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LITASIGN's Name Neon Signs: Creative Designs & The Latest Trend Worldwide

This name neon sign is perfectly suited for a room decoration projects. With various font available to match your requirement, any glow colors, and even a design carved into the sign. This neon sign has low voltage transformers so they are safe to mount on walls or ceilings. The designs are created by professional designers who ensure the most original custom neon signs for your project or store.

Custom Neon Name Logo

Transform any name or logo into a vibrant, eye-catching display of personalized artistry. Our expert designers craft your chosen name using vivid, glowing neon lights. With wide selection of fonts, colors and captivating effects, we create striking and unique representation thats sure to stand out.

Wedding Name Neon Sign

Personalize a wedding celebration with a bespoke glowing display of names, adding a touch of enchanting charm to the wedding décor. Crafted with vibrant neon lights, this custom sign creates a mesmerizing focal point, ensuring the names will shine brightly on the occasion.

Custom Store Neon Name Sign

Crafted to captivate, this bespoke neon sign radiates a store's name in vivid neon lights, beckoning customers with its eye-catching brilliance. Tailored fonts and striking colors ensure the brand stands out, creating an unforgettable storefront presence.

Last Name Neon Signs

Radiate a family pride or individuality with vibrant neon lights showcasing the surname. Crafted with precision and style, these signs add a touch of personalized brilliance to any room, making the last name a shining centerpiece of the décor.

Business Name Neon Sign

Tailored to attract attention, this custom neon sign illuminates a business name in vibrant neon lights. Designed for impact, it's a powerful tool to enhance visibility and draw customers, ensuring the brand stands out with a style.

Neon Name Signs For Bedroom

Enhance the ambiance of the bedroom with our stunning neon name sign. Each custom-crafted signs brings a personalized touch, showcasing the name in vivid, glowing neon lights. With a variety of font styles, colors, and sizes available.

Custom Name Neon Sign Inspirations

mock up name neon sign real-name-neon-sign

Designing Your Custom Name Neon Sign with LITASIGN


LITASIGN: The Leader Maker in Custom Name Neon Signs

LITASIGN specializes in custom neon signs and has been helping clients to get the unique sign they envision since 2015. The talented team looks forward to working with you to get your sign just right. With years of experience creating neon signs for businesses, homes, and events, we have the insight you need to get a high-quality sign that will perfectly match your requirements, from one-off designs to bulk orders to help your business succeed.

Using the latest technology in fabricating these signs to ensure durability and performance in both indoor and outdoor environments. With dozens of customizable designs in our catalog, you can be sure that your business or project will stand out wherever the sign is placed.

Best Choice for Your Custom Name Neon Sign Requirements

All customized neon signs from LITASIGN come with an extended warranty period. Starting from the time you get your order, the guarantee is 2 years for indoors and 1 year for outdoors, including 1 year of free replacement of parts.

LITASIGN’s customer service is available 24/7 that responds to email, phone, and fax inquiries within 2 hours of receiving them.

Your One-Stop Manufacturer for Quality Custom Name Neon Sign

custom name neon sign production process

Why Choose LITASIGN?

Before purchasing custom name neon signs, you should consider the factors that determine the quality of the products as listed below:


Retailers & wholesalers can confidently resell items backed by repair and replacement guarantees. With a commitment to quality, LITASIGN boasts a low failure rate by investing in top-notch materials and a secure packaging system, while also offering free shipping damage warranty.

High-Quality LED Chips

LITASIGN utilized surface-mounted device chips or SMD Chips, are excellent neon sign chips for customized neon name signs. They only take up relatively little space and are flatter. Compared to standard LED chips, SMD LED chips consume 75% less energy with  a lifespan of 45,000 to 50,000 hours on average

High-Quality Silicone

LITASIGN's High-quality silicone has the following characteristic: it has no odors or smell, is more transparent than PVC, with Rosh environment test reports, doesn’t create smoke and black glue at the time of burning with fire, and can easily bend them as they are very flexible.

Size of Neon Name Signs

For ideal name neon sign size, consider the space where it will be displayed. opt for a size that facilitates quick and easy installation. Collaborating with LITASIGN offers you the flexibility to select the perfect size for your needs.


A custom neon sign boasts an eduring lifespan, ranging from several years to decades, contingent on the quality of materials used during production.LITASIGN ensures durability through top-tier materials, offering an average lifespan of approximately 50,000 hours.


The best LEDs to use for this purpose are the 2835 SMD LED chip, 3014 SMD LED chip, and 3020 SMD LED chip to ensure that clients receive consistent high brightness. LITASIGN uses 2835 SMD chips for single-color designs and 5050 SMD chips for effects like rainbow lighting.

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Home Neon Sign

It can transform plain old space into a place to relax. Perfect as night lights, side table accents, or the perfect addition to that spare room that needs some extra “pop”, these neon signs are sure to be a conversation starter.


Price from $150.00

Wholesale Neon Sign

Purchase wholesale neon signs and utilize them to advertise a business in an eye-catching manner.


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Candy Neon Sign

Candy Neon Signs are a perfect alternative to a window sign. This signs come in rainbow colors and a variety of different styles and characters to choose from.


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Custom Outdoor Neon Sign

Neon signage can be used in restaurants or retail stores to attract attention in busy areas where competition with other businesses is high.


Price from $188.00

Bedroom Neon Sign

Our neon signs are a unique way to add something cool and unique to your home or bedroom. They always get noticed, and they always make a statement.


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Custom Wall Neon Signs

These wall neon signs make a super gift for birthdays and other special occasions. From bespoke neon lights to giant light-up letters, they’re sure to brighten up the wall.


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Custom LED neon Sign

Personalize your atmosphere with vibrant, energy-efficient LEDF lights designed in your chosen name or words. Crafted to captivate, this sign adds a modern and stylish touch to any setting.


Price from $150.00

Custom Room Neon Sign

Check out these stunning room neon lights. Their bold, colorful glow lends an energizing vibe to any room, and it’s completely customizable.


Price from $180.00

How To Choose Reliable Neon Name Signs Supplier?

If you’re a wholesaler or retailer of LED signs looking to make a profit, China lighting manufacturers are your best option. China has the most advanced technology in every sector. There are numerous neon sign manufacturers in China. However, it can be difficult to identify a reputable one. When looking for a dependable manufacturer, keep the following pointers in mind.

1. Experience in Neon Sign Industry 

When selecting a company, check the date of foundation to see how long the company has been in business. Additionally, it is advisable to check the experience of the company in developing neon signs. Most importantly, it is preferable to buy products from reputable brands. A company that has been in the business for a long time can deliver high-quality products.

LITASIGN has been working on neon signs since it was established. The engineers have studied the latest technologies and implemented them into the signs. The products are the best of the best, and affordable too.

2. Flexibility in Order

When choosing where to do business, look for manufacturers who are willing to complete the order according to your requirements. You must consider the minimum order quantity when choosing a reliable manufacturer.

3. Communication System

When engaging a business internationally, it’s a good idea to use reliable and fast communication systems. The manufacturer must have mail, a cell phone number, and a live chat system operated by real persons. You have to have information about products, delivery systems, and product maintenance.

LITASIGN customer support is available 24/7. You can talk to a live representative directly at any time. Their customer support team will do everything they can to figure out what you need and help you.

4. Experience in International Transactions

Neon signs manufacturers who have experience in international business can deliver their products on time. Most resellers want to deal directly with the manufacturers for neon signs. If you purchase from different sources, you will have to deal with multiple suppliers and can bring you lots of hassles. Choose a manufacturer who can take responsibility to deliver your products to your doors or stores safely and on time.

5. Competitive Price

Many resellers choose low prices as their main selling point, but this approach is outdated. It’s because modern consumers aren’t just looking for the cheapest products and services. They want advanced features and long-lasting durability. As a reseller, you need to analyze your customers’ behavior and find the best products. LITASIGN uses the most advanced technologies and raw materials, which allows them to offer high-quality merchandise at low prices.

6. Short Production Time and Shipping Time

Production takes 5-7 days. International priority express shipping door to door takes 4-6 days, you can have your order delivered in just 11-13 days. This will help you save the capital on being being able to cash in more on your investment quickly.

The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Custom Name Neon Signs


Customized Name Neon Signs have become increasingly popular throughout the years. They are used to attract clients and promote local businesses due to their effectiveness. Whether you’re a retailer, business owner, or homeowner wanting to announce an upcoming event, neon name signs will deliver. 

However, selecting the ideal sign for your unique requirements can be complicated and challenging with so many options. This article will help you fully understand what you will receive when acquiring a neon name sign.

Table of Contents

1. What Is a Custom Neon Name Sign?

Custom neon name signs are neon signs that allow users to construct their names. Custom neon name signs will enable you to personalize your name, the name of your business, or the name of a loved one.

2. Are Custom Neon Name Signs Available in Any Language?

Personalized neon name signs are a popular choice for home décor. However, the availability of personalized neon name signs in any language is manufacturer-dependent; Simultaneously, many manufacturers produce unique neon name signs exclusively in a single language. A few reputable manufacturers, such as LITASIGN, produce personalized neon name signs in virtually any language.

3. What Are Some Usages for Custom Neon Name Signs?

Custom neon name signs are often used for advertising a brand or company in business settings. They can be installed in storefront windows, on building exteriors, or inside the office lobby to catch visitors’ attention. Custom neon name signs are also suitable for individuals that want to adorn their homes with colorful lighting. These fun and decorative signs can be affixed to any room wall or placed on tabletops or other furniture.

You can also use them in the following applications.

Figure 1 - Birthday Parties
Figure 2 - Marriage Ceremony
Figure 3 - Christmas Gifts
Figure 4 - Wedding Party
Figure 5 - Wall Decor
Figure 6 - Business Logo
Figure 7 - Business Logo

4. How Many Letters Can a Custom Neon Name Sign Contain?

The number of letters on the neon signs is determined by the size of the neon signs and the size of the letters. If you wish to keep your name large, you may need fewer letters on your custom neon sign. Many neon sign manufacturers offer 10 to 20 letters in a bespoke neon sign. LITASIGN  can maximize space and can house 30 letters in a custom sign.

5. How To Choose Reliable Neon Name Signs Manufacturers In China?

If you are a distributor or retailer, China is the best choice for sourcing bespoke neon name signs. China has developed advanced technologies and has a plethora of neon sign makers who can produce anything you want. However, locating one of these makers can be difficult, but not impossible. Here are some points to keep in mind when considering a manufacturer.

  1. Experience In Neon signs Industry
  2. Flexibility in Order
  3. Communication Systems
  4. Experience in International Transactions
  5. Competitive Price of Neon Name Signs

6. What Considerations Should You Make When Choosing Reliable Neon

Custom neon name signs are an effective way to draw customers’ attention to any business or event. However, before purchasing custom neon name signs, consider the following factors.

Raw Materials When buying custom neon signs, consider the materials the neon signs are made from. LED chips and silicone are two essential materials to look for.

      • Choosing LED Chips – SMD chips are ideal for custom neon name signs. They are smaller and flatter. Surface-mounted LED chips to use 75% less energy than regular LED chips. Surface-mounted SMD chips have an average lifespan of 45,000–50,000 hours. Make sure your bespoke neon name signs are made with surface-mounted SMD chips.
      • Choosing high-quality silicone – Silicone of superior quality is critical for long-lasting bespoke neon name signs. As such, verify that your reputable manufacturer utilizes high-quality silicone with the following characteristics.
      • No odors or smell
      • More transparent than PVC
      • High-quality silicone has Rosh environment test reports. 
      • High-quality silicone doesn’t create smoke and black glue at the time of burning with fire. 
      • You can easily bend them as they are very flexible.

Size of Neon Name Signs – When picking neon name signs, you should also consider the size. Some individuals put them in their bedrooms, others in their living rooms. If you use them in a tiny space, you’ll require custom neon name signs.

Other wall decorations by customers (also called custom neon wall signs). So, measure the wall to hang the custom neon name signs. Then choose the sign size so you can easily set them.

Lifespan – Longevity is a feature of high-quality neon signage LED chips to determine the longevity of custom neon name signs and the manufacturing technique used. The average lifespan of custom neon name signs is 45,000 hours.

Purchasing low-cost customized neon name signs will not save you money. Low-quality neon signs consume a significant amount of electricity, increasing maintenance costs. After a few years, low-quality neon name signs must also be replaced. LITASIGN makes one-of-a-kind neon name signs with a life expectancy of 50,000 hours.

Brightness – Brightness is important when buying any neon sign. LED chip light decay determines the brilliance of bespoke neon name signs. The surface-mounted LED chips produce intense light. The most advanced LED chips are 2835, 3014, and 3020 SMD. So, check if your manufacturer uses one.

For example, LITASIGN employs LED chips and silicone. Currently, they use 2835 SMD chips for monochrome designs and 5050 SMD chips for color designs.

Warranty – Warranty allows customers and resellers to use and sell products without fear. Wholesalers and retailers can offer repair and replacement warranties to their consumers. Buy bespoke neon name signs from a company that provides a more extended warranty.

You should not only focus on the warranty period but also the warranty policy. Test the free replacement warranty or just the free spare parts maintenance service. LITASIGN offers the industry’s most extended warranty. They provide a 12-month warranty on parts and a 24-month warranty on replacement parts.

LITASIGN provides a free shipping damage warranty to its consumers and resellers. In addition, they employ high-quality raw ingredients and the safest packing system.

7. What Options of Customization Are Available for Custom Neon Name Signs?

To meet the customer’s needs, bespoke neon name signs necessitate a wide range of customization services. Unfortunately, only the language and color can be customized by some manufacturers. But if you want to make your design truly unique, you’ll need to hire more specialized services. LITASIGN offers the following services for personalization.

  • Language of the Name ( Any Language) 
  • Sign Size at the widest point. 
  • Letters per line
  • Letter Position ( Left, Center, or Right) 
  • Font Style
  • Font Sizes
  • Font colors
  • Background color
  • Backing color
  • Power Plug ( USA/CAN, UK, EU, AUS/NZ) 
  • The type of cable
  • The color of the cable. 
  • The size of the cable. 
  • Dimmer
  • Acrylic Packing Color
  • UV Printing

8. How Large Are the Sign Sizes Available for the Custom Name Neon Sign?

Custom neon name signs are popular among individuals and businesses alike. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer; Manufacturers offer a variety of neon sign sizes based on the customer’s preferences. Custom neon name signs can be made in the following sizes.

  • 12”/30cm
  • 20”/50cm
  • 30”/75cm
  • 40”/100cm
  • 50”/120cm
  • 60”/150cm
  • 80”/200cm

Customized neon sign sizes are also available.

9. How Much Does a Custom Neon Name Sign Cost?

The size of the sign determines the cost of custom neon name signs, the number of letters in the sign, and the complexity of the design. Apart from these, prices are affected by the waterproof function’s availability, the urgency of the order, and the backing color. Custom neon name signs cost between $50 and $150.

10. Can You Control Custom Neon Name Signs With a Remote Controller?

Yes, you can get personalized neon name signs that operate by remote control. With remote controls, you can program the timer, change the mode of the light, and adjust the dimming function. Consider how a remote control operates in neon signs.

11. What is the Quickest, Safest, and Most Dependable Method of Importing Neon Name Signs?

Custom neon name signs are highly delicate items, and as such, you should choose the most secure and dependable shipping method possible. Unfortunately, however, many distributors, retailers, and even project planners are unaware of the quickest, safest, and least expensive transportation method.

When importing neon signs from China, three main shipping methods are available. Courier services, air freight, and sea freight are available. Let us examine the advantages and downsides of these three modes of delivery.

  • Courier Services – While this is the quickest delivery method, it is also the most expensive. It is appropriate for end consumers who have a few products. It is not suited if you are a reseller looking to import a high volume of products.
  • Air Freight – You can receive your products within 10 to 12 business days and import a large quantity. In addition, airfreight is less expensive than courier services and marine freight. So when you’re looking for a cost-effective way to purchase a large number of things, air freight is the ideal option.
  • Sea Freight- If you’re looking to import a large quantity of custom neon name signs and want to keep delivery costs to a minimum, air freight is the way to go. While this method takes longer than the previous two, it is the safest and most cost-effective.
Neon Name Sign Importing-Methods
Figure 8 -Neon Name Sign Importing Methods

12. Can You Get Name Neon Signs in Urgent?

Certain manufacturers demand an exorbitant fee due to the consumers’ hurry. It is not a reasonable business practice for the renowned manufacturer. LITASIGN recognizes and values the immediacy with which clients place their orders. They do not charge extra for expedited delivery. They can make a large number of products in a short period due to their large manufacturing capacity. 

Additionally, they assist in managing the quickest delivery system for expedited product delivery.

13. What Are The Available Colors for Custom Neon Name Signs?

Manufacturers can create neon name signs in any color by mixing digital color with RGB capability. The following are popular for neon name signs used to decorate houses and gatherings.

neon name sign color-board2 (1)
Figure 9 -Neon Name Sign Color Board

If you have a preferred hue for your neon sign, select a color for your customized neon name signs that complement the rest of the decor in a room and at an event.

14. How Do Custom Name Neon Signs for Room Work?

Neon signs can be customized with LED strips that are attached to them. In terms of lighting impact, it is similar to that of glass neon signs, but it is more energy-efficient. With a transparent silicone covering to protect them, LEDs can be found in various shapes and colors. In addition, they use very little electricity and maybe dimmed easily.

It is possible to get LED neon light strips in various colors. Using a single LED strip, you can create a wide variety of lighting effects. A single LED strip can have a variety of colors, ranging from bright neons to more muted hues.

15. What Are the Benefits of Custom Neon Name Signs?

Several advantages of personalized neon name signs include the following:

  • Custom neon light signs can adjust their colors to create an enticing glow.
  • LED signs are lighter and shatter-resistant than their heavier predecessors, making them safer and more environmentally friendly.
  • They appear to be composed of glass due to their optical qualities.
  • The electricity used to power a neon name sign is little.
  • Because illuminated room signs generate little heat, they are safe to touch.
  • When submitting your order, you can select from a selection of colors.
  • Due to the higher light quality of LED neon name signs, which are both brighter and more consistent, it is feasible to view them from a distance.

16. What Is the Backing of Custom Neon Name Sign?

A 4mm to 8mm thick acrylic backing keeps the custom neon name sign for the space in good condition. You can select the shape and color of the backing that is most appropriate for your needs.

Most manufacturers offer a transparent backdrop to conceal the neon lights virtually. For example, the background for the customs name neon sign can be mirrored, UV printed, or black.

17. How to Install The Custom Neon Name Sign?

The process of putting up a neon sign with a personalized name is usually uncomplicated. This article will walk you through the process of putting your neon sign’s nameplate.

  • Start by gently unwrapping your neon name sign. Attach it to the wall or ceiling after that.
  • The pre-drilled backing or mounting kit that came with your LED signage must be used for installation. Then, if desired, you can next connect a dimmer.
  • The LED transformer for the room sign will then be connected to a regular outlet. Afterward, the personalized neon name signs will be lit and ready to go up.

18. What's Included in the Neon Name Sign Packing Box?

19. How Do Custom LED Signs Compare to Traditional Glass Neon?

Acrylic is used to back the flexible LED flex and create a personalized LED neon sign. The conventional glass neon sign is made entirely of glass and shaped by bending it. Glass neon, by and large, is unsupported. As a result, unlike with flex neon, the installation process is more involved. Nevertheless, flex neon beats out standard neon in terms of cost, longevity, brightness, and safety. 

20. How Long Will I Receive the Custom Neon Name Signs I Ordered?

Production time averages 5-7 business days. However, we can make it in two business days if you need it sooner. The average shipping time for international priority express is 4-6 business days, so your order will arrive between 11 and 13 business days from when you place your order.

21. Do Neon Name Signs Have Warranty?

We offer a one-year warranty for all outdoor neon name signs and a two-year warranty for indoor name neon signs. Our warranty covers all defects in workmanship. If a sign made by us fails during the warranty period, we will repair or replace it at no charge to you.

22. How Long Do Custom Neon Name Signs Last?

Neon signs have a lifespan of 50,000 hours or more. However, the lifetime depends on how many consecutive hours spent in operation, weather conditions the neon sign is exposed to, and its maintenance.

23. Can I Design A Custom Name Neon Sign? How?

YES! You may create a bespoke name neon sign with our ONLINE NEON SIGN CREATOR . Our sign builder will generate a mockup of your LED neon sign with your selected size, font, color, and background environment; the pricing will be displayed immediately.

24. What Are LITASIGN’s Custom Neon Name Signs Made Of?

Rather than using glass neon, LITASIGN has used LED neon flex to create its neon name sign. LED neon flex has a long lifespan thanks to the PCB, LEDs, and pre-silicone used in its production. Each light is powered by LEDs and encased in a transparent silicone tube. LED neon signs have several advantages over classic glass neon signs. It’s also more visually appealing than glass neon signage.

A wide range of products is available in various colors and designs. Name neon signs are also available from LITASIGN in multiple styles. In addition, there is an extensive range of pre-made designs and the possibility to make your own.

25. Can I Choose The Fonts for the Custom Neon Room Signs? What Are the Available Fonts?

Yes. Typefaces available include cursive, block, and double-lined fonts to choose from, and ours is the most comprehensive collection from an LED neon sign manufacturer. Our ability to work with nearly any typeface, character set, or writing style is even better.

Figure 10 -Neon Name Sign Font Options

26. How Does the Custom Name Neon Signs Powered?

Neon signs are powered by a low-voltage current, which can be provided via plugging the neon sign into an AC adapter capable of converting 120/240V mains power into 12/24V DC.

27. Do You Offer a Dimmable Option for the Custom Name Neon Signs?

Yes, we can provide a remote control for our LED signs, which can be fitted with dimmable brightness and magic color functions. However, an additional charge of $3 per unit will be incurred.

28. Are Custom Neon Name Signs Safe?

It’s safe, yes. Because LITASIGN neon signs are low voltage (12 volts), they emit very little heat and are therefore safe to touch, even if they have been on for the entire week! In addition, our product does not contain any glass since we use silicone, which has a rubber-like feel, and all signs are bonded to an acrylic backing that is equally resistant to breakage.

Safe enough for use in a child's room, they are also entirely touchable.

29. Can the Custom Neon Name Signs Used During the Day?

Yes. A neon sign is a sign that can be seen even during daylight hours because of the way it lights. During the day, its glow will be less intense than it would be at night, but the words and colors would still be readily noticeable. The color white is the only one that is exempt from this restriction.

Neon Sign Used During Daylight

30. Is A Specialist Needed to Install The Custom Name Neon Sign?

Your neon name sign decor will be shipped to you fully assembled, ready to plugin and light up. Hanging accessories have been included, allowing you to attach your light to any bedroom wall securely. No specialist installation is required. 

31. Do LED Custom Name Neon Sign Consume a Lot of Electricity?

You need not worry about the electricity usage and costs of these custom neon name signs, as they use LED with 12V low power consumption.

32. Do You Offer Drop-shipping Service?

Yes, we can offer the dropshipping service if you want to build your brand name. 

33. Are Custom Name Neon Sign Breakable?

No. Neon name signs are made of a potent substance resistant to damage, making them highly durable. Unfortunately, it is only possible to damage the acrylic backing of your neon. During the design phase, we make sure that this component is built to be vital to reducing the likelihood of its shattering.

34. Does the Custom Name Neon Sign Make Some Noise?

There is no need to worry about this wall art buzzing or humming because the neon signs are quiet and almost noiseless.

35. Are Custom Name Neon Lights Safe for the Environment?

Custom neon lights that use LED technology are better for the environment than those using fluorescent and gas tubes. LED neon lighting is energy-efficient, longer-lasting, and does not contain harmful chemicals compared to conventional neon lighting. 

36. What are the Backboard Options for Custom Name Neon Sign?

Acrylic backboards are used to display LITASIGN’s neon signs in the bedroom. We’ll pick the best backboard based on the design you’ve chosen. There are three common ways to cut backboards: letter, square, and form. In addition, transparent, colored, and even UV-printed backboards are available.

custom-neon name -sign-backboard-options (1)
Figure 11 - Name Neon Sign Backboard Options

37. How Are Custom Name Neon Signs Tested For Life?

Custom name neon signs can be guaranteed for life by using a multimeter to check the voltage on all electrical components.

You can inspect the neon sign for broken or shorted wires that could result in the neon sign becoming unresponsive. Additionally, it is prudent to verify that your adapter and transformer produce the proper voltage.

38. What Payment Types Do You Accept for Making A Custom Neon Name Sign?

  • PayPal
  • Western Union
  • Telegraphic Transfers 
  • Alibaba
  • Other payment methods.

39. What Happens if the Custom Neon Name Sign Stops Working?

We give a full one-year warranty on all manufacturing flaws and will replace your item if it fails to function correctly.

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