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LITASIGN - Creative, Innovative and Quality Entertainment Neon Sign

LITASIGN, with a 6-year experience in the manufacture and sale of LED neon signs, we are committed to offering customers high quality, creative and innovative products. Over these years of working experience, our designers and clients communicate closely to manufacture neon signs according to domestic and international markets’ demands. LED’s low energy consumption, high output and flexibility in design make it an environmentally-friendly technology of choice.

LITASIGN takes on the challenge of taking LED technology to the next level and emphasizes quality and relevant service.

LITASIGN Expert in Entertainment Neon Signs

LITASIGN is a professional designer and manufacturer of creative LED neon light signs. We are a team of young people full of passion, creativity, and the desire to make the world a better place. We keep improving the neon light signs we make and constantly adding new designs for your choices.

LITASIGN’s entertainment neon sign comes with high-quality and safe material. We provide detailed installation instructions and a quick response guide to make you better solve problems that may arise during use, and can ensure that you can receive the product as soon as possible!

movie neon sign design-team

LITASIGN, Where Quality Meets Affordability

LITASIGN offers a comprehensive collection of neon signs designed with vibrant colors and durable materials that provide a fantastic way to attract attention. LITASIGN’s entertainment signs feature bright colors that draw customers from a distance, making them an excellent alternative to costly classified and printed advertising for small businesses and start-ups. These lightweight, portable neon signs can be displayed readily in windows, bars and restaurants.

As the world’s leading manufacturer of neon, we’ve ensured that all our neon signs are made from only the highest-grade materials and components. Our neon signs are standard with mounting accessories, installation instructions, and hardware for easy installation.

You dream it, we make it

Neon Sign Technology and Modern Entertainment Neon Sign Production Process

pcb design

PCB Design

Engineers may now confidently use computer tools to build high-quality PCBs of any size and shape. You may focus on your core business while our professional engineers create a beautiful and functional LED neon sign by designing the LED circuit diagram and adequately sizing the PCBs.

pcb testing

PCB Testing

Before moving on to the following process, LITASIGN’s quality control department makes every effort to ensure that every LED light bulb board passes the test. Our quality control guarantee, which has been in place for years, allows you to rest assured that your neon sign is in good hands.

smt processing

SMT Processing

The most modern SMT equipment at LITASIGN ensures that the LED chips patch is the highest possible quality.

Silicone Extrusion Process

LED Neon Flex Extrusion

The production process for neon signs and displays relies heavily on extrusion. To ensure that each sign fulfills our strict quality standards, LITASIGN uses a competent crew. Extruders are special machines that use heat, suction, and pressure to form raw materials into a sign shape.

Design and Confirmation

Design and Confirmation

To visualize concepts, the design team at LITASIGN uses cutting-edge 3D design technologies. They are able to match the designs, styles, and colors of their customers to the best of their ability and erase any inconsistencies. Our designers have a lot of experience generating high-end design concepts and models.

Backplate Engraving

The backplate’s groove allows the neon flex strip to be positioned precisely and at an optimal viewing angle in an action-packed arena. This reduces the amount of neon flex strip material that is wasted.

Neon sign making

Neon Sign Making

Neon words are made up of a sign and a backboard. The neon light on the flex strip is exposed to the atmosphere through pinholes, creating colorful lights. Like other outdoor advertising media, neon signs are attention-catching when combined with other elements.

Finished Sign Aging

Finished Sign Aging

The backplate’s groove allows the neon flex strip to be positioned precisely and at an optimal viewing angle in an action-packed arena. We evaluate the brightness and durability of each neon sign by burning it for 8 hours before packing it. This helps reduce the amount of neon flex strip material that is wasted. As part of this stage, they keep track of many quality parameters to ensure the lowest possible manufacturing errors.

Neon Sign Packaging

Neon Sign Packaging

Before each neon sign package leaves the factory, LITASIGN conducts rigorous quality inspections to verify that the product is in excellent working order. We built customized packaging to fulfill the needs of exporting to minimize the overall damage rate of the procedure to a minimum.

Why Choose Entertainment Neon Sign from LITASIGN?

Our skilled artists carefully craft the Entertainment Neon Signs. The quality and elegant appearance of the neon signs enhance the atmosphere in any bar, nightclub or pub. The neon signs can be arranged to form landscape or picture frames for your creativity to illuminate or animate your business.


You may rest assured that the entertainment neon signs, including logos, trademarks, and placement of logos, will be manufactured to your exact specifications by LITASIGN. When it comes to bespoke neon bar signs, LITASIGN will ensure that they fulfil the purpose that you want them to.


The entertainment neon sign by LITASIGN is safer than other types because of its lower voltage, which keeps it cool to the touch and eliminates the chance of glass shattering. On the other hand, traditional glass neon signs are prone to breakage and danger.


LITASIGN entertainment neon signs may conserve up to 80% of their electricity compared to other classic neon types. As a result, by reducing carbon dioxide emissions by a significant amount each year, bar neon signs assist in saving the environment


Because the materials used in their creation ensure optimum durability, LITASIGNS entertainment neon signs have a lifespan of over 50,000 hours, which amounts to approximately six years of operation. Your business can benefit from them because they are suited for outside and inside use. When you use your money over a lengthy period, you will see a return on your investment.

High Visibility

To enhance the appeal of your entertainment neon sign, LITASIGN offers a choice of sizes and styles in a variety of colours. LITASIGN offers it all, from edge to edge, with 360-degree illumination. Because of this, your company's logo will be seen from all directions.

More Design Freedom

You may have your entertainment neon signs customized in any way you desire when you get them from LITASIGN. LITASIGN can customize your club neon signs to meet your specific needs.

Wide operating range

The high-quality, long-lasting entertainment neon signs from LITASIGN have a wide operating range, are resistant to brownouts and surges, and may be used indoors and outdoors with excellent brightness.


LED neon signs use less energy to provide a brighter image. As a result, firms do not have to forgo a bright light to save money. In comparison to other sign lights, LEDs emit extremely little heat, so they can keep the public's attention without scorching a business's interior. According to Energy Saver, LEDs use 75% less energy than incandescents.

Longer Warranty

Our entertainment neon signs are constructed to last. We have the most extended warranty duration on our neon signs in the industry, with a two-year outdoor guarantee and a one-year inside warranty on our neon signs.

LITASIGN is Your Total Solution for Entertainment Neon Signs Needs

LITASIGN develops a new product line every day based on its global experience and knowledge. Our team also understands how crucial it is to give the appearance of your venue or event a unique look. LITASIGN can work with your existing designs or create something altogether new. We can produce stunning entertainment neon signs using only the most up-to-date equipment. 

Club Neon Sign

Club Neon Sign, a premier manufacturer of neon signs, offers many unique and customizable business signs. Create a classic neon sign using one of our many fonts, or create your design with the industry's best custom neon sign designer. We have competitive prices and excellent customer service. Our products can be seen in many bars, clubs, restaurants and other businesses.

Strip Club Neon Sign

Bring a bit of the Strip Club into your own home by installing this beautiful sign above your bar. Each letter features an eye-catching neon glow, and it can be hung from the ceiling or mounted on a post. You can customize your sign with the name of your choice.

Sports Bar Neon Sign

Longing for a time when the world revolved around you and your buddies? Instantly transform your favourite room with a Classic Tin sign featuring any message of your choice. This flashing neon sports bar sign is perfect for the game room, garage, or collection. It makes an excellent gift for a friend who shares your passion for sports and neon signs.

Pub Neon Sign

Spotlight a special drink with this all-weather, neon sign. The vibrant, multidirectional display is sure to draw your customers into the bar and keep them entertained throughout dinner and drinks.

Tavern Neon Sign

This elegant tavern neon sign is the perfect addition to your home. An excellent idea for your kitchen you can stare at the delicious food while you make it and many other creative ideas. Makes a perfect gift.

Cinema Neon Sign

The Cinema Neon Sign is the perfect opportunity for you to showcase your love of film. This neon sign will add style and ambience to any room with a vintage design and eye-catching colour.

Karaoke Neon Sign

This Music-notes karaoke sign can help set the mood for any occasion. Featuring classic black lettering on a light pink background, this LED light-up neon sign comes on a sleek black backing that works well as part of any décor.

Disco Neon Sign

Light up your life with Disco Neon Sign. Made of durable, long-lasting and water-resistant materials, this sign is sure to brighten up any space. A great addition to any collection, this neon sign will look perfect in your man cave or living room!

DJ Neon Sign

Spin your favourite tunes at home on the bar, at the game room, or illuminate your teen’s bedroom with this gorgeous neon sign. This illuminated version of our most popular neon sign creates a vibrant and exciting ambience in any room and will be admired by all that see it.

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With LITASIGN, You Can Personalize Your Entertainment Neon Sign

A fun and professional method to help a business or event stand out is to use neon signs. Neon signs are an easy method to get noticed, whether it’s for a bar seeking to attract more people or a company looking to enhance brand awareness. From brand positioning to color choices, we provide custom neon signs that allow you to personalize them to your liking.


Our personalized neon signs come in various sizes; the shortest lettering we can manufacture is roughly 6cm tall. The image can be as large as you want it to be, but the font and text length you choose will decide the overall size of your sign.

2. Text and Font 

LITASIGN can make custom neon signs in any shape or size you choose; the smallest letters we can make are about 6cm in height. The size of the image is unlimited, but the size of the text and the font you choose will define the overall size of your sign.

3. Neon Sign Color 

LITASIGN offers a variety of neon signs and lights and offers to personalize your neon sign using our online neon sign maker. Select among neon lights in hot colors, including warm white, white, lemon yellow, golden yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, ice blue, green, and deep green. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or place an order for an RGB neon sign.

4. Dimmer and Controller

Three types of remote control fading are available: high-power, low-power, and colorful controllers. The most common dimming modes are Frontier Phase-Cut (FPC), thyristor dimming, and FPC dimming.

5. Packing Style

A transparent acrylic sheet is preferred for the backboards on the neon signs. It can be custom-cut to letters or shapes and comes in both square and rectangular shapes. In addition to backboards, we also cut acrylic boxes and stands. If you wish, we can also have an acrylic box packed for shipping; please let us know.

6. Power Plug

The LED neon sign comes with a 3.5-meter clear cord plugged into a licensed adapter for an EU, UK, AU, or US outlet.

7. Indoor and Outdoor Usage

The LITASIGN neon signs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is water-resistant, so it provides a bright display in areas where water splashing from outside is unlikely to damage it.

8. Installation Method

Installations can be very different. Others can be suspended from a grid or ceiling, while others must be mounted. You can either hang the sign on the wall or place it on the floor.

9. UV Printing

When lit up, the signs will appear more real and beautiful thanks to LITASIGN’s UV printing service. The UV printing process gives each sign a realistic glow while also ensuring that the colors stay bright.

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