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LITASIGN: Signage Innovations and Solutions

LITASIGN was founded in 2015 and has become one of the most trusted names in signage solutions. We understand that your business needs to be on point with its marketing, and we take pride in helping you achieve that.

Our company’s goal is to provide cost-effective and easy-to-install signage solutions for companies all across the US and around the world. We believe in fast production times with unsurpassed production quality from our factory, which is standard. With our staff having significant experience in the signage industry, we bring a better understanding of signage and practicality than most traditional sign shops do.

Custom Steel Letters, Cut to Size and Shape

Custom steel letters from LITASIGN come in various sizes, shapes, and materials to find the ideal one for your company or group. We have the lettering solutions that will work best for you whether you need to add a dash of sophistication to your workplace. Or want to guarantee that everyone always knows who you are.

About our steel letters, we provide a multitude of options. Whether you need cast iron or brass, we can help you choose the material that best suits your requirements and price range. No matter the material you select, we promise that all our products will be expertly crafted and delivered on schedule.


LITASIGN: Your Sign Resource, Experts in Custom Steel Letters

LITASIGN believes you should always get custom steel letters of the highest caliber for reasonable prices, focusing on first-rate customer service. We take pride in offering various options for every project, from tiny residential signs to sizable business projects. For every sign order, we also provide qualified installation services.

Design, fabrication, installation, and maintenance are just a few sign-making processes our staff is knowledgeable about. Building a reputation for top-notch craftsmanship and helpful customer service has taken much effort.

You dream it, we make it

LITASIGN's Custom Steel Letter
Manufacturing Process is Highly Efficient.


Creating Design & Production File

Our design and production team will create a working file based on your specifications. This file will be sent to our manufacturing team for review as they ensure its accuracy. Once both teams approve the file, it will be used to make your steel letters.


Laser Cutting & CNC Engraving

Laser cutting and engraving is a process that uses a laser beam to cut or engrave materials. The process has become increasingly popular for creating custom products, allowing exact cuts and engravings.



We weld the edges of metal letters to their sides before attaching them to the front of a sign. This ensures that every letter is straight and smooth, giving the assembled letter a seamless look.

polishing process


We use a polishing machine to ensure the welds between the letter’s return and face are smooth and gap-free. This helps ensure they are as strong as possible.



Hand-painted letters are one of a kind, and their appearance depends on how the letters are painted. For example, suppose one side of a letter is painted but not the other. In that case, it will appear unevenly colored when viewed from afar.



After painting, allow the paint to dry completely before putting the letters in a drying room. This procedure ensures that the paint does not chip or flake off and adheres properly to the metal.


Quality Checking

After fabrication, all steel letters are inspected for defects. Defective letters are removed, replaced with new ones, and then rechecked to ensure they meet our high standards.



Our packaging is made of sturdy wood. The inner and outer layers are made of hardwood, and the middle layer is made of polystyrene. This unique combination provides maximum protection for your metal letters during transport.

Why to Choose a Custom Steel Letters for Your Business

Buying custom steel letters might be something you want to think about if you're looking for a distinctive way to promote your company and draw clients. You can find something to match the character of your company among the many different sizes, shapes, and colors that these letters come in. Additionally, they are solid and resilient. Keep reading if you want to learn more about personalized steel letters. Why Custom Steel Letters Are Beneficial:


Our custom steel letters are sturdy, high-quality steel that withstands whatever the weather throws. We know that you want your letters to be able to stand firm in all kinds of weather. So we manufacture our letters out of material known for being climate-tough.

Rust Resistant

Steel letters are an excellent option for indoor or outdoor signage. They are rust-resistant and will not fade in the sun. Your company's logo can be displayed for years without looking worn or faded.

Professional and Polished

Custom steel letters are professional and polished. They can be used to create a sleek, modern look for your business, or they can be used as part of a rustic or vintage aesthetic. Choose from various finishes, including polished chrome and brushed brass. The letters can be customized with any font—choose one that reflects your brand's personality to make it stand out on the street!

Various Types of Steel

Steel is a material that is used to make many different products. Many kinds of steel are available, and each has its properties and uses. If you are looking for custom steel letters for your business, knowing what type of steel will work best for your needs is essential.

Works Well with Other Materials

You can also use custom steel letters to create signs of different materials, such as wood or stone. This will give them a more natural look and make them stand out from other signs that might be made of plastic or metal.


The affordable prices of custom steel letters can't be beaten. You get a great product at an affordable price, and your business gets the brand recognition it deserves.

Many Finishes

With our custom steel letters, you can choose from various finishes. We offer a wide selection of steel colors and textures and different coatings to give your letters an extra layer of protection.


Custom steel letters are long-lasting and can be used in various ways. They are durable and robust, so they stand up to the elements and last for years. You can use custom steel letters on signs, buildings, or other structures to help your customers find your business quickly.

Multiple Uses

Steel letters aren't just good for advertising; they can also be used as a decorative item inside your home or office. You can even create custom art pieces out of the letters by arranging them differently on the wall or ceiling.

Custom Steel Letters Create a Lasting Impression

In custom signage, few things are more attractive than steel letters. They have an exquisite look and feel and can be used in any business or home setting. Steel lettering will make a great impression on anyone who sees it, whether you want to use it as part of your storefront signage or as part of a personal message you want to share with others.

Hand-painted Steel Letters

These hand-painted letters feature a combination of traditional letters and modern designs. They are lightweight and durable, with a finish that will last. These steel signs are perfect for display indoors or outdoors—they won’t rust or fade when exposed to the elements.

Laser-cut Steel Letters

Laser-cut steel letters are an attractive and durable alternative to cast or plastic signs. Lasers allow for the utmost precision, resulting in smooth flowing lines, crisp edges, and straight edges with minimal waste.

Hot Rolled Laser Cut Steel Letters

Hot Rolled Laser Cut Steel Letters are used as a replacement for the older letterpress systems. These machine-cut elements are produced by laser and then pressed under extreme pressure.

Stainless Steel Letters

Stainless Steel Letters are the perfect addition to any kitchen or bar. These letters come in many sizes and can be used to make words or messages of your choice. Clean, polished, and sharp-edged, these letters will add a distinguished note anywhere you place them.

Aluminum Steel Letters

Aluminum steel letters are more versatile than your average store-bought letters. These letters can be painted and used as home decors, such as a sign or a wall border. Aluminum is also lightweight and durable, so it's perfect for the outdoors!

Copper Steel Letters

Copper Steel Letters are best used in home decor as decorative ornaments or wall hangings. With their beautiful and timeless rustic design, they add warmth to any space. This set of six letters from Copper Steel Letters is an attractive addition to any room in your home or office.

Cast Steel Letters

Our Cast Steel Letters offer a classic look that works well on contemporary and traditional surfaces. They can be immersed in concrete, applied with adhesive, or straight mounted to give you plenty of options to enhance your space.

Mild Steel Letters

Mild Steel Letters are a cost-effective yet high quality solution for many signage applications. They can be mounted on poles, street furniture, and walls or stand alone. The letters are available in all letter sizes with various fonts and finishes such as: flat, bright, rough & smooth, and flame polished, to name a few.

Galvanized Steel Letters

Galvanized Steel Letters are an excellent choice for business and commercial use. These numbers and letters are made of thick-gauge steel, which gives them a durable, rust-resistant coating that makes them perfect for applications outside or in wet environments.

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Industrial Metal Letters

Industrial Metal Letters are the unique way to make your brand stand out. Industrial Metal Letters are made of steel and come with a powder-coated finish in various colors that can be customized to your specifications. They are an affordable solution for any signage, indoor or outdoor.


Price from $80.00

Metal Letters for Concrete

Metal Letters for Concrete decorate the front of a business or home with style. These letters provide an elegant contrast from the concrete surface and help set your building apart from the crowd.


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Metal Letters for Gravestone

Grave Stones offers the perfect way to honor your loved one and display their name or message on a gravestone. These metal letters come in various colors and sizes to fit any marker.


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Rusted Metal Letterbox

The Rusted Metal Letterbox is a rustic, industrial-style mailbox that provides a unique storage solution for your home or garden. Featuring a powder-coated galvanized iron finish, it will perfectly fit in your outdoor space and is available in two sizes. One with an attached door and one without.


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Custom Metal Letters

Our metal letters are an affordable way to personalize your home, office, or business. They are offered in various styles and fonts so that you can find the perfect metal letters for your project.


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Metal Letters for Building

As a building owner, you need to communicate your business vision in the most professional way possible. When it comes to metal letters, choose LITASIGN's high-quality, UV-resistant metal letters for building. We build our products with superior aluminum alloy, ensuring they look great and last longer than bare galvanized steel or plastic letters.


Price from $110.00

Metal Letters for Garden

These metal letters are an excellent choice if you’re looking to give your garden a splash of style with classic and contemporary lettering styles. A great way to add a personal touch to the outside of your home or create the perfect garden feature. These letters are made from durable, weatherproof steel and will make your outdoor space stand out.


Price from $78.00

Metal Gate Letters

Make a strong impression on your home with our Metal Gate Letters. Available in either a modern, minimalist white, or matte black finish, these letters are the perfect way to get noticed.


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The Better Choice for Your Business: Custom Steel Letters from LITASIGN

LITASIGN offers a wide variety of features for your custom steel letters. With our large selection of materials, you’re sure to find something that works best for your application.

The following are the features of LITASIGN’s Custom steel letters:

1. High-Quality Steel

LITASIGN’s custom steel letters are made from high-quality steel, making them both durable and lightweight. This means you can use them on various surfaces without worrying about them being too cumbersome for your construction crew to handle.

2. Fast Turnaround Time

At LITASIGN, we’re committed to providing our customers with the most efficient turnaround times in the industry. Our expert team of designers and manufacturing specialists makes it easy for us to create a custom steel letter that meets your needs. We aim to complete your order within 7-10 days so you can begin displaying it at your location or event immediately!

3. Customized

Each of our letters can be personalized to fit your needs. We can change the color, font, size, and style to suit your needs. We can also add any text you want to your letters.

4. 100% Guaranteed

LITASIGN ensures that every letter is made to the highest quality standard. We back our work with a 100% guarantee that your custom steel letters will be exactly what you imagined.

5. Cost Efficient

LITASIGN’s custom steel letters are cost-effective and affordable. You can get your very own in a matter of days at an affordable price that doesn’t break the bank.

6. Professional Designer

Our team makes Custom Steel Letters from professional designers. Our designers have been trained to work with all types of steel. And they will ensure that your letters are designed to meet your needs and specifications.

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