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LITASIGN has been in the LED industry since 2015 and has various types of decorative led marquee lights that can be customized according to your needs. LITASIGN invests in continuous technological advancements of equipment and production processes to ensure that the decorative LED marquee lights are made from the best materials, are reliable, durable, and have a backed-up warranty.

At LITASIGN, we manufacture and supply decorative led marquee lights for many applications and industries. We are committed to technological advancement, which helps us to ensure that all of our products feature high-quality standards.

One-stop Manufacturer of High-Quality Decorative LED Marquee Lights

LITASIGN is a reputable and professional decorative LED marquee lights manufacturer with years of experience. They have a team of designing, production, marketing, and other staff members who have in-depth knowledge about the led light industry in China. Their product quality is excellent, and the price is alluring, making them an ideal choice for your decorative led marquee lights need.

LITASIGN understands that different clients possess different needs. We will take the necessary time to provide you with any information or clarifications needed. You can count on us for your decorative led marquee light requirements!

decorative led marquee lights-production-process

Customized Decorative LED Marquee Lights

LITASIGN decorative led marquee lights may be tailored to suit your budget. Your business, product, or service will be visible even in the dark. Our decorative led marquee lights are built from high-quality materials to ensure longevity and a constant aesthetic.

You may easily choose from our collection of models and designs that match your preferences, style, or the type of business you conduct. The beautiful thing about these LED marquee lights is that almost anyone who can read instructions and use simple tools can install them themselves.

You dream it, we make it

A Cursive Marquee Letter's Professional Crafting Process


Stainless Steel Punching

A hole of a specified diameter must be cut in the stainless steel sheet to accommodate the LEDs. The LED’s size dictates the size of this aperture.


Soldering the Solid Edge

To create an effective connection between holes in a metal sheet, solder the edges of the sheet together.

polishing process

Polishing Edges and Corners

Polishing the edges and corners of each letter will remove any burrs that may have formed during the printing process.


Painting the Surface of the Plate

Plates are painted to last, giving them a stylish look.


Installation of LED Bulbs

Install fixtures with LED bulbs in a correctly labeled aperture. If these fixtures are used outside, waterproof the fixture and use water-resistant bulbs.


Marquee Sign Packaging

LITASIGN focuses on the export process, including packaging. LITASIGN ensures that items are packaged correctly to prevent damage during shipping.

Undeniable Advantages of LITASIGN's Decorative LED Marquee Lights

The decorative led marquee lights offered by LITASIGN are the Best LED Marquee Lights. They provide the perfect blend of style and functionality to illuminate your name, business name, or any other advertising message in a manner that is unparalleled by its competition.


Decorative LED marquee lights from LITASIGN let you show anything you want, whenever you want, with no restrictions. In addition, decorative LED marquee lights can be readily reconfigured to match your individual needs.


When you buy decorative led marquee lights, you don't have to buy new ones every time you use them. As a bonus, they're easy to replace and won't cost you a penny more, saving you money.

Better Visibility

Decorative led marquee lights are very apparent from a distance. As a result, in this case, everyone will be able to observe the marquee letters and your message efficiently.

Lightweight Design

Most decorative led marquee lights are constructed of lightweight materials. In this manner, you can easily position and manage it in the desired location.

Easy To Install

A technician is not required to install decorative LED marquee lights from LITASIGN. However, the LITASIGN team also ensures that you are provided with all the necessary installation manuals.


Decorative led marquee lights are works of art in and of themselves. Therefore, we would never make a trade-off in quality for quantity. LITASIGN's decorative led marquee lights are long-lasting, sturdy, and waterproof.


For LITASIGN's decorative led marquee lights, we use raw materials and manufacturing processes that guarantee their sturdiness and lightweightness. As a result, they can withstand weather changes and be used indoors and out.


Because of its eye-catching appearance, a decorative led marquee light from LITASIGN will be an ideal tool for drawing the attention of passersby.

Low Costs of Maintenance

Decorative led marquee lights from LITASIGN are quick and straightforward to maintain because they are durable materials designed to last long. No more than routine inspections and servicing are required to ensure that the components are working correctly.

Spectacular Collection of Decorative LED Marquee Lights

Decorative LED Marquee Lights look spectacular and provide a decorative lighting display. They are most commonly used for interiors and particularly well suited for bars, showrooms, restaurant interiors, hotels, lounges, staircases, and display lighting around your swimming pool. In addition, hundreds of combinations of decorative LED marquee lights are available at LITASIGN.

Moon LED Marquee Lights

The Moon LED Marquee Lights will add a stylish and dramatic touch to any room in your home or business. The lights are designed to be clipped on the outside of the window frame and can be set up in any shape you like. You can use them to show an advertisement, declare your love, display famous quotes or make them into a name with multiple separate letters.

Rainbow LED Marquee Lights

Rainbow LED Marquee Lights are the perfect product for any special event or party. These lights are portable, long-lasting, and fun to use. It is great for bars, restaurants, dance clubs, and marriage celebrations. The light illuminates the letters and creates a striking display that can be seen from far away.

Unicorn LED Marquee Lights

Add a little magic to your next event with these Unicorn LED Marquee Lights. These lights are perfect for birthdays and other special celebrations or give you a little bit of sparkle in your life! The lights are battery-powered, so they can be easily placed around the house or venue, hung from trees, or strung across walls.

Heart LED Marquee Lights

These Heart LED Marquee Lights are perfect for any occasion. Whether you're adding some extra flair to your wedding decor or bringing a little of the holiday season into your home throughout the year, these marquee lights will impress you.

Numbers LED Marquee Lights

These Numbers LED Marquee Lights are the perfect addition to any venue, party, or celebration! Versatile and durable, these marquee light strings come in various colors, styles, and sizes. In addition, our LED lights are energy-efficient and eliminate the need for replacement bulbs.

Colorful LED Marquee Lights

Add a festive touch to any room with some of our exciting Colorful LED Marquee Lights. These lights are perfect for decorating bedrooms, kitchens, and dens or putting over the top of tables at parties. In addition, they make excellent favors for guests who attend your parties or events.

Alphabets LED Marquee Lights

Alphabets LED Marquee Lights to add a new dimension to your home or office. These Marquee letters are perfect for displaying the name of your business, making an attractive conversation piece, or accentuating your decor. With high-quality materials and durable construction, these Marquee lights will make a great addition to any environment for years to come.

Arrow LED Marquee Lights

The Arrow LED Marquee Lights are a revolutionary new product that will impress at any party or event. These marquee lights are versatile in their design. The innovative design of the arrow marquee light also includes a built-in base that can be mounted onto walls with screws or adhesive. It allows you to decorate virtually any room or location you choose in minutes!

Cloud LED Marquee Lights

Light up the night with these LED marquee lights. Use them for your next red carpet event or a birthday party. These marquee lights are bright and affordable, so you can use them to enhance any occasion.

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Wholesale Marquee Letters

We are the professional wholesale supplier of marquee letters. Our marquee letters are made from high-quality material for business signs, including real estate signs and restaurant signs. You can choose the suitable sizes you need with the letter height and letter width specifications in different fonts or themes.


Price from $150.00

Custom Marquee Signs

Custom marquee signs allow you to show off your brand very publicly. Businesses often use these kinds of signs to draw attention to their products and services, and they can be seen from miles away.


Price from $180.00

Christmas Marquee Lights

Marquee Christmas Lights. These marquee signs are beautifully designed with bright colors, making them a perfect addition to your holiday lighting. Warm white LED lights create a glow of enchantment, decorating your house with a festive feel that will enthrall your neighbors and guests.


Price from $130.00

Party Marquee Sign

Our Party Marquee Sign is perfect for making your home or business setting stand out at any event. This high-quality sign is made of sturdy, weatherproof materials and can be used indoors or out.


Price from $150.00

Wedding Marquee Letters

Add a little sparkle to a big day with our Wedding Marquee Letters. Hang them behind or above the two of you to make a big statement, or attach them on either side of wedding signage to create an elegant backdrop. They are also ideal for photo booths and tables.


Price from $150.00

Marquee Letter Ornaments

Light up your home with these Marquee Letter Ornaments; place them on a mantle, either in a row or separate, or hang them from the voicalia tree branches; Use them as name placeholders at your next party to personalize the event even more.


Price from $130.00

Holiday Marquee Letters

All the perfect touch of holiday cheer! Our Holiday Marquee Letters are great for home or office and make a wonderful gift. Add an elegant touch to your Christmas celebration or brighten your seasonal decorating with our eye-catching marquee letters. Available in various colors to fit your theme.


Price from $130.00

Marquee Letter Stand

The Marquee Letter Stand is a unique and eye-catching way to showcase your message wherever you need it. This lightweight yet durable stand has a convenient carry handle and folds flat, so you can easily transport it between events.


Price from $150.00

Why Choose LITASIGN's Decorative LED Marquee Lights?

The decorative led marquee lights from LITASIGN can be used to add a wonderful touch to a party venue, special occasion, or house. They’re an excellent choice for an upcoming house party or outdoor wedding event.

There are numerous reasons to choose decorative led marquee lights, a few of which are listed below.

1. Lightweight Design

All of the decorative led marquee lights have a high brightness level and are constructed of lightweight materials. As a result, you will not have to deal with any additional hassles when using them.

2. Durable

The usage of cutting-edge technology ensures the durability and dependability of the decorative led marquee lights. As a result, they can be utilized indefinitely.

3. Energy-Efficiency 

Another significant reason to select decorative led marquee lights is – Energy efficiency will help you save money. They can produce a high level of illumination without spending much energy.

4. Customizable

Customizing the decorative led marquee lights is a breeze. Thus, you can adjust your decorative led marquee lights’ sizes, colors, fonts, and designs based on your preferences and requirements.

5. Safe to Use

The PAT testing of the decorative led marquee lights has been completed. As a result, they are protected against any unexpected electrical disaster; they are energy efficient and do not generate excessive heat when in use. As a result, they are entirely safe to use.

6. Easy to Handle

Because the decorative led marquee lights are made of lightweight material, they are relatively simple to operate. So when it comes to installing your decorative led marquee lights, you will have no problems.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Decorative LED Marquee Lights


Decorating any event or party with decorative LED marquee lights has quickly become one of the most popular methods for both private individuals and commercial enterprises. LEDs are quickly becoming the lighting technology of choice for marquee light producers due to their lower production costs, lower impact on the natural world, and tremendously diverse range of aesthetic possibilities. However, before buying a decorative marquee light, you should first become familiar with the appearance of marquees and how they may enhance your event or celebration.

Do you wish to get further information regarding decorative LED marquees? Or how to construct your very own illuminated marquee sign with LEDs. And what other lighting options are available to you when it comes to your very own LED marquee? The information in the following guide will assist you in locating the responses to the previous queries and a great deal more.

Table of Contents

1. What are Decorative LED Marquee Lights?

These are unique lights that are used for entertainment and attractions purposes. Marquee lights can be all about companies’ branding and promotion, marketing products and services, or decoration in general. With LED marquees and LED strip lights, you can save a lot of money on your electric bills because LED lighting has high energy efficiency compared to other light sources. 

Figure 1 - Decorative LED Marquee Lights

2. Do You Take Individual Orders or Just Wholesale for the Decorative LED Marquee Lights?

We offer both individual and wholesale pricing on our  Decorative LED Marquee Lights.

3. What Decorative LED Marquee Lights Patterns Are Available?

We offer the following symbols: letters (A-Z), numbers (0-9), symbols (#, &, $, @, -, +), shapes (star, arrow, heart, anchor, peace sign, crown), animals (panda and other animals).

4. Are Huge Decorative LED Marquee Lights Capable of Standing on Their Own? Will the Top Swing?

Yes, all decorative LED marquee lights can stand up by themselves. We install supports inside letters to keep stability and make the letters strong. We also design the base plate to maintain balance for top-heavy letters like F, T, Y, and 7,4.

Figure 2 - Freestanding Decorative LED Marquee Lights

5. Can I Customize the Font of the Decorative LED Marquee Lights?

Yes, we welcome new clients and their special requests. We have a professional team of designers who can help fulfill any requests you may have.

6. Can You Build Decorative LED Marquee Lights Based On My Design and Guarantee Not to Sell Them to Others?

If you have designed the shape or logo for the marquee lights, we will only supply them to you. We do not sell them to others. Exclusive design protection means we can protect designs that should be unique.

7. What Kind of Bulb is Used?

We used a 3w LED bulb for the decorative marquee lights. Various color is also available.

Decorative LED Marquee Lights Bulb Color Option
Figure 3 - Decorative LED Marquee Lights Bulb Color Option

8. How to Change the Bulbs of the Decorative LED Marquee Lights?

Changing a decorative LED marquee light bulb is not as difficult as you may think and can be completed in a few minutes.

  • First, unplug the light to ensure it does not come on while changing the bulbs, then remove any screws holding down the casing.
  • Next, gently pull apart the cover, disconnect the wiring harnesses from their sockets, and remove the bulb by pulling it straight out.
  • Then, insert a new bulb into its corresponding socket until it clicks into place.
  • Finally, close up your fixture and restore power to it before testing.

9. Do You Ship the Decorative LED Marquee Lights Internationally?

Yes, we do ship the decorative LED marquee lights internationally.

10. How Do You Ship Decorative LED Marquee Lights?

For retail or sample orders, we ship them by UPS/DHL/EMS/FEDEX according to the weight and volume. For wholesale orders, we send them by sea or air.

11. What is Your Payment Method?

  • PayPal
  • Western Union
  • Telegraphic Transfers 
  • Alibaba
  • Other payment methods.

12. What are Your Payment Terms?

The deposit for small orders is 100 percent TT; for large purchases, 50% of the deposit is expected upfront, with the remaining 50% due before delivery.

13. Are the Decorative LED Marquee Lights Safe to Use?

Absolutely! We use low-wattage LED lights that do not heat up like regular light bulbs, making them extremely safe

14. What Safety Standard Do the Decorative LED Marquee Lights Meet?

We do routine PAT testing on all items. PAT test certificates are available on request. Moreover, all of our items are UL-certified.

15. Are the Decorative LED Marquee Lights Battery Operated?

The decorative LED marquee lights are not battery-powered. Instead, they require an electrical outlet to operate

16. Can I Get Colored LED Bulbs in My Decorative LED Marquee Lights?

Yes, we offer decorative LED marquee signs in rainbow colors. These colors include red, pink, purple, blue, green, orange, and yellow

17. How Do I Mount My Decorative LED Marquee Light on the Wall?

The backs of each LED small marquee letter come with metal hanging keyhole brackets. You nail or screw where you want your LED marquee letters to hang and mount them like a picture frame.
Figure 4 - Wall Mounted Decorative LED Marquee Lights

18. How to Maintain a Higher Lifespan of My Decorative LED Marquee Lights?

A few simple steps can help increase the lifespan of your decorative LED marquee lights. 

  • First, make sure that you turn off the power to the light when it’s not in use. Turn off the power by flipping off a wall switch or pulling a plug from an outlet. 
  • Second, be careful where you install your new lights – avoid running them straight into the water or placing them outside, especially during freezing weather. 
  • Finally, remove them from high heat areas like cars and garages – this is important to extend the life of your marquee lights and your vehicle or garage ceiling.e.

19. Do Decorative LED Marquee Lights Result in a Higher Electricity Bill?

No, not at all. Decorative LED marquee lights use less fuel and are cheaper than traditional lighting systems. They are also more energy-efficient, containing low wattage, vivid, and energy-efficient LEDs.

20. What is the Lifespan of Decorative LED Marquee Lights?

Decorative LED marquee lights generally have a 45,000-hour lifespan.

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