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LITASIGN has been a custom LED sign manufacturing leader in China since 2015. We specialize in the design and development of high-quality, low-maintenance LED signs. We are proud to be recognized as one of the top custom LED sign manufacturers. It is highlighted by professionals’ experience and expertise, which allows us to remain at the forefront of our industry.

At LITASIGN, we are dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional customer services and products. We understand that businesses don’t always have the same goals or budgets, so we’re committed to creating custom LED neon signs that meet your unique requirements and allow you to achieve your goal.

High-Quality LED Neon Signs, Competitive Prices, Professional Manufacturing

LITASIGN is well established in producing neon sign products. Our factory is equipped with a wide range of machines, such as SMT machines, Silicone Extruding Machines, and other specialist equipment. All these ensure better quality and lower cost for the final product. Furthermore, we conduct strict inspections on products before delivery to ensure that you receive only the best quality.

LITASIGN is dedicated to delivering the highest quality custom LED signs at the most competitive prices. Through our professional manufacturing and quality customer support, you can focus on what’s important: your customers!


Let Your Business Shine with LITASIGN's Custom LED Neon Signs

LITASIGN, a professional sign company in China, specializes in making custom LED neon signs. Our LED neon signs are reliable and durable as they are made from the best quality materials and backed by a warranty. High-performance LEDs of long life and low power consumption give the optimum product and company promotion display. The waterproof rating of IP67 protects against wind, rain, extreme temperatures, vibrations, and shocks, unlike conventional light bulbs.

With our experienced and professional staff, we can help make your ideas come to life. From big to small and simple to complex, there are no limitations to the size and design of the custom LED signs we can produce.

You dream it, we make it

One-stop Heart Neon Sign Manufacturing Process

pcb design

PCB Design

The LED neon flex circuit schematics are designed by expert engineers using robust computer systems. When it comes to making specific neon signs, they use the correct PCB size.

pcb testing

PCB Testing

Because LED neon light PCB boards are critical components of neon signs, the quality control department guarantees that they are of high quality before moving on to the following procedure.

smt processing

SMT Technique

LITASIGN employs the most sophisticated SMT machine available, with high speed, high efficiency, and high accuracy; a patch was created to ensure that the LED chips are of excellent quality.

Silicone Extrusion Process

Silicone Extrusion Process

The success of this essential extrusion procedure is dependent on the ability of the personnel and the quality of the silicone extruder. LITASIGN offers the highest possible quality in neon signs through silicone extruders.

Design and Confirmation

Visualization In Advance

Our design team visualizes the final product using innovative 3D design technologies before being mounted on the backboard. As a result, they can exactly match their customers’ designs, styles, and colors while eliminating any possibility of error.

Grooving the Backplate

An engraving machine is used to groove the backplate of the acrylic backboard, which allows trained employees to position the neon flex strips on it. By grooving the backboard, it is possible to reduce the amount of waste produced by the neon flex strip.

Neon sign making

Neon Sign Making

Highly skilled professionals with exquisite craftsmanship measure the design of neon signs and cut flex strips by the measurements. After that, they attach the neon flex stipe to the appropriate accessories.

Finished Sign Aging

Finished Sign Aging

Using an 8-hour burn cycle on each neon sign, we verify that the brightness and durability of the finished goods are stable before they are packaged. To maintain zero production error, they monitor several quality factors during this process.

Neon Sign Packaging

Neon Sign Packaging

During the exporting process, neon sign packages are loaded and unloaded from trucks several times. As a result, LITASIGN devotes additional attention to the packaging process to keep the damage rate minimum.

LITASIGN's Heart Neon Signs Provides Amazing Assets

LITASIGN specializes in manufacturing personalized heart neon signs - uniquely customized precisely for you! Our bespoke neon signs are handcrafted using the most excellent quality materials available, making them light, durable, and long-lasting. Our skilled designers stay on top of the newest signs business trends to present our customers with a range of possibilities.

Integrated LED Neon Flex

Heart LED neon signs to include incorporated LED neon flex to keep them cool. Unlike traditional neon signs, there are no issues with a jacket falling or acrylic deformation.

High-Quality Virgin Silicone Jackets

Virgin silicone jackets are superior to PVC or synthetic silicone in terms of quality. This indoor neon light is anti-yellow, anti-aging, odorless, and fireproof. It's good quality, unlike merchants that use PVC or counterfeit silicone, which isn't as safe to use.

Dual Protection Technology

The heart neon sign is an excellent addition to any home or business. Even if the PCB in the middle of the neon sign is broken, the rest of the neon sign will function normally. It's because there's a second layer of defense.

Improved LED Neon Flex

A patent-pending PET layer protects the LED neon flex from desoldering and poor connections caused by bending. It enables you to create any shape you desire for your consumers without affecting the quality of the LED sign.

Branded Acrylic Backboard

LITASIGN employs acrylic boards from Taiwan because they are more precise and durable than PS or PVC boards. They are also less prone to yellowing and scratching.

High-Quality Power Supply

The power supply used in LITASIGN's neon signs has been certified by CE/ROHS/FCC/UL/CUL/C-tick/PSE/KC. They have a high transition rate. As a result, they are also following your country's power supply standards.

More Attracted Lighting

Our personalized apparel neon sign consists of LED chips with excellent brightness and low light fade. The brightness of the light source spans throughout the entire region of the letters, showing the colorful lettering.

High-Quality Accessories

LITASIGN's bespoke heart neon signs are created with stainless steel screws and hanging ropes. It prevents corrosion and is more durable than plastic or iron components. Even though the neon sign has been used for an extended period, it will still look brand new. It ensures your installation's safety at all times.

Perfectly Fitted Packaging

Custom heart neon signs will be packaged in a more structured manner based on their sizes, making them more suited for long-distance shipment. The most crucial aspect is that the custom neon sign is not destroyed during the delivery process, and you can also save money on shipping.

The Extensive Collection of Custom Heart Neon Signs at LITASIGN

The extensive selection of custom heart neon signs at LITASIGN allows for unlimited options to find your perfect choice for your business or give as a gift. You’ll find it all right here, from the ideal birthday or anniversary present to the bright, beautiful business advertisement, road signage, and parking lot markers.

Finger Heart Neon Sign

The Finger Heart Neon Sign is an exciting way to add interest to an office or a retail store. These neon signs are elegant, but they are also fun and can be a conversation starter. If you're looking for an exciting way to decorate your office, home, or retail store, check out the Finger Heart Neon Sign today!

Angel & Devil Heart Neon Sign

The favorite Angel & Devil Heart Neon Sign is the ideal addition to your game room, garage, or collection! This impressive neon sign is quality-made and aptly fitted with a devil's heart and a blue angel's heart—the perfect gift for friends and family who love neon signs as much as you do.

Pink Heart Neon Sign

This handcrafted LED neon sign featuring a pink heart will make a statement. Operated by a lightweight transformer and ready to hang, the neon sign is backed with a clear acrylic board for safety. Plug it into an outlet or battery pack and brighten your space with this cheerful neon sign!

Human Heart Neon Sign

The Human Heart Neon Sign is the newest of our neon signs. This heart-shaped and red neon sign is a great way to decorate your indoor or outdoor space! You can transform any dark corner with this bright neon sign. The Human Heart Neon Sign was designed with beauty, creativity, and quality.

Ugh Heart Neon Sign

This vibrant Ugh Heart Neon sign makes a fun accent to your home, bar, or room! Hand-crafted with real glass neon tubes, each neon sign arrives complete with an easy-to-use power supply that displays three different options.

Heart Beat Neon Sign

Light up your life with a heart beat neon sign. This classic design gives off a warm and exotic feel. Perfect for placing above your headboard or as an accent piece in any room, this neon sign's display is sure to be a conversation starter.

Love Heart Neon Sign

Add unique lighting to your space with this Love Heart Neon Sign. This tabletop neon sign will illuminate any room, indoors or outdoors! This neon sign is an excellent addition to any home or office and is sure to brighten any room.

Broken Heart Neon Sign

Light up your space with a touch of neon. These LED Broken Heart neon sign is illuminated by LEDs, saving you energy and lasting longer than traditional neon signs. The broken heart design is the perfect addition to any living room, bedroom, or bar.

Dripping Heart Neon Sign

Ideal for decorating bars, game rooms, garages, bedrooms, or as a light source at parties, the Dripping Heart Neon Sign is easily mounted to a wall or flat surface. The neon's high efficiency means that it consumes little energy while adding style and warmth to its surroundings

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  • Nalika

  • NeonSans

  • Ostrich-B

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  • Pixies

  • Roustel

  • Rumpi

  • Stay Classy

  • Steelfish

  • Street

  • Super Mario

  • Thats

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  • Waterman

  • Warm White

  • White

  • Yellow

  • Golden Yellow

  • Light Orange

  • Orange

  • Light Red

  • Red

  • Water Pink

  • Light Pink

  • Deep Pink

  • Purple

  • Deep Purple

  • Deep Blue

  • Ice Blue

  • Lake Blue

  • Green

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LITASIGN Heart Neon Signs: What Makes Them A Good Investment?

LITASIGN is one of the first companies in the world to introduce neon signs powered by LED technology. Since then, Litasign has created a wide range of other LED lighted signs ranging from creative custom designs to simple modern LED letters. These designs are all based on their own LED lighting, which they claim is one of the more durable and efficient types.

1. Custom Designs

Do you have a brilliant concept for a neon sign advertising customized clothing? Custom designs can be created for you by LITASIGN’s team of experts. We can design neon signs in several sizes and with a wide range of features for any of your signage needs.

2. Cost- and Energy-Effective

In contrast to more traditional types of advertising, LITASIGN’s clothing neon signs are a truly original concept. In addition, LITASIGN’s clothing neon signs use a small amount of electricity, which reduces the overall cost of the power supply. Due to their low power consumption, custom-led signs for a home have a lifespan of about 50,000 hours, making them a safer and smarter investment.

3. Sturdy

Different materials and processes can create LITASIGN’s garment neon signs. We use high-quality materials and manufacturing processes to create personalized clothing neon signs that are strong and portable. Thus, they can thrive in any environment while preserving their attractive appearance.

4. Low Cost of Operation

The low cost and ease of maintenance make LITASIGN’s bespoke clothes neon signs popular with wholesalers. Changing out the materials is less expensive because they last longer.

5. Unique Display of Contents

Customized clothes neon signs from LITASIGN are a great way to get your message out there. The possibilities are endless regarding what you may say and how they will seem.

6. One-Stop Production

Custom clothes neon signs have been produced by LITASIGN for six years now, and we will continue to do so. As a one-stop shop, we provide everything from raw materials to finished goods and a short turnaround time to ensure customer satisfaction. There have been no complaints because we constantly ensure that our customers are satisfied with whatever we do.

7. Warranty

Indoor LED neon signs have a two-year warranty, whereas outdoor LED neon signs have a one-year warranty. If the neon sign is damaged, we’ll send a replacement one out right away, saving you money on shipping and import VAT.

8. Supply Capacity

LITASIGN hired 50 skilled sign makers to help meet the company’s daily production capacity of more than 500 pieces of hand-made signage. A day. A complete set of silicone extrusion equipment enables us to meet the capacity requirements of large volume orders.

9. Affordable Price

Buy in bulk at factory prices, straight from the source, and fully customizable—high-quality neon signs customized to meet your needs at an affordable price. Personalized neon signage for your clothing can be ordered directly from the factory. LITASIGN can offer reduced prices to our clients since we ship in large numbers, which minimizes the company’s operational costs.

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