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LITASIGN A Full-Scale Production Line for Custom Neon Boxes

LITASIGN is a company that specializes in the design, manufacture, and distribution of neon signs, including lightbox neon signs, neon advertising signs, billboard neon signs, and other types of signage. Our products are made to a high level of quality, which allows us to assure energy efficiency and long service life. 

In addition, we have a separate department that manufactures our custom-designed lamp boxes in a range of shapes and sizes for our customers. You can bring your design or have one created for you by our skilled craftspeople.

The Ultimate in Custom Neon Box Signs for a Modern Business

Custom neon box is a unique and outstanding method of outdoor and indoor advertising. Custom neon boxes are eye-catching, but they can also last for a very long period.

LITASIGN offers a high-quality custom neon box at a competitive price from China without sacrificing the quality; we also provide an after-sales service which you can contact us anytime if you have further inquiries about the item.

custom box neon sign-production-line

Quality Custom Neon Boxes for Signage

LITASIGN’s extensive neon sign and neon box collection come in every form, size, and color. We have handmade wall-mounted neon signs as well as custom neon boxes available in any hue. Each neon box is custom-made for the spot it will be located. If you need handmade wall-mounted neon boxes for your signage project, we have them. You can also look through some of our former project galleries to view some of the neon box designs we’ve created.

You dream it, we make it

Cutting-Edge Technology For Custom Box Neon Sign Production Process

pcb design

PCB Design

When manufactured, printed circuit boards (PCBs) are designed to prevent soldering and off-soldering difficulties and to survive the bending, shaping, and soldering that occurs throughout the manufacturing process.

pcb testing

PCB Testing

PCB testing will be completed after LITASIGN completes the PCB board. The following step in the production process will begin after making the selection. It is a priority for LITASIGN to use only the highest-quality raw materials in its products.

smt processing

SMT Processing

LITASIGN possesses surface-mount technology (SMT) machines, which it uses to manufacture LED light sources for LED strip lights, LED neon flexes, and LED neon signs, among other things. The company’s SMT method eliminates the problem of solder balls falling off an LED chip, occurring in neon signs and other electronic goods.

Silicone Extrusion Process

LED Neon Flex Extrusion

It is extruded from virgin silicone to create LITASIGN’s integrated pure silicone LED neon flex. This approach makes it possible to produce vast quantities of waterproof and weather-resistant LED Neon strips in a short period.

Design and Confirmation

Design and Confirmation

LITASIGN pays close attention to the design and engineering of each sample. Every detail, from light color to jacket color to design, acrylic box size, LED adapter power, and plug type to dimmer version, is thoroughly inspected before production begins. Your final permission is required before we commence mass production.

Backplate Engraving

LITASIGN can produce 200–300 LED signs every day, thanks to its superior engraving equipment and a small but dedicated team of professional craftsmen and women. The indicators, which do not contain any smoke or odor, are precise.

Neon sign making

Neon Sign Making

Our neon signs are manufactured by hand by skilled artisans with a combined experience of about five years. It guarantees that our signage is manufactured to the highest standard possible. ‘ Customized for your needs, they fit seamlessly into existing designs.

Finished Sign Aging

Finished Sign Aging

LITASIGN neon signs are subjected to a 24-hour aging test. It is also possible to detect LED chip and PCB soldering and off-soldering faults in advance by aging them for one hour after passing the hand test.

Neon Sign Packaging

Neon Sign Packaging

For safe delivery, all signs are personalized to the sign’s measurements. The box is tiny to save on shipping. The boxes are made of a 10mm honeycomb paper board for extra robustness. We repacked the box with paper corner protectors for extra safety.

If you need drop-shipping, we can design the box with your logo. As a result, you can boost your branding impact.

Highlights of Custom Neon Box Sign

Custom Box Neon Sign advertising has been used for many decades as an effective way to communicate with the target audience. The unique design of neon signs can attract much attention from the general public, raise business awareness, and stimulate more traffic, hence bringing you great economic benefits in return.

Custom Designs

Have a brilliant idea for a bespoke neon box sign? Professional designers and engineers at LITASIGN will work with you to create a unique design. Custom box neon signs of all shapes and sizes and those with various additional features can be made to order by us, and we are happy to do so.

Energy and Cost-Efficient

Alternatives to traditional forms of advertising such as billboards and bus shelters include custom neon box signs from LITASIGN. On the other hand, neon box signs by LITASIGN consume extremely little electricity, which reduces the cost of power supply. With a lifespan of roughly 50,000 hours and low power usage, custom box neon signs are a more sensible and safe investment.


Materials and procedures used by LITASIGN to create custom-designed neon box signage are numerous. This combination of materials and processes ensures that our custom box neon signs are robust, lightweight, and easy to move around. As a result, they can survive various weather conditions while still maintaining their appealing appearance.

Low Maintenance Cost

Wholesalers prefer LITASIGN's custom neon box signs not just for their low cost but also for the ease with which they can be maintained. The materials utilized are incredibly long-lasting, lowering the frequency and expense of replacement.

Unique Display of Contents

Custom neon box signs from LITASIGN are a great way to get your message. You can put any message or information and personalize their design to fit your needs if you like.

One - Stop Production

A custom neon sign company for 6 years, LITASIGN continues to provide high-quality goods with no faults. Fast delivery and one-stop production assure customer satisfaction. Whatever we produce, we make it a point to ensure that our customers are delighted.


A two-year warranty covers custom neon box signs installed indoors, while a one-year warranty covers custom neon box signs installed outside. When an item is damaged, we will swiftly replace it with a new one, utilizing our shipping freight and import VAT to cover the cost of the replacement sign.

Supply Capacity

LITASIGN has built a team of 50 sign makers to produce more than 500 signs a day. Large-volume orders can be accommodated because we have a complete set of silicone extrusion equipment.

Affordable Price

Get your personalized neon signs directly from the manufacturer. Bulk discounts on bespoke products purchased directly from the manufacturer. You'll get products tailored to your exact specifications at the best possible price. Due to our large volume of shipping, LITASIGN is able to offer lower prices to our customers.

LITASIGN's Vast Selection of Custom Neon Box Signs

LITASIGN is proud to offer our high-quality custom neon box signs with a vast selection of colors and sizes. Our custom neon signs make great gifts for bar and restaurant owners, real estate offices, business owners, corporate conference rooms and more!

Love Neon Box Sign

Throw it on the wall or hang it over a door: the Love Neon Box Sign is refreshing, stylish and an excellent match for modern homes. It is produced in attractive neon colors and features a touch-sensitive LED light. This sign lets everybody know that this home is full of love.

Cheers Neon Box Sign

Cheers to the best nights of your life! The Cheers Neon Box Sign is perfect for starting conversations at a party, giving your guests that little extra boost, and reminding them of the fun they just had. Cheers to another great event! Add the right ambience to your next event with this ultra-bright neon sign.

Name Neon Box Sign

Hang this custom Name Neon Box Sign and show off your family name! Script style letters are available in the colors of your choice, with a black sign.

Wine Neon Box Sign

Wine Neon Box Sign is a very decorative art and craft object. The neon box sign is made of quality, environmentally friendly materials and can be used indoors and outdoors. This decorative sign is easily assembled and attached to the wall. A decorative object designed for wine lovers

Wedding Neon Box Sign

Create a cool and contemporary neon sign that will get a rousing reception with the Wedding neon box sign. The transparent letter boxes mimic the traditional Christmas card boxes that many people use to display their holiday cards.

Sale Neon Box Sign

Display a compelling message in your store with this Sale Neon Box Sign! The bright, red letters stand out clearly against the crisp white background of the sign. This high-quality neon sign plugs directly into a standard 110 outlet to operate and has a 3.5m power cord for easy installation and convenience.

Dream Neon Box Sign

Create a captivating atmosphere in any room with this dream neon box sign. The artistically redesigned linear button-style lettering gives this neon sign a unique look that will make it stand out in any space.

Tattoo Neon Box Sign

The Tattoo Neon Box Sign is the perfect item for any bar, rec room, tattoo studio, or collector of vintage neon signs. Nostalgic, fun and functional, this sign has a switching mechanism that lets you use it as a night light if you so desire.

On Air Neon Box Sign

The On-Air neon box sign features a retro, edgy feel that is handcrafted and weather-resistant. We love the attention to detail, including the handpainted details, spun metal edge trim, and vintage glass tubes. Hang it in your bedroom, living room, man cave or restaurant for a unique look.

Party Box Neon Sign

The Party Box sign can make any business stand out. With a vibrant neon glow, it will grab attention for all the right reasons. This sign will silently tell your customers that you are a fun business with inviting and exciting store hours.

Mr & Mrs Box Neon Sign

Mr and Mrs Box is a beautifully designed neon clock; that brightens up your future forever with the perfect wedding gift. Choose your colours and font type, either vertically Mr and Mrs or horizontally Mr & Mrs on the box and Mrs Box.

XOXO Box Neon Sign

XOXO Custom Neon Signs make the perfect gift! Our exclusive "XOXO Box" design is available on our high-quality neon signs and can be customized to your exact size and specifications. These distinct, colorful neon signs will show off your personality and create a beautiful glow in your room.

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  • NeonSans

  • Ostrich-B

  • Paul

  • Pixies

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  • Rumpi

  • Stay Classy

  • Steelfish

  • Street

  • Super Mario

  • Thats

  • Thesignatures

  • Waterman

  • Warm White

  • White

  • Yellow

  • Golden Yellow

  • Light Orange

  • Orange

  • Light Red

  • Red

  • Water Pink

  • Light Pink

  • Deep Pink

  • Purple

  • Deep Purple

  • Deep Blue

  • Ice Blue

  • Lake Blue

  • Green

  • Deep Green

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Akatsuki Cloud Neon Sign - This Neon Light comes brand new in the manufacturer's packaging with instructions. Easy and convenient to use, no tools required. This sign is quiet during operation. If you are looking for a great gift idea or something cool to have, this is the perfect LED light!


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LITASIGN Box Neon Sign Cool Features for a Great Piece

The LITASIGN box neon sign is a high-quality, affordable item with various features. The main part that this sign boasts is in its name — it comes with a sleek and attractive finish, which gives the box neon sign a beautiful and fun design.

1. Integrated LED Neon Flex

They are constructed with integrated LED neon flexes to keep LED neon signs excellent. There are no worries with jackets falling or acrylic distortion compared to neon signs.

2. High-Quality Virgin Silicone Jackets

PVC and imitation silicon are of lower grade than genuine virgin silicone. In contrast to other suppliers who use PVC or imitation silicone, this one is of the highest quality and safe to use. In addition to being fire-resistant and non-toxic, this neon light is safe for use indoors because it does not yellow or aged.

3. Dual-Protection Technology

Whether for a business or a residence, a custom indoor neon sign is a striking piece of wall art. There’s no need to worry about a PCB failure in the middle of the box neon sign. Double-protection technology is to blame for this result.

4. Improved LED Neon Flex

A patented PET film was applied to prevent LED neon flex from breaking and prevent it from desoldering and bad connections due to bending. Consequently, the LED sign can be shaped in any way you like for your customers without compromising its quality.

5. Branded Acrylic Backboard

LITASIGN prefers acrylic boards from Taiwan because they are more precise and challenging than PS or PVC boards. Additionally, they’re more resistant to scuffs and discoloration.

6. High-Quality Power Supply

CE, ROHS, FCC, UL, CUL, C-tick, PSE, and KC have all certified the power supplies used in LITA signage. Since they have a high rate of conversion efficiency, they’re able to meet your country’s energy requirements.

7. More Attracted Lighting

Using LED chips with long life and excellent brightness, we created a unique neon sign for indoor use. A wide span of luminance illuminates the entire letter, highlighting the vibrant colors.

8. High-Quality Accessories

LITASIGN’s Custom box neon signs are constructed with stainless steel screws and hanging ropes. As opposed to plastic or iron, this substance will not rust. Even after years of use, the sign will retain its new appearance. It ensures that your installation is safe at all times.

9. Packaging

Custom box neon signs will be packaged more efficiently, making them more suitable for long-distance shipping. As long as your personalized neon sign arrives undamaged, you’ll save money on shipping costs.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Custom Neon Box


Installing custom neon box signage is an excellent approach to attract new customers and raise brand awareness. If you’re interested in learning more about the advantages of custom neon box signs, check out my Ultimate FAQ Guide for Custom Neon Box Signs below.

This article contains the definitive FAQ regarding the use of bespoke neon boxes. It includes all of the necessary information for creating the ideal neon box and solutions to other frequently asked problems.

Table of Contents

1. How Much Time Is Required To Create A Custom Neon Box?

Generally, creating a personalized neon box takes 2-3 days. And that is subjected to a battery of quality and electrical testing lasting up to 48 hours. Then, if no faults are discovered, including durability and electrical, the system is ready to work under real-world conditions.

2. What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Custom Neon Box?

A classic glass neon sign’s lifespan is determined by how well it is maintained and how frequently it is utilized. The majority of neon signs should endure between eight and fifteen years. With proper care and management, it may increase even more.

3. What Are The Benefits Of Personalized Neon Boxes?


Since the development of glass neon signs, it has grown in popularity due to their distinctive characteristics.

Neon Signs Have a Long Life: The gases used in neon signs have a long life. For up to fifty years, the gases can produce light.

Neon Signs Are Much More Energy Efficient Than Fluorescent Signs: Neon signs consume significantly less energy than fluorescent signs. For example, if you leave neon signs on 12 hours a day, they will spend 1752 kWh annually, while fluorescent bulbs will consume 2672 kWh annually.

Operating Costs: Because neon signs require less energy than fluorescent lamps, they are more cost-effective.

4. Can Neon Boxes Be Used Outside?

Custom neon boxes are created to withstand water and other elements. They are entirely shielded from rain, snow, and other adverse conditions. Finally, neon signs are intended for outdoor use only.

Figure 1 - Custom Neon Box Outdoor

5. What Is the Purpose of the Neon Box?

Typically, neon lightbox signs are utilized for vivid, multicolored outdoor advertising. Neon sign boxes can also be used to decorate the home in various ways. Custom neon boxes can be used in multiple settings, including restaurants, cafes, and party centers, and trimming and advertising.

The most popular outdoor application of neon boxes for commercial advertising. Another critical location for neon box lights is in bars to create lighting effects.

Apart from advertising, led neon boxes are also utilized for interior decoration in private homes. In addition, photographers and filmmakers have also discovered novel ways to use neon lightbox signs to create distinctive and engaging photo shoots.

6. The Types of Neon Sign boxes Are?

When you buy a custom neon box, there are a lot of options you can choose from. You might not know which one is best for you. It all depends on what you like and what you want. There are a lot of different types of neon light boxes. Here, we will show you how to use some.

Neon Infinity Boxes
Infinity boxes made of neon tubing and molding make it look like the design will never end, making it look like the design is never going to stop.

Neon on the Print
To make the design happen, you will pick the one that has the best printing. Your manufacturer will make the design come to life for you with any type of printing on the neon tube.

Neon Art
Using neon, art will be developed and created. It’s possible to think outside the box and come up with a new idea for a custom neon box with your own ideas.

Mirror Box Neon
Using a laser, we will make the design on the mirror. It will have a fun, edgy vibe. It will be better if it is a little less obvious.

7. Do Your Custom Neon Box Run on Batteries or Plug-ins?

A lot of the custom neon boxes used for things like lights and lamps need power connections to the electricity. This is obvious. Most of the custom neon signs come with a 3.5ft transparent wire that needs to be plugged into a US-approved AC adapter before they can be used.

Also, some custom neon boxes can be run Battery Operated.

8. How Do I Mount My Neon Light on the Wall?

Hanging your unique neon box comes with a variety of pre-arranged benefits. The majority of custom neon boxes weigh between 7 and 15 pounds and have pre-drilled holes in the backboard of the acrylic box neon sign.

To hang your unique neon box independently, you will require a few necessary supplies.

  • Fishing wire, heavy-duty
  • The rope that is securely knotted
  • Removable heavy-duty hooks

You can effortlessly hang your personalized acrylic neon lightboxes on your house wall using these kits.

9. How Much Power Do Neon Signs Consume?

The energy consumption of neon signs is critical if you own a business. It affects the annual expenditure. On the other hand, Neon lightbox signs require more energy than LED lights but less than standard fluorescent lights.

The power usage is proportional to the wattage of the signs. For instance, if you leave a bar neon box light on for 10 hours per day at a power of 95 watts, the daily consumption will be 0.95 KWh. Each year, it will be 346.75 KWh. You may do this by calculating your daily time and watt use.

10. Will My LED Neon Box Light Require A Remote Control?

Adding three dollars. The remote control for the acrylic box neon sign allows you to adjust the brightness, the ON/OFF switch, and other modes that cause the lightbox neon to pulse, flicker, and flash. You may also use the remote control device to adjust the brightness and exposure.

11. Is it Eco-Friendly to Use Neon Sign Boxes?

Traditionally, neon is constructed of glass, which is brittle and can quickly break, releasing poisonous substances. In this scenario, an LED neon box may be a better option. It is tough and sturdy, with a significantly lower possibility of being broken, and is environmentally friendly.

12. What Exactly Is a Custom Neon Box?

The advent of Custom neon boxes is the most recent significant advance in the signage sector. These are illuminated by a large number of colored or white LEDs. These signs are made up of tiny LEDs tightly packed together to produce a digital poster. The advantage of LED neon over traditional neon is that it allows for more creative designs and a broader color palette.

Figure 2 - Custom Neon Box

13. Can I Order a Custom Neon Box in a Specific Color?

Yes, you can order a customized neon box in the color of your choice. Around 22 hues are available, including red, yellow, purple, pink, orange, blue, green, neutral white, cold white, and warm white.
When the neon sign is turned off, some of these hues are white; however, when the sign is turned on, they become colored. Others are dressed in brightly colored jackets and act as a shade when the sign is turned off.

neon box color-board2
Figure 3 - Custom Neon Box Color Board

14. Can Custom Neon Boxes Be Printed With Quotes?

Yes. You can print anything on a custom neon box. Only a factory specializing in neon quotation signs can develop neon word signs, bespoke neon name signs, and neon light quotations. Choose the text’s font, color, and size.

15. Where Can I Obtain a Reasonably Priced Wholesale Custom Neon Box?

Custom neon boxes are only available at wholesale prices directly from the manufacturer. To maximize their earnings, stores will increase the price by a particular amount.

LITASIGN is a wholesaler of led neon signs that offer volume reductions and wholesale rates.

16. Is It Possible To Order A Custom Neon Box For My Business?

Yes, you may get customized Neon Box signage for your business. To order a bespoke Neon Box, contact a provider with your company’s name, logo, tagline, or artwork. Before beginning work, the supplier will provide you with a price quote and a mockup of the neon sign for approval to ensure that the neon light design is exactly what you desire.

17. Are These Custom Neon Boxes Shiny Or Dull?

While custom neon boxes are shinier than traditional neon signs, they consume less light per watt. As a result, they will be less visible than conventional neon signs. Additionally, custom neon boxes do not penetrate fog as well as traditional neon signs.

Additionally, LITASIGN’s bespoke neon box has a dimmer control for adjusting the brightness of the neon.

18. Is The Custom Neon Box Going To Get Hot?

The customized Neon Box will remain cool to the touch. While it may grow slightly warm, it will not become hot enough to cause a burn if touched. If you observe that your customized Neon Box is becoming excessively heated, there is most likely a connectivity issue.

19. Do Custom Neon Boxes Produce 360-Degree Light?

Contrary to popular belief, custom neon boxes do not generate light in every direction. Instead, the LED light may be mounted on metal lettering, an image, or a form housed within a silicon tube or an acrylic backboard, depending on the chosen neon box design.

Whichever shape you choose, custom neon boxes are illuminated exclusively from the front, rarely from the back, and extremely rarely from the sides.

20. How Much Does a Custom Neon Box Cost?

Prices for custom neon boxes vary depending on various factors, making it difficult to provide an accurate figure. Finally, your cost will be determined by the following factors:

This size of illuminated pub signs. The larger the neon lightbox you desire, the more it will cost.

When ordering a neon sign for your business, you can specify the number of words or letters.

The intricate nature of any graphics or trademarks you wish to show on your personalized neon box.

21. What Is SMD Technology and How Is It Used in Custom Neon Box?

Surface Mounted Diode (SMD) is an acronym. It is a diode that is connected directly to the circuit board. To secure conventional LED lights, wire leads are typically utilized.

SMDs are smaller and allow for the creation of a more angled beam. Additionally, it is more energy-efficient than traditional LED lighting and requires fewer wires and diffusers.

SMD bulbs are composed of a single component that contains all three RGB colors. Certain LED lights use three different bulbs to create a single pixel on a personalized LED sign.

22. What Type of Packaging Should Be Used for Custom Neon Boxes?

Regardless of the size or type of the neon sign, it must be enclosed in a specific foam or cardboard enclosure. Packaging procedures used by manufacturers are more critical than packaging systems. It would help if you packed so that all external stresses are absorbed. It prevents packing material from becoming dislodged, and uneven pressure is applied.

Importing neon signs set in wood, glass, or metal frames can be accomplished through newspapers. Tightly crumple the newsprint around the neon signs. Litasign protects its products with twin boxes lined with bubble wrap or newspaper. Litasign is packaged in fully foamed and covered K=K containers reinforced with paper stripes. The packaging department safeguards your lamp from all angles. As a result, they are easily transportable.

Consider Litasign’s box.

Figure 4 - Custom Neon Box Packaging

23. What are the Secure Payment Methods for Ordering Custom Neon Box from China?

Neon sign makers offer a variety of unsecure payment options. Pay using only the methods listed here.

Letter of Credit ( L/C)
Telegraphic Transfer ( T/T)
Apple Pay

24. How Much Does a Custom Neon Bar Weigh?

LED neon is quite light in comparison to neon. LED neon signs weigh about 5 kg, which is almost half the weight of a classic neon sign.

25. How Far Can the Letters be Read from the Custom Neon Box?

In general, your letters will be legible from up to 38 feet away for every inch of letter height employed. As a result, six-inch letters would be visible from up to 200 feet. Due to the ease with which red neon letters can be read, they are widely employed in open sign applications. Purples and yellows are the least readable colors and are frequently utilized as border colors. Apart from increasing your sign’s visibility, black backings add to its aesthetic appeal.

Letter Height

Max. Readable Distance


152 ft


190 ft


228 ft


304 ft


380 ft


456 ft

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