from stainless steel material. This ensures no rusting and more durability compared to plastic or iron materials. Even if the sign is used for a long time, it will still look new. This keeps your installation safe all the time.

9. Perfectly Fitted Packaging

Custom neon signs will be packaged according to their sizes in a more organized manner, making them better suited to long-distance transport. The most essential thing is that the custom neon sign is not damaged during transit, and you may save money on shipping at the same time.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Custom Indoor Neon Signs


The Ultimate FAQ The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Custom Indoor Neon Signs is a helpful guide for customers looking to order custom indoor neon signs. The guide includes information about the parts of the neon sign and how it works, whether a neon sign must be mounted or can be free-standing. In addition, what kinds of power supplies can be used to drive indoor neon signs, whether they should be fixed or portable and why choosing an experienced manufacturer is critical to getting the best neon sign.

Figure 1 - Custom Indoor Neon Sign

Table of Contents

1. What Are the Applications of Custom Indoor Neon Signs?

Why not customize an indoor with your unique style and designs? Your phrases, colors, styles, and sizes are all possible with custom indoor neon signs. Custom indoor signage isn’t just for showing off your style around the house. Custom indoor signs are used for the following decoration purposes.

2. Why Are Custom Indoor Neon Signs Very Popular?

Because of their distinctive design aspects, custom indoor neon signs are in high demand. Custom lighting can be included in your interior design to meet your specific requirements. Consider the following reasons for the popularity of personalized indoor neon signs.

Personalized Lighting

How will you feel if you obtain personalized indoor neon signs? That’s brilliant. Giving personalized indoor signs can change anyone’s mood. You can order neon signs, words, and styles.

Safe to Use

There are various lighting options available to decorate indoors. Are they all safe? No. They generate heat and disrupt sleep. However, custom LED indoor signage can adorn and develop a relaxing atmosphere. In addition, the light source does not emit hazardous radiation.

Simple Setup

Glass and neon gas make up traditional indoor neon signage. So you’d need a pro to put it on the wall. In addition, classic indoor neon signs are brittle and break easily when cleaned.

Specialty silicon and LED chips to make up custom indoor neon signs. This light is efficiently made. To use these signs, plugin and turn on the switch. You may easily remove them to resurface your wall or reposition the personalized indoor neon signage.


Custom indoor neon signage is functional. You can decorate indoors to impress—owners of restaurants and bars design their interiors. Custom indoor neon signs are given to loved ones to commemorate them.

Huge Demand

 Custom indoor neon signs are prevalent. Most restaurant and bar owners prefer to decorate with unique lights and decorations. As a result, they sometimes advertise special offers on the walls to entice customers. And so can custom indoor neon sign suppliers and retailers all year.

3. What Colors Are Available at The Time of Choosing Custom Indoor Neon Signs?

Custom neon indoor signs can be made in any color, thanks to RGB characteristics. For bespoke neon indoor signage, there is no standard color. Choosing the proper color depends on the preferences of the user, the design, and the color of the inside.

custom indoor neon sign color-board2
Figure 2 - Custom Indoor Neon Sign Color Board

4. Which Customization Services Are Available In Custom Indoor Neon Signs?

You’re a fan of having your name or other personal identifiers on the wall (custom neon name signs). For example, LITASIGN, a producer of neon signs, offers a wide range of customization options. Before placing an order for bespoke neon-led signs for indoor use, you can choose from the following options.

  • Font color
  • Font size
  • Font style
  • Background designs
  • Light size
  • Size of the backboard
  • Graphic
  • The size of the cable
  • The color of the cable
  • The size of the light

5. How To Find the Best Manufacturers of Custom Indoor Neon Signs in China?

There are many neon sign manufacturers in China. But not all of them can meet the requirements of different customers. In addition, some of them do not supply quality items within the deadline. Therefore, consider the following factors when choosing a reliable China neon sign manufacturer.

  • Experience In Lighting Industry
  • Sourcing of Raw Materials
  • Quality Commitment
  • Customization Services
  • Support System
  • Community Feedback

6. What Factors Should You Consider Before Choosing Custom Indoor Neon Signs?

Indoor neon signs differ from outdoor neon signage. They are very customized when manufactured. Cost concerns most wholesalers and retailers. Price isn’t the only factor to consider when buying custom neon indoor signage. Purchasers or resellers of custom indoor LED neon signs should examine the following factors.

  • Quality of the Indoor Neon Signs
  • Brightness
  • Versatility
  • Durability
  • Warranty

7. How Do I Install Custom Indoor Neon Signs?

Minor personalized indoor neon signs are easy to hang. However, enormous bespoke neon indoor signs must be installed with care. Some bespoke neon indoor signs have soft openings. If the signs don’t have a hole, carefully install them. Let’s examine how to install customized neon indoor signs step by step.

  1.  Decide where you want the neon indoor signage to go on the wall.
  2.  Pencil through the neon indoor sign openings on the wall.
  3. Drill all the holes and insert raw plugs.
  4. Unscrew the top section & thread it.
  5. Now tighten the tiny screw using a screwdriver.
  6.  After installing the fixings, sandwich the sign between the two parts.
  7. Now tighten them all so that your neon wall signs are away from the wall.

8. Will Mounting Hardware Be Included With Custom Indoor Neon Signs?

Yes. The mounting hardware for the neon sign is one of the most critical factors you must consider to establish custom neon signs for indoors’ longevity and safety. Installing your custom indoor neon signs and light-up signs is easy with our included mounting hardware.

9. Can Indoor Neon Signs Be Relocated?

Yes. The mounting hardware for the neon sign is one of the most critical factors you must consider to establish custom neon signs for indoor’ longevity and safety. Installing your custom indoor neon signs and light-up signs is easy with our included mounting hardware.

10. Can Custom Indoor Neon Signs Be Powered By Batteries?

Most custom neon signs installed indoors are powered by direct electric plug-in technology. However, numerous bespoke neon sign manufacturers integrate battery and electrical systems into their neon signs. For example, LITASIGN develops battery-operated neon signage for homes. As a result, you can continue to brighten your décor even if the power is cut off. 

battery-operated-indoor neon sign
Figure 3 - Custom Battery Operated Indoor Neon Sign

11. Is it Possible to Install the Indoor Neon Signs Myself?

Most custom neon signs installed indoors are powered by direct electric plug-in technology. However, numerous bespoke neon sign manufacturers integrate battery and electrical systems into their neon signs. For example, LITASIGN develops battery-operated neon signage for homes. As a result, you can continue to brighten your décor even if the power is cut off. 

12 . How Much Does an Indoor Neon Sign Weigh?

About 5 kilograms is the usual weight of a typical indoor neon sign, which is about half the weight of a traditional neon sign.

13. Are The Neon Signs for Indoor Breakable?

Indoor neons are made from a long-lasting substance, therefore they are quite durable. It is only possible to damage the acrylic backing of your neon. During the design phase, we ensure that this component is built to withstand the rigors of use.

14. How Long is the Cord of the Custom Indoor Neon Signs?

All cords are 3.5 meters in length as a standard, however we can make them longer per special request

15. What Fonts Should Available for Custom Indoor Neon Sign?

Due to the many typefaces available, it is simple for our customers to locate exactly what they are looking for. Each typeface is created with readability, personality, and style in mind, and it is always at the forefront of developing trends in the design world.


See the section below for additional information about the font option.

Figure 4 - Custom Font Indoor Neon Sign Option

16. Can I Leave the Indoor Neon Signs on 24/7?

We recommend customers turn it off when they are not using it. Any product has a life span; the lifespan of LEDs is 50,000 hours.

17. What If the Indoor Neon Signs Arrived Broken?

At no cost to you, we will replace your neon sign if it breaks during delivery. We will do everything in our power to fix your problem and get things back to normal as quickly as possible!

18. What Are the Different Backing Options Available for the Indoor Neon Signs?

The Custom indoor Neon Sign Backplate can be fixed to the base, fixed by rope, secured by nail, cut to form, cut to the board, or cut to letter. It is also available as a cut-to-letter option.

Please refer to the photos below for the different backing options:

custom- indoor-neon-sign-backboard-options (1)
Figure 5 - Custom Indoor Neon Sign Backboard

19. What are Indoor Neon Signs Made Of?

LED Neon Flex

An integrated extrusion method improves heat dissipation, flexibility, and water and dust resistance, all of which contribute to a longer sign’s useful life.

Silicone Jacket

An environmentally safe, non-toxic, odorless, and fireproof silicone ingredient is used in the manufacture of this jacket. To be declared safe, the sign must be able to withstand a fire.


Using an alloy bracket to attach high-brightness LEDs to the PCB eliminates the issue of erroneous soldering and dead pixels.

Acrylic Board

The more durable and transparent Taiwan Hertz brand pure acrylic material. When hung on the wall, it looks better than PS or PVC, both of which have flaws.

Power Supply

High energy efficiency and total safety are the hallmarks of this power supply, which has been certified by the CE/EMC/LVD/UL/CUL/C-tick organization.

AC Copper-based plugs are available for plugs from the US, EU, Japan, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

AC Plug

To satisfy the individual needs of customers, a clear cable with a copper core and a thickness of 2mm can be loaded with appropriate power.

DC Cable

The cable’s length can be customized to meet your individual installation requirements.

Male and Female Connectors

Conducts electricity swiftly after being connected to an electrical source with a diameter of 12 mm and a copper core. The conductivity rises immediately after connecting.


Depending on the overall strength of the sign, you can choose between a remote dimmer and a touch dimmer. To avoid interfering with the operation of other electrical devices, each controller and remote control is coded to the other.

Mounting Screws

Choose stainless steel advertising material instead of plastic or iron advertising material for a long-lasting and robust installation.

Hanging Ropes

Stainless steel ropes, rather than plastic or iron, are employed to keep the hanging structure stable and long-lasting.

20. How Do You Pack the Indoor Neon signs?

We use honeycomb-papered shipping boxes that are 10 millimeters thick to ensure that your item reaches your house or business undamaged. There are now more corner protectors fitted on large neon signs. Wooden crates are used to ship long-shaped neon signs to ensure their safe arrival.

Figure 6 - Custom Indoor Neon Sign Packaging

21. Do You Have Custom Indoor Neon signs Design Fees?

No. Creating unique indoor neon signs is something we do for you at no cost. Simply let us know what you need, and we’ll take care of the rest.

22. Are your Custom Indoor Neon signs UL certified?

Yes. All of our neon signs, both indoor and outdoor, are UL-certified.

23. Do you Offer a Warranty for the Custom Indoor Neon Signs?

No. Creating unique indoor neon signs is something we do for you at no cost. Simply let us know what you need, and we’ll take care of the rest.

24. Can I get a Dimmer for the Custom Indoor Neon Signs?

No. Creating unique indoor neon signs is something we do for you at no cost. Simply let us know what you need, and we’ll take care of the rest.

25. How long will The Custom Indoor Neon Sign Order Take to Ship?

No. Creating unique indoor neon signs is something we do for you at no cost. Simply let us know what you need, and we’ll take care of the rest.

26. Are Custom Indoor Neon Signs Expensive to Use?

While bespoke neon signs for indoor use are quite bright, this does not imply they will deplete your power. Neon signs are an incredibly cost-effective form of advertising. Neon signs emit light with a relatively small wavelength. On average, this type of neon sign is less expensive than a normal light bulb.

27. How Does Custom Indoor Neon Signs Maintenance Work?

Custom indoor neon signs, like any other sort of lighting, require ongoing upkeep to function correctly. Never clean a neon light while it is connected. After that, wipe down your neon signs with a dry cloth or dust cleaner to eliminate any remaining dirt. Your neon sign should never be cleaned with water. This will cause damage to your neon sign, but it may also result in an accident that is beyond your control.

28. Are Custom Indoor Neon Signs Safe to Use?

Yes, it is completely safe. LITASIGN’s indoor manufacturing facility. It contributes to the prevention of overheating and ensures that all things are designed to be energy efficient and ecologically friendly. Simultaneously, they are more compact, lighter, more durable, and easier to move. Additionally, we ensure the safety of all of our products by having them UL-listed.

29. Are Custom Indoor Neon Signs handmade?

Yes. It is totally handmade from start to end. A neon sign is entirely handmade, which means that everything you see on it is unique. The truth is that getting the silicone to bend in the desired spot requires a great degree of precision, experience, and eye-hand synchronization.

30. Top 10 Popular Indoor Neon Sign Design


1. Hey Good Looking Indoor Neon Sign – Whether used as a classic display or a conversation piece, this indoor neon sign makes a statement from any angle. With its glossy color handcrafted, concave curve, and stunning script, it’s a truly timeless addition to any indoor decor.


2. Game Room Indoor Neon Sign – Proudly display your passion for gaming with this indoor neon sign. The bright lights will help you find your way to the game room, and add some excitement to your space.


3. Blessed Indoor Neon Sign – A wonderful addition to any home, this LED neon sign helps you spread the joyful message of being blessed. It’s a sure conversation starter, with an eye-catching look that’s highly customizable in a variety of spaces


4. Garage Indoor Neon Sign – Garage indoor neon sign. Perfect addition to your living room, game room, bar, or garage. Superbly made from high-quality materials, this sign requires no assembly and easily hangs on your wall.


5. Cat Indoor Neon Sign – The cat-shaped indoor neon sign is a great addition to the home. It’s perfect for use as a nightlight and adds a whimsical look to any space.


6. Bedroom Indoor Neon Sign – This indoor neon sign brings out the most beautiful colors of your Bedroom. Starting from the base to the smallest details, our artist and engineer work hand in hand to recreate every detail of your design on our Indoor Neon Sign.


7. Room Indoor Neon Sign – Brighten up your room with this neon sign, featuring a fun and modern design. A long-lasting, energy-efficient option to bring your space to life


8. Believe In Yourself Neon Sign-  Add a warm neon glow to your home, garage, or workspace and impress your friends with this beautiful neon sign. Mount it on the wall.


9. Mr. and Mrs. Neon SignAdd a little glam to your wedding party photos with this new Mr and Mrs neon sign. This nostalgic neon sign will add light, color, and the perfect shabby chic accent to any room.


 10. Music Neon Sign – Take advantage of the high-quality, energy-efficient, and long-lasting music neon signs that catch eyes at night. They have a sleek design and cheerful glow to them. This can also be a great gift for someone else or for yourself!

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