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LITASIGN is a well-known China Custom Galvanized steel letter Signs manufacturer and supplier with 8 years of history manufacturing Custom Galvanized stainless steel letters. We specialize in developing high-quality products for top-end markets.

We have a highly qualified design team and responsible professional engineering and technical team. What’s more, we have foreign high-end imported equipment to improve the quality of Custom Galvanized steel letter Signs. Our wholesale Custom Galvanized steel letter Signs are in line with international standards and are mainly exported worldwide.

You can choose from the sizes available for this galvanized letter such as the 20 Inch Galvanized Letter U, 4 Inch Galvanized Letters, 8 Inch Galvanized Letters, and 10 Inch Galvanized Letters.

Stylish and Versatile Galvanized Letters

Galvanized letters are constructed of metal and zinc-coated to prevent rust. They are a cost-effective method to add style to any décor job without breaking the bank. Galvanized letters are also simple to install and remove, making them ideal for both temporary and long-term use.

LITASIGN has a broad variety of shapes and sizes for various applications, so no matter what kind of project you’re working on—whether it’s an outside sign or a personal touch for your home—we have everything you need!


Galvanized Steel for Premium Markets

LITASIGN has a strong R&D team, and we create items based on the sketches or samples provided by our clients. We also have our cutting-edge machinery, which can guarantee the quality of the finished goods. Our main goal is to create galvanized steel for premium markets.

Offering you top-notch products and services is something we are dedicated to doing. Our business has a skilled product development staff who create new items following your specifications.

You dream it, we make it

Galvanized Letters High Quality Production Process


Creating Design & Production File

The working file will be created collaboratively by all parties and reviewed. Approval will be sought before sending the files to the factory for production.


Laser Cutting & CNC Engraving

Laser cutting is a process in which a laser is used to cut through a material. This allows us to create highly detailed designs, which can be used for various applications.



The measurements and calculations that metalworkers perform to ensure the integrity of a piece of metal, especially when working with metals bent at precise angles, are essential.



Welding metal letters together, then attaching them to a sign is a method of manufacturing lettering that eliminates gaps between letters and provides a seamless appearance.

polishing process


A polishing machine is used to smooth the weld between the letter’s return and the face of metal signs, improving the appearance and durability of the sign.



The letters are hand-painted, so each letter is unique. The colors on one side differ from those on the other if a viewer stands close enough.



After a metal sign has been painted and allowed to dry, it must be placed in a drying room for several hours. So that the paint does not chip or flake off, ensuring proper adhesion.


Overall Quality Checking

We take great care to ensure that the letters we send customers are of high quality. Letters are scrutinized before being shipped, and any imperfections or defects are replaced with new ones.



Our hardwood shipping box is constructed of three-ply hardwood, with an exterior of hardwood and an interior lined with polystyrene.

What Makes LITASIGN the Best Option for Your Projects Using Galvanized Letters?

LITASIGN is a complete source for galvanized letters and signs. We produce high-quality lettering products for all businesses, including architects, landscape architects, contractors, artists, and homeowners. We focus on you and your needs – from providing a cost-effective solution to completing every step of the process with a level of professionalism. That makes us one of the top providers for projects using galvanized letters.


LITASIGN handles its production, so there is no need for an intermediary to divvy up revenues with clients. Utilizing a one-stop shop for your signage needs can cut costs and save you money.

High-standard Accesories

We choose high-quality accessories over low-cost alternatives when acquiring supplements, as galvanized letters and accessories meet or exceed the CE, RoHS, and UL norms and standards.

Advanced and Extensive Equipments

We offer the most advanced equipment and machinery in the industry. Our machines are capable of producing any galvanized metal letters.

Quick Timeframe

To help you save turnaround time, we usually produce your order within 5 to 7 business days. If it is urgent, we can produce it within 2 business days. It usually takes 4 to 6 business days for our products to be delivered by international priority express shipping. So your order will arrive in 11 to 13 business days.

Strong, Tidy, and Compact Package

Customized 10mm thick honeycomb board boxes made by the machine according to the dimension of every sign. Smaller, lighter, and stronger than traditional cardboard, they are an affordable and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional packaging.

Dropshipping Service

We will pack your logo, manual, and other materials into the box to help you establish a strong brand identity.

Custom Galvanized Letter Manufacturer

LITASIGN offers a wide variety of custom galvanized letters. There are many different styles and designs to choose from, and you can choose whether you want an indoor or outdoor letter. Our custom galvanized letters are durable and will last for years.

Rusted Edge Galvanized Letters

Rusted Edge Galvanized Letters are the perfect way to add a rustic touch to your home or business. These letters were made from galvanized metal and then weathered with rust on the edges for an authentic look. The weathering makes these letters look like they have been sitting outside for years and gives them an old-fashioned feel.

Flat Cut Galvanized Letters

Flat Cut Galvanized Letters are a great way to add dimension and visual interest to your signage. These letters are cut from a single piece of metal, which makes them very durable and easy to install.

Decorative Galvanized Letters

Decorative galvanized letters are a great way to add character to your home. They're also a great way to make your house stand out. By adding decorative galvanized letters, you can make your home unique, and you can show off your personality.

Large Galvanized Letters

Large galvanized letters can be used to make signs or painted and used as decorations. Large galvanized letters are made of steel, a durable and long-lasting material that will not rust or corrode over time. The notes are also quite heavy, so they will not easily be knocked over or moved by wind.

Galvanized Light Up Letters

Galvanized Light Up Letters are the latest trend in home decor. These letters are made from galvanized steel, a type of metal that has been treated to prevent rusting. The letters can be customized to display your name or any other word you'd like. They can be used as a decorative pieces in your home or yard.

3D Galvanized Letters

3D galvanized letters create a unique look for your signs, banners, or displays. The letters are made from galvanized steel and are available in several sizes, colors, and styles. This allows you to create eye-catching signs that will grab your audience's attention.

Seamless Welding 3D Galvanized Steel Letters

Seamless welding is welding steel pipes and tubes to another line or tube. This process can join pipes and tubes with different diameters, thicknesses, and materials. The welded parts are seamless, meaning no joint is visible after the welding process is completed.

Round-edged Polished Galvanized Steel Letters

A new, innovative approach to steel letters combines the traditional look of galvanized steel with the modern appeal of polished edges. These letters provide a clean and professional look for your business.

Welded Galvanized Steel Letters

Welded galvanized steel letters are made by welding thin pieces of steel together to form letters and numbers. The welded letters and numbers are then coated with a layer of galvanization, which makes them more durable.

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Metal Letters for Concrete

Metal letters for concrete are an excellent way to add a touch of class and style to your home or business. They are made of high-quality materials and can last for years. We offer a variety of styles, including modern and classic, so that you can find the perfect look for your project.


Price from $75.00

Industrial Metal Letters

Industrial Metal Letters are made of metal, and they come in all sorts of shapes. This makes them so cool: they can be used to make words and pictures, but they also look good just hanging on a wall. They are perfect for any industrial-inspired space, including offices or warehouses.


Price from $100.00

Metal Mailbox Letters

Metal mailbox letters are a great way to express your home's style. They're easy to install, and they will last a long time. They can be painted or powder-coated in any color you want so that you can match them to your house or the colors of your neighborhood.


Price from $89.00

Custom Metal Letters

Custom Metal Letters are the perfect way to add a personal touch to your home or business. They're also excellent for displaying your name, logo, or another identifying mark on any surface.


Price from $110.00

Metal Gate Letters

Metal gate letters are a fun and easy way to add an extra flair to your home. The letters are typically made of metal and have the same look and feel as real wrought iron. They can be installed on any wooden, steel, or wrought iron gate.


Price from $69.00

Metal Letters for Garden

Metal letters for the garden are the best choice to enhance and make it more beautiful. They are made of high-quality metal, which makes them strong enough to withstand harsh weather. The lettering can be customized according to your liking and preference.


Price from $70.00

Rustic Metal Letters

Rustic metal letters are a great way to enhance the look of any home. They can be used to make a sign or be hung on your wall as decor. Whatever you choose to do with them, you will love the way they look!


Price from $92.00

Corten Steel Letters

Corten Steel Letters are a great way to add a rustic style to your home or business. Corten Steel is an alloy with many different metals known for its ability to withstand weathering and corrosion. In other words, it's tough stuff!


Price from $86.00

Features of LITASIGN's Galvanized Letters

The galvanized letters from LITASIGN give you various styles and designs. Thus, you can create an eye-catching and meaningful sign for your business. You can rely on these signs to be vandal-proof because they won’t easily be damaged by the elements such as sun and snow.

1. Affordable Choice for Budget-minded Business Owners

LITASIGN’s galvanized letters are a great way to advertise your company without breaking the bank. Galvanized letters are made with a zinc coating that protects them from corrosion and rust, making them an affordable choice for budget-minded business owners.

2. Attractive and Stylish

The product is available in various styles and shapes, which can be customized according to the customers’ requirements. An elegant and unique appearance attracts many customers’ attention when advertising your brand or business.

3. Unique Finish Lets Your Business Stand Out

These letters will help you stand out from the crowd with their elegant, shiny finish. Each letter is made of high-quality steel and includes a protective finish that protects the letters from deterioration and rust.

4. Plenty of Customization Options

LITASIGN allows you to personalize your sign with a choice of possibilities. You can select from various fonts, font sizes, and line thicknesses. You may even customize the color of your letters and background, ensuring that the language on your sign is exactly what you want.

5. Vintage Character in a Contemporary Context

LITASIGN’s galvanized letters provide a vintage feel in a modern setting. They are composed of galvanized steel, which ensures they will not rust or fade over time. The letters feature a protective coating that keeps them from scratching when placed. So you don’t have to worry about compromising their appearance when you hang them up or move them around on your property.

6. Stands Up to the Elements

Our galvanized letters are manufactured from steel, which means they stand up to the elements like no other lettering on the market. They’re made to last, no matter what Mother Nature throws them.

7. Construction-Grade Strength

Galvanized steel is a construction-grade material that withstands exposure to the elements. It’s also extreme, meaning you can use our letters on various surfaces.

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