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Our exquisite collection of fruit-themed neon signs, crafted to infuse any environment with a touch of lively elegance. Explore an array of meticulously designed signs, each with unique charm and available in a spectrum of sophisticated colors. Our neon creation promises to elevate any space with tasteful sophistication. Let’s delve into our fruit neon signs’ refined craftmanship and captivating appeal.

Banana Neon Sign

Stand out from the crowd with this retro, tropical banana neon sign. A fun addition to your home bar or kitchen, this neon sign will be a welcome addition to any setting and makes an excellent gift for anyone who loves fruit.

Pineapple Neon Sign

Our exclusive line of Neon Signs is crafted with the highest quality materials. Each sign is battery-powered and creates a vibrant neon glow, great for any room. We, made in China, designed this sign and custom printed it on tempered glass.

Cherry Neon Sign

Featuring a vibrant cherry-red lighting, perfect for adding a pop of color and personality to any space. Crafted with high-quality materials, offering durability and style, an eye-catching addition to bars, restaurants, homes or business.

Avocado Neon Sign

Ideal for avocado enthusiasts or anyone looking to add a playful touch to any space/ Whether its for a kitchen, cafe, or home office, this sign adds a fun and vibrant atmosphere, making it a delightful conversation starter.

Strawberry Neon Sign

A delightful addition to any space, showcasing the iconic red berry in a vibrant and eye-catching design. With its bright red lighting, it adds a touch of sweetness to cafes, dessert shops, kitchens or bedrooms/

Watermelon Neon Sign

This neon design is relaxed, fun and unique! The Watermelon neon sign will light up any room or wall. Our Watermelon neon sign is perfect for your home, restaurant, bar, business and makes the best gift ever!

Mango Neon Sign

Wit its bright and inviting glow, it brings a taste of paradise to any space, whether its a beach-themed bar, a fruit cocktail lounge, or a cheerful kitchen. Perfect for mango lovers or anyone craving a touch of tropical flair.

Peach Neon Sign

A charming and elegant addition to any space. With its gentle glow, it creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, making it perfect for bedrooms, living rooms or boutique shops.

Orange Neon Sign

With its vivid orange glow, it adds a burst of color and personality to any space, whether its retro-theme diner, a juice bar, or a funky living room. Perfect for citrus lovers to infuse their space with a zest of life.

How to Customize a Fruit Neon Sign?


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Since 2015, LITASIGN leading Manufacturer of High-Quality Neon Signs

LITASIGN is a manufacturer of high-quality LED neon signs that have been in operation for more than six years. To make its own LED neon flex and pure silicone, LITASIGN, the original manufacturer of custom-designed LED neon signs, has integrated silicone extrusion production into its production line, producing its own LED neon flex and pure silicone.

LITASIGN ensures that all orders are completed with the most significant level of creativity and artistry available on the market from design through manufacture and shipment.

Manufacturer & Supplier of Fruit Neon Signs at One Place

SMT machines and integrated extrusion lines make up LITASIGN’s seven production lines. A single production line can speed up making LED neon signs by completing all of the steps from the SMT chips to the finished output. LITA has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of LED neon signs in China.

LITASIGN is the one-stop shop for all of your fruit neon sign needs. With low prices and a courteous and easy-to-work-with team, we’re the best choice for your neon sign project. We’ll use the most up-to-date LED technology and the finest materials to create a high-quality neon sign for you.

LITASIGN – A Comprehensive Neon Sign Solution Provider

LITASIGN has done an excellent job in designing and manufacturing neon signs. With superior technology, a professional design team, and high-quality material, every aspect of the project is carefully handled. Production is also significant to LITASIGN, so we make sure everything is assembled correctly and tested before being shipped to you.

We can help you with anything you need, from design to manufacture and distribution. Your primary business can focus on other things while we care for your neon sign project. You’ll realize that our full-service approach is right for your business in a short time.

Features of Fruit Neon Sign that Makes It Ideal for Your Project

Discover how these captivating signs can transform any space with its vivid colors, lifelike designs, and customizable options. Whether you're decorating a home or enhancing a business décor.

Virgin Silicone Material

For further strength, LITASIGN packaging is built of a honeycomb paper board that is 10mm thick. For added security, paper corner protectors are employed once again. LITASIGN will incorporate your logo and other branding information on the package for drop delivery.

Enhanced LED Neon flex

The use of a patent-pending PET layer to preserve LED neon flex allows you to create bespoke neon light designs without compromising the LEDs' quality.

More Attractive Lighting

Silicone jackets with high brightness and low light-decay LED chips are used to make this light more appealing. These bright and energy-efficient LEDs blend in more easily with your surroundings, thanks to the silicone coating that surrounds them.

Integrated LED Neon Flex

The flexible nature of integrated LED neon flex means that it requires less power to drive, and it dissipates heat more effectively than other types of lighting. This makes the sign more durable and more vivid. There will be no issues with dropping jackets or deformation of the acrylic due to heat build-up.

Brand Acrylic Backboard

This material is more translucent and more complex than the PS or PVC backboard found in most factory supply companies, and it is made in Taiwan by a joint-stock brand. It is less prone to yellowing and is more scratch-resistant.

High Quality Power Supply

The power supply used by LITASIGN neon signs is CE, ROHS, FCC, UL, CUL, C-Tick, and PSE certified. This certification assures that your power supply meets your country's requirements while saving energy for you and your customer.

High Quality Accessories

Stainless steel advertising screws and rust-resistant hanging ropes are included with neon signs. The sign's appearance does not deteriorate over time if exposed to the elements—this aids in the long-term security of installations.

Double Protection Technology

The sign's backup feature, double protection technology, allows it to work even if one of the middle section's PCBs (printed circuit boards) fails.

Well Fitted Packaging

We offer custom-designed compact packaging for more prominent signs. As a result, you will save money on shipping, your vehicle will be less cluttered, and you will be safer because nothing will fall out during transit.

The Standardize Process in Making Fruit Neon Signs

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Customization Options for LED Neon Signs From LITA

LITASIGN’s skilled team of experts will work with you to create a sign that meets your specific needs, from logo design to neon shape. LITASIGN offers a variety of custom options for the LED neon sign. Whatever your unique concept, our talented designers can produce a creative and functional sign from start to finish. High-quality materials combined with quality craftsmanship mean that your unique neon sign will be enjoyed for years to come!

1. Size

The neon flex comes in three sizes: 8x16mm, 5x12mm, and 12*19mm, with the typeface and lines proportional to the height. You can tell us the exact size you need, and we’ll make your design according to your specifications.

2. Text and Font

LITASIGN offers an online neon sign maker that enables you to type in a single line of text or upload a logo image. If you need more text lines or want to customize your sign, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote.

3. Color

There are 11 colors of neon lights for your option. These are warm white, white, lemon yellow, golden yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, ice blue, green, and deep green. Contact us for more information about the colors of neon lights you can have and more information about RGB neon signs.

4. Dimmer and Controller

Remote control fading can be performed in three categories: high-power, low-power, and colorful controllers. The two common types of remote control controllers are infrared remotes (control distance of up to 6 meters) and radio-frequency wireless remotes. Frontier Phase-Cut (FPC) dimming mode, thyristor dimming, or FPC dimming are the most common options.

5. Backboard Option

 Acrylic is a strong, durable material used to make signs and fixtures; it comes in three different shapes: square, rectangular, and round. We offer acrylic stands and boxes that are not only useful but can also be aesthetically pleasing. Acrylic stands and boxes can enhance your decor as well as provide functionality.

6. Power Adapter

The neon sign comes with a 3.5-meter transparent cord that fits into a licensed adapter with EU, UK, AU, and US plug options. If you want an adapter for a different country, please let us know when you place your order.

7. Indoor and Outdoor Usage

LITASIGN’s neon sign can be used both indoors and outdoors, indoors being its ideal environment. With an IP65 waterproof rating, it is waterproof enough to be exposed to the elements.

8. Easy Installation

LITASIGN neon signs come with screw kits, and pre-drilled holes and can be screwed or hung. The hanging wires are ideal for shopfront installations and installations that are suspended from the ceiling. For hanging cables for installation, please let us know.

9. UV Printing

UV printing is used to add realism to the sign by displaying high-definition color and texture on smooth, high-quality materials. It will make your custom neon sign stand out more.

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