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LITASIGN's Expertise in the Signage Industry

At LITASIGN, we believe in the power of the sign. We are a sign manufacturing brand that has been around since 2003, and our mission is to create signs that are beautiful and enduring. We offer a full range of signage products, including everything you might need to make your business stand out—from wayfinding signage to custom office signs.

We work with clients from all over the world. We take great pride in being a sign company that offers carefully made, premium signage solutions. We have the knowledge and skills necessary to create signs that will survive for many years, and we stand behind our work with warranties that ensure that our clients will be satisfied with their signs for many years. 

Custom Office Signs That Reflect A Brand's Personality

Custom office signs are the first thing people see when they enter the office. Make a lasting first impression with high-quality custom office signs that show off the company’s personality, professionalism, and brand. An effective office sign will help visitors find their way around the building, and give them information about where to go for specific services or products.

Stainless steel, aluminum, metal, and many more materials that are strong and long-lasting can be used to create premium custom office signs. This signage can be used both indoors and outside and are therefore visible from a distance.



Custom Office Signs Tailored to Your Needs

Our ability to produce custom signs entirely in-house, from raw materials to finished goods, provides us with the benefit of a quick delivery, which keeps us at the top of the market. By upholding a high degree of quality control and first-rate customer service, we have been able to achieve this.

We understand that every client has different needs and expectations, so we work hard to ensure that we provide a solution that meets those needs and exceeds your expectations. All our products are tested for compliance with CE/ROHS/UL/CUL/FCC/C-tick/PSE/KC certificates before shipping out from our factory in China.

You dream it, we make it

Key Features that Make Custom Office Signs Stand Out

Professional and Brand-focused

Custom office signs are a great way to make a business stand out. They facilitate the development of a polished, brand-focused image and the capacity for successful and memorable communication.

Attractive and Welcoming

Custom office signs are attractive and welcoming. They create a sense of professionalism and help an office stand out from the crowd when potential customers walk in.

Brand Color Coordination

One of the most important aspects of custom office signs is brand color coordination. This is crucial to stand out from the crowd, as well as creating a cohesive look of the office. By using the same colors in a signage, it can create a united front that helps give ar business a sense of professionalism and organization.

Variety of Material Choices

Wood, plastic, metal, and even glass are just a few of the materials used to create custom office signs. Your preferences and the requirements of your business will influence the material you choose.

Maximum Impact

Custom office signs are a great way to reflect a company’s personality and mission. They can be used to boost productivity by making it simpler for workers to find the tools or resources they require as well as for fostering a sense of community, information sharing, or making everyone feel more at home in the office.

What Sets High-Quality Custom Office Signage Apart?

A custom office sign can make all the difference between an organization that is struggling and one that is thriving. The correct sign will draw in new customers and motivate existing ones to remain devoted once won. Consistently, a premium bespoke office sign will offer the following advantages:

Improve Branding Strategy

Custom office signs can be made from any material or finished in any color or texture. They can include images, logos and text that reflect your brand and help it to stand out from competitors. In addition, they can be placed anywhere within a commercial space to add extra visual interest.

Versatile & Customizable

Custom office signs are more adaptable than standard ones. The most typical kind of bespoke signage is a sign that is digitally generated and can be altered to meet your demands and requirements. As a result, you can design a sign that complements the aesthetic.

Passive Marketing Tools

Passive marketing tools are an excellent way to make a lasting impression on customers, clients, and other visitors to your office. They can be used to advertise your company's products or services, inform the public about important issues, or simply let people know who you are and what you stand for.

Cost-effective & Low-maintenance

Custom office signage is an affordable method to give your company a polished, professional appearance. Since custom signs simply need the occasional cleaning for maintenance, they require very little upkeep. You can choose exactly what to say and how to say it when using bespoke signs.

Optimize Office Space Efficiently

Customized office signs help you optimize your space efficiently by creating a design that works with the layout of your office or building rather than against it. You'll discover that personalizing your signs enables you to communicate easily, which results in fewer errors and more productivity for all parties!

Clarity and Legibility

High-quality custom office signage is clear and legible, which means that it's easy for your employees to read. It also means that the sign will be visible from some distance away so that it catches the eye of anyone who might be passing by. Additionally, the best custom office signage is designed with aesthetics in mind. The font and design should be appealing and easy on the eyes, not distracting or difficult to read.

Elevate A Workspace: Custom Office Signs for a Professional Look

Having the appropriate signage may significantly alter how an office appears and feels. Signs are an essential component of any business, whether it be a small plaque with the name of the establishment or a massive sign that greets customers. Look no further than LITASIGN if you’re seeking for custom office signs. We provide a variety of bespoke office signage, such as:

Dimensional Logo Signs

Dimensional logos are great for decorating an entryway or reception area because they instantly add a touch of elegance and professionalism without breaking the bank. You can also use them as part of your company's branding strategy by having them installed near other elements like lighting fixtures or artwork that carry similar colors or themes.

Panel Office Signs

Panel office signs are an excellent way to elevate your workspace. You may personalize panel signs with any wording you choose and in any color. These signage will give your office a more polished appearance. Each panel sign is constructed from high-quality, long-lasting materials.

Backlit Office Signs

You can choose a backlit sign that exactly suits your needs among the many different types and sizes available. You can get started right away because they are also reasonably simple to install. A backlit sign can be used to attract customers' attention while promoting your company or brand identity. You can select the backlit sign that best suits your needs and tastes from a vast selection of colors and designs.

Cut Metal Office Signs

Office signs with cut metal are constructed of steel or aluminum. You may choose one that properly fits your space because they are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Additionally, you have a variety of finish options, such as satin black and brushed chrome. We even provide bespoke cut-outs that can contain your company name or logo if you'd like something even more distinctive!

Cut Acrylic Office Signs

Colorful, custom acrylic office signs are more than just a way to label your cubicle. They can elevate your workspace and create a more professional look for both clients and employees. Acrylic is a versatile material that can be cut into virtually any shape, size, or color. This means you can customize your sign however you like—and it's not just limited to the traditional rectangle shape.

Stainless Steel Office Signs

Office signs made of stainless steel are a fantastic way to improve a workspace. Stainless steel is an excellent material for an office sign since it is robust, resistant to corrosion, and can be personalized to meet your company's identity and style. They are also simple to clean. You may get it personalized in any color you like with your logo or slogan.

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Glow in the Dark Mailbox Numbers

Glow in the Dark Mailbox Numbers give your mailbox a fun and unique look from the street. These glow in the dark numbers are easy to apply, long lasting and weather resistant.


Price from $88.00

Metal Hanging Welcome Signs

Big, bold and beautiful—these hanging welcome signs are modern art at its best. Featuring a distressed finish and aged patina, our incredibly cool signage features a matte sign mounted on top of bold letters to create the perfect blend of rustic charm.


Price from $108.00

Office Neon Signs

Brightly colored office neon signs will make the decor of your workplace pop. You can choose from a variety of shapes and sizes, whichever best fits your space. These bright neon accents are great for adding some excitement when you need it most.


Price from $64.00

Custom Illuminated Signs

Custom Illuminated Signs are a great way to give your business or brand exposure. We craft our Illuminated signs with quality materials, so you can trust them to accentuate your decor for years to come.


Price from $115.00

Metal Welcome Signs

With our Metal Welcome Signs you can create the perfect personal welcome for your home. Choose from our variety of shapes, sizes and colors of metal to create the perfect look for your house.


Price from $110.00

Non-illuminated Exit Signs

Safety is your number one priority. That's why our Non-illuminated Exit Signs help keep you safe in the event of a power outage, natural disaster or emergency situation. With a bright EXIT plaque and white lettering, these signs are easy to see even in low light.


Price from $100.00

Custom Channel Letters

Custom Channel Letters are a great way to not only promote your business and product, but also to increase visibility throughout the day. Whether you need a static or animated message, our experts can help you find a custom solution that fits your needs and budget.


Price from $110.00

Galvanized Letters

Add a touch of personality to your decor with our galvanized letters. These heavy-duty galvanized aluminum is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Use them to create signage, monograms, numbers and letters, or to supplement other yard art such as statues, wind chimes, or ceramic pots.


Price from $105.00

Why Choose JASIONLED for Your Custom Office Signs Requirements?

Custom office signs are the perfect way to make your business stand out from the competition. You can use them to draw attention to specific areas of the store, promote current sales and promotions, or simply add some color to a boring wall. At JASIONLED, we understand that your business is unique and that your sign needs to reflect that. That’s why we offer a wide variety of materials, colors, and styles so that you can find the perfect fit for your space and budget.

1. Large Selection

JASIONLED offers a wide selection of products, including indoor and outdoor signs, as well as a variety of different materials and finishes. We take pride in our ability to provide you with quality products at affordable prices so that you don’t have to sacrifice style or quality for price when purchasing your custom signs from us.

2. Excellent Quality

High-quality materials, such as acrylic, aluminum, and stainless steel, are used to create our signage. The acrylic panels are simple to clean and maintain, and the frames are durable enough to withstand outside circumstances. We also provide a large variety of bespoke sizes and shapes so you may get exactly what you need for your business.

3. Best in the Country

We have been providing custom office signs since 2003. We have a team of designers who are experienced in creating custom signs for every business and industry. With our experience and expertise, you can rest assured that your custom sign will be unique and will look great on your premises.

4. Quick Turnaround

We understand that when it comes to custom office signs, your needs are unique. That’s why we aim to provide you with a quick turnaround time of up to 7-15 days so that you can get your signage up as soon as possible.

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