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LITASIGN is leading the neon sign industry with its innovative infinity mirror products. The creative team of LITASIGN designs their custom neon signs after long-term studies. When manufacturing and assembling the infinity mirrors, they employ skilled workers and technicians, ensuring that every LITASIGN product is well made.

LITASIGN ‘s infinity mirror products can be customized to fit your space, including different types of infinity mirrors. LITASIGN also offers custom neon sign-making services.

The Infinity Mirror Specialist

LITASIGN will assist you in every step of the process. When you order your Infinity Mirror from LITASIGN, we work with you to determine the best layout and design for your Infinity Mirror. We will refer to our expert designers for the job of fixing the best design color and style that you desire for your custom Infinity Mirror. We have stored various mirror types, including glass and plexiglass, some of the most robust materials known today. 

LITASIGN’s Infinity Mirrors allow you to admire yourself using simple reflections, but they also allow you to create mind-boggling illusions with other people.


Quality, Elegance, and Reliability

LITASIGN custom infinity mirrors are made with quality, elegance, and reliability. The double acrylic used for the outer layer ensures that no scratch or blemish will show on the mirror. With 180 degrees of reflection, the light and the mirror will never get exhausted.

With our dedication to creating the best quality infinity mirrors, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with our product. Our Infinity Mirrors offer advanced LED chips that ensure you get a high-quality light display and certified transformers that will ensure your product is environmentally friendly.

You dream it, we make it

Custom LED Infinity Mirror Structure


Advantages of a Custom Infinity Mirror from LITASIGN

LITASIGN is a leading manufacturer of custom infinity mirrors in the world. We work hard to supply you with high-quality products at reasonable costs, as well as numerous benefits and long-term services that make your time with us joyful.

Riveting and Unforgettable

LITASIGN's custom infinity mirrors are stunning, drawing admiring glances and helping to set the tone for events like parties. Regardless of whether they're used indoors or out, they have a noticeable aesthetic impact.


You can use LITASIGN's personalized infinity mirror to display all of the features you want to show off in vibrant colors. It's particularly enticing since they can create a tunnel and a ladder illusion at the entrances.

Light Weight

LITASIGN's custom infinity mirrors are often low in weight, making them easy to move. As a result of LITASIGN's careful attention to weight distribution, the pressure is dispersed uniformly throughout the structure.

Remote Controller

LITASIGN's custom infinity mirrors come equipped with a switch that allows you to adjust the hue of the lights to suit your mood. This will save you time because you won't have to manually alter the color of the text.

Low Maintenance Costs

To ensure that LITASIGN bespoke infinity mirrors are weather-proof, they are made from materials that are resistant to the elements. By doing this, you can save much money on upkeep.

Easy Installation

LITASIGN's custom infinity mirrors are straightforward to install and come with an instruction manual that explains how to install the mirrors correctly. If you need assistance with installation or guidance from a technician, LITASIGN can also provide that.

The Global Market for LITASIGN's Comprehensive Line of High-Quality LED Solutions

LITASIGN has made sure that every client receives quality neon sign solutions and guarantees the artistry so that you will have an infinity mirror or any other neon sign solution up and running within a short period. As a customized infinity mirror provider, LITASIGN takes pride in providing its clients with the best neon sign solutions possible and keeping them well-informed about the production progress.

Red Neon Infinity Mirror

Infinity Mirror with Red Neon is a unique and mesmerizing addition to a space, whether you position it on a dresser or mount it on the wall. The mirrored surface has been hand-ground and polished. An incandescent light kit included, Infinity Mirror with Red Neon welcomes a warm glow into any room while functioning as a captivating conversation piece.   

Round LED Infinity Mirror

Keep the reflection and infinity going with the Round LED Infinity Mirror, a modern mirror with LEDs. Its 360° surround uses 69 high-tech ultra-bright LEDs to light up the night and keeps it all around you in multi-color patterns. Show it off on your table to create a striking centerpiece, or display it on your wall for a bold and beautiful addition to your home decor.

Custom Octagon RGB Infinity Mirror

An intelligent, completely customizable addition to any space. It's your choice to control the light and color of this gorgeous piece with mobile devices or the included remote. Choose from multiple modes: color animation, fade, smooth flow, and flash. The LED lights have a life span of 50,000 hours.

Star Infinity Mirror

Star Infinity Mirror is a stylish and attractive mirror. The infinity mirror gives the illusion of more space and looks stylish, as its lights are on a dimmer, so it can be used to set the mood.

Fuck In Infinity Mirror LED

Bask in the glow of this LED infinity mirror. A unique blend of a neon sign and a mirror creates an endless reflection of light that's great for any room. Installation is easy with the included mounting hardware.

Infinity Mirror Logo

The Infinity Mirror Logo has a smooth and sleek appearance that will draw attention. Featuring LED lights, the infinity symbol glows with the color of your choice in a kaleidoscope of changing colors! Made with premium materials, this mirror is an excellent addition for any room of your home or office.

3D Infinity Mirror

Our 3D Infinity Mirror is the most visually impressive interactive video wall on the market today. With multiple input options, you can present images and video in a way that maximizes the look and presence of each visual element. Using this display, you can capture your audience's attention and leave them in awe.

Triangle Infinity Mirror

The Triangle Infinity Mirror creates the illusion of limitless visually connected triangles. The mirrored triangle is a continuation of the reflection appearing and disappearing within itself- seemingly without end. This triangle infinity frame comes in four sizes and different metal finishes.

Butterfly Infinity Mirror

The Butterfly Infinity Mirror plays with your perception as you stare into its gleaming reflection or watch your shadow interact with the forever-swirling design. This infinity mirror is a timeless object that will fit comfortably into any room and delight both adults and children alike.

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  • Marthane

  • OpenHeart

  • Random

  • Rembank

  • Rochester

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Factors You Should Focus in Choosing A Reliable Neon Infinity Mirror

When seeking a neon infinity mirror, it is essential to consider several factors. Examples of such factors include:

1. Selection of LED Chips

Chips that are compatible with your infinity mirror neon are critical. Due to their small size and lack of bulk, surface-mounted chips can be used in neon mirrors.

LED chips put on the surface consume up to 75% less energy than conventional chips. Depending on the model, they can last between 45,000 and 50,000 hours.

As a result, you must check that your mirror neon will be made with surface-mounted SMD chips before proceeding.

2. Raw Materials

High-quality neon light mirrors should be constructed from long-lasting materials capable of withstanding fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Mirrors with neon lights employ LED chips and silicon as their primary raw materials.

Because of this, it is critical that you know which LED chips and silicone to use with your neon infinity mirror.

3. Size of Neon Infinity Mirror

When purchasing a neon mirror light, there are many factors to consider, including its size and placement. You’ll need an infinity mirror neon that isn’t too large for a tiny space.

In addition, you should measure the wall where you intend to mount the mirror neon light to get the best results. You will be able to quickly put up your neon light mirror after all of the stuff is in place.

4. Selecting High-Quality Silicone

When purchasing a neon mirror light, there are many factors to consider, including its size and placement. You’ll need an infinity mirror neon that isn’t too large for a tiny space.

In addition, you should measure the wall where you intend to mount the mirror neon light to get the best results. You will be able to quickly put up your neon light mirror after all of the stuff is in place.

5. Warranty

Invest in a neon mirror with an extended warranty covering replacement and repair. It would help if you also investigated the warranty policy for your neon mirror light. A free replacement bespoke infinity mirror or free spare component maintenance? Infinity mirror neon customers and resellers can use and sell the products without fear.

Your neon light mirror should come with a 24-month free replacement warranty and a 12-month free spare component maintenance warranty. Shipping damage should be covered for customers and resellers.

6. Longevity

A quality neon infinity mirror lasts a long time. The longevity of a neon light mirror is dependent on the LED chips and manufacturing method.

Ensure that the neon mirror light you choose has a lifespan of 45,000 to 50,000 hours. To save money, you should avoid buying a low-quality neon light mirror.

Because low-quality mirror neon burns a lot of electricity, it raises maintenance costs. If you buy a cheap mirror neon light, you must replace it after a few years.

7. Brightness

When buying a neon infinity mirror, this is a crucial consideration to make. The light decay characteristics of LED chips control the brightness of the neon light mirror.

Surface-mounted LED chips ensure that your neon mirror maintains constant brightness. Chips 2835 SMD, 3014 and 3020 SMD are among the most sophisticated LEDs available today.

Keep an eye out for manufacturers that use the latest technology and high-quality components. Most manufacturers employ 5050 SMD chips and 2835 SMD chips for single-color applications.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Custom Infinity Mirror


As a result, infinity mirrors are a big thing right now. They look sleek, and there are many things you can do with them. These can be used for everything from displaying information to home automation to entertainment. But, unfortunately, people think the lights on the mirror surface keep going forever.

If so, did you ever need a FAQ guide for your mirror? If you say yes, then I have the article for you. This article will show you how to help to order unique infinity mirrors.

Table of Contents

1. What Are the Custom Infinity Mirror Components?

To maximize the efficiency of neon light mirrors, high-quality materials should be employed. Therefore, neon light mirrors are made of the following materials.


It is divided into poor silicone, which is recycled and contains much silica, and high-quality silicone.

The neon pink silicone tends to yellow and self-sulfurize. In addition, infinity mirror logs with too much silica have poor transparency, color, tensile strength, and overall look.

The quality of the neon light mirror depends on whether the manufacturer’s raw components have a silicone backlog during mixing. It also depends on how many machines are available and how skilled and sophisticated the gluers are.


The quality of LED chips used in neon mirror lights can be determined by their luminous efficacy, deadlights, and light degradation. LED chip raw materials include gold wire, glue, and various packaging technologies from different packaging businesses.

The neon infinity mirror rope is examined for dark areas during production and requires professional maintenance. In addition, low luminous efficiency in LED chips causes uneven light output by the mirror neon, affecting the ornamental impact.

High-quality LED chips eliminate massive light decay, which leads to rapid brightness degradation.


It comes in two varieties: rolled copper and copper-clad. Because rolled copper is so closely attached to the FPC board and the FPC, it can be bent without straining.

The copper-clad copper foil protrudes from the FPC board and the pad connection.


Mirror neon light resistors can be verified with a multimeter before soldering to ensure they are in excellent condition. They affect the neon mirror light’s voltage and current, affecting its longevity and brilliance.


Outdoor infinity mirrors must be weatherproof and plugged with end caps. Indoor neon light mirrors may or may not have an end cap.

End caps for mirror neon with lights are flat and eco-friendly.

Electronic Wires

Pink neon mirror with electronic gold and silver wire connecting wires. Outdoor mirror neon lights must be waterproofed at the soldering point.

Other Substrates for Acrylic

Because of its three-dimensional strength, it can withstand exposure to sunlight, rain, and other weather conditions. In addition, it has excellent light ductility during the day and night, making neon mirror light ideal for business illumination.

The neon mirror acrylic baseboard is available in 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm thicknesses. The mirror with neon lights will be more substantial if the acrylic sheet is thicker.

Transparency, thickness, and hardness are qualities of high-quality acrylic. However, insufficiently hardened acrylic boards are not weather or temperature-resistant.

Controls and Dimmers

Mirror with neon light usually has FPC dimming or thyristor dimming. Dimmers are precise, tiny, efficient, and easy to use.

Color remote control dimming is classified as high power or low power. The colorful remote control has two modes: WIFI and Bluetooth.

The 3D infinity mirror remote controller comes in two types: IR and RF wireless. IR controllers can control your neon light mirror up to 6 meters away, but it must face the receiver with no obstructions.

On the other hand, the RF controller can work in any direction and up to 30 meters away.


A signal amplifier amplifies the controller’s signal and directs it to the complete neon sign to ignite a neon mirror. A neon light mirror without a signal amplifier will be muted and lack the necessary brightness.


Custom infinity mirror power supplies are either 220V/110V high voltage converted to 12V/24V low voltage. To ensure quality, you should look for UL, CUL, TUV/CE, and SGS/SAA certifications on power supplies.


Instant adhesive fixes neon infinity mirrors quickly. Furthermore, it is safe as it does not corrode or react chemically with the mirror neon’s acrylic backing.

Using low-quality adhesive may result in transient adhering, and the tape may break off after a while. In addition, after a time, the acrylic baseboard will harden, change color, or corrode.

2. What are the Available Sizes for 3D Custom Infinity Mirrors at Their Widest Point?

Numerous individuals and businesses choose varied sizes for 3D infinity mirrors based on their intended use. As a result, this option is frequently unique to each individual or organization.

Manufacturers of infinity mirror 3D often offer them in various sizes to meet multiple demands, and they may even design measures to meet your specifications. The following are some popular sizes for 3D infinity mirrors.

  • 12”/30cm
  • 20”/50cm
  • 30”/75cm
  • 40”/100cm
  • 50”/120cm
  • 60”/150cm
  • 80”/200cm

3. What Is an Custom Infinity Mirror?

Custom infinity mirrors breathe new life into bare walls by adding atmosphere to your company or home through a rich, warm glow. This glow establishes the mood, whether you’re setting the mood for a party or a peaceful movie night.

The mirror with neon lights will always provide the appropriate ambiance, and you should consider using it to elevate your décor to the next level. A 3D infinity mirror will set your business apart from the competition and provide a compelling rationale and visual impact for clients to take images and promote your business to their friends and followers on social media.

Custom Infinity Mirror
Figure 1 - Custom Infinity Mirror

4. What Should you Look for When Choosing a Reliable Neon Custom Infinity Mirror?

To ensure you get a high-quality neon infinity mirror, you need to pay attention to a few things. Some things to think about before buying infinity mirror neon:

LED chips can be chosen.

Choosing chips that work well with your infinity mirror neon is essential. So this is what you should do. They are suitable for neon mirrors because they are flat and only need a small space.

As little as 75% of surface-mounted LED chips use less energy than traditional ones. Like the ones shown here, some of them can last for as long as 45,000 to 50,000 hours.

So, it is essential to make sure that your mirror neon will be made with surface-mounted SMD chips.

The raw materials

To get a high-quality neon light mirror, it is essential to make sure that it is durable and weather-resistant materials. These mirrors with neon lights are made with LED chips and silicon.

It’s important to know which LED chips and silicone are best for your neon infinity mirror to avoid wasting money.

The size of the Neon Infinity Mirror

Choosing a neon mirror light of the right size is essential to fit well in a particular place. For example, if you want to put your infinity mirror neon in a small room, you’ll need to buy small ones.

In addition, you need to measure the wall where you want to put the mirror neon light so that it fits. Then, you will be able to set your neon light mirror up without any trouble at all.

Choose silicone of high quality.

Choose a high-quality silicone for your infinity mirror logo, and it will last for a long time. But, of course, you should make sure that your manufacturer uses silicone with the best features to ensure that it works well.

When you make your neon mirror light, the silicone used should not smell or have any odors. It should also be more transparent than PVC, and it should have Rosh environment tests. Besides that, high-quality silicone should not make smoke or black glue when it’s burned by fire, and it should be very pliable.


Warranty tends to give people who buy and sell infinity mirror neon a sense of security because it lets them use and sell the products without worrying about them. It’s essential to buy your mirror with neon lights from manufacturers who offer a more extended warranty and even a warranty for replacement and repair to make sure it works well and lasts.

The warranty policy for your neon mirror light should also be considered when you think about how long your neon mirror light will last. Ensure to find out if they have a free replacement warranty for custom infinity mirrors or a free maintenance service for spare parts only.

The manufacturer should give you an extended warranty for your neon light mirror. They should also provide you with at least a 24-month free replacement warranty and 12 months of free spare parts maintenance service. Because of this, they should also be able to give a free shipping damage warranty to resellers and customers, and they should be able to do this too.


There are a lot of good neon infinity mirrors out there, and they tend to last a long time. However, it is essential to note that the lifespan of a neon light mirror is based on the LED chips and manufacturing processes that were used to make it.

The neon mirror light should last between 45,000 hours and 50,000 hours. Of course, it would help if you did not buy a cheap neon light mirror made of low-quality materials to save money at the start.

They use much energy because mirror neon which isn’t very good wastes much energy, so the cost of maintaining them goes up. After a few years, you also need to change it if you bought a cheap mirror neon light.


This is an important thing to think about when you buy your neon infinity mirror.

A neon light mirror’s brightness is determined by how LED chips lose their light over time. This is important to know.

When your neon mirror is made with LED chips placed on the surface, it will always be bright. 2835 SMD LED chips, 3014 SMD LED chips, or 3020 SMD LED chips are the best-LED chips, so it is essential to use one in production.

Check that the manufacturer uses cutting-edge technology and suitable raw materials, like LED chips and silicone. For example, most manufacturers use 5050 SMD chips to make things look colorful and 2835 SMD chips when only one color is needed.

5. How Long Has your Business Been in this Field?

When we started in 2015, it was the first time we did mirror work. We have been doing it for 6 years, so we have more experience.

6. Are you a Wholesaler or a Manufacturer Where are you located?

We are a manufacturing in the Shenzhen China.

7. Is it Possible to Modify the Custom Infinity Mirror?

Yes, we can customize our products to your specifications.

8. How Quickly Can I Obtain a Price Quotation?

Generally, after we have information about the things you’re interested in, their dimensions, functions, packaging requirements, and quantity, we can supply you with a pricing quote within 24 hours.

9. What if the Custom Infinity Mirror is Broken When the Goods are Delivered?

Due of the fragility of the glass, we will ensure the shipping. Please record your unloading process; if you received broken mirrors, we will replace them.

10. Do you Have any Certificates?

Generally, our goods are CE & ROHS certified, which is sufficient for the European market; we can also give UL certification for the US market.

11. Why is it that Custom Infinity Mirrors are so Popular?

Infinity mirror energy savings: 1/10 incandescent light, 1/4 incandescent light; long life, lasting 10 million hours; environmentally beneficial.

12. What Colors Can You Get for Custom Infinity Mirror?

They come in many colors, but they aren’t all the same size. It’s easy for manufacturers to make any color by mixing red, green, and blue (RGB). But, you first need to set the wall color to the right color.

13. How Long Does it Take to Get the Custom Infinity Mirror?

The average time it takes to make everything is 5-7 days. On a case-by-case basis, we can deal with rush orders. It takes priority express about 4-6 business days for us to send things to other countries. Your item will arrive between 11 and 13 days after you order it.

14. The Custom Infinity Mirror Can be Used Outside?

Infinity mirrors like ours are meant to be used inside, but they can be used outside as long as they don’t get wet. They can be used at events and parties.

15. Do You Give a Large Volume Discount for the Infinity Mirror?

Yes. We offer discounts on bulk orders of an Infinity mirror.

16. On the Custom Infinity Mirror Can More than One Color be Mixed Together at a Time?

Yes, it can. Make your own infinity mirror with LITASIGN. You can use as many colors as you want on your custom mirror.

17. Will the Custom Infinity Mirror Overheat?

The LED neon sign does not heat up like old glass neon lights; our signs are substantially more energy-efficient neon signs. It is both good for your wallet and good for the environment.

18. Do You Provide a Tracking Number Once the Custom Infinity Mirror is Shipped?

Yes, at the same time, our business followers keep our clients updated on the status of their orders.

19. Which Type of Power Outlet Is Required for the Custom Infinity Mirror?

They use a 12-volt power source that can be plugged into any standard household outlet.

20. Which Payment Methods Are Accepted?

  • PayPal
  • Western Union
  • Telegraphic Transfers
  • Alibaba
  • Other payment methods.

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