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LITASIGN is an industry leader in producing, marketing, and distributing foam marquee letters due to our experience and industry knowledge. Our assortment of premium foam marquee letters can be utilized indoors and outdoors, including in schools, auditoriums, and retail establishments. Businesses seeking to disseminate their brand or add flair to their place purchase our promotional products.

We’re confident that you’ll discover something you love at LITASIGN, as there are so many alternatives to select from.

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LITASIGN - The Foam Marquee Letter Experts

LITASIGN is internationally renowned for its Foam Marquee Letters, offering a wide range of bespoke solutions. Dedicated to providing high-quality products, LITASIGN has specialized in marquee and lettering solutions for over 6 years.

At LITASIGN, our mission is to develop the best Foam Marquee Letters solutions. We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality, bespoke marquee lettering solutions at a competitive price. We continually research and develop new ideas and technologies to offer you more tailored Foam Marquee Letters options.


Durable and Reusable Foam Marquee Letter for Business

LITASIGN Foam Marquee Sign Letters are lightweight and straightforward to install. They are highly resilient, waterproof, and fireproof. They are also simple to clean, making them perfect for use in restaurants, cafes, and other locations where signage is frequently updated.

These foam marquee letters are incredibly durable and may be used repeatedly. They are produced with cutting-edge technology that gives a high-quality polish and an exquisite appearance. The superb quality of LITASIGN craftsmanship promises years of dependable use.

You dream it, we make it

Foam Marquee Letters are Crafted Using a Sophisticated Manufacturing Process


EPS Foam Cutting

The letters are cut out of foam by a CNC machine. The shape and size of the letters are customized according to your request. You can also add personal words whenever desired. To make the letter templates, we will give you a CAD template file in exchange for your logo or picture


Foam Binding

Foam letters are made of foam material with a colorful surface; after foam letters are cut and formed into the final shapes, we need to bind the foam with glue.


Cut a Hole in the Foam

 Cut a hole of the size of the LED bulbs into the foam base and secure it with a glue gun.




Paint the Surface with Acrylic Paint

Paint the surface of the letter using acrylic paint because it does not contain harsh solvents found in spray paint that will melt the material.


Installation of Bulb & Wirings

Insert the bulb and wiring into the hole and match the shape of the bulb with the shape of the hole. If your marquee letter is displayed outdoors, apply a waterproof coating to all surfaces that will be exposed so that it is weatherproof.


Foam Marquee Letter Packaging

Foam marquee letters are carefully packed to withstand all weather conditions. As a result, it will be secure and free of loose packaging material when you receive your marquee sign. Your marquee sign is packaged in two cartons with newspaper or bubble wrap.

Why Are LITASIGN Foam Marquee Letters so Attractive and Effective?

LITASIGN foam marquee letters are outstanding in attracting attention. There's no doubt that they will improve your signage anywhere and everywhere, especially for business signs or real estate signs. Foam marquee letters from LITASIGN are the most efficient way to draw attention and sell more of anything, from products to services. These LITASIGN letters are huge, bold, and effective. Customers have a hard time not noticing them.

Stylish Design

LITASIGN's marquee letters are an excellent choice for both personal and professional use, with various stylish designs to choose from.

High Visibility

LITASIGN's foam marquee letters are visible from a distance, making it easy for your customers to read the message you wish to send.

Highly Constructed

Foam marquee letters are manufactured to the highest standards using durable, water-resistant, and high-quality materials.


Foam marquee letters can be reused multiple times and are inexpensive to replace, saving you money. In addition, they do not need to be purchased each time you create a marquee sign.

Low Costs of Maintenance

LITASIGN's foam marquee letters are made of a material that will last for many years. Therefore, they don't require frequent cleaning and maintenance to keep them in optimal condition.


By using LITASIGN's foam marquee letters to create an attractive display, you can attract more attention to your business. It will increase awareness of your event and therefore increase revenue.

LITASIGN's Full Line of Professional-Quality Foam Marquee Letters

LITASIGN’s full line of professional-quality foam marquee letters gives you excellent flexibility in customization and display. We manufacture each letter with a single, certified non-toxic material designed to last for years. Perfect for trade shows, conferences, and special events, these full-color letters will get your business noticed.

Wedding Foam Marquee Letters

Our Wedding Foam Marquee Letters are an excellent option for personalizing your wedding reception and getting it noticed. These foam letters are made of high-quality materials that will last long.

Foam Marquee Letter Table

The Foam Marquee Letter Table is the perfect addition to your party or event. This decorative piece can easily be reused for other occasions and comes in several colors.

Foam Birthday Marquee Numbers

Foam Birthday Marquee Numbers are a great way to showcase the year and make your birthday even more special. These letters are made from sturdy foam that holds up well outdoors and indoors.

Foam Love Marquee Letters

Love is everywhere! These Foam Love Marquee Letters are the perfect addition to any wedding, party, or special event. Our marquee letters are made of high-quality foam and are available in various colors.

Foam Prom Marquee Letters

Our high-quality Foam Prom Marquee Letters are a unique addition to your Prom event. The letters are made from high-quality foam and include self-adhesive backing. These letters can be mounted on walls, doors, or the ceiling for the ultimate customizable event decor!

Foam Grad Marquee Letters

Our Foam Grad Marquee Letters, the perfect solution for your Graduation party, will create a fabulously different atmosphere at your outdoor or indoor event. Our Foam Grad Marquee Letters are available in all lower case letters from A-Z and various colors.

Foam Baby Marquee Letters

Our Foam Baby Marquee Letters create that perfect touch for weddings, birthdays, and other special events. The letters are made from thick, durable foam and are a great way to stand out from the crowd!

Foam Bar Marquee Letters

Foam Bar Marquee Letters are the perfect accessory to create a fabulous celebration. They can be used indoors or out and fit around our Foam Party Letters for a fun bar or party theme.

Foam Joy Marquee Letters

Versatile and functional, our Foam Joy marquee letters are great for classroom signage or any other message you may need to showcase. These foam letters are perfect for children's parties, birthdays, and special events.

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Acrylic Marquee Letters

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Plastic Marquee Letters

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Wooden Marquee Letters

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Decorative LED Marquee Lights

The glowing custom letters of our Decorative LED Marquee Lights illuminate the room with contemporary style. The marquee light letters are an elegant focal point in any room and can be personalized with your own words or logo.


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Wholesale Marquee Letters

Wholesale Marquee Letters to get excellent Marquee letters at a wholesale rate. These marquee letters are mainly used for weddings, birthdays, parties, and home decor. You can choose from different styles of lettering, which are made up of durable lights.


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Metal Marquee Letters

Create a personalized message with our Metal Marquee Letters. Available in various sizes and colors, these letters make a statement when hung in a school or corporate setting or any other place where you want to add a touch of personality.


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Marquee Wall Letters

The Marquee Wall Letters are not just any old letters. They are modern, elegant, and stylish. They will enhance the look of any space in which they hang.


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LITASIGN's Foam Marquee Letters Offer a Variety of Functional Benefits

LITASIGN has been a trusted name in signage for more than 6 years. They understand that signage is an essential part of business development and advertising. Companies such as theirs know the value of foam marquee letters. Learn about the benefits of these foam marquee letters below.

1. Standing Out From the Competition

Foam marquee letters attract people’s attention at events. Imagine your function on a crowded street. It would help if you used foam marquee lettering in this situation. Using foam letters on a marquee will help your event stand out. You can also attract people after dark.

2. Constantly Visible

Foam marquee letters are both useful and nice to look at. When you need to get people’s attention from far away, foam marquee letters will do the job.

3. Economic Efficiency

When people go to events, they most often see LED lights that light up letters. Over time, the cost of both fluorescent and incandescent lights goes up. LEDs, on the other hand, last a lot longer than other types of lights.

LED lighting for signs saves money and is better for the environment than incandescent lighting. When compared to fluorescent light, it costs much less to run a single LED bulb for 24 hours. LEDs can be changed more quickly and for less money.

4. Can Be Seen From a Distance

Many events don’t consider how far away their signs can be seen while choosing their brightness. The event’s illuminated signs will be visible from far away at night. The signs’ lights make them visible day and night. During the day, the foam marquee’s writing will be easier to read. When cloudy, consider this.

5. Diverse Colours

Most people think that the letters on a foam marquee are white. Numerous colors of foam marquee letters are available. It’s helpful that the colors of the sign can match the event.

Think about how the lighting will show off the colors of your brand. Some businesses use colored letters with white light, while others use white letters and change the color of the light to match the colors of their brand. Your method will depend on what your event is about and what its goals are.

6. Appear More Professional

If you use regular signs for your event, it might not look as professional as if you used foam marquee letters. Costing money and taking time to make these signs will suggest to people who come to your event that you have a more impressive experience. You are serious about marketing and are willing to put in the work needed to look good.

You should know that there are a lot of good reasons to use foam marquee letters. These letters will help people find out about your events and keep people from walking past your signs.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Foam Marquee Letters


When it comes to creating a great marketing campaign, appearance and messaging are everything. Foam letters are an affordable way to grab the attention of your clients and drive traffic to your location. However, if you’re not entirely sure how marquee letters work or what size foam board is best for your budget, you can create a very unsatisfactory marketing campaign. This is why it’s essential to examine all of your options and understand each different style. While marquee letters may seem simple and easy to install, certain factors need to be considered before choosing a product that will meet your needs.

By understanding the information in this FAQ guide, you will learn how these letters are used, what material they are made from, what tools and equipment are needed for setup and installation, and a few tips for prolonging the life span of your lettering.

Table of Contents

1. What is a Foam Marquee Letters?

Foam marquee letters are letters made out of a foam material, which can be easily cut to any size with a pen knife or box cutter. The letters can be stuck onto any surface using double-sided tape or foam adhesive spray. They are often used as signs for weddings, birthdays, and parties.

2. What Are the Foam Marquee Letters Made Of?

The foam marquee letters are made of Expanded Polystyrene Foam (EPS) foam, which shares many features with expanded polypropylene but has a higher strength. Finally, there’s closed-cell, non-absorbent extruded polyethylene foam. Because of its high resilience and long-lasting ability, this type of foam is frequently utilized in advertising applications.

3. Can You Produce Foam Marquee Letters in Custom Shapes, Designs, and Colors?

Yes, we can produce custom-shaped letters and designs on our foam marquee sign letters. We have a wide selection of colors to choose from, and we can make your signs in any word or letter style you’d like. This includes the possibility of making the entire word out of two or more different colors.

4. What Sizes Are Available for Foam Marquee Letters?

The size of the foam letters will vary depending on the length of the word and the number of letters. We can make any size sign to suit your needs, from small to large foam marquee letters.

5. Are the Foam Marquee Letters Made In-house?

We manufacture every sign we sell in our factory, which can produce a range of signs in different shapes and sizes.

6. Are the Foam Marquee Letters PAT Tested?

Yes. A PAT test is a routine evaluation of electrical items to determine whether or not they are safe to use. It also serves to prevent unexpected electrical accidents at the event site. All marquee wall letters have been tested, making them safer to use.

7. Are Foam Marquee Letters Durable?

The foam marquee letters are durable and long-lasting. The base that holds the letters are made of a unique foam material that absorbs the shock of impact to prevent the letters in the marquee sign from breaking or falling off. The foam is rigid enough to hold large letters in place yet resilient enough to have flexibility when necessary.

8. What Kind of Bulb is Used for the Foam Marquee Letters?

 We used a 3-watt LED bulb for the foam marquee letters. A variety of colors is also available.

Foam marquee letters 3w-LED-Bulb
Figure 1 - Foam Marquee Letters - LED Bulb

9. What is the Lifespan of Foam Marquee Letters?

The average foam marquee letter has a lifespan of between 40,000 and 50,000 hours.

10. What Are the Available Patterns for Foam Marquee Letters?

We can provide the following symbols: letters (A-Z), numbers (0-9), symbols (#, &, $, @, -, +), shapes (star, arrow, heart, anchor, peace sign, crown), and animals (panda).

11. What Colors of Lighting Are Available?

Color options for these lights include warm white, cold white, yellow, orange, red, pink, blue, and green. In addition, every letter of the event light has an RGB lamp.

12. How Can I Get the Price Quotation of the Foam Marquee Letters?

For pricing information, please email with the specifications of your design. The width of your design determines pricing at its widest point; if the length and breadth are more significant than 1 meter, the price is calculated by the square meter of surface area.

13. Do You Have MOQ limit for the Foam Marquee Letters?

One piece can be ordered for sample verification.

14. How Long is the Warranty You Offer for the Foam Marquee Letters?

LITASIGN offers 24 months warranty on the Foam Marquee Letters.

15. What Are the Different Applications of a Foam Marquee Letters?

  • Branding
  • Restaurants And Bars
  • Decorative Purposes
  • Weddings Ceremonies
  • Photo Shoot Props

16. What Are the Factors to Consider When Selecting a Foam Marquee Letters?

  • Viewing distance
  • Placement type you prefer
  • Lifespan
  • Weather-resistant or not
  • Warranty Period
  • Customizing options

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