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LITASIGN, the trusted neon sign manufacturer with a complete set of equipment and professional workers, was founded in 2015 and has been producing neon signs. We are committed to becoming one of the true experts in the neon light industry and becoming China’s most trusted and reliable sign manufacturers.

With LITASIGN, you can avail the high-quality neon sign at cost-effective prices. Our extensive range of neon signs and fixtures can help you express your message or creative vision with its clean lines, timeless style and colour saturation.

LITASIGN Only Produces a High Quality Neon Signs

LITASIGN wants to assure you that your neon sign is a quality product. We invented the concept of making sure that we only produce a quality neon signs. It is done by testing the LEDs before and after putting the details in it. Also, we test each neon sign individually after it is placed on the board so that you can have the assurance that everything is working properly on your neon sign. Our trained experts will then assemble the neon sign for you and ensure that you are satisfied with its quality.

LITASIGN has 6 years of experience in the LED industry and has served international clients. We tend to engage the latest technology and updated tools to ensure you receive only quality neon signs.


Why Buy Dream Neon Sign Sayings From LITASIGN?

Event specific Dream Neon Signs. These neon signage will surely catch the attention of passers-by. It is incredibly energy efficient and has a stunning aesthetic. An investment that lasts 8–15 years and gives you an amazing experience that you can show off to friends, family, and others is one of the best investments you can make.

Get a dream neon sign for your home or company. The vivid colors and lightweight construction of this Neon Signs will make a statement in space. The LED lights will shine brightly, resembling lightning in the dark. It is unbreakable and does not heat up rapidly, so you can use it for lengthy periods of time.

You dream it, we make it

Dream Neon Signs are Made in a Standardized Process to Ensure Quality

pcb design

PCB Design

Experienced electronic engineers with more than six years of experience create the schematics for our LED flex neon circuit boards. Depending on your lighting needs, they make a PCB that’s the proper size and shape.

pcb testing

PCB Testing

LITASIGN’s QC department employs highly trained technicians to inspect the LED light boards. There are no boards left in the QC department that are not ready for the next step in the process.

smt processing

SMT Processing

LITASIGN ensures the reliability of LED neon signs through SMT technology and the most advanced machinery. With this advanced technology, skilled technicians make neon signs efficient and durable.

Silicone Extrusion Process

LED Neon Flex Extrusion

An LITASIGN neon sign is of the highest quality due to the expertise of its employees and the extruding silicone machinery that they use to create them.

Design and Confirmation

Design and Confirmation

You can see how your personalized neon signs will look in advance, thanks to our 3D design technology. By providing a wide range of customizability, you can better satisfy your clients’ needs.

Backplate Engraving

An engraving machine is used to create the grooves in the acrylic backplate; That ensures that the LED neon strip is assembled accurately. The fittings are of excellent quality and will be precisely sized for you.

Neon sign making

Neon Sign Making

A qualified and trained worker measures the neon flex stripe length following the backplate design. After cutting the stripe to the correct sizes, it is time to check the connections and complete the construction.

Finished Sign Aging

Finished Sign Aging

LITASIGN quality control members burn every sign for eight hours while verifying quality criteria to ensure zero mistakes. The neon sign is sealed and packed for transportation once the quality mark has been placed.

Neon Sign Packaging

Neon Sign Packaging

You can trust LITASIGN to produce the greatest neon signs for your business. We use wooden boxes for large neon signs and heavier carton packing techniques for smaller signs to ensure that your neon signs arrive in perfect condition.

Why is LITASIGN's Custom Neon Sign Exceptional?

Neon Sign is a highly visible way to advertise your business hours, merchandise, and available services. LED neon signs offer brilliant lighting with a wide range of colors, perfect for any business. These signs are custom designed to fit your needs and are ideal for retail companies, restaurants, nightclubs, and anywhere else that needs an eye-catching way to attract more customers.

Integrated LED Neon Flex

It's easier for the LED neon flex signs to dissipate heat, making the light brighter. Using an LED neon sign eliminates jacket falling and plastic deformation concerns.

Virgin Silicone Jackets

The quality of virgin silicone jackets is excellent. They outlast PVC and imitation silicone by a long shot. In addition, they do not yellow with age, do not have an odour, and are not flammable.

Double Protection Technology

A neon sign's centre section, which is frequently caused by a malfunctioning printed circuit board, will continue to function normally even if the middle section of the neon sign fails.

Improved LED Neon Flex

The LED Neon Flex is ideal for large-scale construction projects and large-scale shop signage, a flexible and durable LED lighting solution. Adding patented PET film to LED neon flex allows you to create any form for your clients without impacting the LED sign's quality.

Branded Acrylic Backboard

We employ an acrylic board made in Taiwan in place of the more commonly seen PVC or PS boards. Our acrylic is more resistant to scratches and yellowing than other acrylics on the market.

High- Quality Power Supply

A CE, ROHS, FCC, UL/CUL, C-tick, and PSE-certified power supply is used in the LITASIGN neon sign. It has a high transformation rate and is compliant with your country's import requirements.

Improved Lighting

LED neon signs combine brilliant LED chips with a silicone jacket that transmits a great amount of light, resulting in a bright and long-lasting product.

High-Quality Accessories

LITASIGN provides stainless steel screws and hanging ropes in all of our LED neon signs, making for a rust-free and more robust installation than plastic or iron.

Customized Packaging

Customized packaging based on the size of your neon signs is what we do for you! Because of the reduced shipping costs, your customers' neon signs will be safe during delivery.

LITASIGN: Source of Creative Dream Neon Signs

LITASIGN manufactures neon signs in a variety of styles, materials and finishes. Our designs provide the wow factor that can’t be replicated by anything else. In addition to offering classic shapes and smooth lines, we specialize in bringing customized plans to life. Share your idea with us, and we will bring it to fruition for you.

It Was All A Dream Neon Sign

The It Was All A Dream Neon Sign would help you celebrate the good life and party like the weekend every morning. This sign makes an excellent addition to your kitchen or game room.

Cocktails & Dreams Neon Sign

This Cocktails & Dreams neon sign will add a touch of drama to any location, showing that you enjoy nights out under the stars. Useful for dark bars, this sign is excellent for letting patrons know what drinks are served behind the counter.

Dream Big Neon Sign

Our Dream Big Neon Sign features a cursive script on an energy-efficient LED display. It is a perfect addition to any photographer's photo studio or anyone who wants to create a playful photo backdrop in their home. Switch the sign on and use the remote control to select from one of three different fonts.

Dreamer Neon Sign

The Dreamer neon sign is perfect for reminding you of all your dreams and someday hope to achieve. Whether it is for your college dorm room, home office or place of business, this sign will set a positive environment for you and your family.

You're My Dream Neon Sign

Carry a message of loyalty and love with this You're My Dream Neon Sign. This neon sign makes a romantic addition to any home decor, allowing you to spotlight your favorite quote or saying in an open area where it can be seen from all angles.

Sweet Dreams Neon Sign

A neon sign is a real attention-getter! If you're looking for something that shows your business in a true retro-sign glow, this Sweet Dreams Neon Sign will shine. This nostalgic, old-fashioned-looking neon sign will liven up any business setting or living space.

Dream Neon Wall Light

Dream Neon Wall Light is for softer, more welcoming lighting. It is made from quality virgin silicone, and the light is designed to emit a warm glow. Its modern design and chrome finish adds value to the decor of any room.

Follow Your Dreams Neon Sign

Embrace your individuality and let your spirit shine with our Follow Your Dreams neon sign. Light up any space, from the garage to the game room, and show off your love for cars and racing with this neon sign.

Never Stop Dreaming Neon Sign

Get this bright, energy-efficient, and easy-to-install Never Stop Dreaming Neon Sign for your man cave or garage. It makes an excellent gift for friends, family members, and loved ones!

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Breathe Neon Sign

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Vibes Neon Signs

Vibes Neon Signs are a great way to add fun and excitement to any room, party or event. They are a great gift idea for that special someone and should be placed in visible areas. Vibes Neon Signs offer various options, including wall decals, hanging signs, poster holders and more.


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Face Neon Signs

Initially designed in comedy clubs, Face Neon Signs have exploded in uses far beyond the original intent. Perfect for many events like sports bars and viewing parties where a display needs to be visible from a distance across a room.


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Custom RGB Neon Signs

Our RGB Custom Neon Signs are designed to be easily housed in shop windows, placed upon forecourts, or outside cafes and restaurants. These vibrant signs customize into many different shapes, allowing for the logo of a business or agency to be placed prominently in the front window.


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Custom Pink Neon Signs

Neon is a definitive light source – simple in design and energy-efficient. It's nostalgic, trendy, modern and suits almost any décor. If you need an inexpensive, eye-catching advertising solution, look beyond our quality selection of custom pink neon signs.


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Which is Better: LED Neon Flex or Glass Neon?

Neon signage is gaining popularity. Because they are so retro, they appeal to those of us who are nostalgic. Something quite extraordinary about the warm glow of an old-fashioned neon sign in a motel or ice cream shop’s window. However, creating neon lights is not as straightforward as it may appear. We’ll cover some of the distinctions between modern LED neon flex signs and vintage-style glass tube signs and some of the advantages and disadvantages of each.

1. Affordability

LED Neon Sign: It’s cheaper than glass neon signs, and it’s easier to replace LED neon flex than glass neon signs.

Glass Neon Signs: Have a higher initial cost but are more costly to repair and maintain. Glass Neon Signs

2. Durability

LED Neon Sign: LED Neon Flex is a flexible neon sign made of flame-resistant, high-quality silicone.

Glass Neon Signs: It is easy to shatter Glass Neon Signs because they are fragile glass.

3. Reduced Energy Consumption

LED Neon Sign: Using a 12V/24V input voltage means lower electricity costs and more excellent safety with LED neon signs.

Glass Neon Sign: Neon Signs with 3KV-18KV input voltage consume more electricity and provide a greater risk of injury or death.

4. Sustainability and Safety

LED Neon Sign: Unlike neon signs, LED signs don’t get hot and have no glass to break because of their lower voltage.

Glass Neon Sign: Using glass neon signs in a family with children is generally discouraged because of the dangers posed by breakage, mercury, and neon gas.

5. Installation

LED Neon Sign: No need for an expensive installation team; hang it like any other piece of wall art like any other LED Neon Sign.

Glass Neon Signs: Professional installation is often required for Glass Neon Signs because of its size, weight, fragility and power needs.

6. Maintenance

LED Neon Sign: Signs with a neon look using LEDs are almost maintenance-free.

Glass Neon Signs: Maintenance is required for Glass Neon Signs, depending on the location and temperature of the sign.

7. Portability

LED Neon Sign: Unlike traditional neon signs made of glass, LED flex can be used in various settings, including bedrooms, parties, and other social gatherings.

Glass Neon Sign: Unlike typical neon signs, a glass neon light is better suited for outdoor installations in stationary locations, such as buildings or retail establishments.

8. No Interference

LED Neon Sign:  A LED flex sign will not interfere with your television, Wifi, or any other electronic equipment.

Glass Neon Signs:  Infrared remote controls can malfunction if they contact glass neon signs.

9. Brightness

LED Neon Sign: LED flex neon has a higher light output (210 Lm/m) than conventional glass neon.

Glass Neon Sign: An improved light quality for glass neon signs is provided by Glass Neon Sign -197 Lm/m.

10. Lifespan

LED neon sign life expectancy is around 50,000 hours.

Approximately 10,000 hours of use for the Glass Neon Sign.

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