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Attractive and Functional Happy Neon Signs by LITASIGN

These beautiful happy neon signs make a great decoration for parties and celebrations. Most of the product has a beautiful lighting effect, which is designed for hanging on walls or doors. These neon signs can match any theme or color. They are lightweight made and easy to carry from place to place with the handle or hanging hook. Neon signs are very fun and decorated with different shapes and lettering, they can light up the place, and get the party started.

Happy Birthday Neon Sign

Light up a celebration with "Happy Birthday" neon sign. This stunning piece features vibrant LED lights and a sleek acrylic backing for easy display. Perfect for adding a radiant touch to any birthday party and special occassions.

Happy Holidays Neon Signs

This captivating piece showcases dazzling LED lights, elegantly forming the festive message against a backdrop of sleek acrylic. Effortlessly mount it on walls or place it atop any surface to instantly infuse any space with holiday cheers.

This Is Our Happy Place Neon Sign

Radiating a warm and inviting glow, this charming piece features lettering crafted from vibrant LED lights against a modern acrylic backing. Effortlessly mount on any wall or display it on a surface to transform a space into a cozy haven.

Happy Halloween Neon Sign

Featuring eerie yet vibrant LED lights that form the chilling message against the acryclic backboard, this piece adds an electrifying touch to a Halloween decor. Perfect for parties or simply infusing a space with a ghoulishly delightful vibe.

Happy Hour Neon Sign

Crafted with lively LED lights in vibrant hues against a sleek acrylic backing, this sign exides the lively essence of a great time. Perfect for bars, restaurants or home entertainment spaces, this neon sign adds a vibrant touch, signaling the start of a fun filled time for all.

Happy Valentines Neon Sign

Be a romantic soul this Valentine’s Day with these adorable LED neon lights! Infuse the essence of love into every space in your home, or turn a dining room into a restaurant’s private party. These are also great for restaurants to liven up their walls, ceilings, and other flat surfaces.

Happy Anniversary Neon Sign

An artful way to plan, this "Happy Anniversary" neon sign is sure to be the perfect gift for your next anniversary. With the option to personalize the sign with different background colors and custom messages.

Be Happy Neon Sign

Crafted with vibrant LED lights, this sign embodies a cheerful and uplifting message. Effortlessly mount it on walls or display to any surface to infuse a space with positivity. Perfect for brightening up a room, office or living space.

Happy Days Neon Sign

The happy days neon sign is the perfect way to add some fun and creativity to your home. Offering a vibrant range of colors, this eye-catching sign will be sure to make it a talking point - perfect for any child's room.

Customizing Your Happy Neon Signs from LITASIGN


LITASIGN Offers a Full Range of Services in The Neon Sign Industry

LITASIGN, with over 6 years of expertise, specializes in crafting unique Happy Neon Signs using cutting-edge technology for all age groups. Our diverse range of popular signs caters to sports enthusiasts, music lovers, business owners, and more. We prioritize top-tier materials and components for all our neon creations.

Consider LITASIGN as your premier choice for professional, reputable neon sign manufacturer in the industry.

Professional Full-Service Manufacturer With High-Quality and Innovative Signs

At LITASIGN, our team of adept neon workers, designers and technician collaborates seamlessly, channeling creativity and precision into crafting tailor-made Happy Neon Signs. With an unwavering dedication to exacting quality, we meticulously select durable materials, leverage seasoned technicians and employ state-of-the-art design methods to guarantee enduring excellence in every sign we produce.

Far beyond mere manufacturers, we stand as committed partners, devoted to delivering lasting satisfaction.


LITASIGN - Your One-Stop Solution for All Your Neon Signs Production with Expertise and Reputation

With more than 120 staff, LITASIGN can serve with a one-stop production process and produce more than a thousand customized neon signs per year for different businesses around the globe. In addition, we provide each customer with personalized service, including product sample inquiries and custom-made drawings related to product design.

With a quick turnaround time and with no minimum order quantity, it’s easy to recommend LITASIGN’s neon signs to you. LITASIGN neon signs are backed by a long warranty period and offer flexible payment options that suit your budget.

Produced Under Strict Safety Standard and Dedicated for The Best Quality

pcb design

PCB Design

The PCB diagram will be designed according to the silicone jacket structure, lighting effect, and heat dissipation. A professional PCB design can effectively reduce virtual soldering and off-soldering problems in the manufacturing process. 

pcb testing

PCB Testing

When PCB testing is complete, the unit will be tested again, and making a sample with LED chips will do further testing. If the samples pass testing, the units can then be assembled. Quality testing of raw materials is essential for the efficient production of the neon sign.

smt processing

SMT Processing

LITASIGN owns two SMT machines for assembling the light source of LED strips, LED flex, and LED signs. Currently, LITA assembles 2000 meters of light source per day. SMT technology is ideal for assembling the LED chips used in neon signs. It can solve the virtual soldering and off-soldering of LED chips which will possibly happen on LED neon signs.

Silicone Extrusion Process

LED Neon Flex Extrusion

LITASIGN Neon flex uses integrated virgin silicone LED neon flex, a type of silicone that has been extruded for neon purposes. It will be made by our silicone extrusion machines. We do not use fake silicone material for the LED neon flex. Virgin silicone jackets can help LED neon flexes dissipate heat better. They are anti-aging, anti-corrosion, and won’t yellow even after being used for a long time.

Design and Confirmation

Design and Confirmation

The sample sign that LITASIGN designs will look virtually identical to the original during production. You can confirm your order details before we start the manufacturing process. During the production design, all details will be carefully checked, including the light color, the Jacket color, the design, the power of the LED adaptor, the plug type, and the dimmer version.

Backplate Engraving

Acrylic Backplates are engraved with high precision and perfect finishing. The high-end machinery in the system cuts different backing patterns without mixing the cut lines. The efficiency of the machinery and the cutting process is increased, which leads to rapid production and precision cutting of large batches of neon signs.

Neon sign making

Neon Sign Making

LITASIGN’s distinctive neon signs are produced of the highest grade raw material and are subjected to stringent quality control procedures. The quality of the workmanship determines how well they integrate into the original design and how attractive they are. This is especially true for your clients, who value exceptional workmanship when it comes to signs.

Finished Sign Aging

Finished Sign Aging

Every LED product needs to undergo a lighting test for 8 hours, to ensure every LED works well and has the right color temperature. This way, the virtual soldering and off-soldering issues of LED chips and PCBs can be detected well in advance. That is why you can be assured of our quality testing.

Neon Sign Packaging

Neon Sign Packaging

All packages are custom-built to ensure safe shipping. The packaging is compact enough, and all boxes are made of a 10mm thick honeycomb board for more strength. We use paper corner protectors to pack the box again for extra safety. For drop-shipping orders, we can customize your company’s logo on the packaging, meaning your branding will be enhanced.

What Makes LITASIGN Happy Neon Sign Stand Out?

LITASIGN has a team of experienced professionals to ensure no single detail is overlooked. Our skilled team of specialists works with you to design an original, personal neon sign that speaks to any business. That results in a beautiful finished product with a "wow" effect. LITASIGN keeps you informed and ensures all of your needs are met in creating one-of-a-kind custom neon signs.

More Attractive Lighting

LITASIGN uses LED chips with high- brightness and low light-decay rates, as well as a high light-transmittance silicone jacket, to create attractive neon signs.

Virgin Silicon Materials

LITASIGN uses 100% silicone materials for their jackets, which are of high quality, compared to PVC or artificial silicones, which are known to deteriorate over time and off-gas potentially harmful fumes. Virgin Silicon is also anti-yellowing, anti-aging, and fire-proof.

Enhanced LED Neon Flex

LITASIGN added a patented PET film as protection for LED neon flex; this allows customers to customize any shape for their signs without affecting quality.

Branded Acrylic Backboard

Acrylic backboards made from Taiwan joint-stock brand acrylic material can be more transparent and harder compared to polystyrene or PVC boards on the market. They are more scratch-resistant with higher yellow resistance.

Integrated LED Neon Flex

LED neon signs with integrated LED light sources to have better heat dissipation, which makes the sign more vivid. That's why issues with jacket dropping or acrylic deformation can be avoided, which sometimes happens on the embedded LED neon sign.

High-Quality Power Supply

LITASIGN uses CE/ROHS/FCC/UL/CUL/C-tick/PSE/KC certified power supply that achieves high transformation efficiency. This ensures that the power used is within the standards of your country.

High-Quality Accessories

LITASIGN uses stainless steel screws and ropes that allow for rusting to be avoided while providing a more durable product when compared to plastic or iron counterparts. Even after years of exposure, the sign will not show wear that can compromise its safety.

Dual Protection Technology

If a neon sign suffers damage to the electrical components of its middle section, the other parts will continue to work normally because of the dual protection technology.

Perfectly Fitted Packaging

We can create custom-sized packaging. That is perfectly fitted to the neon signs and can take up less space in transit. Also requires fewer materials. This approach is more efficient and cheaper than handmade containers.

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Dolphin Neon Sign

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Lips Neon Sign

Enjoy a romantic Valentine’s Day with this lips neon light or decorate a party venue with one of these cool bright neon signs, which will surely get everyone excited. Can also be a great gift for your loved ones, friends, and family.


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Bedroom Neon Sign

How to add a colorful dream effect to a bedroom? The neon lights are a very good choice. Besides the standard design, our products also have the marvelous function of changing colors. We believe that this will bring more opportunities to you and your bedroom decorations.


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Wholesale Neon Sign

Since we are a specialized wholesaler, you can get wholesale signs at low prices. For the retailers, our quality is higher than other neon signs in the market. For the distributors, your business will be profitable as you can sell them at a lower price!


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Wall Neon Signs

Give your walls the attention they deserve. LED neon signs are great non-traditional options for lighting a room wall, or the outside of a building. Whether you want to feature a personal message or catchy phrase, these signs can do it all.


Price from $163.00

Custom Neon Name Sign

Add character to your sign with neon! With neon signs, you can use your imagination. Letters, numbers, symbols, and abstract art. Get creative! This can be as simple or as many colors as you want. That is just an example of one we made.


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Benefits of LITASIGN Neon Signs

For decades, businesses have relied on classic neon signs to announce their presence, welcome visitors, and highlight a brand’s individuality. However, before you invest in glass neon, think about the flexibility and advantages that LED lighting can provide.

1. Multi-Color Effects 

Translucent silicon wrapped around bright white LEDs produces a rainbow of glowing colors. LITASIGN’s neon signs silicone jackets are 12mm wide and come in a variety of colors.

2. Versatile 

The LED-lit neon sign by LITASIGN provides a more versatile, less expensive, and safer alternative to traditional neon signs while preserving the look and feel.

3. Easy Fitting

The neon signs from LITASIGN are easy to install and use less power while emitting less heat. With LEDs only requiring replacement after over a decade, the continuing cost of maintenance is practically reduced.

4. Fast Turnaround

Each order takes time to complete because LITASIGN Neon Signs are handcrafted. It will take 5-7 days to complete the project. If the requirement is urgent, it will only take two days. Door-to-door international priority express shipping normally takes 4-6 days. As a result, your order will take 11-13 days to arrive.

5. Affordable Price

Customized neon signs are available in bulk. Because we can better manage expenses and have more beneficial and cost-effective prices by completing all manufacturing processes in our facility. We can provide better costs to our consumers since we ship in huge quantities, diluting the cost.

6. Maintenance

LITASIGN Neon signs have almost no moving parts, so they run on less electricity and last longer. Plus, LEDs use about 92% less energy than glass neon. And since neon signs are almost maintenance-free, you can save even more on repairs and replacement costs.

7. Safety

Neon LEDs are shock-resistant and release very little heat, making them completely safe to use.

8. Accessibility

LITASIGN neon signs are available for continuous operation, so they can better serve your business.

9. Warranty

LITASIGN offers a 2-year warranty on indoor LED signs and a 1-year warranty on outdoor LED signs. We will replace a defective sign immediately, at no additional cost to you. This way, your company can focus more on marketing your brand and growing your market.

The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Happy Neon Sign


Crowds are attracted to neon signs because of their flashing colors. They serve multiple purposes, including attracting customers and disseminating information, which helps raise awareness of a company’s brand. The question is, what happens when things go wrong? How can you maintain or repair the lighting to work correctly even after the opening hours have ended? Neon signs can be built, maintained, and repaired efficiently and effectively, but how can we communicate this to you? You’ll find the solution in our Comprehensive FAQ about a Happy Neon Sign.

Table of Contents

1. What Are Happy Neon Signs?

They are a form of a happy neon sign that makes use of modern lighting technologies to achieve the desired style and feel. Happy neon signs are available in a variety of designs, colors, and sizes to compliment your current brand or to create a new appearance for your business or specified place.

Figure 1 - Happy Neon Sign

2. What Colors Can I Choose for My Neon Happy Sign?

The happy neon sign is available in whatever colour combination you like. This enables you to adjust lighting effects, brightness, and any other critical components as needed.

Producers of happy neon signs will ensure that their products properly meet your specifications. Additionally, they will verify that it complements your set color scheme and desired look.

Happy Neon Sign Color Board
Figure 2 - Happy Neon Sign Color Board

3. What Is the Optimal Temperature for Happy Neon Signs to Operate At?

The suggested operating temperature range for cheerful neon signs is -40 to -60 degrees Celsius.

4. What Is the Design for a Custom Happy Neon Sign?

Producers can create practically any style for your customized happy neon sign design. Additionally, they will provide best-practice advice on locating a happy neon sign and where and how to deploy it.

Even though vast and sophisticated designs for happy neon signs may require unique solutions, all of these will be incorporated during the design phase.

5. How Is the Happy Neon Sign Used?

Happy neon signs can be used in any indoor or outdoor space and by any type of business or organization. By using a Happy neon sign, organizations of all kinds can enhance their brand identity in advertising, lighting, and décor.

When used as décor, a happy neon sign establishes recognizable brand signals that encourage customers to visit your business. As an additional source of illumination and to create a more moody atmosphere, LED light happy signs are often used in conjunction with ceiling lights.

Happy neon signs can be used as sculptures to enhance artwork display, and architectural aspects benefit from happy neon sign decor areas. Outdoor custom happy neon signs are typically utilized in pouches around the external walls to add a decorative touch while also providing security and safety measures.

In settings where most lighting is provided by overhead lighting, happy neon décor signs remain an excellent way to enhance the atmosphere. Additionally, they aid in illuminating corners that grow gloomy or shadowy after the sunsets.

The happy neon light is ideal for use with dimmer switches, which allow you to create the room’s mood.

6. How Should I Clean and Maintain My Happy Neon Sign?

Use an electronics-safe cleaner and a microfiber cloth to clean the outside of your happy neon sign. Using a general cleaner, even if it’s just a small amount, can do a lot of damage to your happy neon sign.

In addition, don’t use a paper towel to clean your happy neon sign because it can leave bits of dust behind. If your microfiber cloth is too wet, you won’t be able to use it to clean.

For happy neon signs that are big or high, you can clean them with a microfiber mop that has been wrung out and has a pole. If you want to keep your Custom happy neon signs in good shape, you might want to set a timer for about 24 hours and then turn them off. This will help them run better.

To help your happy neon sign last longer, do this. You should also make sure that your back-of-house software is always up to date to make sure that it is more efficient.

7. The Shipment of Happy Neon Signs will Take How Long?

Your happy neon sign will take 5-7 business days to make. On a case-by-case basis, we can deal with rush orders. People who live outside of the United States can get their happy neon sign in about 11 to 13 days after they buy it from us.

8. Can I get a rush order for a Happy Neon Sign?

You will get the sign ten days after your order (production time 2-3 days, delivery time 5-7 days). It costs 25 USD for each neon sign.

9. What Size Happy Neon Signs Should I Buy?

Consider the size of the venue, the mounting of the neon sign, and the distance at which you want the sign to be visible. A 30cmx80cm neon sign is ideal for smaller venues, 50cmx130cm for medium-sized events, and 60cmx150cm for large semi-outdoor locations like warehouses, according to our recommendation.

Happy Neon Sign Indoor Size Guide
Figure 3 - Happy Neon Sign Indoor Size Guide
Happy Neon Sign Size Guide
Figure 4 - Happy Neon Sign Size Guide

10. How Do I Install the Neon Happy Signs?

The process of installing personalized happy neon signs is usually simple. Installing the happy neon sign is easy if you follow the steps outlined in the following paragraphs.

  1. The first step is to gently unwrap the customized happy neon sign sent to you. It can then be shown on a wall or ceiling.
  2. You must use the pre-drilled backing or mounting kit with your LED signs to attach them correctly. Then you can add a dimmer to the circuit if desired.
  3. The next step is to plug in the happy neon sign converter to a standard electrical socket to complete the project. After that, your custom-made neon signs will be ready to light up the party venue.

This happy neon sign will brighten up your place, make a nice gift for your family and friends, or be an excellent decoration for your house or office! Best of all, letters are changeable so that you can personalize them.

Brighten up your place with a smile! You’ll love our Happy LED sign. We use the latest LED technology for an energy-efficient and impact-resistant product. Our neon signs are hand-assembled to provide you with a great quality product that will make your place stand out.

11. Five Sample of Happy Neon Sign to Brighten Up you Place

happy-neon-sign 3

Happy Neon Sign – Our Happy Neon Sign is perfect for a fun night in, a festive occasion, or just to add some extra energy to your every day. Brighter and more durable than traditional neon signs, our sign glows with a level of brightness that will help make you shine.


Happy Neon Sign – Our Happy Neon Sign is perfect for a fun night in, a festive occasion, or just to add some extra energy to your everyday. Brighter and more durable than traditional neon signs, our sign glows with a level of brightness that will help make you shine.


Happy Birthday Neon SignAccent your special day with the Happy Birthday Neon Sign. It will be a splashy addition to any party, and is sure to make the birthday person feel like a star. The neon’s low maintenance design makes it hassle-free both during the party and for storage purposes.


Happily Ever After Neon Sign – Happily Ever After Neon Sign. The Happily Ever After sign is featured in white and is perfect for any wedding, engagement, or bridal shower. This sign has a two-pronged design that allows it to be used both indoors and outdoors.


Happy Hour Neon Sign All you need for the perfect Happy Hour are good drinks, great friends, and the right atmosphere. A Happy Hour neon sign does just that. Place it on your bar, counter, or a wall above it. Adds to the fun decor any time of day.

12. Can Neon Happy Signs Be Used Outside?

You may use the happy neon sign both indoors and outdoors. Everything from heavy rain to ice, snow, and dew has been considered when designing the custom neon wedding signs. As a result, these neon signs are designed to withstand inclement weather.

13. How Much Energy Is Consumed By A Happy Neon Sign?

Neon signs consume less energy when the input voltage is 12V. When compared to traditional neon signs, it can conserve up to 10 times the energy. As a result, the price of power remains unchanged.

14. How Long Will A Happy Neon Sign Last?

The average lifespan of a Happy Neon Sign is 8-12 years. Bear in mind that the way you care for your happy neon sign has an effect on its longevity. Under normal operating circumstances, LEDs have a life expectancy of around 50,000 hours.

15. How To Select A Happy Neon Sign?

Consider the following while selecting a Happy neon sign:

Size: When purchasing a neon sign, it is vital to consider its size. The size of the neon sign is determined by the available space.

Color: Font and form are all design choices that can impact the final product. A product’s style and design might affect its price. A curved-style typeface may be greater than the cost of a straight-style font.

Backboards: Due to their versatility, backboards are an integral part of the wedding neon sign design. Backboards are available in a range of colors and materials, including PVC and acrylic in various tints.

A neon sign’s pricing is strongly determined by its size and appearance. More prominent neon signs command a premium.

16. How Are Neon Happy Signs Created?

  1. The wiring designs for the LED neon flex are developed utilizing high-tech computer applications.
  2. Before proceeding to the next step, the quality control department inspects the LED PCB handmade neon signboards.
  3. High efficiency, precision, and stability can be achieved by utilizing the most sophisticated SMT machine.
  4. Following that, groove the acrylic board to anchor the neon strip.
  5. When the completed neon sign is prepared for shipment, it is subjected to an aging test to ensure the most excellent quality.

17. Is It Safe To Use The Happy Neon Sign?

It is safer to use a personalized joyful neon sign for the following reasons:

  • Humane voltages – 12V
  • Low operating temperature and excellent heat dissipation
  • Utilization of a pure silicone substance that is flame retardant

18. How Do I Mount The Happy Neon Sign On The Wall?

Generally, happy neon signs are much lighter than their conventional counterparts. As a result, holding a happy neon sign is more accessible and safer. The happy neon sign may be easily hung on the wall.

The neon sign is surprisingly simple to install.

  • To begin, gather wall-mounting kits for your neon sign. You can purchase the thing you require at any hardware store.
  • If the weight is between 6 and 11 pounds, heavy-duty detachable hooks should be utilized.
  • Alternatively, fishing wire and rope can be used to secure knots.
Figure 5 - Happy Neon Sign Wall Mounted

19. Is it Possible to Create a Custom Happy Neon Sign with No Backing?

No. All bespoke neon signs are placed on a high-quality transparent acrylic backing, but the backing can be trimmed to the lettering’s shape for near-invisibility.

Figure 6 - Happy Neon Sign Cut to Letter Backboard

20. How is the Neon Happy Sign Packed?

We make efforts to ensure that your happy neon sign arrives in perfect condition. We employ 10mm thick corrugated boxes, corner guards on substantial neon signs, and hardwood cases on long neon signs.

Happy Neon Sign Packaging
Figure 7 - Happy Neon Sign Packaging

21. Is There a Warranty on the Happy Neon Sign?

Yes, 12 months warranty on Happy Neon Signs for Outdoor Use.

Indoor Happy Neon Signs are guaranteed for 24 months.

22. Is it Possible to Dim or Reduce the Brightness of the Neon Happy Sign?

Yes. The happy neon sign can be controlled remotely or with a dimmer. The remote’s options include dimming, altering the speed, and flashing lights.

23. Are There Any Font Available for the Happy Neon Sign?

LITASIGN supports a variety of text styles and compositions, such as cursive, square, and two-fold lined text. We are capable of working with nearly any form of text or design.

Happy Neon Sign Font Option
Figure 8 - Happy Neon Sign Font Options

24. Is A Happy Neon Sign A Good Environmental Choice?

The Happy Neon Sign can save up to 10 times the energy of a comparable glass neon tube neon sign.

The led neon flex has a low force utilization due to the 12V/24V information voltage.

When properly installed and maintained, Happy Neon signs can last up to five times as long as glass neon signs, resulting in less waste.

Happy Neon Signs are free of neon gas, mercury, and other harmful synthetic materials that could impede reuse.

25. What Types of Backboards Are Available?

The Happy Neon Signs by LITASIGN are mounted on an acrylic backboard. You can choose the optimal backboard according to the Plan you’ve selected. Kindly advise us or contact us if you have any preferences.
Among the most popular alternatives to backboards are the following:

Cut To Letter
Cut to Shape
Cut to Square

Please notify us at checkout if you have a preference for the sort of backboard that is suitable.

Happy Neon Sign Backboard
Figure 9 - Happy Neon Sign Backboard Options

26. What Payment Methods Are Available?

  • PayPal
  • Western Union
  • Telegraphic Transfers 
  • Alibaba
  • Other payment methods

27. What Happens If the Happy Neon Sign Becomes Unresponsive?

We provide a full one-year guarantee on all manufacturing flaws and will replace your item if it becomes unusable.

28. What Can I Expect From My Happy Neon Sign Kit?

Each of The LITASIGN’s Happy Neon Signs includes the following:

  • Completed waterproofed neon sign
  • 1.5 Transparent Exit Wire
  • 12V DC Output Power Supply
  • Remote
  • LED Dimmer
  • Advertising screws for wall mounting sign
Figure 10 - Happy Neon Sign Components

29. Is the Happy Neon Sign Silent?

Yes. Our high-quality happy neon signs don’t make a buzzing or humming sound, so they don’t bother people.

30. What Are The Benefits Of Using a Custom Neon Happy Sign?

Signage made of neon is incredibly durable. It is quite tolerant to inclement weather. Not only may they be used at home, but they can also be used to lend an artistic touch to any occasion, such as a house party, BBQ, or other Event.

Energy Efficient: Because neon signs consume less energy, they are more energy efficient.

Durability: It may also save you money in the long run on repair costs due to its up to 25 times longer lifespan than standard lights.

Outdoor Use: Due to its waterproof nature, the neon sign can be utilized outside. As a result, it’s a perfect choice for inside and exterior signs.

Sunlight Visibility: Generally, the neon sign is more visible in direct sunlight. As a result, it is a fantastic outdoor choice.

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