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Since 2015, LITASIGN is a pioneer, and professional custom LED signs manufacturer. Our professional staff has grown with years of experience and delivery of excellent products to customers. With our high-quality product, simple ordering process, unbeatable prices, and fast production times, LITASIGN knows that you will be proud to use our signs products to promote your brand or business.

LITASIGN’s professional team of experts works with you to get your custom LED signs just right. We craft every project to ensure that it hits the mark and exceeds your specific requirements while staying on budget.

Custom LED Neon Signs Are Built to Last

Custom LED neon signs are an excellent way to draw attention to a business, event, or any other important information. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. These signs are weather-resistant and durable.

The bright colors are much better than traditional signs in their intensity, so they are much more effective. The signs also offer greater visibility in the dark, so they are much more effective at night. The LED neon signs are made of good-quality materials that will not fall apart with age. They are built to last. 


Custom LED Neon Sign - Your Business Solution

As a professional sign manufacturer in China, LITASIGN has built a long-standing reputation for offering a wide variety of high-quality neon signs. These signs can be seen at many locations, including business fronts, storefronts, bars and restaurants, shopping malls, event venues, and trade shows. 

LITASIGN recognize not every business has the same budget, target audience, or aim. LITASIGN is  dedicated to assisting you in selecting the best customized LED signs for your requirements. We constantly endeavor to exceed your expectations and ensure your complete satisfaction.

You dream it, we make it

The Process of Turning Ideas into Beautiful Neon Signs

pcb design

PCB Design

Designing the PCB diagram according to the silicone jacket structure, lighting effect, and heat dissipation is an effective way to reduce the virtual soldering and off soldering problems. The light part will remain durable even after bending and shaping during the manufacturing process.

pcb testing

PCB Testing

After PCB testing is done, it will be tested thoroughly. One sample with LED chips will also be made for further testing, which ensures the expected quality of the final product.

smt processing

SMT Processing

LITASIGN has two SMT machines to manufacture the light source for LED strip lights, LED neon flexes, and LED neon signs. With this, a 2,000 meters per day output is achieved. LITASIGN processes its SMTs in-house to ensure consistency.

Silicone Extrusion Process

LED Neon Flex Extrusion

The critical stage in the production of neon signs is their extrusion. This stage depends on skilled workers and quality silicone extruders. LITASIGN ensures that they use quality silicone extruders to produce high-quality neon signs.

Design and Confirmation

Design and Confirmation

LED signs made by LITASIGN are designed with great care. The >99% sample design will be the same as the original, and during production, all details will be checked carefully. All details include the color of the light, the jacket color, design, power of LED adaptors, plug type, and the dimmer version.

Backplate Engraving

LED neon signs are typically engraved by a machine. Approximately 200 to 300 signs are engraved each day with precise results in a smoke-free, odorless environment.

The different configurations of the engraving machine will be able to cut different materials without mixing. It means that it can effectively preserve your efficiency and accuracy when working with a variety of materials.

Neon sign making

Neon Sign Making

All “custom neon signs” are manufactured by skilled craftsmen with  5 years of experience, based on the required export standards. The quality of the work determines how well they integrate into the original design and how attractive they are.

Finished Sign Aging

Finished Sign Aging

Before any LITASIGN neon sign is shipped out, it undergoes a 24-hour aging test to make sure it works flawlessly. Moreover, the signs are aged by one hour again by hand, which helps identify problems with the LED chips and PCB will be detected in advance. That is why you can be assured of our quality testing.

Neon Sign Packaging

Neon Sign Packaging

All of the packages are customized to the sign. For added strength, a 10mm thick honeycomb paper board is used to keep the packaging compact and tidy. You can also save cost on shipping by doing so. If you are in a dropshipping business, we can customize the packaging with your logo to help you stand out.

Choosing LITASIGN as Your Partner, to Boost Your Business

Our custom signs service helps you create your vision with effective signage. We can design, engineer, and build custom LED signs and neon signs to reflect your brand and meet your specific needs. To be able to give you the best quality custom neon signs we always employ:

Product Variety

You can choose from several kinds of custom LED signs to suit your business and requirements. Everything is affordable and customized to your needs.

Efficient Service

LITASIGN's  team of skilled engineers who have extensive experience in the LED sign business. Can handle all necessary components for LED sign installation, restoration, and repair.

Warranty Coverage

All our custom LED neon signs come with a one-year warranty for outdoor and a two-year warranty for indoor, with optional ongoing maintenance.

Pre-Sales Services

LITASIGN's sales representative is available 24 hours a day to provide you with a quotation anytime. Design personnel that has been engaged in the design of the sign industry for many years and have the rich design experience to provide you with free design services.

Complete Solutions

For a more effective and cost-efficient solution, you don't need to find different electricians for LED signs, neon signs, or other electrical work. You can ensure that all your signage needs are met with us.

Supply Capacity

With LITASIGN's 50 skilled workers, that can produce 500 pcs hand-made neon signs per day and a full set of silicone extrusion equipment. We can meet the capacity requirements of large volume orders.

Always Here to Support Your Custom LED Neon Sign Requirements

Neon sign products are being used today in more places than neon open signs. These products—decorative word lights, light-up wall art, lighted signs, and quote signs—can be found in co-working spaces, cafes, restaurants, and other businesses.

Custom Chill LED Neon Signs

Relax and chill with this neon light that tells others to do the same! It would look fantastic in a child's room, a man cave, or your lady's bedroom. It can be customized with different colors and fonts.

Custom This is Where the Magic Happens Neon Sign

Not only will this faux neon word sign light up your kitchen, bedroom or anywhere else you choose to place it, but it'll make you look like a decorating diva.

Customized Sports Bar LED Neon Sign

This Customized Sports Bar LED Neon Sign is both stylish and functional. A neon display can be seen in a shop, a bar, a man cave, a recording studio, and a variety of other places.

Custom Bar Neon Sign

Cocktail parties are enhanced by neon signs, and your guests will enjoy sharing images of the sophisticated light art on social media. With these sparkling placards, invite them to join you for a drink and a good time.

Custom Air Jordan Neon Sign

The Hypebeast OG Limited Edition Neon Sign is inspired by the Air Jordan 1 Chicago colorway. It elevates the vibe in the room of any true sneakerhead.

Custom Ice Cream Neon Sign

An affordable neon sign is an ideal ice cream shop advertising technique. The multi-colored sign will help you stand out over the other shops in the area.

Custom Good Vibes Only Neon Sign

This Good Vibes Only LED neon sign is perfect for your home or business. This is a trendy wall light that will look good on any wall. The led neon sign comes with quality clear acrylic and is ready to hang.

Custom It Was All A Dream Neon Sign

A handcrafted, outrageously high-quality LED neon sign that will last long. Make a statement and set the tone in any space with this stunning sign that will give you the feeling you've always wanted!

Custom God Give Me You Neon Sign

Light up your wall with a God Give Me You Neon Sign as the perfect motivational wall art feature! Choose a color for your neon art to show off your style.

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Why Entrust Your Business to LITASIGN?

LITASIGN is one of the most experienced neon sign producers in the neon sign industry, focusing not only on the production process but also on concerns about quality. Here are some of the pros you get when you partner with LITA to grow your neon signs business.

1. Marketing photos and videos of physical signs will be provided to business owners for them to use in their marketing or promotion of the neon signs.

2.LITA offers a 2-year warranty for indoor LED signs; 1-year warranty for outdoor LED signs. If there’s any problem with the sign, we will replace a new sign at no cost to you. This will allow you to focus on increasing awareness of your brand and expanding your market share.

3. Short production and shipping time. LED neon signs are usually produced within 5-7 days, so you can save both production time and business downtime. LED signs are sent to clients worldwide by international priority express within 4-6 days. Your order will take around 11-13 days to be delivered.

4. LITASIGN’s sales representative is available 24/7 to offer you quick customer support. The sales representative will always be there to quickly respond, to clients help you design/mockup in 2 hours, and we can provide a quotation in 1 hour

5. Perfectly Fitted Packaging. LED neon signs are placed in a box built from a strong, 10mm thick honeycomb board that’s been carefully customized by the machine to be the exact size of your sign. You’ll save money on shipping since they’re very compact, and you can be sure your sign will be safe during transportation and receive an undamaged LED neon sign.

6. LITASIGN provides dropshipping services, customizing clients’ logo and brand label making into the packaging to increase clients’ brand recognition.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Custom LED Neon Signs


When people discuss neon signs and LED neon signs, I explain the differences.

Historically, neon was achieved by filling a glass tube with neon gas.

But as LEDs become increasingly common, LED neon signs are gaining popularity. Since “LED neon sign” extends the traditional glass neon sign, most people mean LED neon signs when they say “neon sign”.

However, when individuals say neon signs, they could mean traditional glass neon signs or LED neon signs.

An LED neon sign is an excellent method of advertising a business. LED neon signs are becoming famous in current times since they can be modified to meet your specific demands. Having a custom-made sign is an excellent way to sell a company, and one of the most significant ways is with an LED neon sign.

This FAQ section is dedicated to custom LED neon signage. You’ll discover how to acquire a sign, how to modify it, and which sort of sign is best for your business.

Table of Contents

1. What Are Custom LED Neon Signs?

The most recent significant innovation in the signage industry is the introduction of LED neon signs. These are electric signs lit by numerous colored or white LEDs. These signs consist of smaller LEDs packed closely together to form a digital poster. The advantage of choosing LED neon versus traditional neon is that you can create more unique designs and choose from a wider variety of colors.

Figure 1 - Custom LED Neon Sign

2. How Are Custom LED Neon Signs Made?

  • Schematics for LED neon flex circuits are generated using advanced computational tools.
  • Before proceeding to the next step, the quality control staff inspects the LED PCB handmade neon sign boards.
  • A sophisticated SMT machine is required to achieve the maximum potential productivity, accuracy, and stability.
  • After installing the neon strip, groove the acrylic board to secure it.
  • Finally, the neon sign is subjected to an aging test before being dispatched to you to confirm its quality.

The video details the process of creating a unique LED neon sign.

3. Where Can I Get Handmade Custom LED Neon Signs In Bulk?

There are retail stores, marketplaces, and online retail platforms to purchase handmade bespoke LED neon signs in quantity. However, it is recommended that you buy them directly from the maker.

As a bonus, you can be assured that the things you buy are authentic and come with a warranty. When you buy LED neon signs in bulk from LITASIGN, you’ll save money because of the volume discount.

Figure 2 - Handmade Custom LED Neon Sign

4. How Are Custom LED Neon Signs Tested For Life?

Custom LED neon signs can be verified for life by checking the voltage on all electrical components with a multimeter.

You can inspect the LED neon sign for broken or shorted wires that cause the neon sign to lose connectivity. Additionally, it would be best to verify your adapter and transformer to confirm they are providing the correct voltage.

Figure 3 - Testing Custom LED Neon Signs

5. Can I Get A Specific Color On the Custom LED Neon Signs for Bedrooms?

Yes, you may get personalized bedroom neon signs in your desired hue. There are approximately 22 colors available, including red, yellow, purple, pink, orange, blue, green, neutral white, cold white, and warm white.

When the neon sign is turned off, some of these colors are white but become colored when switched on. Others are covered in colored jackets and display the shade when the sign is switched off. 

custom LED neon Sign color-board2
Figure 4 - Custom LED Neon Sign Color Board

6. Is It Possible To Get My Own Designs On Custom LED Neon Signs for Walls?

Yes, you can get a custom-designed neon wall sign. Compared to glass neon, bespoke wall neon signs are flexible and easy to cut, bend, and mold to fit any design.

With the assistance of reputable manufacturers such as LITASIGN, you can obtain virtually any shape or style of neon wall signs you require – stars, hearts, fruits, curves, and even letterings. Kindly notify us if you need custom neon wall signs.

Figure 5 - Different Shapes LED Wall Neon Signs

7. Can I Get Colorful Custom LED Neon Signs for Home?

Yes. Numerous manufacturers, such as LITASIGN, offer a variety of vibrant neon signs for your home. By default, when a neon sign is turned off, its color is white. On the other hand, if you want your neon sign to retain its color after it has been turned off, you will need a color jacket.

When ordering from suppliers such as LITASIGN, you can obtain vibrant neon signs for your home.

Figure 6 - Custom LED Neon Sign For Home

8. Can I Get Customized LED Christmas Neon Signs?

Yes, manufacturers such as LITASIGN offer personalized Christmas neon signs. A trained and experienced producer will create a custom LED neon sign for your wedding, whatever message you wish to convey through the neon sign. In addition, your customized LED neon signs will be lightweight and portable, making them ideal for creating Christmas neon signs.

Figure 7 - Custom LED Neon Sign For Christmas

9. Where Can I Get Custom LED Neon Signs To Hang At Party Venues?

Suppliers like LITASIGN can help you design neon signs for your party venue. Custom LED neon signs for party venues are a specialty of suppliers like LITASIGN. So even if you’re planning a modern or vintage-themed event, LED neon signs can light up the atmosphere! 

Party-Custom-Neon-Sign (1)
Figure 8 - Custom LED Neon Sign For Party Venues

10. Can I Get Personalized Halloween Custom LED Neon Signs?

Yes, you can get a personalized halloween neon sign. There is no limit to the shapes created with custom LED neon flex signage.

Figure 9 - Personalized Halloween LED Neon Sign

11. Where Can I Get Indoor And Outdoor Custom LED Neon Signs For Cafe?

Manufacturers like LITASIGN provide neon cafe signs, which can be used indoors and outside. Choose a company that manufactures neon signs that can be used indoors and outdoors. They must have alternatives that are waterproof and UV-resistant to withstand harsh weather.

Figure 10 - Indoor and Outdoor LED Cafe Neon Sign

12. Can You Customize an Eye-Catching Bar And Beer LED Neon Signs In Special Shapes?

Yes. The neon signs for bar and beer can be custom-made by LITASIGN which specializes in LED neon signage. 

Figure 11 - Customized Bar LED Neon Sign
Figure 12 - Customized Beer LED Neon Sign

13. Can You Print Quotes On Custom LED Neon Signs?

Yes. Custom LED neon signs allow you to print whatever you want.

Neon word signs, personalized neon name signs, and neon light quotations can only be created by a manufacturer specializing in neon quotes signs. Choose the font, color, and size for the words.

Figure 13 - Custom Qoutes LED Neon Sign

14. Is It Possible To Get RGB Colors On Colored Custom LED Neon Signs?

Yes. Colored neon signs can be made to display RGB colors. Color-changing RGB neon signs in any shape or style are no problem for most manufacturers. RGB custom neon signs, on the other hand, take longer to produce. 

Figure 15 - RGB LED Neon Sign

15. Do You Have Funny Custom LED Neon Signs?

Yes, we have the largest selections of Funny Custom LED Neon Signs. Customize your funny neon signs that can be altered to any form and shape. You can let them know your requirements for funny neon signs in any font and a wide selection of colors.

Figure 16 - Custom Funny LED Neon Sign

16. How Much Do Custom LED Neon Signs Cost?

Your design and specs will determine the pricing of custom LED neon signage. To get a price from your manufacturer, you’ll need to show them your design. Then, between $50 to $150, you can have it.

Custom LED neon signs from LITASIGN are affordable while still having excellent quality.

17. Where Can I Find Custom LED Neon Signs at a Good Price?

You may get inexpensive neon signs from companies such as LITASIGN, which offers custom LED neon signs at a low price.

Large suppliers harness innovative technology to increase efficiency and quality might offer competitive pricing that few other suppliers can match. Additionally, their large economies of scale enable them to provide you with a low price.

18. Where Can I Purchase Affordable Wholesale Custom LED Neon Signs?

Custom neon signs are only available straight from the manufacturer at wholesale costs. To maximize their profits, shops will add certain sums to the price.

LITASIGN is an example of a wholesaler of led neon signs that offer quantity discounts and wholesale pricing.

19. Can I Get Custom LED Neon Signs For Business?

Yes, personalized LED signage is available for your business. Contact a supplier with your company’s name, logo, tagline, or artwork to get your bespoke LED signage. The supplier will offer you a pricing quote and a mockup of the neon sign for approval before beginning work to verify that the neon light design is precisely what you want.

Figure 17 - Custom LED Neon Sign for Business

20. Do You Have Custom LED Neon Signs For Cars?

Yes, LITASIGN offers customized LED signage for automobiles, allowing for inventive brand promotion on the road. Custom LED signs for cars include programmable vehicle identification signs, scrolling vehicle identification signs and LED message boards.

Figure 18 - Custom LED Neon Sign for Cars

21. Do You Have Custom LED Neon Sign Gifts?

Yes, we can create a personalized LED sign for you as a gift. Inform us of the specifications for your custom-designed LED neon signs. LITASIGN can make them lightweight and portable, making them ideal for wedding gifts and highly-personalized gift ideas.

Figure 19 - Custom LED Neon Sign for Gifts

22. Can Images And Pictures Be Used In Custom LED Signs?

Yes, you can give us the images and photographs you want to use for the LED neon signs. Custom LED signs are often mounted on an acrylic background that can be clear, metallic, or a solid color. On the other hand, the backboard can be UV printed with an image or picture.

Figure 20 - UV Printed Custom LED Neon Sign

23. Is It Dangerous to Use Custom LED Neon Signs?

The answer is no. When it comes to custom LED neon signs, they are not only safe but environmentally beneficial, unlike classic neon signs that use argon or mercury gas. Low voltage, low emission, and minimal heat make them safe to handle, and you’ll find them on the market at 12V.

The acrylic backboards are difficult to break and do not contain any breakable glass.

24. Is It Safe To Turn On Custom LED Neon Signs Overnight?

Yes, you can leave your custom LED neon sign on all the time without worrying about it going out. Unlike the standard glass neon signs for long-term use, it doesn’t get heated. The LEDs are protected by a silicon tube impervious to shattering and bursting open. Safe for use in any country and in any environment that includes children.

Additionally, you won’t have to worry about racking up a high electricity bill because custom LED neon signs use very little power.

25. Custom LED Neon Signs: Are They Shiny Or Dull?

While custom LED neon signs are shinier, they consume less light per watt than classic neon signs. As a result, they will not be as bright as standard neon signs. In addition, custom LED neon signs do not penetrate fog as effectively as classic neon signs do.

Also, LITASIGN’s custom LED neon signs include a dimmer control that can be used to adjust the neon’s brightness.

26. How To Mount A Custom LED Neon Sign To A Wall?

The minimal weight of a custom LED neon sign enables it to be hung in the air. The LED neon sign can be hung on a wall thanks to the robust acrylic backing.

You can buy a sign hanging kit or a wall mounting kit in order to hang your LED neon sign on a wall.

27. Are There Battery-Operated Custom LED Neon Signs?

You’ll discover that custom LED signage utilizes very little electricity. Neon signs draw no more than 12V of electricity. Most customs LED signs are powered by either a 12V transformer or a 12V DC adapter.

As a result, they can be powered by a 12V battery; however, the manufacturer must have updated the electronic panel to run directly from a battery supply. It is a regular occurrence with bespoke LED signs put on vehicles. Nonetheless, it is not suggested that you modify an LED sign’s electronic components.

28. Can You Replace The LEDs In Your Custom LED Neon Sign?

If the LEDs in your bespoke LED sign quit operating, you can replace them. To install the replacement LEDs in your personalized LED sign, you should, however, seek the assistance of an expert.

29. What Should You Consider Before Purchasing A Custom LED Neon Sign?

Before purchasing an LED sign, the first thing to examine is the product’s quality. The pixel, pitch, matrix, LED viewing angle, and LED brightness to contribute to an LED sign’s quality.

Apart from the product’s quality, you should also evaluate the manufacturer’s or supplier’s service. Additionally, the manufacturer’s reputation and the warranty period are critical considerations.

A reputable neon sign maker will also ensure that their products are delivered on time and that they have been examined and passed through quality control.

30. What Do I Need To Tell the Custom LED Neon Sign Manufacturer?

Let your custom LED neon sign maker know your desired wattage. And if they don’t, they’ll likely choose the ideal wattage for your neon sign. You must also inform them of any special lumen output requirements tied to wattage requirements.

Notify your manufacturer if you want motion sensors or dimming in your personalized LED signs. Finally, emergency custom LED signs have different standards than commercial custom LED signs. Let your maker know what the led neon signs are for to design them accordingly.

31. What Is SMD Used In Custom LED Neon Signs?

SMD is an acronym for Surface Mounted Diode. It is a type of diode soldered flat against a circuit board. Typically, standard LED lights are kept in place via wire leads.

SMDs are more compact and can create a more angled beam. Additionally, it requires less wiring and diffusers than standard LED lights.

The SMD bulb incorporates all three RGB colors into a single unit. This contrasts with other LED lights, which utilize three different bulbs to create a single pixel on a personalized LED sign.

32. How To Determine The Brightness Of the Custom LED Neon Sign?

There are LEDs of varying quality. Low-quality LEDs will be dim and difficult to spot on bright days. The luminance of an LED sign is expressed in “nits.”

The more nits an LED sign has, the brighter it is. As a result, you can determine the brightness of your personalized LED sign by counting its nits.

33. What Is The Required Brightness Level For A Custom LED Neon Sign?

Brightness varies according to whether your bespoke LED sign is intended for indoor or outdoor use. Outdoor LED signage requires a higher level of light than inside LED signs. The brightness intensity is expressed in nits.

The sun is approximately 6500 nits bright. Therefore, to operate successfully outdoors and be seen in even the most brilliant natural daylight, your personalized LED sign must have a brightness level at least twice that of the sun.

Figure 21 - Custom LED Neon Sign Brightness

34. Do LED Neon Signs Contain Toxic Chemicals?

LED signs contain no toxic chemicals. They do not emit hazardous materials, so there is no risk of mercury contamination. 

35. Are LED Neon Signs Environmentally Friendly?

Yes, LED signs are more environmentally friendly than classic neon signs, harmful to the environment. They operate at a low voltage of approximately 12V with low emission, and they are safe to touch because of the tiny amount of heat they generate.

36. Are LED Neon Signs High Voltage?

No, LED signs do not operate at high voltage. The majority of LED signage operates on 12V electrical power. Additionally, they are equipped with either a 12V step-down transformer or a 12V adaptor to eliminate the possibility of electrocution.

For those who plan to install the LED sign in a public area, it is recommended that you place a transparent cover in front of it.

37. Will The Custom LED Neon Sign Get Hot?

The custom LED sign will not become hot to the touch. Even though it may become slightly warm, it will not become hot enough to burn you if you touch it. If you notice that your personalized LED sign is becoming too warm, there is probably a problem with the connection.

Figure 22 - Safe To Touch Custom LED Neon Sign

38. Do Custom LED Neon Signs Emit A 360° Light?

No, custom LED neon signs do not emit light in all directions. Depending on the type of LED sign design chosen, the LED light may be mounted to metal lettering, an image, or a form contained within a silicon tube or an acrylic backboard.

Whichever form you choose, LED signs are illuminated only from the front, occasionally from the back, and rarely from the sides.

39. Why Choose A Custom LED Neon Sign Over Another Form Of Signage?

LED signs are more vibrant and eye-catching than most other types of signage. As a result, individuals are more likely to read an LED sign than read different types of signage.

Furthermore, LED signs have a brilliant hue that stands out against other neon signs, especially during the day. Therefore, they are most frequently used as business and store signs for advertising and marketing purposes.

Figure 23 - Colorful Custom LED Neon Sign

40. What Is The Difference Between An Indoor And An Outdoor LED Neon Sign?

It’s rare to find an indoor LED sign that can withstand the elements or be vandalized. Low or medium brightness is all that’s required. LED signs visible in sunlight must be at least six times brighter than those visible in the dark.

It is also common for outdoor signage to be substantially larger than LED signs installed inside a building. An interior frequently serves decorative purposes LED sign.

The outdoor LED signs must also be environmentally resistant to withstand the elements and inclement weather. As a result, outdoor LED signs, on the whole, are more expensive than inside LED signage.

41. How to Know What Type Of LED Neon Sign I Need?

If you aren’t sure what kind of LED neon sign will work best for you, you should speak with an expert who can guide you in the correct direction. The following are some points to keep in mind while deciding on an LED sign for your company:

  • Whether the LED sign would be used for indoor or outdoor purposes
  • Your target audience
  • The size/aspect ratio of the LED sign
  • The viewing distance and pitch size
  • LED component grade
  • Service and maintenance access
  • Engineering/council requirements and regulations

42. What LED Neon Sign Is Best For Your Business?

Due to the lack of a standard LED indicator, the answer to this question is uncertain. To determine the optimal LED sign for your business, you must first address the following questions:

  • LED Neon Sign Objective
  • Location of an LED Neon Sign
  • How long do you expect your audience to observe your LED sign?
  • What type of message would your LED sign display – static, scrolling, or something else?
  • Which type of content will be displayed on your LED sign?

The best-LED sign for you will depend on your objectives and target audience.

43. How Much Energy Does A Custom LED Neon Sign Consume?

This is dependent on the sign’s size and pitch. The content displayed on your LED sign will also affect the amount of energy consumed.

A considerable design will require significantly more energy than a smaller design. On the other hand, LED signs are frequently more energy efficient than traditional retail signs.

44. Where Can LED Neon Signs Be Used?

Indoor and outdoor use of LED signs for advertising, events, or notices is possible. For example, they can be employed in corporate offices, restaurants, manufacturing warehouses, healthcare facilities, retail stores, campuses, and other locations.

For example, LED signage can be utilized for branding, wayfinding and décor, education, compliance, and so on. For the most part, LED signs can be used in any location where you wish to communicate with your customers.

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