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LITASIGN - Leading the Evolution of Custom Logo Light Boxes

LITASIGN’s team comprises cooperative engineers, skilled fabricators, and customer service specialists who are prepared to use our more than 8+ years of demonstrated experience to assist our clients in developing next-generation signage systems. We create and produce dependable custom logo lightboxes that enhance brands and increase profits. We manufacture the highest-quality and most durable LED light boxes and LED signage systems using our extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities and in-depth engineering knowledge.

We offer affordable prices on all our custom logo lightboxes because we think great design should be available to everyone. For all of our products, we also provide free technical support.

Modern, Top Quality Custom Logo Light Boxes

A sign with interior lighting and a front customized to your profile and printed with your logo or any other message is known as a custom logo lightbox. Modern technologies and solutions have long since supplanted the traditional light boxes of the 1970s, making them better suited to contemporary environments.

Single-sided light boxes are the most typical type, but they can also be made double-sided and mounted as a projecting sign that sticks out from the façade. Traditionally, fluorescent lighting was used to illuminate them. However, most of our light boxes are outfitted with LED technology. You can save money on lighting costs because LED technology is significantly more energy efficient and has a longer lifespan than fluorescent lamps.


Custom Logo Light Box Application Showcases

The Custom Logo Lightbox features the logo printed on a premium translucent material, this sleek design is accentuated by embedded LED lights. Perfect for storefronts or as an captivation way to showcase a brand.


Lightboxes, Custom-made to Your Exact Specs

For more than 8 years, LITASIGN has been producing lightboxes. Our 6,000-square-foot facility handcrafts each custom logo light box from scratch to meet your exact requirements. At the same time, we are maintaining the accuracy and superior quality that has always characterized us. We continue to invest in cutting-edge machinery to boost our production volume and broaden the scope of our custom product offerings.

We constantly train our manufacturing staff to be adaptable, which enables us to scale up and down quickly when there are constrained timelines. Our designers, engineers, and fabricators have worked together on challenging design issues to create world-class visual displays.

Customized Logo Light Box Design and Production


Laser Cutting

Once we have the design, we use our laser cutting machine to cut out the lightbox. The machine uses lasers to cut through the material, which creates a clean and accurate cut every time. It is also where we will add any logos or text that you want to be included on the lightbox.


Engraving the Design

Engraving is an exact and detailed process that requires attention to detail and precision. We will use state-of-the-art equipment to cut your logo into the materials carefully.


Laser Engraving

The laser engraver uses a computer-controlled laser to burn away the acrylic surface, leaving your design on the surface. The process is quick and precise and leaves no evidence of the original material on your custom logo lightbox. The result is a stunningly beautiful object that will draw attention to your brand wherever it goes.



Side Band Cutting

Sideband cutting is the process of cutting sidebands from sheet metal. The sidebands are then bent to a 90-degree angle and folded back on themselves. This process can be repeated until the sheet has been cut to the desired length. The excess material is then removed from both sides of the sheet metal with a grinder or tool equipped with a flat head attachment.



This is a common practice in the production of light boxes. Welding is a technique that uses high heat and pressure to bond two or more pieces of metal together to form a new part of the metal. The process requires careful planning, as it can be easy for the weld to crack if done incorrectly.

polishing process

Grinding and Polishing

The process of grinding and polishing is one of the most critical steps in the making of a logo lightbox. The grinding and polishing processes will ensure that each letter is clearly visible and sharp, as well as ensure that there is no distortion to the overall shape of your logo.



The painting process is an essential part of our production process. We use a combination of techniques to ensure that the design you have created will be represented accurately in your final product.


LED Module Assembly

Connect all of the wires from each LED to a central circuit board. This is done by soldering them together using a soldering iron. Next, this circuit board must be connected to an LED driver circuit board using more soldered connections. Finally, all these boards must be placed inside a housing that allows them to fit together correctly and prevent moisture from damaging any parts over time.


Quality Checking

Our designers work closely with the production team to ensure that your logo light box meets our specifications. We’ll check everything from color and placement to font size and spacing. We’ll ensure your logo can be appropriately displayed on all sides of the box.

Benefits of Custom Logo Light Box for Your Brand or Business

Custom logo lightboxes are a popular choice among business owners looking for a cost-effective way to advertise their business. Lightboxes offer high returns on investment because of their low price and increased visibility. We highlight the benefits of lightboxes for firms so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing. Because they're affordable and easy to install, many businesses purchase more than one lightbox to increase their reach.

Cost-effective Advertisement

The Custom Logo Light Box is one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise your brand or business. You can get the exposure you need for a low price to grow your business and become more successful.


To promote your business, it is essential to have high visibility. Newspapers and other forms of advertisement may offer low visibility because they are placed inside stores or on billboards. On the other hand, lightboxes can be seen by people driving down the road at night because they’re located near bus stops or entertainment venues.


Businesses using lightbox signs can create tailored advertisements, which means they don't have to be limited by what they can say. Furthermore, because they are easy to change or update, lightbox signs offer more versatility and flexibility than other ads.

Easy to Install

The installation of lightbox signs is simple. Most of these signs come with a pre-drilled frame, so you must pick your preferred spot and mount it on the ground or wall. Plug it in and turn the lights on, and that's all there is to it; anyone can set up these signboards if necessary.

High Retun of Investment

\Lightboxes are widely used for advertising as they provide higher ROI (return on investment) than other types of signage. For example, you can see lightbox signs at shopping malls that promote sales and special offers. Such effective marketing campaigns allow business owners to increase sales even during off-peak seasons.

Provides Information

Lightboxes provide helpful information to passersby, educating them about your business and encouraging them to purchase your products or services. These signs have a high return on investment because they allow you to customize the text and images, so there is no limitation on the information you can include.

Custom Logo Light Box - Customized with Top Quality

Custom logo light boxes are a trendy item for all types of retailers. Retail clothing, shoe, and jewelry stores have succeeded by using Custom logo light boxes to get their message across. It makes advertising your business more straightforward and less expensive than other media!

Custom Freestanding Logo Light Box

This premium custom-made lightbox can be personalized with your logo, text, or design. It can be used as a promotional display at conventions and conferences with your company's logo - a quality sign sure to be the focal point of any event.

Any Shape Custom Logo Light Box

One of the unique forms of advertising for takeaways, cafes, pubs, beauty parlors, restaurants, pharmacies, exhibition displays, or retail establishments is Any Shape Custom Logo Light Box. These signs are made of high-quality materials that will keep your business looking great for years. They have several features that make them ideal for your company and can be used indoors and outdoors.

Custom Cinema Logo Light Box

Cinema Logo Light Box is a premium lightbox that allows you to display your logo in style. The Cinema Logo Light Box has an elegant design, and it's made of high-quality materials that ensure durability and long-lasting use.

Double Face Circular Acrylic Logo Light Box

Circular acrylic logo light boxes are made of high-quality material, and they are very durable. These are not just a piece of decoration, but they also work as a sign that many people can see at once. It's perfect for businesses that want to make their name known and stand out from the crowd.

Double Face Rectangular Acrylic Logo Light Box

This Double Face Rectangular Acrylic Logo Light Box is ideal for outdoor use; It's bright and can be seen from both directions. It's made from a robust and durable aluminum frame, two acrylic display panels, and LED lights. It's bright, cost-effective, and easily mounted onto the wall.

Double Face Square Acrylic Logo Light Box

Double Face Square Acrylic Logo Light Box is also called projecting signs and is designed for indoor and outdoor use. The custom logo is double-sided, illuminated by LED light, and returned by stainless steel and face with acrylic.

Acrylic Frameless Custom Logo Light Box

These Acrylic Frameless Custom Logo Light Boxes are customized and unique. This elegant and straightforward light box is perfect for any business or home. The acrylic material is durable, shatter-proof, and lightweight so that you can use this in any location, including outdoors!

Backlit Custom Logo Light Box

Backlight your logo and stand out with this lightbox! This promotional tool adds a little fun to the advertising industry. It will show off your logo in all its glory, making for an excellent way to get customers, neighbors, or friends talking about your business.

Custom Metal Logo Light Box

Light up your business with this custom metal logo lightbox. With its sleek, modern design and quality construction, this light box will surely attract customers and make a lasting impression.

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LITASIGN Provides a Personalized Approach to Every Customer and Every Project.

A personalized approach is a cornerstone upon which our LITASIGN was built. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, our experienced, award-winning designers utilize the power of design thinking and digital strategy. To create powerful brands and drive results-driven business strategies.

1. A Personalized Experience to Suit Your Creative Needs

The professionals on the LITASIGN team collaborate with you to create a unique lighting solution for your requirements. Establishing enduring relationships with our clients requires mutual trust, openness, and high-caliber service. We’ll start by asking you a few questions to understand your precise needs better. Then, we’ll present you with a few design options so you can pick the best one for your brand.

2. Taking You Along the Journey

LITASIGN’s goal is to provide you with an ‘out-of-the-box’ experience when purchasing from us. We want to ensure that you are delighted with your purchase, so we provide customer support for every process step. If there is anything we can do to help you install or operate your lights, please let us know, and we will do our best to help you!

3. Quality Beyond Your Expectations

 As one of China’s most versatile manufacturing companies, LITASIGN offers bespoke business sign solutions for our clients. Regardless of your business niche, we work with you to match your brand’s motto and make your business stand out from the competition.

The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Custom Logo Light Box


Custom light box signs are a great way to advertise your business or promote the upcoming sale at your retail business. Of course, not all custom light box signs are the same, and it is essential to remember what your sign needs are before you order your custom logo lightbox.

In this guide, you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Custom Logo Light Box Sign and its use.

Table of Contents

1. What is a Light Box?

A lightbox is a box-shaped piece of transparent material used to display images and text. A light box can have one side or two sides and can also be made from different materials, including glass and plastic. The front side of a light box will usually feature some medium for displaying images and text, such as paper or vinyl. Lightboxes are commonly used in retail stores. They’re often in windows to display store logos or product information. They’re also great for displaying signage at trade shows or conventions.

Figure 1 - Custom Logo Light Box

2. How Much Does it Cost to Have a Custom Logo Light Box Made?

The price of your custom logo light box will depend on several factors: how big you want it; what material you want it made out of; whether or not you would like any lighting system installed; what type of lighting system you want to be installed (LEDs are usually less expensive than other options); and how many colors/shapes/etc. You want it incorporated into the design. The more elaborate your order is, the higher the price will be—but don’t worry! We offer plenty of affordable options so everyone can afford their dream display!

3. What is the Best Material for a Custom Logo Light Box?

The most common material for a custom logo light box is acrylic. This material is durable and affordable, making it great for businesses of all sizes. It can be used as a primary lighting source and as a background for your design.

Figure 2 - Custom Acrylic Logo Light Box

4. What Should I Know About the Size of the Custom Logo Light Box?

The custom logo light box’s size will depend on where you intend to use it. A smaller size will probably be adequate if it is used at home or in an office environment (rather than a store). However, think about purchasing something more significant if you want something that will stick out at a gathering or trade exhibition so that people can see it from a distance.

5. How Do I Use the Custom Logo Light Box?

You can use logo light boxes in all sorts of ways—you can put them on the walls of your store, place them on tables and countertops, or hang them from the ceiling. You can even hang them in windows or doorways to catch customers’ attention as they walk by!

6. Can I Use the Custom Logo Lightbox for Advertising Purposes?

Absolutely! You can use a custom logo light box as part of an advertising campaign or event sponsorship opportunity,

7. How Much Does a Custom Logo Light Box Cost?

The cost of the lightbox you order depends on its size and design, but LITASIGN’s prices range from $50 to $200 per square foot. If you need it transported to a location other than your home address, you also need to consider shipping fees.

8. Is Logo Lightbox Safe for Use Outdoors?

Yes! The custom logo lightbox is designed to be used outside and tested in various weather conditions. It will withstand rain, snow, and sun exposure with no problems.

Figure 3 - Custom Acrylic Logo Light Box - Outdoor

9. How Do I Choose What Colors to Use for the Logo Light Box?

Choose colors that are complementary to your brand’s colors. For example, if you have red in your logo, try using yellow or green instead of blue or purple, as those colors clash with red. If you want to go bold, use black as your background color and keep the rest neutral—white or gray are perfect!

10. How Long Does it Take Before I Get My Order?

We strive to deliver our products as quickly as possible! Most orders are processed within 7-10 business days and shipped within two weeks after purchase.

11. Can I Customize My Own Logo Light Box Design?

Yes! LITASIGN specializes in customization. We can help you construct your ideal logo light box with little to no effort on your part—just send us an email with any questions or ideas, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

12. What Are the Benefits of Logo Lightboxes?

Lightboxes are often used for advertising a business on a building’s exterior. The illuminated signs provide visibility anytime and in any weather so customers can find a company quickly. In addition to providing visibility, lightboxes can offer several other benefits, such as:

Figure 4 - Custom Logo Light Boxes
  • Cost-Effective: An investment in an illuminated lightbox can result in increased customers and sales for a cheap initial expenditure and continuing maintenance costs.
  • Versatile:  Whether you want them mounted on a wall or tailored to fit right in front of your establishment, these signs can be used anyplace.
  • Customizable: Light boxes can be made in any desired form, shape, and size, allowing you to get the precise one you need for your business.
  • LED Lighting: LED sign cabinets provide improved durability and energy efficiency with lights designed to last for years while consuming less power.

13. Where Are Custom Logo Lightboxes Usually Used?

Lightboxes can be used in many different places. They are most commonly installed when you need visibility over a distance, such as across a parking lot or from a street or highway. This makes them popular with:

  • Shopping Malls
  • Medical Offices

14. How Custom Logo Lightboxes Are Installed?

The process for installation depends on the location and purpose of the sign. A wall-mounted sign can be hung from the wall with brackets, while a pole-mounted sign in a parking lot requires the installation of special equipment.

15. How Long will the Logo Lightbox Last?

The logo lightboxes are designed to last outdoors for years. LED lights often last up to 10 years, and the electrical components last around 3 to 5 or more.

16. How to Clean the Logo Lightbox?

To keep the lightbox looking its best, you should occasionally clean and wax it with clear automotive wax. A mixture of water and vinegar will help remove any buildup. Use a soft cloth and lukewarm water mixed with mild soap to clean the acrylic face’s surface gently. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or materials on the acrylic, as they could cause scratching.

17. How Are Logo Light Box Illuminated?

LED light boxes are illuminated with energy-efficient light strips. Attached to the inside of the aluminum box and a Lexan face, We offer various illumination options for LED light boxes, including dual-lit, partial-lit, and beyond. We can make outdoor light box signs with custom illumination according to your needs.

Figure 5 - Custom Logo Light Box LED Strips

18. What Are the Different Types of Logo Lightbox You Manufactured?

LITASIGN offers a wide range of customized lightbox signs to fit almost any design. Our full-service sign fabrication capabilities allow us to create even more unique signs when compared with other sign manufacturers. We can create:

Single-Sided Logo LightboxThese light boxes are meant to be viewed straight on and work best when used against a wall or in areas where traffic comes primarily from one direction.


Double-Sided Logo LightboxA double-sided lightbox is constructed with two identical acrylic faces so that it can be viewed from any direction.


Pole Mounted Logo LightboxThese light boxes are meant to be viewed straight on and work best when used against a wall or in areas where traffic comes primarily from one direction.


19. What Distinguishes a Lightbox from Other Electric Signages?

Here is a list of the significant distinctions:

Graphic Updating – Lightboxes are typically meant for frequent graphic changes (such as a monthly or seasonal promotional message). Therefore they give a rapid technique for opening and accessing the visual without equipment. Non-lightbox electric signs, on the other hand, are typically meant for long-term or permanent display of a graphic (such as the name of a store) and hence do not require such simple access to the image.

Material Extruded aluminum is typically used to make lightboxes, whereas steel, wood, or plastic are frequently used to make electric signage. Although other materials are often more cost-effective for more prominent electric signs, aluminum is typically seen as more sturdy and elegantly “upscale.” Electric signs are frequently used for building and highway signage meant to be seen from a greater distance and are typically much more significant than light boxes.

Security in Graphics- Lightboxes often sandwich the backlit film loosely between two lenses so that it can be removed when the image has to be changed without wasting a lens. To achieve this, flip edges, slide frames, snap frames, and hinged doors are combined. For simplicity, longevity, and to reduce the need to control moisture condensation, electric signs often have just one translucent lens layer. A backlit film is not typically used for artwork on electric signs.

Viewing distance- Unlike electric signs, lightboxes are frequently designed for up-close viewing, forming the basis for more extraordinary elegance.

Simple design- When it comes to any artwork, messaging, or branding, lightboxes are usually consistently rectangular and basic. This makes it possible for large production and drives down the cost per unit. By simply swapping out one printed film for another, all “customization” of a particular lightbox application is completed at the graphic film level. Electric signs are frequently custom-shaped, die-cut, and equipped with features that were specially created to help communicate a specific message or brand. Such as a sign frame formed like the letters spelling out a store’s name.

20. Why Choose LED Logo Lightboxes?

Compared to conventional fluorescent lightboxes, LED lightboxes offer several benefits.

Among them are:

  • The sign’s face is evenly lit.
  • Run more affordably. Only 20–25% of a neon fluorescent light’s equivalent power is used by LEDs.
  • They live longer than people do.
  • They are more dependable and secure to utilize.
  • A lot lighter than fluorescent-tube-based lightboxes in terms of weight.
  • Less time for installation and maintenance.
  • Cleaner for the environment.

21. How Do You Make a Lightbox?

These days, everything is powered by LEDs. Therefore there are no restrictions on the ingenuity of a lightbox; You can use 3D light-up letters, flashing words, and other colored lights. You can grab your consumer’s attention with a vibrant, contemporary lightbox.

A signage specialist can work with your design concepts, marketing goals, and design space to construct a successful lightbox sign. Lightboxes are a flexible format that may be custom-made, with digitally printed translucent graphics lighted by opal acrylic or polycarbonate faces.

Lightboxes are constructed with aluminum extrusions forming outer edges and internal braces that further strengthen the box. High-quality translucent vinyl films should be used to illuminate and transmit light evenly and consistently. Otherwise, the sign’s illumination will be very blotchy and inconsistent.

22. What Type of Light Box Should I Purchase?

Numerous factors should be considered while selecting a lightbox. The application you intend to use, the lightbox should be your priority. An LED Edgelit box, rather than a Backlit one, is preferred if you want a very thin light box, for instance. To assist you in choosing the best one, we are delighted to answer any queries you may have.

23. What's the Warranty on Custom Logo Lightboxes?

LITASIGN warrants its products to be free from defects in material and quality for 12 months from the date of shipment. The warranty applies only if the product is used under normal conditions and for the purpose intended.

24. Do You Produce Custom Logo Lightboxes in-House?

We can custom-make our logo lightboxes in-house, ensuring they are produced to your specifications. We also offer customization and personalization options to help make your lightbox unique.

25. What are the Custom Logo Lightbox Order's Payment Terms?

T/T or Credit Card or PayPal or Western Union.

50% deposit before production, balance before shipment.

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