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LITASIGN designs manufactures and installs face lit channel letters and illuminated signboards, specializing in channel lettering displays and LED signage. We are proud to be one of the leading China LED product suppliers with more than 8 years of experience in the sign industry. Our factory is located in Shenzhen, China. It houses 6000 square meters of manufacturing space where we produce indoor and outdoor signage products.

We use an advanced manufacturing method for face lit channel letter production with high-quality, durable, and long lifespan LED systems. Our production facilities include CNC routing, welding, printing, assembly machinery, and a fully equipped laboratory for testing raw materials for face lit channel letters.

Your Face Lit Channel Letter Professionals

At LITASIGN, we understand that a business sign is more than a sign. So whether you’re looking for face lit channel letter lighting for a premium brand or adding a personal touch to your storefront window displays, we can help.

Our expert face lit channel letter sign professionals can design, fabricate and install signs. that come in all shapes and sizes, with any number of lighting options – from traditional to contemporary. Your specific needs will be customized to your budget and the look and feel you want to achieve.


Your No.1 Choice for Face Lit Channel Letters and Signs

LITASIGN is a face lit channel letter maker with more than 8 years of expertise. We provide services from design and production to installation. We are well-known for the excellent quality of our products, the friendly and reliable service, and competitive costs.

LITASIGN offers full-service sign and light manufacturing together with design and advice. LITASIGN produces quality products with the most excellent customer service in the market. Our team consists of specialists that will help guide you through every phase of your project, from inception to completion. Our vast selection of products, services, and production capabilities allow us to produce practically any type of sign or light project.

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Efficient Face Lit Channel Letters Fabrication Process


Creating Design & Production File

Before beginning production, the client will verify the design’s dimensions, techniques, and special requirements. And build a machine-friendly file and distribute one copy to each department.


Laser Cutting & CNC Engraving

Based on the production file, acrylic, stainless steel, and other metals are engraved and cut to the specifications of the design.



Fold the piece of the side containing the slot first, then bend the portion of the side containing the curvedness according to the production file specifications.



While welding the channel letters’ surfaces, accurately weld the side/return to the face of the letters.



It is essential to polish the weld connection between the face and the return until the surface is completely smooth and there are no gaps.



Completely and consistently painting the channel letter using the customer-confirmed painting reference.



When the letters have been painted, they have to be transferred to the drying room so that the paint has the opportunity to harden and become more long-lasting.


LED Module Assembly

Install the LED module following the design, ensure that you select the appropriate LED module, distribute them in an even manner, and check to see that the wiring between the letters is as bright as possible. 

Light Up-Testing2

Light Up Testing

After the wiring is complete, we evaluate the existing quality of the letters. Then, before a sign leaves the factory, it is given our stamp of approval. The channel letters are now ready for distribution after being examined and deemed to meet specifications.


Overall Quality Checking

Sequential procedures govern all aspects of quality, quantity, and craftsmanship. First, take photographs of the completed letters, including all screws, transformers, and other small components, and lay them on the 1:1 scale template for a final inspection.



Face lit channel letters are available in various sizes, giving you options for simple packaging. As a result, you will be able to keep your items organized, save money on transportation charges, and provide a clean atmosphere for them.

Benefits of Face Lit Channel Letter Signs

Fixtures that draw people in are the ones that stand out. Face lit channel letter signs are seen from a distance, easy on the eyes and easy to read. Face lit channel letter signs have bolder elements and better aesthetics than regular channel letters. They give you several options for looks that can attract even more customers with their wide variety of colors and shapes. Below is the list of benefits of utilizing a face lit channel letter on you establishment:

Increased Readability

Face lit channel letters are 3D lettering alternatives for your sign that are compatible with various mounting surfaces. By incorporating three-dimensional text into your sign, you may boost its visual impact and legibility.

Endless Design Options

The design of your sign is significant because it is one of the first ways people learn about your organization. For school and church signs, face-lit channel letters are available in sizes, fonts, and colors. In addition, face lit channel letters can add your company's logo or trademark to a sign.

Ideal for Revamping Outdated Signage

The usage of face lit channel letters can give old signs and other vertical surfaces that identify your company a contemporary and sophisticated makeover. In addition, you may breathe new life into your sign by integrating channel letters, which can be installed on various surfaces.

Various Mounting Choices

Face-lit channel letters provide flexible mounting choices, so you can always find a solution. Letters are flush-mounted to the sign or underlying surface. Raceway attachment attaches letters to a metal, rectangular structure that may include cables or other sign components. A raceway mount requires fewer holes in the building for installing channel lettering. Your sign specialist can recommend a mounting method.


Because they employ LED bulbs, the face lit channel letters that we provide are energy efficient and can help you keep the energy costs associated with your signs to a minimum. In addition, our LED face lit channel letters are built to endure the harsh environmental conditions that are common in outdoor settings and do not need regular maintenance.

Excellent for Brand Building

Whether you manage a school, a church, a small business, or another type of organization, the exterior of your building and its signs should reflect your brand. By adding high-quality face-lit channel letters to your sign or the façade of your building, you enhance your brand's exposure and visual attractiveness.

Create a Vibrant, Attractive displays with Face Lit Channel Letters

LITASIGN’s vibrant and attractive face lit channel letters rely​ on their face lit designs, attracting attention and demanding interest. As a result, the face-lit channel letters are more beautiful than edge-lit displays from a sheer aesthetic standpoint.

In addition, face lit letters provide a wider viewing angle and can be seen up to 1/2 mile away. The result is a product that will draw eyes and build brand awareness through a better visual presentation.

Solid Color Acrylic face lit Channel Letters

The solid color acrylic face lit channel letters are one of the most popular choices for building signs. They can be used in applications where a custom message is required, and a more permanent sign is necessary. These solid color acrylic letter panels are available in many standard sizes. They can be ordered to suit your specific application.

Outdoor Face Lit Channel Letters

The right outdoor sign can make all the difference. The Outdoor Face Lit Channel Letters are perfect for making your business stand out in any outdoor environment. With your text and color, you can create the ideal message that highlights your brand!

Trimless Face Lit Channel Letter

The Trimless Face Lit Channel Letter is a true architectural statement. The channel letter, illuminated by internal lighting, is available in a range of heights, contrast and finishes, making it suitable for all ambient environments.

3D Painted Aluminum Face Lit Channel Letter

This 3D Painted Aluminum Face Lit Channel Letter is an excellent addition to any store. With noticeable color and a high-impact design, this channel letter will make your store stand out from the rest.

Trimcap Face lit Channel Letters

The Trimcap Face lit Channel Letters are a high-quality face lit channel letter sign. Face lit channel letters have an illuminated front face with a channel and backlit letter, which creates a beautiful appearance. These channel letters are perfect for use as sign lighting, storefront lighting, building identification or any other kind of indoor signage.

Face Lit Acrylic Channel Letters

Our Face Lit Acrylic Channel Letters are the perfect solution for lighting storefronts and other applications. However, large amounts of light are needed. These lighting panels are made from durable acrylic with a neutral white finish. The LED strips inside have infinite brightness and can be dimmed to any level desired.

Plastic Face Lit Channel Letters

The Plastic Face Lit Channel Letters are designed to face outwards and placed above your doors or windows. This collection of signage uses translucent plastic to create a soft light source that can be seen from inside the establishment

Perforated Face Lit Channel Letters

Perforated Face Lit Channel Letters are a must-have for any application that requires drop lighting and high visibility! These channel letters come with an illuminated face accent and perforated metal or plastic face panel to help reduce glare, ideal for applications requiring product highlighting.

Indoor Face Lit Channel Letter

The Indoor Face, Lit Channel Letter, is an efficient way to grab attention at your business, event, or store. This channel letter style puts your message on display in a sleek and modern form. The letter can be installed indoors or outdoors, providing you with placement flexibility.

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With Front-Lit Channel letters, your message is even brighter at night. The front-lit letters use a single piece of polycarbonate with four built-in LEDs for a smooth sculptural effect that adds to any architectural environment.


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Backlit Channel Letters

Our backlit channel letters allow you to display your business name, logo, or custom message in style. Their bright and bold appearance will catch the attention of all passersby, illuminating the night with a classic look that never grows old.


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Colored Marquee Letters

Our marquee letters are the brightest and boldest, using cutting-edge technology and a proprietary painting process. Bold colors and clean, crisp lines make your sign stand out from the crowd. In addition, the UV-protected ink gives added durability to your sign – whether it be indoors or out.


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Why You Should Choose a Face Lit Channel Letter Signs for Your Business

Business signs are as vital as the business itself. In the absence of a sign, people will assume that there is either no business or that it is closed. The fact is; that your business must be able to attract customers simply by using the sign alone. Therefore, your business sign needs to burst out with colors and creativity. It must have numbers, letters, and symbols that catch the eye of anyone who passes by it.

Suppose you’re a business owner and looking for ways to attract customers. In that case, you may have considered face lit channel letter signs to build your brand.

1. Durability

Since you’re investing in signage, buy materials that will withstand bad weather. Face lit channel letters are pretty durable. Signs made of vinyl, metal, and polycarbonate can withstand heat, the cold, wind, and rain. Channel letter sign repairs are quick.

2. Visibility

Face-illuminated channel letter signs can be customized to your specifications and placed with illuminated components. Not only is this visually appealing, but it will also boost the visibility of your business. Face-lit channel letters can be used to market your location as a landmark. Bright LED lighting and a great design will make it easier for clients to distinguish your business from the competition.

3. Customizable

You can personalize your face lit channel letter as you see fit. Because each letter is a separate entity, you may be as creative as possible. For example, you can choose the general design, the materials used, the size, the illumination system, the colors, the fonts, and the artwork. At the same time, the study is required to determine what will work best for your organization. There are no limitations to what can be accomplished using face lit channel letters.

4. Cost & Energy Efficient

Face lit channel letter signs are one of the best ways to showcase your business and brand. You can invest a little money for a continual marketing effort, brand recognition, and an excellent first impression.

Energy efficiency. LITASIGN’s face-lit channel letters with LEDs conserve energy, reduce energy usage, and last twice as long as standard signs. LED-lit channel letters are great for stores that are open after dark.

5. Brand Image Booster

Face lit channel letters may boost your brand’s appearance and recognition, whether you’re just starting or updating existing signs. Since face lit channel letters indicate your business’s style and serve as a first impression, you can use them as a marketing campaign. Make sure your design represents your ideas.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Face Lit Channel Letters


The majority of channel letters are seen on skyscrapers, office buildings, and gambling establishments in areas that front the street. Your company name, logo, and message are projected using a face-lit channel letter system across the building’s front fascia. When passing motorists see your building, they are instantly drawn to the sign, which will raise brand awareness and bring in new clients.

This FAQ (“Frequently Asked Questions”) aims to answer frequently asked questions about their use.

Table of Contents

1. What is a Face Lit Channel Letter?

A face-lit channel letter is a sign that uses lighting to make the letters appear glowing. The letters are usually made of acrylic, allowing the light to shine through them.

Figure 1 - Face-lit Channel Letters

2. How Do Face Lit Channel Letters Work?

Face-lit channel letters work by having an LED light source placed inside the letter. The light shines through the letter, making it visible to passersby. This is different from other forms of lighting because it allows you to create complex shapes out of your signage without worrying about how they’ll look when lit up at night.

3. Are Face Lit Channel Letters Right for A Business?

Face-lit channel letters are perfect for businesses who want something more unique than traditional signs. They’re also great for businesses who want something eye-catching without worrying about maintenance or installation costs associated with other types of signage like neon signs or billboards.

4. Why Use Face Lit Channel Letters Over Other Kinds of Signs?

The main advantage of face-lit channel letters is that they can be more flexible than traditional signs. Because they allow you to change the message you display without having to change out your entire sign, they also don’t require much maintenance. This means they’re an excellent option for businesses with little time or money to spare on upkeep.

5. What are Face Lit Channel Letters Made Out of?

Acrylic, vinyl, and aluminum are used to make face-lit channel letters. Each material has advantages and disadvantages of its own. However, all will have the option for LED illumination, so you may tailor your sign to match the appearance of your company!

6. What is the Difference Between Face Lit and Backlit Channel Letters?

There are particular distinctions between face lit and backlit channel letters, but they function similarly. The critical importance is where the light source is positioned: in backlit signs, it is located outside of the sign, but in face-lighted signs, it is situated in. This means backlit signs can only be seen from particular angles. In contrast, face-illuminated signs can be seen from any angle.

7. How Much Do Face lit Channel Letters Cost?

The cost of face-lit channel letters varies depending on the size and complexity of the lettering design.

8. Why Should I Get a Face Lit Channel Letter?o Face lit Channel Letters Cost?

  • They’re incredibly effective in attracting attention to your business. They can draw customers in even if you’re located in a quiet part of town.
  • They offer excellent branding opportunities. You can include your logo on the sign and make sure it’s visible from all angles so potential customers will see it from their cars and when standing in front of your store.
  • They’re durable and long-lasting—you’ll only have to replace your sign if you want a new design or change in color scheme, not because of wear and tear.

9. Can I Get Custom-made Face Lit Channel Letters?

Yes! You can get custom-made face-lit channel letters from our company. We offer a wide range of options to choose from, including:

  • A variety of colors for your letters or logos to be displayed.
  • Different fonts and styles for the words on your lettering.
  • Different types of lighting, including LED or neon lights.
  • The ability to add a custom logo or design to be displayed on the lettering.

10. What Does Face Lit Mean?

Face lit means no backlights on your channel letter—it’s just illuminated by lights mounted inside the sign itself. These signs are usually placed in front of windows or doors, so they’re visible outside your building

11. How Long Do Face Lit Channel Letters Last?

Face-lit channel letters can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years before needing to be replaced, depending on how much use they receive. However, because they were manufactured using high-quality materials, they should be handled with care. If you do, you’ll be able to use them for many years.

12. Will Face Lit Channel Letters Work with Existing Sign?

Yes! Face-lit channel letters are designed to work with any existing sign you already have installed at your business. So there’s no need to worry about replacing anything else if you decide to install them!

13. What are Some Examples of Face Lit Channel Letters?

Some common examples include:

  • Retail Stores
Figure 2 - Face-lit Channel Letters - Retail Stores
  • Restaurants

Figure 3 - Face-lit Channel Letters - Restaurant
  • Store Signs

Figure 4 - Face-lit Channel Letters - Store Sign
  • Building Signs

Figure 5 - Face-lit Channel Letters - Building Sign

14. How Long Will it Take for Me to Get the Face Lit Channel Letters?

Generally speaking, it takes about 7-10 working days for us to receive your order, design your sign(s), make them, and ship them out. But this timeline can vary depending on how busy our schedule is at any given time. If you’re worried about getting something done quickly, just let us know ahead of time so we can work with you on scheduling an installation date!

15. What Kind of Maintenance Does the Face Lit Channel Letter Require?

The Face Lit channel letter is exceptionally durable and easy to maintain. It can be cleaned with a soft cloth and mild detergent. However, we highly recommend you avoid using abrasive cleaners, which could damage the paint finish. Also, do not use any cleaning products that contain ammonia or bleach, as these will cause permanent damage to the letter’s surface.

16. How Many Colors Do Face Lit Channel Letters Come In?

Face-lit channel letters can be made in just about any color you can imagine. And because there are so many options available, you’ll be able to find something that matches your style perfectly.

Figure 6 - Face-lit Channel Letters - Colored

17. What Are the Available Colors for the Face Lit Channel Letters?

Figure 7 - Face-lit Channel Letters - Color Choice

18. What Kind of Lighting is Used in the Face-lit Channel Letters?

Face-lit channel letters can be made in just about any color you can imagine. And because there are so many options available, you’ll be able to find something that matches your style perfectly.

Figure 8 - Face-lit Channel Letters - LED Modules

19. Do Channel Letters Need to be Lit All the Time?

No, many businesses turn down their channel letter illumination during non-business hours to conserve energy and money on their electric bill. Other businesses think keeping their channel letter lights on 24/7 is more helpful. It helps them stand out from their competition by creating a fascinating ambiance around their storefronts.

20. How Long will it Take to Install a Face Lit Channel Letters?

The installation process typically takes 1-2 days. Depending on the number of units to be placed and whether there are any obstructions blocking entry points that must be moved or removed altogether before installation can begin.

21. What are the Parts of a Face Lit Channel Letters?

Channel letters are comprised of four main parts: the return, the face, the backing,, and lighting. The return, also known as the side of channel letters, is usually made of sheet metal and aluminum is the best and most favored. The face or front of channel letters is typically made of acrylic. LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs have replaced neon tubing for illumination because LED is much more energy efficient.

Figure 9 - Face-lit Channel Letters - Parts

22. How Do I Choose the Size of the Face-lit Channel Letters?

Your sign’s size will be determined by its intended use and the available space for installation. If you want to advertise your company, you’ll probably want to make sure that it can be seen clearly by onlookers even from a distance. However, suppose you only want something decorative on your building. In that case, you don’t need to worry about visibility from a great distance. All you need to do is make sure it complements the style of your area.

23. Do Front Lit Channel Letters Consume Higher Electricity?

The answer is no. Front-lit channel letters consume less electricity than backlit channel letters. Front-lit channel letters are often used for commercial applications because they are cheaper and have a longer lifespan.

24. Can I Use Front Lit Channel Letters Outdoors?

For outdoor use, front-lit channel letters are a fantastic choice.

An acrylic, polyester, or polycarbonate plastic cover shields the light source. This shields your investment from the elements.

Figure 10 - Face-lit Channel Letters - Outdoors

25. What Are the Different Mounting Options for Face Lit Channel Letters?

  1. Raceway Mount – The most common type of mounting option for face-lit channel letters is the raceway mount. Raceway mounts are used to attach a sign to the side of a building or structure. The raceway is typically made of metal; one attaches to the top of the sign, while the other attaches to the bottom. The raceway can be mounted directly onto a wall or building or attached to a piece of wood that has been pre-drilled for screws or bolts.
  2. Direct Mount – Face-lit channel letters with direct mounts are the most prevalent. This lettering design is applied to the front of a building or other structure, giving the impression that it is floating in the air. The letters are supported by a metal bracket, which is fastened to the surface of the building.
  3. Backer Mount – Backer mount is the most common mounting option for face-lit channel letters and is also the most secure. This option involves attaching a backer board to the back of each letter, then adhering it with double-sided tape. The face of the letter is then attached to the backer board. This mounting method is more secure than others because it requires no screws or bolts. It also makes it easier to remove and replace letters if necessary—you remove the tape and replace it it with new letters.

26. Do You Produce Face-lit Channel Letters in-House?

We produce our Face-lit Channel Letters in-house, which means that we can make sure they are made to your specifications. We can also offer you customization options to help make your letters unique.

27. What are the Face Lit Channel Letter Order's Payment Terms?

T/T or Credit Card or PayPal or Western Union.

50% deposit before production, balance before shipment.

28. How Long is the Face lit Channel Letters' Warranty Period?

We offer a 12-month warranty on all items. This warranty covers any defects in materials and quality from the date of purchase.

29. What are Some Benefits of Face Lit Channel Letters?

Face-lit channel letters have several advantages over other types of signs. They are simple to install, require little maintenance and energy and are virtually indestructible. They won’t catch fire or break down like other types of signs over time because they don’t have moving parts. They also don’t attract bugs or rodents like different types of signs, so you won’t have to worry about cleaning up after yourself ever again!

30. Can Front Lit Channel Letters be Customized?

Customization options are numerous for face-lit channel letters. Choose from various fonts and colors to design the perfect look for your space. You can do so if you want to add graphics and images to your sign to make it more exciting or distinctive.

31. Can I Use the Face-lit Channel Letters for Advertising?

You can! The best ways to advertise are like this. These signs come with various uses, such as promoting your business or using them to spruce up your house or workplace. You can begin immediately because they are inexpensive and straightforward to set up.

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