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Expertise in Sign Manufacturing: LITASIGN's Commitment to Quality

At LITASIGN, we are committed to producing the highest quality custom logo sign. We have built a perfect and reliable supply system, a seasoned production management team, a team of talented production line workers, and a stringent quality control system thanks to our nearly 20 years of expertise in the sign manufacturing sector.

We specialize in custom unlimited creativity solutions for your projects. Whether you need an intricate design or a simple sign, we can help you make it happen. We offer both large-scale pieces and smaller ones that are perfect for individual areas in a store or office space.

Endless Design Possibilities: Creating Unique Custom Logo Sign

Custom logo signs are the perfect way to make a brand stand out. The design possibilities are endless, and we can work with you to develop a unique sign. We can assist make the ideal custom logo sign for any business out of a huge selection of materials, including wood, metal, plastic, and glass.

Our custom logo signs are made especially for businesses, so they look fantastic and are durable enough to withstand years of use. Both large-scale pieces and smaller ones that are ideal for particular sections in a store or office space are available from us.

LITASIGN's Dedication to Sensible Solutions at Reasonable Costs

At LITASIGN, we recognize the value of fine craftsmanship in product details. For more than ten years, our team of trained experts and talented craftsmen has worked in the sign and signage sector.

LITASIGN is committed to providing high-quality custom logo signs and outstanding customer service. We work hard to support you in achieving your objectives by offering sensible solutions at reasonable costs. Whether it’s creating your own brand sign or just offering guidance on your project, our staff will work with you every step of the way.

You dream it, we make it

Why a Custom Logo Sign is Essential for Branding Success

Initial Impression, Signage, and Branding

A custom logo sign is crucial for the success of branding since it makes a strong first impression and may be used as signage to point customers in the direction of your establishment. You must distinguish yourself from the competition in the connected, ever-changing digital age.


Stylistic Decisions

A custom logo sign that captures the individuality of a firm is necessary because it is unique. In addition to helping the business stand out from the competition and become readily recognized, a personalized logo sign will foster a sense of pride and devotion among both clients and staff.


Information from All Angles

Customers frequently have a busy schedule and little time to read long pamphlets or placards. Your customers may quickly and simply read and understand a personalised brand sign. Additionally, the name or logo of your organization will help to establish a positive image of it in their minds.

How Professionalism Can Be Improved With Custom Logo Signs

Custom logo signs can boost professionalism. It's crucial to maintain a polished demeanor at all times. Clients, who want to know that they are doing business with a reliable organization, are helped to develop trust through this. Additionally, it contributes to the development of the company's credibility, which helps it attract new clients and customers.

Brand Recognition

Custom logo signs are a great way to brand a business. People are more likely to recognize a company by its distinctive design when it has a personalized logo sign. From a distance, customers may quickly recognize it and approach to learn more about the company.

Greater Exposure

A fantastic approach to improve your company's exposure is with custom brand signs. They can be positioned within your business on the walls or at the entrance or front door. Customized brand signs are a simple way to stand out and get more consumers to your business.

24/7 Value for Marketing

Customizing your logo sign with company's name and logo ensures that people will know who you are when they see it. This is especially helpful if trying to get repeat business from loyal customers, or if you have a new product or service that needs some extra promotion.

Higher Revenue

Custom logo signs are great for increasing revenue because they provide a sense of familiarity and trustworthiness to customers. When someone sees a sign that looks familiar, they know what kind of service or product they're getting before even walking into the store.

Long-Term Benefits

Numerous long-term advantages come with custom branding signs. They can raise the professionalism of your company, the clients' level of trust in you, and brand loyalty. Custom logo signs are a terrific option if you want to enhance the perception of your company.

Expanded Reach

One significant benefit of having a custom logo sign is the potential to reach a wider audience. The more prominent the signage, the more probable it is that it will draw attention and attract customers. A handmade sign including your company name, logo, and contact details can be a terrific way to advertise your brand.

Custom Logo Sign Making a Memorable First Impression

Custom logo sign making a memorable first impression on clients gives you an opportunity to put a company’s best foot forward in a very visual way. An appropriate logo sign design is the first thing that customers will experience when they approach any business or retail outlet. A well-designed logo tells everyone that there is someone behind the brand that cares about what their customers think of them.

Custom Illuminated Signs

Custom lit signs are a fantastic way to promote your business and make a strong impression. Billboards, stores, and other places are just a few examples of where they might be applied. These signs may be made to fit any area and personalized with your business's logo, colors, or other details.

Custom Logo Lightbox

Our Custom Logo Lightbox is a stylish way to display your company logo in any area. A custom logo sign offers plenty of options, from color and material to shape and size. These great lightboxes work with any type of lighting as well so you can choose the right brightness for your space. Perfect for hotels, offices, and anywhere else that needs great illumination!

Custom Logo Neon Sign

Custom Logo Neon Sign lets you show your brand in a cool, contemporary way. These promotional neon signs are the perfect addition to any urban kitchen or industrial garage, and they can be made in any color or size. Your company name will glow bright on this custom neon sign with your graphic image, logo or message.

Custom Logo LED Signs

With LED signs, you can show off your brand or message where it's needed most. We offer a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can choose the one that best fits your space. Place these displays in high traffic areas like offices and lobbies, as well as retail stores, restaurants, casinos and more.

Custom Brass Letters

Custom Brass Letters are produced at our own factory, which is located in China. We are experts at producing distinctive brass letters for a variety of occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, and home numbers. Impress your relatives and friends with our exquisite bespoke brass letters, which are also fantastic presents for any occasion.

Custom Backlit Signs

A backlit sign is an effective way to advertise your business. These signs are made with quality materials that will stand the test of time and weather conditions, turning night into day and attracting customers to you even in the deepest night. Backlit boards are also an excellent way to highlight existing storefronts and let your customers know they’re welcomed on any given day or night.

Custom Cut Metal Letters

Adding personality to your home or workplace is simple and enjoyable with our custom-cut metal lettering. To make a sign with a distinctive appearance, you can select from a choice of fonts, colors, and sizes. These specially cut metal letters are strong, weatherproof, and excellent for use outside or in high traffic places like lobbies or entrances.

Custom Stainless Letter Sign

Make a statement with this beautifully crafted stainless letter sign. The letters are laser-cut and illuminated with LED lights that provide an even glow day and night. The design includes a clean, contemporary font that makes it easy to read quickly. These signs are made from polished stainless steel and require minimal maintenance.

Custom Channel Letter Sign

Channel Letter Sign is an excellent choice for any business that wants to attract more customers and be memorable at the same time. These illuminated signs use letters made of sheet metal to create a 3-dimensional sign which can be placed on walls, doors or windows. With a wide range of color selections and finishes, these signs are perfect for all types of businesses from barbershops to local restaurants.

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Custom Metal Welcome Signs

A great addition to any front door, this custom sign is perfect for welcoming guests into your home. We make it easy for you to design the perfect metal welcome sign with our online customization tool.


Price from $80.00

Custom Wrought Iron Letters

Custom made wrought iron letters are used to spell words and names on fences, gates, walls and furniture. Custom Wrought Iron Letters are durable, weather-resistant and easily maintained.


Price from $79.00

Custom Business Neon Signs

Custom Business Neon Signs are the perfect choice for any business looking to attract more customers and make their sign stand out. Let our in-house design team create a stunning new sign just for you. From your initial idea, to the final product, we're with you every step of the way.


Price from $70.00

Metal Letters for Concrete

Metal letters are a quick, easy and affordable way to add a personal touch to any area. Whether you want to spell out your favorite words or create your own unique logo, metal letters are perfect for stamping concrete steps and walkways.


Price from $90.00

Side Lit Channel Letters

Side lit channel letters are a truly unique way to display your company's name or logo. These side-lit letters are often used for commercial properties with their eye catching design that can easily be seen from the street.


Price from $110.00

Custom Infinity Mirror

The Infinity Mirror is a stunning addition to any space, providing a touch of class and modern style. This mirror is truly one of a kind and the perfect gift for someone special or yourself! The infinity mirror is carefully cut, drilled and assembled by hand to create this unique piece of art


Price from $95.00

Custom Brass Letters

Custom Brass Letters are the perfect way to personalize any space. Choose from a variety of sizes and styles in both uppercase and lowercase letters. And with an easy installation with just double-sided tape included in the package, your favorite lettering is sure to last.


Price from $100.00

Custom RGB Neon Sign

Flashing, glowing and changing colors with ease, our custom RGB Neon Signs are a perfect way to illuminate a window or any area of your business. Customize in color, text and size!


Price from $80.00

Your Logo, Your Brand: Why Custom Signs Matter

Custom logo signs are vital for any business. They add a personal touch to a business. Additionally increasing visibility and client familiarity, a fantastic custom logo sign can raise lead generation and conversion rates.

1. Custom Logo Enhancement

Logo enhancement is a process that serves to increase the distinction of a logo, making it more memorable and lifelike. Many logo enhancement techniques such as edge detection, contrast enhancement, and smoothing can be used to make simple logos appear more professional. Text and pictures can be customized for maximum impact, with corporate colors and typeface adjusted for maximum legibility among customers.

2. Custom Logo Office Signs

Custom Logo Office Signs are a great way to promote a business and brand in an office environment. Custom Logo Office Signage can be used in common areas throughout your office, as well as private offices or conference rooms. Customize a signage with logo, contact information, and other relevant details to ensure that employees have easy access to the information they need. Increase brand awareness among employees with custom wall signs and create a consistent aesthetic in the office spaces.

3. Custom Logo Lobby Signs

Custom logo lobby signs are an important component of how a company or organization’s brand is portrayed both within and outside the walls of the building. They set the tone for customers, staff members, and guests. A fantastic logo will positively represent the company while also catering to the space’s needs and branding requirements.

4. Custom Logo Lodging Signs

Whether for a hotel, campground or RV park, the guests expect high-quality signage at each of the businesses. A well-designed sign will attract potential customers and showcase the quality services that is offered. A business’ logo is an important aspect of branding and plays an integral role in how customers view the company as a whole.

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