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Maximizing Visibility: Custom LED Open Signs for Project and Sales

Increase the visibility of your projects and drive sales with custom LED open signs designed to attract attention and convey professionalism. Explore effective techniques for selecting, developing, and deploying custom LED open signs that align with your project goals and sales objectives. Uncover the potential of these versatile signs in maximizing visibility and capturing the attention of your target audiemce.

Red LED Open Sign

Get your business noticed with this bright red LED open sign. The neon-like characters illuminate brightly to attract customers from a block away. These signs can be hung in your window or on a building, and is easy to hang

Purple LED Open Sign

This open sign is ideal for your business, it can be seen at great distance and is eye-catching to attract customers. Featuring very bright LEDs that are energy efficient to help reduce costs.

White LED Open Sign

Now you can put this LED open sign in your window, on your door or hanging from the ceiling to let your customers know that you are now open for business. This LED sign is weather resistant and can be used outside or inside

Vertical LED Open Sign

Let your customers know you're open for business with the world's first vertical LED Open Sign by LITASIGN. Hang it in your windows or attach it to a wall.

Outdoor LED Open Sign

The LED Open Sign is an eye-catching addition to your business, helping you promote your daily deals and entice more customers. The scrolling open sign with messages attracts the attention of both pedestrians and drivers.

Bar Open LED Sign

Is a bright and eye-catching way to announce a bar's availability. Featuring vibrant LED lights and easy installation, it's perfect for attracting customers and creating an inviting atmosphere.

Battery Operated Open LED Sign

Display your business hours with this eye-catching, Battery Operated Open LED Sign! The highly visible, lighted design draws attention to your business.

Open 24Hrs LED Sign

Brighten your shop or store with this LED sign and catch your customers' attention! With this LED sign, you can clearly send your message that you are "OPEN 24 HOURS".

Always Open LED Sign

Communicate your business's availability day and night with the brightly lit, "Always Open" LED lightbox sign. With its highly visible, this LED sign immediate attention.

LED Open Sign Customization Guide


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custom LED open sign

Custom LED Sign Solutions for Businesses Worldwide

LITASIGN’s team of professionals has over 6 years of expertise in manufacturing and supplying custom LED signs of all sizes, styles, and shapes worldwide.  LITASIGN offers affordable and versatile LEDs to meet your specific needs and preferences.

LITASIGN is aware that each business has unique advertising requirements and objectives. That is why we are committed to assisting you in selecting the best customized LED signage for your particular needs while exceeding your expectations in terms of customer care.

We’re Your Expert Custom LED Open Signs Maker

The LITASIGN design team includes experienced designers who are professional in drawing and designing. Our team works 24/ 7. All our workers undergo regular professional product training to raise their expertise. 

LITASIGN places particular importance on the production, technical, and quality control departments in the product development and production process.


Eye-Catching, Durable, and Versatile Custom LED Open Signs

Custom LED open signs are popular for hanging in the window, inside bars and cafes, or anywhere to catch attention from a distance. Our durable LED open signs make a business stand out on a busy street or event.

LITASIGN’s custom LED open signs can attract attention at all hours of the day. These bright and colorful signs are available in various fonts and styles to suit your business aesthetic, with customizable images and text.

Make A Big Impact With Custom LED Open Signs

Custom LED open signage is the ideal kind of advertising for your company. Your investment in LED signs will provide you with a significant return on your money. The following are some of the essential features of personalized LED open signs:

Boosted Turn

In the world of marketing, clear call-to-actions (CTAs) is a great way you can increase your turnover. Showing up your CTAs and countdown discounts on scrolling LED signs will do more wonders.

Brand Awareness

LED signs help promote brands. The content you create with your custom LED Open sign can help build a business brand and encourage customers to have a positive experience with it.


Aside from using custom LED Open signs to promote your business, you can also sell or rent a portion of your custom LED sign to other businesses to promote their products.

Engage and Delight Visitors

LED signs can be used to engage or entertain visitors or clients waiting at the reception. In addition to making your consumers feel better, providing entertaining and engaging material will save their wait time.

Internal Communication

Using indoor LED signs in your office, organization, or business can assist increase performance and communication by displaying motivational words and information.


Finally, personalized LED signage can be used for public announcements in airports, train stations, etc. LED signage are a wonderful way to communicate time-sensitive information to the public.

LED Open Sign Manufacturing Process: A Step by Step Guide

custom LED open sign production process

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Florist Neon Sign

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Newspaper Neon Sign

This sign offers a classy, simple way to display your business on your windows or walls. The neon look is actually LED lights for a safe and energy saving display.


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Rolling Stones LED Sign

A fan of rock and roll? Do we have the sign for you. This neon light with a Rolling Stones iconic tongue is an awesome statement piece for any room.


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Internet Cafe Neon Sign

Internet Cafe provides a decorative neon sign to promote your business. Neon signs are energy efficient, long lasting and gives you that real neon look.


Price from $136.00

Blue Oyster bar Neon Sign

Eye-catching, cool and iconic, our neon Blue Oyster Bar sign is perfect for the wall in your game room, garage or man cave. This real glass neon tube sign comes to life with multi-colored glow.


Price from $69.00

Johnnie Walker Neon Sign

Be the life of the party with this Johnnie Walker neon sign. It's stylish, modern look belongs in every home, and its built-in timer ensures that it will not run up your energy bill.


Price from $139.00

Library Neon Sign

Add a retro vibe to your library, den, office space or home with a custom designed neon light that draws attention and adds a pleasant glow. Your custom sign will be made just for you by our expert craftsmen.


Price from $115.00

Hair Salon Neon Sign

Brighten your business and attract new customers with an eye-catching neon sign. Neon signs are the most cost-effective form of advertising today!


Price from $118.00

Why Choose LITASIGN as Your LED Open Sign Supplier?

If you need custom LED open signs or wholesale LED open signs in China, we will be pleased to help. We can create unique LED open signage for outdoor, indoor, shop, events, trade shows, and more.

Our professional engineers can readily shape a bold text headline or a static image form.

To ensure you get the most outstanding bespoke LED open sign possible, we always include:

1. Product Variety

You can create anything from custom LED signs to custom LED neon signs and traditional neon signs. We offer a variety of custom LED signage at competitive prices to fit your business.

2. Efficient Service

Our expert engineers are capable of handling all necessary components for LED sign installation, restoration, and repair with ease.

3. Warranty Coverage

Our custom indoor LED signs come with a two-year warranty, while our custom outdoor LED signs come with a two-year warranty and the option for continuous maintenance.

4. Professional Staff

We employ only OSHA-certified, LEED-accredited, licensed, and insured designers, installers, and repair experts for unique LED signs.

5. Complete Solutions

We provide customized solutions for LED signage. You no longer need to locate separate electricians for LED lights, neon signs, or other electrical services when you engage with us.

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