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Illuminate Spaces: Affordable Room Neon Signs that Inspire

This captivating neon signs adds a vibrant charm to any rooms, instantly transforming it into a captivation focal point. Our room neon sign collection boasts diverse designs, from motivational quotes to eye-catching symbols, catering to every style. Easy to install and available in various sizes and designs, this radiant fixtures promises to infuse the space with inspiration without breaking the bank. Illuminate a room affordable and let this neon signs showcase unique style nd creativity.

Game Room Neon Sign

Its dynamic glow and sleek design make it the perfect centerpiece for any gaming space. Easy to install and built to last, it's the ultimate statement piece for gaming enthusiasts.

Playroom Neon Sign

Designed to ignite creativity and fun, this high-quality neon sign brings a lively atmosphere to any space. Perfect accent for a vibrant and engaging playroom.

Bedroom Neon Sign

Crafted with quality materials, this elegant signs creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Perfect addition to personalize a space with a touch of unique flair.

Living Neon Sign

Designed to add warmth and character, this high quality Bedrrom Neon Sign elevates the ambiance with its vibrant glow. Its accent that brings life to your space.

Man Cave Neon Sign

Revamp a man cave with the stand out mancave neon sign. With vibrant colors and durable design, this high quality neon sign instantly elevates your space.

Babe Cave Neon Sign

Radiating vibrant colors and crafted for durability, this high-quality sign instantly enhances your space and designed to last, its stylish statement piece for you personal retreat.

Room Neon Sign Inspirations

mock-up bedroom neon sign real-bedroom-neon-sign

How to Customized Room Neon Sign?


High-Quality, Durable and Affordable Room Neon Signs

LITASIGN prioritizes quality & durability in product development, earning a global recognition as a premier provider of custom LED neon signs for rooms. Through technological advancements, we ensure both durability and all LED neon signs at affordable prices.

Our dedicated team of highly skilled designers are committed to delivering the finest custom signs, be it LED room neon signs or others, for interior and exterior use. Whatever your signage need, we guarantee flawless quality.

6 Years Experience as a Room Neon Sign Manufacturer - Committed to Excellence.

By introducing integrated silicone extrusion production equipment in 2015, LITASIGN became the first LED room neon sign manufacturer to produce its own virgin silicone tube.

LITA has a 6-year track record of manufacturing one-of-a-kind, high-quality room neon signs to satisfy specific requirements. We like what we do and always provide excellent service at a reasonable cost.


LITASIGN: A Wide Variety of Services, from Consultation to Installation

LITASIGN ensures that we take every step to prime every aspect of your designs to ensure that it turns out as you what them to be. It is achievable through the help of our professional designers. These designers from LITASIGN will manufacture your signs so that you can alter the brightness as you what it to be.

LITASIGN makes sure you don’t lose opportunities by providing 24/7 skilled customer support and technical support. This kind of pre-sales and after-sales service will help avoid costly repairs.

All-In-One Solution Room Neon Sign Production Process

room neon sign production process

Advantages of LITASIGN to Support Your Sign Business?

As a professional manufacturer with international certification and a high reputation in the market, LITASIGN is China’s most prestigious and reliable enterprise with a strong and recognizable brand. Producing upgraded LED room neon signs and neon signs for different applications, such as real estate, bars, clubs, hotels, and restaurants. Find out more here 9 reasons to choose LITASIGN?

Affordable Price

LITASIGN offers the best price and experience for all of your room neon signs and other lighting requirements for your project.

Warranty & After Sales

LITA SIGN offers 2 years warranty for indoor neon sign and 1 year warranty for outdoor neon signs. In case of any problem, defective products will be replaced by a new sign immediately.

Product Quality

LITASIGN has created the most complete and rigorous quality inspection process system, including 100% inspection of the finished product before shipment.

Supply Capacity

Our factory has operated a full set of silicone extrusion equipment, which can meet the capacity requirements of large volume orders, with 120 workers skilled in hand-made signs. It can produce 500 pieces of customized home neon signs per day.

Product Durability

Stainless steel screws and ropes ensure a longer-lasting, safer installation compared to plastics or iron materials. This durability guarantees a fresh look for years, even in extended use.

One-Stop Production

Our streamedline production process covers PCB design, LED chips, soldering, lightboard connection, silicone extrusion, aging tests, and virgin silicone LED neon flex. This comprehensive approach enables us to deliver quickly.

Design Capability

Our design team comprises 5 experts from the advertising and decoration industry. Efficiently divide task among a designer, draughtsman, and craftsman. This set-up ensures quick proof-of-concept turnaround for uctomers, reducing overall costs.

Packaging & Shipping

Cut shipping costs with our compact and sturdy packaging boxes made from 10mm thick honeycomb paper board. Paper corner protectors ensure safe shipment.

Variety of Installation Methods

We provides customizable options for size and shape, ensuring the perfect fit for your needs without worrying about all placement. Choose from suspenders, surface mounting or grid fixing for wall signs, and upright installation for floor-fixed signs.

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Yes Yes Yes Neon Sign

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Chicago Bears Neon Sign

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Will You Marry Me Neon Sign

With this exquisite neon sign, make it a proposal to remember. When you pop the question, at your engagement party, and at the wedding, it looks absolutely amazing.


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Home Neon Sign

Custom unique indoor or outdoor neon signs for the living room, kitchen or bedroom, garden. Create your home an extra glow and unique feel. Cool design, fast delivery, and affordable price.


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Merry and Bright Neon Sign

This festive Merry and Bright neon sign will brighten up your Christmas! Hang it in your home's window or on the walls to spread holiday cheer to your neighbors!


Price from $145.00

What are LITASIGN's Room Neon Sign Best Aspects?

LITASIGN, a leading maker of customized room neon signs, offers a diverse range of the highest quality items available. These qualities ensure that your neon signs will last for a long time and will never let you down.

1. Integrated LED Neon Flex

The sign is more vibrant because of the integrated LED neon flex’s better heat dissipation. There are no issues with the jacket dropping off or the acrylic deforming which may happen on the embedded LED neon sign.

2. High-Quality Virgin Silicone Jackets

Unlike PVC or counterfeit silicone, virgin silicone jackets are high-quality. It’s anti-yellowing, anti-aging, odorless, and fire-resistant. It’s completely risk-free.

3. Double Protection Technology 

Technology with two layers of protection. In the event of a failure in the middle section due to a faulty PCB, the entire sign will remain operational smoothly.

4. Improved LED Neon Flex

The addition of patented PET film to LED neon flex allows you to customize any shape for your clients without compromising the LED sign’s quality.

5. Branded Acrylic Backboard

In comparison to the PS or PVC board on the market,  LITASIGN uses Taiwan’s joint-stock brand for the acrylic backboard, which is clearer and tougher. It has a higher scratch resistance as well as a higher resistance to yellowing.

6. High-Quality Accessories

When compared to plastic or iron materials, stainless steel advertising screws and hanging ropes ensure no rusting and greater endurance. Even if the sign has been in use for a long time, it will appear new. This ensures that your installation is always secure.

7. More Attracted Lighting

The room neon signs are composed of high-brightness, and low-light-decay LED chips. It comes with a high-light transmittance silicone jacket, it can make the signage more appealing in your setting.

8. High-Quality Power Supplies

The power supply used by LITASIGN is CE/ROHS/FCC/UL/CUL/C-tick/PSE/KC certified. It has a high transition efficiency, so this meets your country’s import standards while also saving energy.

9. Perfectly Fitted Packaging

Customized room neon signs will come in small packaging that’s neater and cleaner than handcrafted parcels. The savings on shipping can be significant.

The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Custom Neon Room Signs


Custom LED signs for rooms have become the latest trend in the market as they give any property a more luxurious touch. Professional realtors, property owners, and all sorts of business enterprises are now incorporating LED signs for rooms and other LED lights into their interior design to complement the surrounding rooms or decor.

This guide gives you an overview of custom LED signs’ features, functions, and capabilities for rooms.

Table of Contents

1. What Are Custom LED Signs for Room?

Custom room neon signs are one-of-a-kind works of art meticulously crafted by hand. Custom room neon signs can be practical marketing and branding tools for any business, as well as eye-catching room decor.

Custom neon signs for rooms can be filled with a wide range of colors to produce an array of eye-catching hues. Depending on the design, they are made of acrylic, a thermoplastic, and are either painted or coated with vinyl.

Custom room neon signs are subjected to several quality-control procedures to guarantee the highest possible standard.

Figure 1 - Custom Room Neon Sign

2. How Do Custom Neon Signs for Room Work?

Custom room neon signs have a strip of LEDs attached to them.  Resemble the lighting effect of glass neon signs, but efficient. The LEDs are constructed of various materials and are protected by a clear silicone jacket. They are low-power and easily dimmable.

LED neon light strips come in a rainbow of hues. From neon colors to more muted colour choices, a single LED strip can have multiple colors, allowing you to be as creative as you want with your lighting.

3. What Are the Benefits of Custom Neon Light Signs for Room?

Several benefits of using custom neon signs in a room include the following:

  • Custom neon light signs can change color, creating a very enticing radiance.
  • LED signage for lightweight and shatter-resistant rooms is safer and more ecologically friendly than its heavier counterparts.
  • They have a glass-like appearance due to their optical characteristics.
  • A neon sign in a room does not require much electricity to operate.
  • It is safe to touch illuminated room signs because they generate very little heat.
  • When ordering these things, you can choose from several colors.
  • LED room signs create far brighter and more consistent light, making them visible from a distance.

4. How Do I Find the Right Size for The Custom Neon Lights for Room?

1. Measure Your Space – While this may seem self-explanatory, we’ve discovered that some clients do not own a measuring tape (or choose not to use one). We strongly urge you to take measurements of the area where you wish to install your custom room neon sign.

Even if you have an excellent sense of proportion, we recommend that you measure your space, especially if it is small—for instance, a window, a backdrop, or a space between bookcases.

Custom Room neon sign Size Guide
Figure 2 - Custom Room Neon Sign Size Guide

2. The Budget – LITASIGN proudly offers bespoke room neon at an accessible price for everyone: small company owners, event planners, families, and neon enthusiasts. With LITASIGN, it’s simple to stay under your budget. With our world-class Neon sign maker, you can see the size and price of your sign in real-time. Here, you may begin designing your room neon sign.

3. Functionality & Design – The size of the room neon sign should be determined by the aesthetics and utility of the space. Keep in mind that you have complete creative freedom. Consider your particular preference and style while selecting a room neon sign size. 

5. What Are the Available Colors for Neon Lights for Room Custom?

You can choose from a wide variety of neon signs for rooms in various colors. Warm white, white, lemon yellow, golden yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, ice blue, green, and deep green are just a few of the in-demand hues. You can choose any hue that you wish. It’s also possible to explore with RGB to change the colors.

custom room neon sign color board
Figure 3 - Custom Room Neon Sign Size Guide

6. How Is the Backing of Customized Neon Lights For Room?

A 4mm to 8mm thick acrylic backing ensures that custom neon lights for the room will always be in good shape. You can choose the form and color of the backing that best suits your needs.

Most manufacturers commonly offer clear backing to make the neon lights nearly undetectable. Mirrored, UV printed, or black backing is all options for backing the customs room neon sign.

7. How to Install The LED Signs for Rooms?

The installation of LED signs for rooms is usually quite simple. You can hang your LED room signs using the steps outlined below.

First, gently unpack your custom room neon sign. Then hang it from the wall or the ceiling.

You must use the pre-drilled backing or mounting kit that comes with your LED signs. After that, you can connect a dimmer if you want.

Then you will plug the LED room sign transformer into an ordinary electrical socket. After this, your custom neon light signs for room will be ready to glow.

8. Can Custom LED Signs for Room Be Used Outside?

Yes, custom room neon signs can be used outside as long as they are entirely shielded from rain, dew, snow, and ice, all of which can be dangerous. A porch roof or a roof with a considerable overhang would be suitable for such an installation. We manufacture Outdoor Neon Signs with an IP67 waterproof rating designed to withstand harsh elements.

9. What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing Where to Place My LED Signs for Rooms?

Several considerations to consider while locating the custom room neon signs include the following:


It is essential to determine the purpose of the neon signs for rooms and to put them appropriately.


It is essential to consider child safety precautions while selecting an installation location. To avoid accidents and damage, you should install your LED signage for rooms out of reach of children.


Consider selecting a fitting room that could benefit from additional decorating or lighting. If you’re installing neon lights for room customization in your home, you can choose a room that would benefit from a more eye-catching and thrilling design.

10. What's Included in the Neon Sign Packing Box?

  1. Completed neon sign
  2. 1.5 Transparent Exit Wire
  3. 12V DC Output Power Supply
  4. Remote
  5. LED Dimmer
  6. Advertising screws for wall mounting sign
  7. Easy installation setup instructions.
Figure 4 - Custom Room Neon Sign Components

11. How Do Custom LED Signs for Room Compare to Traditional Glass Neon?

A custom LED neon sign is built using flexible LED flex and acrylic backing. The traditional glass neon sign is constructed entirely of glass and bent to achieve its shape. Typically, glass neon comes unbacked. As a result, installation is more complicated than with flex neon. When price, durability, brightness, and safety are considered, flex neon outperforms traditional neon.


The pricing varies according to the neon sign’s size and style. Flex neon is typically less expensive than glass neon.


Glass neon is more challenging to install than flex neon. We recommend hiring an electrician to install the glass neon in most cases. On the other hand, Flex neon is manufactured on a transparent acrylic substrate and is easily placed by anyone.


Glass neon is more comfortable to the touch than flex neon. However, by installing a dimmer, the brightness of flex neon can be changed.


Flex Neon is constructed from flame-resistant PVC plastic.

It is more malleable and durable than glass neon, which is highly delicate and easily breaks during transit.

Figure 5 - Glass Neon Sign VS LED Neon Sign

12. How Long Is the Production of Custom Neon Room Signs?

The overall production time is typically between 5-7 days. We may be able to expedite some orders depending on the circumstances. 

13. Do Neon Sign Room Decor Have Warranty?

All of our room neon signs and other neon sign items come with a 12-month warranty for outdoor neon signs and a 24-month warranty for indoor neon signs, respectively. If any of our signs are delivered to you in a damaged or defective state, we will replace them at no additional cost to you.

14. How Long Do Custom Neon Room Signs Last?

Room neon signs last longer because of the materials used to manufacture them. In most cases, the neon sign will last between 8 and 12 years if it’s always running. Under normal conditions, the LED Neon bulb should last about 50,000 hours. If you take care of the customs room neon sign, they will last longer.

15. What is the Turnaround Time for the Custom Neon Room Signs?

For faster capital turnover, LITASIGN offers quick production and shipping timeframes. Our team will complete the job professionally, and you will never regret it. 

Production time is 5-7 days, although urgent orders can be finished in two days, it takes 4-6 days for international priority express shipment. 

Orders take 11-13 days to arrive.

16. How Do I Design A Custom Neon Room Signs?

On our website, you can easily make your custom room neon sign by entering your text and selecting from various fonts and colors. In addition to the size and shape of the backboard, pricing is shown instantaneously.

17. How Do I Mount The Neon Sign Room Decor?

LITASIGN’s room neon signs come with pre-drilled holes for installation. The installation package includes wall-mounting hardware, and a hanging kit can be requested.To meet the needs of our customers, normally we offer two methods of installation: lifting and advertising nails.

If the customer needs additional mounting choices, such as tabletop, standing, etc., they can be customized to their specifications.

18. What Are LITASIGN’s Custom Neon Room Signs Made Of?

LITASIGN’s room neon sign is composed of LED neon flex instead of glass neon. LED neon flex is long-lasting because it is manufactured from PCB,LED’s and pre silicone. LEDs power each light, which is housed in a clear silicone tube. There are many advantages to using LED neon signs over traditional glass neon signs. More attractive than traditional glass neon signs, too.

You can choose from a variety of goods in a variety of colors and styles. LITASIGN also carries a wide variety of room neon signs. Additionally, you can select from a wide variety of pre-made designs and custom options.

19. What’s The Cost Of Custom Neon Room Signs?

Our neon signs are highly affordable, and we also provide low rates for signs customized to your specifications. Indeed, we guarantee that you will not find a lower price for comparable quality anywhere else. The room neon sign by LITASIGN is priced between $50 and $150.

20. Where Are LITASIGN’s Custom Neon Room Signs Made?

LITASIGN’s custom room neon signs are proudly made in China.

21. Can I Choose The Fonts for the Custom Neon Room Signs?


LITASIGN has different typefaces to choose from. Script fonts, block fonts, and double-lined fonts are examples of this type of font. We don’t know any other LED manufacturer that allows you to choose your font. If we don’t have the font you want, just let us know, and we’ll get it for you

Custom Room neon Sign Font Option
Figure 6 - Custom Room Neon Sign Font Options

22. How Are Custom Neon Room Signs Powered?

In general, most of LITASIGN’s neon signs are plug into a wall socket. It includes a 1.5-metre transparent power cord that may be plugged into any UL-certified AC adapter. Along with the adaptor, you’ll receive an additional 2 meters of black wire for plugging into a wall outlet.

23. Is A Remote/Dimmer Essential For The Custom Neon Room Signs?

Yes. We recommend getting a dimmer or a remote. The brightness of the light can be more easily controlled if you buy a remote control and dimmer. Our dimmer and remote control settings allow you to turn the lights on and off, modify the brightness, or make them flash, pulse, or flicker.

24. Are Custom Neon Room Signs Safe to Use?

LITASIGN’s custom room neon signs are UL/CE certified and environmentally friendly. Environmentally friendly due to the zero use of glass prevents overheating and ensures that the products are energy efficient. They are also lighter, durable, and portable.

25. Can I Use Custom Neon Room Signs During the Day?

Yes. The illumination of the custom room neon sign is so intense that even during the day, everyone can see it. While the brightness will be less intense than at night, you will still be able to see the neon outline.

26. Do I Need to Hire A Specialist to Install The Custom Room Neon Sign?

No, not always. All of our lights are backed with clear acrylic that has been predrilled with holes, so mounting them on the wall is as simple as hanging a picture frame – yes, it’s that simple! However, if the installation is more complicated, you may want to consider hiring a handyman/electrician.

27. How to Order a Custom Room Neon Sign?

Please fill out the customization form here at our website or send an email to for your orders.

Inform us where to use this neon sign, the size, font, and color, or email us the pattern directly, and we’ll create a design draft for your approval instantly.

28. Do LED Custom Room Neon Sign Consume a Lot of Electricity?

No, LED room neon has a low input voltage need of 12V/24V, resulting in lower electricity expenses for the end-user. At 65 watts, it’s about as powerful as an ordinary incandescent light bulb. 

29. How Safe Are Custom Room Neon Signs?

LITASIGN’s room neon signs are low voltage (12 volts) and produce little heat, making them safe to touch even after a week! It has no glass since we utilize virgin silicone jackets that feel like rubber tubes, and all signs are linked to an acrylic base that is generally hard to break.

30. Do You Offer Drop-shipping Service?

Yes, LITASIGN does offer dropshipping. We will include your logo/brand label and instruction manual in the box to help boost brand recognition.

31. Can I Get a Mockup of the Custom Room Neon Sign Design?

YES! With our ONLINE NEON SIGN CREATOR, you can make your personalized room neon sign. Select your desired size, font, color, and background environment, and our sign maker will instantly generate a mockup of your LED neon sign; the price will be displayed automatically.

32. Are Custom Room Neon Sign Breakable?

No, because it is constructed of acrylic, silicone tubing, and LED flex, it is highly durable.

33. Does the Custom Room Neon Sign Make Some Noise?

No, not at all. The Custom Room Neon Sign is not noisy when in use.

34. What Color of the Cord Attached to the Custom Room Neon Sign and How Long Is It?

The room neon sign has a thin copper and silver wire shielded by a clear protective covering. This section connects to a male/female converter and is covered with a black-colored cable.  The copper and silver wire cord with transparent cover is 1.5m, and the black adaptor cable is 2 meters, a total 3.5 meters wire long has the room neon sign.

35. What Factors/ Functions Can You Customize In Custom Room Neon Signs?

Factors for custom room neon signs that are completely customizable:

  • Neon Sign Size: The neon flex comes in three different sizes: 8x16mm, 5x12mm, and 12*19mm. You can define the size of your design, and we will create it accordingly.
  • Neon Sign Shape: LED neon flex is available in strips. They can be formed to your needs and come in various bending diameters.
  • Design: Choose from various classic designs or create your own by modifying the font, color, size, and dual-layer styling.
  • Color: Room neon signs are available in 22 different colors. Custom neon signs are available in various colors, including yellow, gold, pink, orange, purple, green, warm white, neutral white, and white.
  • Control mode: With the Neon Sign, you may create various flashing effects to suit your demands. You can control the device by remote control, Bluetooth, or WiFi.

36. Are Custom Room Neon Lights Eco Friendly?

Yes, They are. LED neon lights consume up to 90% less energy than glass neon and have a lifespan nearly double that of glass neon.

Another advantage of LED neon lights is that they lessen the risk of fire or harm due to their low voltage DC operation. LITASIGN’s handmade neon sign is constructed entirely of pure silicone and is RoHS certified.

37. How to Know The LED Room Neon Sign Board is Cut to Shape, Cut to Board, or Cut to Letter?

What is the meaning of these terms?

Cut to shape: Each character or pattern is precisely cut out of the acrylic backboard.  It is more casual and has a unique design.

Cut to board: Also known as cut to a square; this procedure entails cutting the acrylic backboard into a square form, subject to the typeface and design size limitations.  It’s dashing, generous, and charming all at the same time.

Cut to the shape of each letter or pattern: Each letter or design is cut to shape the acrylic backboard. As a result, the acrylic backboard is entirely transparent.

custom-room neon-sign-backboard-options
Figure 7 - Custom Room Neon Sign Backboard Options

38. Top 20 Decor: Neon Signs For Every Room

1. Bedroom Neon Sign Add a touch of ambience to your bedroom décor with this neon sign. It produces a neon glow that is perfect for styling your bedroom and adding a pop of color. You’ll want this for your bedroom or as a gift for your friends!


2. Name Neon Sign This custom neon sign can be designed with any name/word you want! All text is uppercase letters only. The perfect edition for your house, bar, garage, man cave or even wedding. All signs are made by hand, and quality is checked closely to ensure everything looks perfect. 

name neon sign

3. Game Room Neon Sign The game room neon sign is your home’s new favorite piece. Our custom neon signs come in different shapes, sizes, and colours; you will find the one that fits your unique space.


4. Living Room Neon Sign Liven up your space with a bright and colorful Living Room Neon Sign. Place it above the mantle or mount it on the wall to light up your living room as you relax at home. Its fun and funky design will add color to any room.


5. Kids Room Neon Sign This Kids Room neon sign will look great in your nursery, playroom, or kid’s room. You will love its vibrant colours, quiet operation, and long life span.


6. Religious Neon Sign Spark the desire to meet your demise with the delightful Religious Neon Sign. A great addition to any room, this sign is sure to light up your life.

Religious Neon Sign

7. Babe Cave Neon Sign Add a unique and fun pop of light and color to your room! Our high-quality babe cave neon signs add the ambience of any room and are the perfect addition for a home, business, or event. They can be hung on the wall or set on a table to accent just about anything!


8. Man Cave Neon Sign This neon sign will be a constant reminder to everyone in your home that the Man Cave is not to be disturbed! An excellent gift for the man in your life, this high-quality handcrafted neon sign is sure to bring a smile to your favorite guy. 


9. Champagne Neon Sign Brighten up your room, business, garage or man cave with this Champagne neon sign. It’s a fun addition to any living space that also makes an impactful statement!

Champagne Neon Sign

10. You Wanna Pizza Me? Neon Sign – The You Wanna Pizza Me? Neon Sign is a bright, colorful sign that looks really cool in a pizza parlor, dorm room, or basement.

You Wanna Pizza Me? Neon Sign

11. Live More Worry Less Neon Sign – Keep your room decor on-trend with this Live More Worry Less neon sign. With several hanging options, you can hang this sign on your wall or display it on a shelf to give your space the pop of color it needs.


12. Live Colorfully Neon Sign Bring a bit of fun to your room with this “Live Colorfully” neon sign. The neon light is ideal for your bedroom, office, studio or family room and features a clear acrylic border and metal hanging chain.


13. Oh Baby Neon Sign This Oh Baby Neon Sign makes a beautiful and colorful addition to a baby room or newborn party. This neon sign can be hung up on a wall, door, or window and also come with an easel back so you can set it up wherever you’d like.


14. Hello Gorgeous Neon Sign – This hello gorgeous sign will be a great addition to your room! The neon sign can be hung on the wall or displayed on the shelf for a stunning look. The neon lighting is very cool, a great accent to any room, and easy access on/off switch.


15. Cocktails & Dreams Neon Sign This Cocktails & Dreams neon sign is the perfect addition to your bar, garage, or game room. The neon sign is made of real glass neon and requires less energy to operate.


16. Home Bar Neon Sign This home bar neon sign is an excellent addition to your home bar decor. The neon sign will add a warm glow to your bar area, and with its unique design, it is sure to catch the eye of your guests.


17. Nike Shoe Neon Sign The Nike Shoe Neon Sign brings a fascinatingly fashionable and dynamic way to light up your space. This fun neon sign is ideal for any bedroom, game room, man cave or dorm. You can also choose to place it in your office as a vibrant decor piece or in a store or restaurant as an advertisement tool.


18. Anti Social Club Neon Sign –  Decorate your dorm room, home, or office with this neon sign of the Anti-Social Club logo. Perfect for parties or to keep up with the latest trend.


19. Instagram Logo Neon Sign – Grab this beautiful Instagram logo neon sign to decor your room. It is fun and playful. The wall art light can attract all eyes to your artwork, creating a high-end home atmosphere. 


20. Flower Neon Sign It is perfect for your room. It includes a high-quality adapter with an on/off control switch affixed to the wall or ceiling. This unique piece of modern décor is eye-catching and will stand out in any room you place it.


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